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When we stand and gaze at the night sky, searching for our favorite constellations, the moon or perhaps to see something new we are comfortable in our neighborhood. This short look into the cosmos is like looking down the street where we live in human form. It is known, comfortable, predictable and easily encompassed into our daily life – part of our world. The cosmos has never been measured by a scientific instrument, never mapped by human engineering, never visited by man-made vehicles and never seen by the human eye. We live in our neighborhood, the part we can see extended with our most powerful telescopes. Still, it is the immediate neighborhood to Earth and yet full of secrets, unknowns, suppositions and mystery.

This is a reflection of our human lives. We see, experience and know only what is in our neighborhood of experiences and what we have learned to know and expect. The eye, the mind, the form and all of its combined abilities, even at peak capacity, cannot go beyond this limit of perception. It is as if an impermeable curtain has been dropped around us, in us, so we can only experience what is known, seen, felt through our humanness. And yet, beyond our neighborhood, beyond the curtain is glory, beauty, majesty, brilliance, power extended in every inch of the cosmos for us to experience – the curtained existence of humanness is the only thing that stops us from it all – the All beyond words, beyond human understanding, beyond human ability.

The human brain/mind is also curtained and trained to believe what it has been told, and what is provable in this material world. As you search for spiritual truth you come upon concepts and ideas that you either embrace or pass by in the journey to opening the inner doorways to self/the soul and all you know and experience as an energetic, evolutionary being. And yet, even when you believe and perhaps know you are the soul, the old mental concepts of what is possible and what is truth can stand in the way of opening your knowing about what is beyond this little planet, who you are and what you truly are capable of. It is this then, the blending of the human mind/brain and the soul mind that brings into us that critical factor of knowing, remembering and experiencing our true capacities, knowledge, skills and that of each segment of the cosmos – in this universe and beyond in many other universes – that you in actuality interact with and know intimately as your “world” in the cosmos.

Your innate way of being in a physical world is as soul using the form as a tool. In this state of being the soul mind knows, decides, acts and holds all knowledge. There is no ego-personality. This soul mind is connected continually to the Council mind. The Council mind has the capacity to then connect to the cosmic mind up to the domain level of evolution. In addition, the soul and the Council have the right, even at times the responsibility, to call on higher level beings to gain information that is needed to proceed. So, in dual humanness it is difficult to conceive of what it means to be anything beyond what you have known – human. When you open communication and collaboration with your soul and Council it takes time to accept the concepts presented to you about who you truly are, how the cosmos works, what is occurring around you and how incredibly limited Earth’s perception of reality is. Even after being told, for instance, that this Earth is not your home, that this universe is not your home, even when knowing this as truth from self it takes time to adjust to the idea that you are from a universe that this little planet does not even recognize as existing, that you are not physical but energetic, that your Council members are your true family and that there are members of the Brotherhoods here now to help you from other universes. The brain cannot imagine it – and at times the imaging is tainted by old beliefs and thus skewed from truth. The only way you can step from your current limits to fully understand yourself and your true world is to let go of everything you know, open to your soul and Council mind and “remember” from there. The ego will never be able to understand, the human brain will never be able to imagine the depth and breadth of what you are, what you know, what you are capable of and your “neighborhood” far beyond the seeing ability of the human eye.

Everything that has ever occurred in the cosmos is held in the cosmic mind. This is held in the Godhead and Godhead beings. There are myths about akaschic records and many interpretations of what this is. At its core, this Hindu teaching holds truth as the record of all there is – but the interpretation of where or what this is varies widely. There is no library, no group of individuals who hold and maintain this history of the cosmos and all – literally all – that has occurred, other than the Godhead and Godhead beings. However, the intelligence of all souls is held in totality in every “atom” or component of pong energy of their being. This is how higher domain energetic beings can be in multiple places, performing multiple tasks simultaneously at once – all they know is present fully in the beingness that is present. Godhead beings, those who live at the Godhead, hold the totality of this cosmic memory in each component of pong energy in their being, and since they are ever-present everywhere at all times they hold this history within themselves everywhere. This information is then made available to those who seek it up to the domain they live in.

Your soul mind holds the memory of you from the moment of your creation at the Godhead to the present – everything is recorded. The Council mind holds the memory of each Council member – including you. As a member of this Council you have automatic access to the Council mind and all it contains. When you step from the limitations of dual human, make the decision to be soul in form you have instant access to your soul mind and the Council mind. This is not just access to a book or a record but to the entire experience as if in a hologram. Human language is a primitive means of communicating information. Humans often misunderstand each other and struggle with saying what they truly want to convey. This is not the case with telepathy. With telepathy, our true communication tool, there is a total conveyance of information that cannot be misunderstood or misinterpreted – it is complete and truth. When you move then from “talking” to telepathic communication with your soul and your Council your consciousness takes in the whole of it, the complete information in a multi-faceted format that is understanding, memory and recognition of truth.

We are so used to the limits of the human brain, the human senses, human conversation that it is a stretch to adapt to hearing, receiving and accepting input in any other way. It is critical that we understand that we have other means of gaining information, and that in order to come home to being ourselves we must shift from the old dual ways to our innate ways of being and interrelating to move forward and eventually be ourselves in form. In this we must not allow the old stories and the brain to interpret what we experience, hear or know. We must allow this input from soul and Council to expand in the stillness while sitting and focusing on it until there is true understanding in our consciousness. This alone will build the path to expand further.

Consider the three year-old. You hold a cup in your hand out to him. He picks it up and looks at it, maybe bounces it off something, turns it this way and that. He does not know the story of the cup, where it came from, what all it is used for and what care must be taken to keep it in tact. He does not know the rules about drinking from the cup rather than your cupped hand, or how to sit it just so beside his plate when he is eating. There are many stories about the cup that you may tell him over the coming years until one day he knows what you know. But he does not know what the cup means on another continent in another culture. He knows what his neighborhood knows – unless he ventures beyond it on Earth. This all takes time and with that learning there are many do this but do not do that, and a responsibility. There are repercussions to using a cup and he must learn how to utilize it appropriately in life – and associate it appropriately through use and instruction with a glass, a mug and a flute.

You are learning about who you are. Right now you may not know how to use all of the parts of you, or even remember what parts of you there are. You do not know your full story and how you came to be who you are, with the abilities you have and the knowledge you hold. Like the cup you must engage with the soul and your Council to remember one piece at a time. There is responsibility in this, but there are no consequences. If you remember how to curve energy then falter another opportunity and more memory will come forth through focus. This knowing though comes to you through the movies of reliving or demonstration from the soul mind – a total experience that is deep and lasting. It is beyond the limitation of human words – as you are beyond the limitations of the human form. This remembering requires a willingness to let go of the old, the ego-personality beliefs, and surrender into allowing yourself to remember from the divine mind – that of your soul and Council. To paint a new picture for your life you must have a blank slate knowing that all the information and tools you need are there waiting for you to call upon them within yourself and your family – the soul and Council mind.

I have noticed that the movies being made for the teenage/college generation now are fantastical – they tell myths, stories and have super-powered heroes and heroines that perform seemingly magical feats. We have in our history myths with characters also with incredible powers. Consider this – what is the truth in this? Many individuals have been born over the past three decades that have not fully fallen asleep. These super players have attributes that are familiar – close to the surface for the younger generations. If you are having difficulty, for instance, taking in who you truly are as you discuss this with your soul/Council and witness you acting now or through accessing your soul mind memory what in you has decided this is beyond “normal” or impossible, or most likely not me, “I could not possibly be that incredible.”

It is impossible for the soul mind to convey in any way anything other than truth. If you drop all of your ego filters and listen to the purity of this truth you are listening to the truth of the cosmic mind – the divinity of all that is. It is only your own self-limitation that puts labels on this, doubts this, and hesitates to embrace it.

You decide how quickly you move into Self Realization, it is your journey. Eventually you will know only from the soul mind, instantly access the Council mind without hesitation and call upon the cosmic mind as appropriate. Everything you ever wanted to know is there. Everything you will ever need to be all you are is there. Everything you need to contribute on this Earth as your soul chooses is there. Lay aside the doubt. Lay aside the self limiting habits and patterns. Enfold your soul mind into you, relying first and always on its wisdom, knowledge, love and fearless prowess.

Dr. Cherie Skinner
Emissary of Love and Peace
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community Blog

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