Thursday, February 5, 2009

We Are Family
The Godhead, mother and father, created each of us who live today as humans as a divine evolutionary being, each unique and encrypted with the right of choice through free will and the ability to create. As humans we experience this through the creation of our own lives, moment-to-moment. As the divine beings we are, we participate in co-creating, on energetic levels, throughout the many universes of the cosmos -- each to their own interests, abilities and evolutionary status. We gather here now together to experience and remember being in form on a dissolving third domain dual world, while at the same time a fifth domain world in divine order is being created. We all witness this, participate in this and contribute to this becoming of a new world as the two energies seamlessly merge together, raising the vibration of all that is here.

From the initial habitation on this planet, and during the entire time that we have existed in a dual world state, largely forgetting who we are through the ages, we have been reminded of Godhead truths. All of us have been exposed to this truth in part through teachers and spiritual writings. These reminders have been purposeful and echo in the texts of all the great religions of the world as spoken by the Masters who came here in form for that purpose. Human interpretation of what was said can not blur the core truth. Nor can the added social mandates that were integrated in each according to the culture where the teacher resided at the time of their embodiment, set aside the immutable fact of divine order.


The Self is the dearest of all things, and only
through the Self is anything else dear. The
Self is the origin of all finite happiness, but
it is itself pure bliss, transcending definition.
It remains unaffected by deeds, good or bad.
It is beyond feeling and beyond knowledge…

Author’s note: the Self is the individual soul of each evolutionary being.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

(St. Mark 12.31)…You must love your neighbor as yourself.

Author’s note: reported source for this quote is Jesus Christ
To God belong the East and the West;
whithersoever you turn, there is the Face of God;
God is All-embracing, All-knowing.


Nirvana is the realm of Dharmata-Buddha; it is where the manifestation of Noble Wisdora that is Buddhahood expresses itself in Perfect Love for all; it is where the manifestation of Perfect Love that is Tathagatahood expresses itself in Noble Wisdom for the enlightenment of all -- there, indeed, is Nirvana.

Coming Days

We are now, and have always been brothers and sisters. From far beyond, originating from many universes, we came here to create this new world without harm. The seeds of truth have been laid throughout time and are emerging now more in their fullness to be retained throughout as the truth of the divine that is within us all. We know the truth of divine order that creates all in harmony and peace; the truth of love, compassion and joy that is in all; the truth of harm to none.

Many thousands, perhaps millions of us, hear the call from within to step up to ourselves and to bear witness to this time. To join with others with open hearts, and to co-create the world that is held within as a vision we know so well. We all have our part of the whole. Each knowing their own piece, and when and how to accomplish what is required. The dissolution of the third domain dual world is difficult to watch, but it is not of us, of the divine order and so we do not participate or contribute to this harsh and fearful world of harm. We interact with it, but we are not of it. Following our soul’s guidance, through perhaps the wordless knowing of our hearts, or the sweet voice of our soul we know where to go, what to do, who to join together with, what to engage in. We find the way to come fully home to ourselves so we can truly be all that we are, and contribute by fulfilling our purpose.

As the monetary, governmental, leadership, business, communication systems and all that is of the old duality deconstruct we Know what is right action to take. Where am I to live? What activities am I to engage in? Who do I gather with in community – here, across the nation, around the world? As we are all one family, born of the Godhead and willingly here now to participate, to contribute and to work joyfully together the yearning of many voices are heard. Many search to come home to self, to lie aside the old ways, and to find those who have the same intention. Lay down all that does not resonate with you and fly free in your knowing of what is right. The old harbingers of harm are leaving. The light is in and around you – the light, the vibration, the colors and tones, the song and words of the new world. Embrace it as it embraces you and step out with truth and rightness in new and wondrous ways.

Sit in quiet and Contemplate each of the following, saying I will have the truth of the matter:

Who am I?
What am I to do this moment, this day, this week?
Where am I to live?
What purpose do I have?

All is created in the moment. When you Know, Act and hold the Truth that it will be, all that is joins with you in that creation. Although many will go without, many will suffer, many will be lost during this transition it is not necessary to be of this crumbling world. Listening, honoring and abiding by what you know will open the doorways to assistance from many who are here to help. You will be shown what to do to create a beautiful life, moment-by-moment, here on Gaia as she expands into her new self with new life, peace, love and abundance for all.

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
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