Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Earth's Evolution ~ A Godhead Master Arrives ~ Celebration of New 5th Domain Earth


Earth's Evolution ~  A Godhead Master Arrives ~ Celebration of New 5th Domain Earth

Earth’s Evolution Through December 31, 2011

December 31, 2011 was a cosmic centennial event that had been foretold and awaited for by many throughout this world and the entire cosmos.  Masters, Prophets and Sages of all traditions spoke of this time on Earth calling this occurrence by many names around the world.

This event had been planned by the Godhead, Godhead Beings Responsible for this Universe with Evolutionary Soul (Humans) and Souls of all kinds since the energetic initiation of this orb and it was known that Earth, that houses Gaia’s Soul would go through 3 pivotal evolutions, with the final phase occurring on 12/31/11 of shifting to a fifth domain orb bypassing the 4th domain being a first time cosmic event.  

Over the eons there have been harmonious 3rd domain civilizations of love on Earth for many many millennium the most recent known as Atlantis and Lemuria for many thousands of  years and ended 20K years ago /_ . A step down of harmonics, tone, color and geometrics of energy occurred when the energies of harm and fear were embued on Earth by Evolutionary Souls known as the Others (Evolutionary Souls who stepped away from themselves) and these energies were agreed to by humans that caused all life to move into separation, fear and the grasping of more constantly /  ҄ to Now,  where Earth is a 5th domain orb nested in a 5th domain solar system and 5th to 7th domain Universe.  

In the past 3rd domain orbs that have succumbed to energies of harm and more where duality in all systems are created have been destroyed.  This is the first time that one has shifted to the 5 domain to be settled in its entirety as a peaceful, loving 5th domain civilization which will be sustained on Earth throughout her lifespan.

The shift into the fifth domain, bypassing the 4th  with life remaining on Earth occurred on 12/31/11.  The exquisite radiance and beauty of this shift cannot be understood or recognized by the human mind, only within the heart and soul of each life because the mind views this as incomprehensible and it is only the Soul and the heart that knows of this truth.  There were some that were conscious for this shift on 2011…. Yet it is stored in each’s heart, each’s Soul library to play and listen to and know each’s energetic engagement.  I was in retreat and can only say that what was experienced through me is of a wholeness of celestial music and beauty that is unspeakable in the language on the planet today.  Everything is energy….Souls are energetic beings first and foremost, and most on the planet whether conscious or not, were engaged from observation to energetic collaboration ~ all engagements supported this tonal, divine event that was of such grace, beauty and mastery of the many.  Gaia, Soul of our Earth, Lastiew Soul of our Sun and Lyra soul of our Moon along with orbs throughout the Solar system and Universe were aware and part of this divine cosmic orchestration. There were many energetic beings that are not in form that were in joyful collaboration. 

The plan was initiated by the Godhead prior to the formation of this orb. Each universe has a Godhead Council that oversee it.  They have asked to be introduced in this writing as we all know them well ….so they can be remembered clearly.  The shift of this orb 8 years ago opened Earth as a  5th domain orb … aligning with this energy  the illusion of dual separation can be seen for just that, an illusion of human constructed laws and beliefs that do not align with cosmic divine ways of being.  An essential aspect of this plan and shift is that all who choose can awaken to remember and know the love, compassion and joy that they already are and know the love energy on the planet now that is building and supporting each to remember who they are, why they are here and what is occurring in this Plan for Evolution.  Awakening is remembering.  The calling within by many is because that was the chosen Soul plan prior to incarnation on Earth now.

In the 8 years since Gaia shifted, many across the globe have remembered in their own way….many have inklings and many more don’t remember.  Many have stepped into themselves since the shift from heart openings, to Self Realization to Exaltation (Enlightenment) and will continue to do this, as we can only sculpt this new 5th domain energy into a new world of love from Soul truths of each contributing. There is immense support by many of all of us.

If you want  signs to look to for this shift  …notice how fast now hidden material of any kind comes forward to reveal its secrecy. Or how fast anything is.  In the cosmos there are not secrets….and this cosmic law is manifesting on Earth now, how more are sharing of love all over the globe, talking of awakening in numbers greater than ever before.  Look to the new blue in the sky, rainbow, elsewhere… tones, geometrics on the planet, new species coming in, children that hold wisdom beyond their years….notice the upliftment in the midst of the dissolving of the old. Young people bringing truths….to lay down harm in all kinds of ways.  New ways of healing, old illness leaving, because 5th domain worlds do not have illness. 

Intensities of energy so many speak of coming from the sun  which some call the Schuman resonance… That is off the charts compared to prior times.  This is  5th domain  energy expanding....or for Those that see or feel energy how it moves differently… Notice the breeze, the pastel colors in the clouds that have a different shimmer... those that see or feel energy how it moves differently…  a pearlessence presence.... Notice the new blue that springs from our sun...New geometric shapes in fruit…… sometimes looking at the ocean or any water you'll see a new blue surface it's in the turquoise family colors ...Or how at times it feels like there's no time and even though you look at the calendar you don't register what day it is, because the fifth domain is free of human structures of 3D dual time. People writing of new ways across the globe.  Old institutions making changes step by step, to bring new.  There is so much to notice.   

All that go into their wisdom can know the truths of what is occurring because there are no energetic veils except self imposed ones created by each’s beliefs of fear, lack and limitation that will stop the true knowing of one’s truths.  You can also look at the radical and fast pace changes occurring in many of the aspects of the systems that were created from harm on earth. The young people of Hong Kong, challenging a monolith of oppression  would be a great example.  Look for more David and Goliath scenerios….there will be many, some small and not so small.  It looks like chaos, when looked at from the brain, yet when examined from the heart it will be seen and known as the old has to change... to dissolve we are in the midst of it, not transformed yet. The new cannot be created from the old. Old systems of harm, more, greed, excessive materialism, taking the life of another, control of economic, body and religious security…anything,   untruths, control of populaces of all kinds, systems that decree free will choice null and void have to wither as free will and the power to co-create is an inalienable blessing, gift and right given to each Evolutionary Soul (humans are) at birth from the Godhead. The dissolving of old allows  the new, that pulsates in a light, radiance and preponderance  of beauty of new ways of love can come forward from each soul making contributions of their wisdom and joy....in this all fear is dropped and ways to protect, stay safe and secure are not needed...a civilization of love does not have fear.  What matters here is the step up to trust heart and Soul wisdom to guide the way, instead of ways of fear, harm and more… in this the divine truths that have always been of each within are lived for and by all. 

We all have created vast bounties of beauty and harmony for all elsewhere, earth is not our home….remembering this helps us to create this here.   As the veils on Earth have been removed it is time to know of all untruths and truths, both of what was created on Earth and of the Cosmos.  In support of that I share in this writing what I understand, remember…and always does it require your own knowing, not believing of me or another.  

The Godhead Council of Twelve Responsible for This Universe

There is no hierarchy anywhere in the Universe(s) except on a dual world that has moved into the energy of harm and more and controls by created systems of power over.  There are Souls with different evolutionary status bringing different masteries that come together and bring their Masteries in collaboration of joy to share with each other.  All Souls are birthed from the Godhead, Mother and Father God that are of a love so vast.  Different souls evolve differently ~ Evolutionary Souls, which humans are evolve through the 12 domains/dimensions (other Soul info is located www.eroscommunity.blogspot.com).  Godhead beings were birthed as Godhead Beings from the Godhead, live at the Central Sun of All Universes and evolve within this abode.  Their energies are the purist of Souls and they exist to be in guiding collaboration with the Godhead and all life, bringing love so deep and pure to all life and always assisting life as is right for their own evolvement.  While they are great Masters, they adhere to the divine edict of the cosmos in that they do not tell another Soul what to do. No one does in the cosmos. They need to be invited in to assist.  They serve all life, collaborate with all life, co-create with all life and each has an area of specialty.  They support each to come together in their own Masteries and to strengthen and grow in expanded Masteries of Joy always, with each Soul and their Council

Introducing The 12 Godhead Council of 12 Responsible in this Universe.  Each has an energetic focus.  Here they are listed with their Soul name, a name they were known on Earth and their energetic focus :

Symai – known as Ishtar/Inanna ~ Propelling Life Forward, one intertwined
Aba – known as Jesus ~ The Love of the Godhead
Faiy– known as Isis ~ Mary Magdelene– The Beauty of life
Kaxne–known as Thoth ~ Pervasive Truth
Lilm –  known as Kuan Yin ~ The Song of joy
Lob – known as St. Germaine  ~ Abundance
Nuami – known as Mary, mother of Jesus ~ Hands of Peace
Nunti – known as Archangel Gabriel not an angelic ~ Humans in community with nature
Soti – known as Krishna, Buddha ~ Energy of transition
Ssaye – known as Kuthumi ~ Structure of energy
Tesh – known as Archangel Michael ~ Responsible for the Angelic Kingdom
Totom – known as Babaji ~ Sooth and uplift all life

In the quiet of your own heart, in your timing you can call on any of them to come forward and share with you…remembering the old friendships of the eons that have been in place, just not remembered.

Evolution of Earth and Life Going Forward

On December 31, 2019 all on Earth will receive a unheralded gift directly from the Godhead to celebrate the shift of December 31, 2011 and 8 years as living as a 5th domain Earth and to assist all that chose to remember more of what is occurring on Earth and within this experience their own radiance of what is always true. 

A Godhead Being, A Master that was incarnated on Earth and who is a lead for the Plan for Evolution with her Soul sister Symai of the Council of 12 left form in 2012 is returning and will be coming into form on this date. Her Soul name is Nuami, her focus is Hands of Peace. Her energies anchoring itself in a human form on the birthdate of the planetary shift into the 5th domain will uplift, expand and amplify the fifth domain energies of love…of compassion ….of Joy on Earth and all life  to the truths within them of what is occurring now, if allowed.  Her sister Symai, while she will not incarnate she will be close in to Gaia’s energetic field and collaborating in tandem with Nuami.

If one sits in quiet, contemplation and stillness, a time of going within during the time from December 30, 2019 through January 2, 2020 one will be able in their own way to experience more deeply the shift that occurred on December 31, 2011, their role and where Earth, life and themselves are now.  Much can be received and next steps that align with each’s soul plan can be given.  Bestowal of support, upliftment and grace to know oneSelf in whatever stage of awakening and awareness one is, the lifting off of what is not truth -  is available in this time of birth into form of this Master of Peace. It is her gracious offering and is unprecedented in the cosmos and is of the deepest offering of love and gratitude for all on Earth at this time by this Godhead Master  with her whole Council.   Without her presence one could always look back on this event:  her presence will create an ease to experience the celestial song of the shift and one’s Soul.

Nuami’s Message.  In the time that I was the Mother of Jesus it was foretold by the wise ones, the mystics, the seers of his arrival and my own with others of our Council coming into earth.  Other times have I been on earth some in very public roles some in obscure roles not known by humans.  This is being announced by Azura, one that knows because of the time on Earth that is of now.  It is a time of no secrets.  If we were in a burgeoning, flourishing fifth domain civilization that was very developed of love, in creations of splendor particular to that domain of wisdom and joy all on planet would know of my arrival and have the opportunity to welcome and rejoice.  Since we are living on a fifth domain world the same notice and opportunity for celebration is being accorded. 

I come in great love for you all, for all life to assist in bringing with all who chose the energies of this world of 5th domain energetics enlivened to support life to remember all that they chose to be, to remember prior to incarnation.  Each life, each and everyone reading this is reading this because you are hearing a call within…a call to live and be your fullest majesty of Soul.  Trust you…trust the truths that come forward.  You are love, you were created in love … a powerful force of love that can transform you and sculpt together a civilization when time that is only shimmering in peace, harmony, wisdom, love and joy.  You are here because you stepped forward… to a clarion call. I am here again, to assist all. 

On Earth and when I left in 2012 I with my sister Symai initiated many energetic and physical actions to go forward with the shift from a 3rd domain world to a 5th domain world.  I left because it was time, and I left consciously.  In evaluating the unfoldment of this plan on Earth with many I have chosen to come back in to embue life in my way that is receptive to the peace and wholeness of themselves.  To assist in this remembering.  In joy am I with you, in love exquisite do I hold humans and all life.  It is time for suffering of all kinds to be layed down and my physical presence on Earth is here to assist in how I can.  Call on me.  In service to you am I, as I am.

Peace is what you are, peace on Earth is….  married together we can transform to only this state all life.  In my hands I hold you eternally, always. Nuami.   

We all at Eros join with many around the world in welcoming Nuami back with profound love of our Souls that always is and celebrate in deep joy all that she brings to all life on the planet.  She has been integral in the founding of Eros where she created with her sister Symai and their council a living, breathing 5th Domain energetic structure of geometrics, colors and tone of collaboration with all life that is always of the 5th Domain in cosmos and will be step by  step created and lived on Earth from their truths by all who are present.  While she exited her human form in 2012, collaborations with her, her sister Symai and all others of this Godhead Council of 12 continued seamlessly with all life on Earth. 

Personally her impact on my evolution during this life and throughout my evolution as a Soul from my birth from the Godhead… from her everpresent support, love, wisdom, grace and peace both to me in form this life and as an energetic being has brought this soul to Masteries that are of the new and sing with joy…this is true of both her, her sister Symai and the full Godhead Council of 12 in collaboration with my Council. It has been my joy beyond words to co-create with her over the eons, I know her well, as do those on Earth.  Many have spoken this to me....and I know it to be true of many.  

We at Eros are here to offer upliftment and support to your own truths through all we offer~  and are available to you and can be reached through this email, and the information below.  Our website is:  http://www.erosommunity.blogspot.com, Eros Global Community is on FB.

Each moment is a new moment filled fresh with life’s flow of joy if allowed.  I close celebrating your radiance, your love… life is beautiful, and many are answering Soul callings to create a new 5th domain civilization, Arah,  from majestic wisdoms. …..   

...many blessings of all that is held true within you for it will lead you to a peace, joy, love and wisdom that is of the innate way of being eternally….

....your sharings are loved and welcome!

In love that is unending ~  In service to all life

Azura (Deb)

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Celebration of the Joy of Beingness of All Life ~ Gathering via Teleconference: Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2019: 5:30 - 7:00 PM MT


Dearest Beloveds ~

You are invited to a Celebration of the Joy of Beingness of All Life. All of our light, energies of who we are fill the cosmos with unspeakable joy (ISHA). In this way does our love, compassion and joy bring to Earth only what we each uniquely can. 

This time of year celebrations around the world focus on the birth of Jesus and what is called the Christ light …..and also around the world called the miracle of light in many ways.  Mother Mary is adorned as the Mother of the Christed one within these celebrations.  Both of them, along with other members of their family were all Christed, awakened Godhead beings in form on Earth during that time.  Their message was, “ye are this”.  During the last 20K years the Godhead Beings responsible for this universe as well as a number of higher domain Evolutionary Souls have taken form as living examples of divinity to  bless and support humanity  to remind each human of their own unique living embodiment of Soul..of light….of love….of compassion…of joy...

Now like no other time on Earth, in this new ever expanding field of 5th domain love - with no veils except illusionary ones held in ego beliefs can each who chooses remember and know of their Majesty, of their divinity ….and in knowing live this here and now fully “boots on the ground”  from the fullness of the beauty of  Soul. 

Each life birthed from Father, Mother God, the Godhead is held in an unwavering, unending joy and love unspeakable of its beingness…no matter what its choices in any dual life.  Honoring all life allows with discernment the knowing of creation of harm within the energy of fear…and honoring still its right to be.

This is true of all in the cosmos, our Souls, our Councils, all Souls, everywhere and across all times. Only is each life cherished, relished, and held in sanctity of the love it was created in and always is ….held in joy of its creations of compassion.  All will be held in this sanctity during our gathering….this time together is to celebrate each’s divinity… divine origins that always is…both those on the call and all life everywhere. 

As in each Eros call there will be a sharing of divine truths, practices, and sharing by those called. The call details are below.

In everlasting joy and love ~

Azura  (Deb Evans)

Teleconference Details:

Date:  Wednesday, December 18, 2019   Time:  5:30 – 7:00 PM Mountain Time via Free Conference, recording playback included & available via phone and SoundCloud

RSVP:  Erosdd@gmail.com, name and contact information.  We must reserve a telephone line for you so you can dial into our teleconference service, Free Conference.com. 

For International Callers contact us and we will provide information on how to connect to the call.
For anyone new to Eros Teleconferences you will receive an email with instructions from Eros after you sign up detailing how to join a teleconference, which will be a U.S. phone number and an additional number for some countries.  After that You will also receive an invitation from FreeConference.com with teleconference details, and it will have Dawn Woodrings name on it. Do Check your spam folder. Recording Playback sent within 24-48 hrs

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Credit/Debit Cards:  Paypal ~ www.eroscommunity.blogspot.comDonations and Payment Tab,  “Celebration of the Joy of Beingness of All Life”

No one is turned away that is sincerely called. Alternative ways of Soul knowing exchanges are welcomed.  We ask that you finalize your exchange with Eros prior to the call.

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