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September '08 E-Course: The Last Three Stages of Enligtenment

Course Purpose

The Last Three Stages of Enlightenment is a mentored, interactive and individual journey where students connect wholly with and, if they choose, become one with their soul and All there is, reaching a state of Self Realization and/or Exaltation (Enlightenment). The truth is within you and those who have been seriously on the quest have sensed that, in the end, it is only by finding truth within that one can know the divine self and the truths of the cosmos. If you reach the last three stages of this twelve stage quest for enlightenment you have the ability to fully and permanently lay aside ego misconceptions, and embrace the wholeness of your being, joyfully living the life that you are destined for by being wholly who you are – your soul. Finally, you can reap the rewards of your dedication and purposeful movement back home. This is a decision you make – to finish your journey. The choice brings many wonderful changes both internally and externally into your life and must be honored as a sacred contract between you and the divine. We will support and accompany you, lead you and provide tools to help you become, but it is your journey with soul.

Co-founders Reverend Lea Greer and Dr. Cherie Skinner together provide the bedrock to work from by laying out a structured process and explaining cosmic truths that help you fully understand what you have experienced, where you are in the process and how you can complete the quest. We share the cosmic building blocks of divine truths, create a supportive and safe environment with others who have same the goals, give you personal practices to explore which open doors within, as well as exploratory experiences so you can expand your memory of who you are and embrace the power, love and wisdom in your soul. Each of us walks step-by-step back to ourselves. We are committed to being with you energetically and through personal interaction to share our knowledge, understanding and personal experiences. If you know where you are, where you are going and how to get there the process is easier as each step builds upon the last.

Embracing this process brings the rewards for all of your years of searching. Here, within, is found all of the jewels -- answers to your lifelong questions, and the clarity of purpose you have sought. This marriage of laying aside third domain misinformation from ego completely, and revealing the divine truth of who you are, and how our world truly is created fosters a shift in your life to joyful, loving and compassionate living without limitation, hesitation, doubt or fear. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself, others and this world. As a Self Realized or Exalted being you can provide for others hope, unconditional love, and assistance in co-creating the evolving vibrant, truly free new world and way of being.

As mentors, we take you through this process so you can open the doors, lay down the barriers, get to know and become your own divine self. The doorways are many but if you are ready to finally go home there is great celebration and support from many in the cosmos to assist you. This final journey requires focus and diligence, is a commitment to yourself and God and results in total peace, joy and a full understanding within of all that you are and all that there is in truth.
Deb, a graduate of this course shared these thoughts:

"Participating in the experience of the Last Three Stages of Enlightenment was and continues to be a pure gift to my beingness. Lea Greer and Cherie Skinner radiate and uplift in pure love, joy and compassion. Interacting with them through this course was and continues to be like drinking from the purest, most sparkling well of water quenching my being, filling it with Soul. They both embody deep, clear, true understanding of the truths they are imparting and understand clearly and deeply the individuals they are assisting. The teachings, guidance, direction, exercises, practices, are truly helping me to move deeper into the inner truth of my Soul.

Radiating pure compassion they have both assisted me in unraveling human precepts that no longer serve the Soul's purpose. Always, always is this assistance given in pure love and gentleness. It has been a balm for my heart and full being to be showered in pureness in this way. I am humbled, and grateful beyond words to come home to the truths that are within me, that are of Soul. In the moment there is more deep inner peace, a fuller, constant presence of the love that I am, and an ongoing expansion of the knowing of who and what I truly am. Inner awareness and understanding is deepening in each moment as to my Soul's purpose in this time, on this planet, and with this is great joy, gratitude, love, wonder, awe, beyond words. Thank you both, Lea and Cherie, for your pure integrity, love, joy, and compassion and for your profound deep commitment to uplifting and serving all life in its truths."

A full version of this six month course begins September 9, 2008 via teleconference. If you are interested in this or other course options please email us.

Cherie Skinner and Lea Greer

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