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Our World -- August 2008

I wonder at times if there is anyone, anywhere on this planet at this time that is not feeling the imprint of the massive changes that are afoot. My thoughts wander far and wide to the deserts of the Middle East, the jungles and savannahs of Africa, the crisp mountain peaks of the Asian continent, the glittery streets of Europe and the United States and the spots of varied life in South America. Regardless of where I look I feel and know that all humans at this time are experiencing the impact of this planet’s transition – it displays itself in many faces, and affects my Arab brother and Asian sister differently but the core is there still as it is in my neighborhood in this quiet hamlet in the southwestern US.

I look in my dog’s eyes and understand that McDougal, like all sentient life on Earth, is experiencing this uneven flow, sensing that life is no longer predictable as he has known it. Although he has no unmet needs, like humans I come across, his perception of a life lived in uncertainty is clearly seen, experienced and felt by me. All species on this planet are having similar experiences and this is shown to us through changes in hibernation, migration, behavior and eating habits, etc. Nature's encoded patterns are being revised and we all see the evidence.

Many of us have felt that this world would transition drastically someday during our lifetime. The when, where and how have never been clear enough to, “plan ahead,” although some of us have tried this and then laid it aside. Our world today is then simply, as expected, radically unpredictable. Like a giant caterpillar that cocoons to be literally dissolved and recreated as a butterfly, our would is on the inevitable track, unstoppable, of moving from a world of duality, misinformation and harm to one that we have always known is possible. Emerging before us is a world in alignment with the divine love, compassion and joy that we are. Stepped up beyond harm from any source – animal or man – created and supported so we can each expand, experience, create and co-habitate with all life in true peace and harmony. Imagine days with no fear. Imagine every human receiving all they need to live a satisfying and abundant life. Imagine having absolutely no restrictions placed on you, no judgment, true freedom, and the ability, love and support you desire to explore all you are, all you are capable of.

The conundrum right now of course is how do we live here today in this growing chaos, live comfortably and peacefully through the remaining transitionary phases and be open to fully participating in the creation of this new way of being and living. Here are three keys that I have found work for me and my students. These are not all inclusive of course, but if you will engage fully with these the doors within will open to more possibilities for you. Be prepared and accepting of radical change both inner and outer. A new world with new ways requires us to lay aside all of the old as the outer realities fall away. Be strong, true to yourself and accepting of the guidance you receive from yourself. Trust yourself above all else and step away from anything and anyone that stands in your way, know that we each have our destiny and if you take right action then it is without harm. Others who may be touched by your actions and decisions are cared for by their own souls who know what is right for them.

1. The soul is energetically grounded in your heart. Your soul knows how to move effortlessly forward – your personality does not because it is trained to react with fear to the unknown. We have all “listened to our hearts,” so we have all listened to our souls consciously or unconsciously for the soul has guided us since we were born. Sit and be still. Lay aside all thoughts. Breathe. Focus on your heart and soul energy that is there; ask a question – any question to start. Be still with a clear mind, thoughtless, and allow the answer to emerge from within in thoughts, a knowing, visual images and/or words. It is best to be in a state of conscious awareness, not meditation, knowing you are who you are, where you are but removed mentally from what is around you with total focus on your question, maintaining an openness without judgment to receive the response. Using this technique of Contemplation you can develop and build upon your connection to your soul and the mutual communication. The soul knows, does not think about it and decide as humans do, so the clarity of the response may surprise you if you have not done this before. More communication will result in more trust of the soul and in return more information and communication between you. The soul will guide you flawlessly through this dissolving, and at the same time, creation of worlds.

2. Our old third domain world of duality is dissolving then, and the new world of fifth domain energy is being created in a beautiful dance, choreographed by the Masters of the universes. This is happening today, now, here where you are and where I am. This new fifth domain energy has been filtered around this planet over time and all here – plant, animal, human, air, water, earth – holds one-half third domain energy and one-half fifth domain energy. You can, at this point, choose what energy you will live in, support and contribute to. As you go through your days stay with the fifth domain energy. It is light, bright, co-creative and holds all possibilities. You can actually feel the two layers of collective consciousness now – the old one of third domain duality and the new one created by the fifth domain energy and all humans who live in and support the co-creation of the new. The third domain energy is filled with fear, pain, tears, hopelessness, erratic energy, perhaps thoughts of suicide or death depending on what is going on around the planet at the time. The fifth domain energy is bright and clear, uplifting and peaceful. You will know the difference immediately – call each to you and feel them. The fifth domain energy supports truth, positive action, the creation of a peaceful life and your transition apart from the dissolving world if you maintain an open heart and embody harm to none. Stay in this new energy each moment. Make decisions and act from here to create your life.

3. Our lives are the direct result of our choices. Our choices are based on our thoughts and beliefs. Own that you are the creator being of your life and can consequently co-create any life you want. You and you alone created what you have. To create a life of security, harmlessness, ease and flow with the new world choose this in each moment and take full responsibility for your creation. Be in integrity with the power you hold to make change. Our world of harm echoes what we have known in many forms. Inequality, misinformation and pain was created by all of us because that was what we were taught to do. That is not what we believed when we were born in purity, and that is not what the soul holds as truth. Now, we can choose to do everything differently and join with others who are doing the same – all co-creating this glorious emerging world.

I have created peace and harmony in my life during these tumultuous times so I know you can do this also. And, like I have, you can see all of the marvelous signs of the new world popping up around you. There has been a clarion call to come home to ourselves, and home to the natural way divine beings live. We were created with that right. This call can be heard through many voices and seen through many actions around the globe, an insistence on a new world of spiritual awareness and unconditional love, the absence of hunger, disease, war, want, pain. The voices grow and sustain, the energy moves across the surface of the planet. Through our personal choices, in the moment when all creation occurs, we can contribute to this. What I am is the world I create for myself and my neighbor. Believe, through just this one choice, that you can transform yourself, your life and consequently the world because it is truth. Together we will co-create the world we have always known was possible, that we saw inside of us. We were right and now is the time to step-up and be all we are in each moment.

Truth Is Eternal

Throughout human existence on this beautiful planet great Masters have come to us in form to remind us of the irrevocable truths of God. These truths are beyond all religions and cultures and yet are held in each religion and spiritual path in some manner. Jesus Christ is one of the great beings who came to teach us – remind us – and certainly one of his gifts was what Christians now call the Lord’s Prayer. Over time, reinterpreted and repeatedly translated words become distorted and fail to carry the truth of the original message. The version of his prayer below, or words for Contemplation, was translated from an ancient text in Aramaic by a Sufi directly into English. Some revisions may be required to quote the exact words of Jesus himself but I believe this version carries the essence of what he wanted to pass on to his followers and to all of us. All God truths are timeless and these words can certainly help to carry us forward as they did those around Jesus over 2000 years ago.

O Birther of the Cosmos, focus your light within me, make it useful
Create your reign of unity now
Your one desire then sets as ours.
As in all light,
So in all forms,
Grant us what we need each day in bread and insight:
Loose the cords of mistakes binding us
As we release the strands we hold of others guilt
Do not allow surface things to delude us,
But free us from what holds us back.
From you is born all ruling will,
The power and the life to do,
The song that beautifies all,
From age to age it renews.
I affirm this with my whole being.

Translation by Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz of the Sufi Order of the West

PS: If you would like for me to address specific areas of this Earth’s transition please email me with your question and/or suggestion. I plan to post regular articles about Our World as we go forward.

Cherie & Lea
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