Friday, January 22, 2010


Hope has many faces and threads that reach out to touch all areas of a life. Hope within a human can be as fleeting as wishing to see a beautiful sight again, experiencing an immeasurably joyful moment just a little longer, hoping for rain or no more snow, or it may carry more profound implications such as hope for a healthy body where dis-ease reigns, finding a better job or having a more amendable relationship. For a human in this world of duality hope may carry not only anticipation of something more or something different, but also expectations that what is will change into something perceived as greater or better. It extends into the uncreated future often leaving the present moment empty.

In this world of extremes hope promises change. Life experiences have taught us that to have change there must be a plan and steps laid out that measure progress toward a defined outcome. What within us defines these parameters? What if hope in truth brings peace within, regardless of what is transpiring, peace that allows you to embrace each moment fully? Individually and collectively hopes abound often with clear ego personality concepts. Our exercising of hope is, in its own way, an attempt to heal ourselves. Hope provides inspiration that uplifts, inspires and assists us to hold the course of our life journeys. In human concepts hope is dimmed if the better, higher, fuller outcome does not meet our expectations. Each moment we create in our lives holds intent for an outcome, and the motivator often is hope aligned with what we believe is best. However, hope may also hold human self-determination without the benefit of innate divine knowing. In this chaotic world hope often means a desire for peace, beauty, calmness in our own lives, to know that what we desire can be. It is like a bird on the wing flying before us carrying a banner proclaiming what we hope for, giving creative substance to the idea, the desire, the longing.


Consciously creating our lives requires clarity, clarity to make decisions and act upon them. In this way we chart the course and lay the energy for creation. The difference between passing hopes and/or heart-felt hopes of the human and the hope of the divine self is knowing. In essence, if felt deeply hope has its routes in the soul’s knowing and we must know to create consciously. The knowing of soul holds great wisdom and knowledge and always considers what is truly right for you and all that is.

When that hope for creation of a specific thing in life does not materialize, in truth it may be because what we hoped for was not in alignment for our lives, or perhaps that creation will come later in the life. Perhaps unpredictable circumstances enter and change the course of events, or perhaps something greater, beyond imagining, takes its place. The attachments we may place on what we hope for can counter the creation, and there can be sadness and negative reactions when expectations are not met.

I have experienced and heard from many individuals who tell me that there has been a moment sometime in their life where all was turned inside out and it felt like hope was the lifeline to cling to, then divine inspiration lifted that hope into a viable and pulsating reality created anew within the life. It may have lifted the innate strength within to the surface, or brought forth the courage to step through a challenge considered immovable. In this experience we learn or remember that we are greater than the limitations we have held, and have within us the power to transcend our long held concepts of what is possible. This is hope rooted in soul knowing.


Our souls know the planned course of our life intimately as well as our life purpose(s). The dual nature of this world and the limited choices held in that duality for human life feel tight and constraining, at moments like you can hardly breathe. The soul carries the strength, the courage and the wisdom to move through anything unscathed. We are souls experiencing, not these fragile human forms. The human ego personality fearfulness is met by the soul’s complete and total fearlessness and it only takes an instant to choose to be you, the fearless soul, and trust what the soul knows and how the soul enacts. We are not newcomers to the brief experiences of life in form. The process of remembering who and what we are, and discovering all that this means comes in small fragments, in one at a time ah-ha moments of clarity. Gradually the gentle immersion with the soul expands and carries the freedom that is ours innately.

Hope based in knowing has great value in human life - it embraces the highest and greatest possibilities free of attachment, allowing all to unfold in our lives in right order. Hope sings in the midst of chaos, aligns with the joy inside us to savour each moment of experience for the blessing that it truly is, and helps us to fly unfettered into the consciously unknown, free of concern or doubt.

Hope and Joy, fully embraced, are freely creative taking us beyond what we have consciously known into the new where our eternal truth can be experienced right here, right now. The power of true unconditional Love that we know resides within each of us expands, touching all, lifting all, changing the life in wondrous ways, and the personal worlds of our experiencing. As we observe what transpires around us we no longer are angry or frustrated but feel the innate compassionate understanding we hold each moment that brings clarity and soul perspective to what we observe and experience.

Hope rooted in knowing, and faith fuel our enfolding opportunities that are presented all through our lives. They support the innate knowing of when to lie something aside from the past, with gratitude and appreciation, and take an entirely different course, even when it is not fully defined. Hope cradles at its core the vibrant knowing of what is good for all, rather than what is good only for one’s self. For we, unique though we each are, are part of a greater community of souls throughout the cosmos collectively weaving the unfolding stories of all that exists and becomes. There is no thing that does not affect all else like ripples in a pond’s smooth surface.


I have met countless individuals, all of whom speak of a particular desire – a hope for peace, to see peace in the world. That peace begins within each of us personally. The soul is always at peace. The innate way of being in the cosmos is peaceful without harm. We hope for peace in the moment, peace from that still well that flows from us outward, and greatest of all, peace known and felt and experienced every day of our lives from this moment forward that stands firm in face of all. This peace we hope for is already ours – and our search for it comes through hope whose core is soul knowing. Knowing that this is our innate way of being. Hope through knowing, Joy, Love and Compassion -- all are within you, all are available every instant to enrich your life and create the world of peace, love, and joy you desire and aspire to. There is no reaching outward for, this does not come from somewhere else. This is your divine birthright and held ever-present within your soul. Be still and know the truth that has been yours eternally. Find the knowing deep within your hopes.

The feminine-masculine unity of the Godhead is real, existing within this cosmos in energetic form in all perfection. All that exists within the cosmos has, is and will forever issue from this perfection. When your soul has been created in divine perfection and lives eternally in a state of love, compassion and joy, what within you in your living experience on this diminutive planet doubts that you are perfection? This is a world of intense duality with harm -- you have chosen to experience the extremes of duality and gain wisdom from this time. Much is learned and nothing is lost for the soul has recorded every moment of your life. Now is the time to appreciate all that you have experienced and learned and to gently lay it all aside to embody the perfection of who you are in form and to live that as your truth. In quietude find this within you. Find the truth of hope as knowing through soul. Allow your knowing to guide you.

Unconditional Love has no boundaries for all is love. The understanding you have gained morphs into compassion of such magnitude that you accept all free of judgment, doubt or fear. The Joy ever-present within you flows in all its power to reveal the glory of the gift of life in form with all senses and creative genius just waiting for expression. Each individual brings unique gifts to the whole, greater than the personality can conceive, and the co-creation of the new world now under way calls you forth to be an active participate as you intended from the beginning. Your lifetime hopes for new ways on this planet are coming to fruition. This hope held your knowing of this time, and your own soul’s wisdom of all the truths that have been whispered to you throughout your life with the voice of hope.

Dr. Cherie Skinner and Rev. Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News

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