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We at Eros are so excited to announce that "Book One - The Human Experience" , co-authored by Eros Co-Founders, Dr. Cherie Skinner and Reverend Lea Greer has been published on Amazon as an Ebook, both in the U.S.A.  and worldwide.  It has been in great love and joy for all of us to have collaborated ongoing with Cherie, Lea and their Council in preparing this book for publication.

This is the first of multiple major ebook platforms that this book will be published in.  Eros is also going forward with publishing a print version that will be released the latter part of 2015 and has initiated the process of translation into multiple languages to meet the needs of those that speak other languages.
To access the Ebook directly in the U.S.A. click on this link http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00O3ZCP9M, for other countries scroll down for links.  We are also focusing on publishing this book in additional countries then are listed below.  We want to make this book available to all that are called to read it -- if it is not available in your country  please let us know by emailing us at erosdd@gmail.com and we will see if there is a way to deliver an ebook to you.  

Below is the Book Jacket Information and Eros Offerings through Amazon over the next 90 days, which include 5 days to purchase for free, and other Amazon lending and sharing programs.  For free ways to view the Ebook on your pc, mobile phone or tablet if you do not have an Amazon Kindle see below. 

We hold in deep love and appreciation all that have assisted in so many ways in bringing this sacred book of Godhead truths to humanity. We welcome your comments, feedback, and sharings.  May you know the true beauty and peace of your Soul. 

My love to you dear Cosmic Brothers and Sisters,

Seriam ​Deb Evans  (Azura)


This sacred text of cosmic truths reveals the divine cosmic plan of now for Earth, our Solar System, Universe and all life as well as cosmic truths that have been hidden on Earth for the last 18,000 years until now.  On December 31, 2011 Gaia’s form, Earth, shifted from a 3rd Domain dual planet of harm and more to a 5th Domain world of love and cosmic truths. In this shift the 4th domain was bypassed.  Never before in cosmic history has this occurred where life has remained on an orb.  Now what is next is for humans is to awaken into their natural state of Soul while embodying a human form.  From this state, each will sculpt from their Soul Mastery their lives and what they were chosen and chose to come to earth to do and together with all life co-create 100 communities on earth that will live  in pure harmony of love, compassion and joy that is the cosmic divine perfection of the Fifth Domain.  In these each will know of the peace that is of all’s innate state of being.

Dr. Cherie Skinner and Reverend Lea Greer are soul sisters, of the same Council. They were awakened Masters in form and continue to be as the pure Souls that they are.   They came to Earth at this time to work through form with their Council to prepare all life for this great transition and evolution.  They worked hand-in-hand with their Council to prepare and distribute the divine truths of this solar system’s plan for transition and to uplift all life in all ways so that true collaboration and community can be birthed here. They were the messengers in form of their Council and the holders of the truth in physicality and continue to be these as the energetic beings that they are.

“The passages of this book tell not of great sages who have reached ultimate states in human terms, but of ordinary people who move in their own ways to remember who they are, an energetic evolutionary being, and to be that with all their unlimited potential in each moment prior to and after the final shift of fifth domain energies in this solar system. The Story of Earth is not about the sages, but about all life coming back to its natural state of being. That state that is held throughout the cosmos and is reached here and now by remembering and being that while doing the life of a human, however each defines that.

This way, of being soul in form and using the form as a tool is the natural way while in a material world. This will be the way of all life forever on this planet after the shift. A life that can extend over two hundred years, or whatever the individual’s soul chooses. A pureness and unlimited state of  being that promises peace and joyful expansion in each moment. The next experience in this solar system is beyond dual human imaging, but is known to all here simply by allowing the memory to come forth.”  Dr. Cherie Skinner & Reverend Lea Greer Co-Authors, “Book One – The Human Experience

Free Purchase Days

“Book One – The Human Experience” will be available for free for five days between now and January.  We know that having access to this material can assist greatly one’s awakening and remembering of who they are and why they are here; Eros’ intention is to allow access to this book for all that are called.  In alignment with this Eros through Amazon will offer this book for free for five days between now and January 2015 .   
The one day dates are: 
Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014
Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Sunday, November 19, 2014
Sunday, December 7, 2014
Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lending for Kindle 

“Book One – The Human Experience” will be available through Amazon’s Lending for Kindle Program.  Through Amazon, The Kindle Book Lending feature allows users to lend digital books they have purchased through the Kindle Store to their friends and family. Each book may be lent once for a duration of 14 days and will not be readable by the lender during the loan period. Lending is only available for Kindle books purchased on Amazon.com.  Check to see if Amazon has this program enabled in your country.  Click on this link for more detailed information http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200549320.

Kindle Owner’s Lending Library for Amazon Prime Members

“Book One – The Human Experience” will be included in the Kindle Owners' Lending Library which is a collection of books that Amazon Prime members in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, and Japan can read for free once a month, with no due dates.  These books only be read with Kindle tablets, and not through downloadable apps on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.  All eligible books will be identified with an Amazon Prime badge as customers search and browse for books on their Kindle devices.  Also, Prime badges will appear for eligible books as customers search on Amazon.com

Kindle Unlimited

“Book One – The Human Experience”  is available on Kindle Unlimited which is a subscription service currently available to customers in the U.S., U.K., and Germany. With Kindle Unlimited, customers can read as many books as they like and keep them as long as they want for a monthly subscription fee. Any customer can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. They don't need to be Amazon Prime members, they simply need to pay the subscription fee.


T​o view the book, if you do not have a Kindle, you can download Amazon ​K​indle either to your PC or Mac, tablet, or mobile phone for free.  The links below are for PC and Mac computers.  There are also download links on the “Book One – The Human Experience” Amazon page for tablet and mobile phones.  As mentioned above these free apps cannot be used for Kindle Owners lending library.


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