Saturday, December 31, 2022

In Celebration of 11 Years as Fifth Domain Earth of Unconditional Love with All Life of their Always Love, Compassion, Joy


A New Day

Awakening to a new day

Held like a prism of all radiant possibilities

Untainted by history or doubt

Wonder in choosing what this day will hold


The past is gone

Nothing more than whispers of what has been

And is no more

Vague recall of what has been learned


The mirror of heart reflects itself

In all that exists

Seeing beyond the trivial

Living the truth of Love


Separation, isolation no longer exist

They clung to the riverside as awareness flowed

With the current that guides gently

Homeward with purpose


No question, no doubt remains-all faded away

Knowing is assured, creates vibrantly in each moment

Inspired from within pure and harmless

A new day, a new life, a new world created


Lea M Greer ~ Known as Nuami in the Cosmos

© 2010




In Celebration of 11 Years as Fifth Domain Earth of Unconditional Love with  All Life of their Always Love, Compassion, Joy

In this time between times where life on earth plans for a “new time”  “new year”  in many ways I celebrate our new world of becoming one of always unconditional love.  What if  together we  Remembered our Divine Origins and what has occurred on Earth and is unfolding in each moment?  On January 1st 2012 Earth Shifted directly into the 5th Domain promising a new way for life of radiance of life as it always is living completely from Love, Compassion and Joy with Harm to None. 

Here is my remembering of what occurred then and is continuing to deepen as 5th Domain energies upon earth deepens. In sharing over the years many have come forward with theirs and saying how they remembered and had no where to speak of it that it would be cherished.  I welcome yours.  

©Iris Sullivan ~ Thank You “Self and Community”

As experienced in silent retreat 12/26/2011 – 1/2/12….As Earth and Gaia as the Soul inhabiting Earth started her ascension into the 5th Domain I first saw and felt how nestled Earth, Gaia’s form was in the days before and now , as and after the lifting into the 5th.  Nestled in so many colors, held by those whose perfection and mastery it was to hold as she was  sung up by divine tones by those that had prepared for this moment ages ago. Beauty, grace of divine proportions and unity.  There were those that dismantled superstructures (that held her form in the solar system) of colors, tones and geometrics of 3rd, what remained, they were the masters of this and those that threaded, weaved her into the energetics of the superstructures that would hold her in the 5th domain field of the proper placement all with colors, tones and geometrics, early 5th and weaved her “new nesting” place in the cosmos. (this happened with all throughout this universe shifting from 3rd to 5th, suns, moons, orbs, all)… Those with Masteries tended to her body, Earth as she also did with the utmost of wisdom, sculpting her new field of 5th domain love in Joy that brought cosmic song  throughout every particle of the Cosmos.  Literarily dancing, celebration everywhere.

~*~*~* other worldly because they were of a new domain of  colors and songs, divine choirs of many lead by the Casseopian singing all up, alongside brothers and sisters of all of Cosmic Civilizations including Angelics. Her energetic super structures were in place where she pulsated and radiated with all life in her arms of Earth of unconditional love that would expand upon the ages as humans and life could allow, receive and ultimately co-create a new cosmic civilization called Arah, Society in Divine Perfection of All Life.  

She with life that moved directly from the 3rd bypassing the sealed 4th domain glided effortlessly into her new spot in the pulsating, radiant cosmic tapestry of her new space within all  life that had been chosen for her within this Universe. 

Multitudes that had practiced their energetic masteries for eons applied their beauty of their mastered wisdom, that sang from their joy of their sculpted way of mastery of love energy. …And… were those of all domains, including energetic Souls and those  incarnated  on Earth (that were unaware of their majestic contributions to this clarion event of the cosmos).  Godhead Masters, Multitudes of Cosmic Souls of many forms, kinds, masteries of many Cosmic Civilizations joined into a first time cosmic event ever.    The orbs, suns, moons, animals noticed first with the plants, then some humans. This glorious shift occurred on earth and our solar system; beyond and is deepening in every moment, breath, heartbeat and within each.

I share this of my own remembering from 12/31/12 that has deepened in each year.  I with  Cherie and Lea were in retreat with intention focused consciously on this shift from after Christmas in 2011 through January 3, 2012 at the Eros Seminary in Albuquerque.  I remember our home, Seminary, the Earth the morning of January 1, 2012 like none other where all was pristine, pure, pearlesence shimmering like no other time on Earth.  Everything sparkled like stars had landed on Earth…The lightness of the energies of Love… Compassion…. Joy were effervescence in a new way moving with new physics that are only of 5th domain, embellished and embued in colors anew, in tones that are often called of the angels, yet are of the new octaves of 5th domain where peace, love of all, collaboration for all and of all provides all with harmonies of life that are always hoped for.  I remember the collaboration of all life in this vast Co-creation from the Godhead, Creator with Each of Us.

Most on Earth participated and/or watched from their Souls and all can remember this sentinel event that is forever etched into their Soul library. As part of what we still call a new year ~*~*~*  Many of the changes occurring on Earth are old systems washing away that can not be fixed so as the new way of love can be firmly built by all of us from our love on Earth.  It is happening, in small steps. While harm is occurring in many ways it is falling away in a different more rapid way.   If we focus on love we see it blossoming everywhere, differently with all life. This year fusion was remembered, a new way of bring energies to life without harm to life in the future. If you focus on the new, it will be present.

Remembering allows us to know ourselves as we truly are, as divine beings of Masteries we have forgotten of ourselves and are reflected in shadow within human lives. In Remembering of our radiance, the radiance of Earth, of each other enlivens us all to create from that radiance bringing new ways of us of Peace, Love, Harmony, Joy, Wisdom now….here. Remembering, living from wisdom quickens this new creation of a world of unconditional love in every moment.

………How about calling forth a new dream of life for remembering this divine event? …. Remembering all you truly are?

At night while the body rests invite in remembering,

….. in meditation,


                … nature invite you, the all knower of you to come forth to  

                                  ~~~~~ remember

Truths are irrefutable from our hearts/Soul knowings, are the awakening bringing peace , joy, laughter and ways to go forward in and crafting the new world of love….sculpting of this new energetics of unconditional 5th Domain love on Gaia.  Fifth Domain Energy of unconditional love supports remembering in a way of ease.

In always love are you held by  the energies we call God, Creator, Source, Your Soul, Spirit, Loving Council, myself and all of Eros for you  to remember your always radiance of your Soul truths, clearly. .. for in this will you live from a spaciousness of love that shares wisdom with all bringing forth what always is of the divine freedom spoken of through the ages by many…. We are the sculptors of this new world of Love, Arah. 


If we can assist in your remembering, awakening we can be reached at 

Our website has many writings from Eros Co-Founders, Cherie Skinner, Lea Greer, from Azura of these times, of awakening, of The Plan of Evolution on Earth to assist.  2021 Celebration of Earth’s shift with links for more information

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      ©Dorbe Holden~ Thank You “Arah”





Saturday, November 26, 2022

You, We, All of Us as Gratitude Always


You, We, All of Us as Gratitude Always

There will come a time, it is close, where wherever we sit and be with others all life will be considered family, will be known as such and all ideas of separate will be gone. 

Where all will remember the always love they are and creations of wisdom, compassion bring only beauty and service to all life initiating from within each as their joy to bring

Where instead of one day to celebrate gratitude, beauty, love, light of, with each other will turn into every moment of celebration of the joy of life, of living and sharing with each other… where all life is embraced to live as equals to its fullest

Where love, expressions in all ways is the norm, and in quiet moments of transparent wisdom allowed to be expressed always, in always leaving each filled with true radiance  within that is always of all life

Where peace is always, unwavering only because it is what each life is at its core, was created in and from in its creation from God, Godhead, Source, Creator, Great Spirit, however that is called by you

Where the interconnectedness, unity of all is lived, and celebrations of Joy abound in this with the smallest life to the largest life

Where normal is play, dancing and laughing and singing with each blade of grass, the tree partner that beckons, the nature spirit that whispers in our ear to come, the fish says lets play… with each other is the normal, because it is, has always been, and for a wee time has been forgotten

In our hearts, Souls in every way  in every moment will with all that is natural of love that is all be allowed to come forth dawning beauty, ease, grace for all life that is the true way of life just forgotten for a brief moment of time on Earth

Where each’s uniqueness is always embraced and supported by itself and all always and all are equal.

Separation in all its ways of harm and fear go away quietly and all that is left are pulsations to create with each other what is of love, beauty and joy

Smiles, laughter, understanding of ways of heart, Soul where loss, lack, less then are no longer remembered within the deep peace that is always within

In this do I celebrate from my love each’s magnificence with all life on earth, my Earth family this day…every moment

Azura ~ 11.24.22