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After extensive searching, study of all the world’s major religions and teachings beyond those, reading hundreds if not thousands of books and looking inward I found myself stuck several years ago. How, asked I of me, do I finish this journey? How do I move back into the peace, love and connection that I know is mine without knowing exactly where that is or how to reach it?

There are many of you today on this planet at this juncture. Many passages have come and gone and yet still you are not “there” wherever you think “there” is – and that is probably unclear. The major religions, the books today and back through antiquity don’t explain how to reach Self Realization. Generalities prevail then and now, stories, parables and even hints that you do not have to worry about that because very few reach that state. Today, you can all reach that state of being if you chose because this planet is not the planet of the past. We are living in a different reality – do you know this? Are you shifting with the evolution of Earth and this solar system?

The Pages of Evolution

Many energetic intercessions by many beings in and out of form have created energies on this planet that are wholly conducive to you, and all life, to step into the innate way of being – soul using the form as a tool, a world with no harm, a world of collaboration through loving sharing and support in all ways in each moment. The lands and buildings have been cleared of all old harm and heaviness – feel it. The Others, or the beings who created the dual world, separation and harm are gone from this solar system forever – be still and know the truth of this. There is no thing that stands in your way now to coming home except your own old mental constructs and beliefs that are not truth. Those that you built as a self-protective shield based on fear to protect yourself and manage your life.

Humanness is not synonymous with duality. Duality is rare in the cosmos. Do not confuse your limited state of being with being human as the natural state of being human is being fully awake, and experiencing life in material form through the soul without ego. You have been told and told, experienced repeatedly and taken in many things that you believed, and/or accepted as inevitable because that was what was experienced. And yet there was and is a voice within you that says/knows that it does not have to be this way. That there is a state of true freedom, purity of love, collaboration and community that stands and supports without judgment or harm of any kind, and a kinship with other forms of life in equality and sharing through true understanding.

So now it is time to lay aside the old constructs. You have nothing in your way and much support to help clear the way for you to come fully home to Self. Do you know who that Self is? Do you believe you are human and flawed, or that you are that beautiful, energetic being with wisdom, power, knowing and skill to contribute to a different kind of world here where so much has gone wrong over the past 20,000 years? What is your truth? Find it in Contemplation.

Common Cause

As I sit and write this to you I feel you, as I feel many beings around me both those on my Council and members of the Brotherhood, assisting me to be clear about what would help you the most now, and encoding with me these words so when they reach your eyes the energy of the truth will go deep inside of you to help you lift your memory and help you to find yourself wholly and completely. This is our purpose – this is why we have all come, you and I and everyone in and out of form. To help each other awaken and to work together to sculpt a beautiful world beyond need, want, lack or pain. This is our common cause at the soul level. Do you know this? Find it in Contemplation.

As a soul evolving in the cosmos you expand and grow in your abilities, the purity of your state of being, and in your ability to take full responsibility and stay in integrity in divine right order in each moment. There is no soul here now in or out of form that does not have this capacity. Are you taking full responsibility for all you know in right order from the soul in each moment? Are you in integrity with right order to the best of your ability in each moment? If not – why not? We are taught in duality, mostly through example. that taking responsibility and being in integrity is mutable – like white lies – it depends on the circumstances “they say.” This is not the way of the cosmos.

As in all things, lay aside all judgment of self and others, and look to see where you learned to side-step, do the shuffle, work through the mind and figure the “safe” way rather than the loving and compassionate way of self in consideration of all that is. There is a perceived safety in hiding even from you that is false. There are no secrets in the cosmos, all is known, each thought you have and each action and intention exercised is known. Open the inner doors and lovingly see, know and then lay aside what is standing in your way of beingness. For those of you who have learned so much about the divine ways, look at why you do not own it, live it, be it. This is not an intellectual exercise. Your brain collects facts like a computer without true knowing and understanding. Your soul knows instantly with clarity. Who do you listen to inside? What choices do you make through the mind versus by the soul?

Moving Forward

This planet and solar system are rapidly completing the transition into a fifth domain world. Do you know this? Consider for a moment what I said above, all influences that morphed this planet into a dual world are gone. All that remains of harm is the ingrained harm in humans, learned from the past. Will you willingly become part of the new or stay with the old ways? It is your choice. As many of you have worked so diligently over the years to come into your own unlimited self own the truth that nothing now stands in your way except beliefs, perceptions, habits and patterns learned in that old world of harm. Let them all go.

It is our responsibility, those of us who have awakened, or are awakening now to sculpt a new way. First we create in our personal lives and then collaboratively together we create across the planet. Start now, today, to take responsibility and be in integrity to participate fully in each moment holding harm to none (including yourself) and stepping beyond the old to create the new – one moment at a time where all creation occurs. Remember, there is no projection forward, looking back or long-range planning in this. We all show up and do what we know to do in the moment, in each day in every facet of life. If you Know there is clarity. Lay aside the old “what if and doubt.” Trust that knowing and take action. As you move forward you will find that the soul’s Knowing is right, trust worthy and always takes you where you need to be – even if you do not know at the time the why. Clarity will come.

The New Communities

For years now I have heard from individuals and groups the deep desire for “true community.” Many have started communities around the globe in anticipation, and projection that somehow through their wishes for a different way their community would be different. Would be pure and loving like the one they could not quite see inside but knew could exist. The communities have failed, or fell short of their anticipated state for one reason – ego. The purity of true loving community and collaboration cannot be built through ego.

This ego, created through pain and fear, is not you. As you take responsibility for laying aside the old pain and fear the ego shrinks (often yelling loudly along the way) until it no longer exists except in its true form – to move you physically out of the way of harm should it occur, a reflexive action in the moment to protect your form. Consider this, there has been continual fear invoking experiences on the planet throughout our lives. So much so that the ego was constantly stimulated to protect you. It grew and dominated to the point that you thought/think it is you. It is not. Do you know this?

Individuals who are now Self Realized and/or Exalted are stepping forward to create the new communities of the fifth domain world. There is no ego here so the creation of the communities is pure and will remain so. As individuals are drawn to join the communities it is inevitable that they will move into Self Realization quickly with the guidance and support of mentors, and the purity of the energy now present throughout the world. At one point in the new future everyone on this planet will be Exalted – soul using form as a tool. That is your innate way of being and all humans who remain will be in that state in the new world.

Stepping into Self Realization allows you to hear yourself and your Council clearly. In this you can collaboratively provide your special contribution to the community – whatever you choose before birth to do. This contribution is not work. This contribution, in divine right order, is pure joy for you and in discovering it, participating in it with others it will feel very familiar as your memories of what to do, how to do it come to your consciousness. Do not concern yourself with finding your “purpose.” It is there waiting and will be known to you when you are ready. Pay attention to what you are drawn to.

The Last Passages

These then are the last passages, over the coming years, to complete the third domain world of separation and come to the pivotal point of full creation of the fifth domain world. All is in process and making stellar progress. If you do not know this please spend time in Contemplation focusing on the evolution of the planet and the creation of the fifth domain world. For you to move with it, it must be your truth – not simply words on paper.

There are many stories out there about the “end times.” Many stories have been told about devastating earth changes, hard times and struggle. Perhaps you, like many, have had visions about this “ending” over the years. Consider that all in the cosmos is loving, gentle and kind. This transition is being done in a way to care for and preserve life. All humans who chose to stay and be part of the new can if they have an open heart and hold harm to none. The Earth and her mantle is transitioning but this has been slowed down dramatically to preserve life. The dissolution of the systems and ways of life you have known must occur in order for the new to be created. It is impossible for the dual ways to stand in the purity of the new. Listen to your soul and you will be guided in regard to where to be, what to do and when. Allow change in your life and within you. In that you will be cared for and your needs will be met.

Pay attention and let go of all shoulds, all attachments to how it must be and all attachments to people and places. Attachment is based on need through ego, allow yourself to be truly free to move with your knowing understanding that if your actions are in right order, they are right for everyone and everything. Our world does not have countries. This beautiful little blue orb is balanced and whole. and you have a perfect place in it. Relax and allow your soul to create a new way for you – and thus a new way for the planet.


I have suggested several Practices above. Here are the techniques to use for these and all other Eros Practices: You may want to make a note of it -- they are very effective.

Meditation: We recommend you meditate twice a day, morning and night, for 30 minutes. Meditation is the state of merging with the soul without thought. You do not do Practices in meditation. Close your eyes, see the point of white light in front of you, allow it to move toward you, becoming clearer and larger until you merge into it.

Contemplation: Connect with the energy of your soul in the area of your heart. Feel the energy expand, clear your thoughts and lay aside all 3D issues. Focus with soul on the topic – and that topic only. This focus is soul guided. Your soul will respond by communicating through images, thoughts and knowing, insights and understanding regarding your focus topic. Repeat this with each topic over days until you feel you have understanding. Please note that as you expand this understanding with deepen and expand. This is continuation as long as you are in form. You are remembering from soul. Each time you remember, bring into consciousness what you know in your soul, it steps you forward to remember and understand more. This is a good Practice to use to find the core issues within you to let them go. It is also very helpful in understanding the soul and the cosmic world you live in.

Stillness: Sit in a quiet place inside or outside. Connect to your soul. Clear your mind. With eyes open or closed simply be. If there is something you would like to bring away from this time. Place the intention and let go. Without expectation you simply are with heightened connection to self and a heightened connection to the inner world. You may have insights and/or experiences that reveal truth and understanding. It is recommended that you go into Stillness for short periods multiple times a day without an agenda to simply be, connect and remove yourself from all the activity in the world.

Dr. Cherie Skinner
Emissary of Love and Peace
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News

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