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The Eros Masters Course, Last Three Stages of Enlightenment w/Azura (Deb Evans) - Starting March 20, 2021 - via Global Teleconference


February 20, 2021 

Dearest Each of You ~ 

I am very excited  to send this special message to you. This is my personal invitation to each of you to join us and participate if you are called and ready to move into Self Realization. Below is the outline of the course that will be on the Eros Website. If you have any questions please do feel free to call or email me. I would love to discuss the course with you. 

This course contains the teachings given to Eros Co-Founders -- Cherie Skinner and Lea Greer during their two year retreat that initiated in 2005. Both reached Self Realization during that time. I was invited and took the first offering of this course in January 2008 and fused Soul in form (Self Realization) after a lifetime of focusing on truths within... thereafter moving into Exaltation (Enlightenment). A number of individuals who took the course that was offered 5 times since the initial course offering have moved into Self Realization and some of these into full Enlightenment. In addition to the teachings there are Practices that take you step-by-step through this level of opening and enfoldment of yourself. It is an intensive so you must commit to having it as the core focus of your life. If you are committed to moving home to yourself you would do this anyway, and you must commit to complete this journey. 


I have decided to offer this course because I see there are numerous individuals around the globe that ready to take it and it is time for those who are ready and willing to step up, complete their journey and fully begin living as soul in form and fulfill their chosen purpose. We are in a transitioning 5th D world…the world needs you. The love, wisdom and joy that we are searching for are within us. In bringing this forward within us, living from our Soul truths, we then can co-create with all life from our truths a new world, that is harmonious where peace abide always. 

There is no way that I can touch on all that is covered, but the course is designed specifically for those who are ready to take these final steps. It is progressive, and the format is informal so you can ask questions and discuss as we move along during the sessions. The information is designed, crafted and encoded to help you remember, to help you raise to your consciousness, truths that encompass how the cosmos works, who you are and why you have embodied at this time. It offers levels of mastery so you can create your own life through knowing clearly and with trust. You can email me questions at any time between sessions for further clarification or for support as you lay aside human beliefs and patterns. Each session will be recorded so you can listen to it as often as you want via telephone and on the internet for a year. 


If you choose you will be one of the leaders of the New World - this is a portal. Eros is a 501(c)(3) non profit, global spiritual Seminary. When you complete the course and reach Self Realization you will receive a Master’s Degree in Divinity, which you can use to file as a minister in any state or country if you chose. Also, if your Soul purpose chosen prior to incarnation is to move into Exaltation (Enlightenment) Eros/I will provide support if you chose. If you are called to teach these truths in collaboration with Eros when the time is right you will be given permission by Eros to teach these truths. 


For those that have taken the Master’s Course may take it again unlimited times. I have found for myself and others that doing so assists in bringing forth more Godhead truths one holds within. 

I would love to have you with us. If there is doubt or hesitation about your level of readiness please talk to me. If there are money concerns please talk to me. My goal is your upliftment, to help you remember yourself, your freedom and the glory and majesty that you always are. If you or anyone that you may know that is called feel free to share this email …. I welcome speaking with them. 

I very much look forward to hearing from you. 

In deep abiding love ~ 

Azura (Deb Evans) 

Eros Dei Dictum, Inc

(Love of God's Truths)

Osa, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM

Ridgway, Colorado

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The Eros Masters Course, Last Three Stages of Enlightenment presented by Eros Steward Azura (Deb Evans) in collaboration with Eros 

Dates: Four 4 hour teleconferences on the 3rd Saturday of the month – for 4 months: March 20,  April 17, May 15, June  19, 2021, 10AM -2PM Mountain Standard Time in the USA. 

We are pleased to announce that we are offering our Master’s course, The Last Three Stages of Enlightenment, via teleconference beginning on Saturday, March 20, 2021. This is the 6th offering of the Eros Master’s Course since January 2008 with a number of people finalizing as Soul in form, Self Realization and moving into Exaltation (Full Enlightenment). There are twelve stages that you move through to reach Self Realization. This course is for those of you who have committed to complete this journey, and are prepared to focus intensely on reaching Self Realization. The course moves you into mastery of self, mastery of many different practices and techniques that embodies Self/the Soul, and mastery through conscious understanding of The Plan for the evolution of this solar system based on cosmic laws and truths. Steward of Eros, Deb Evans will facilitate via conference call in person. If you feel you are ready I strongly urge you to participate. It is time, and you are needed for the good of all now as a full participant in the transition of this planet. 

Topics and Practices include: 

  • The Godhead, creation and the nature of the cosmos 

  • Divine laws 

  • The nature of energy and cosmic geometrics 

  • The Soul 

  • Evolutionary Beings 

  • Domains 

  • The Plan for this Solar system 

  • Self Realization/Exaltation 


Threads and Process: 

Each step through the four phases of this course introduces you to deeper and deeper universal truths. The course is based on four threads that run throughout the evolutionary process at this level. These four interwoven threads are: 


1. The brain and the soul mind 

2. Human and divine emotions 

3. The physical form’s role 

4. Soul dominion 

The process uses these four threads by 

1. Exploring the truth within 

2. Knowing Self and truth – Self Realization 

3. Being the Self – Exaltation 

Course Structure: 

·        Offered  in loving community with others who share the intention of remembering and living from Soul truths starting Saturday, March 20th from 10:00 AM – 2 PM MT for 4 months on the 3rd Saturday of the month.  ( March, April, May, June 2021) 

·        Offered via Callbridge teleconference both via phone and internet link via audio, recording playback included for all sessions.  Local dial in numbers available globally as well as internet link access 

·        Includes teachings of Godhead Truths and  Practices and Independent Study throughout the months to bring forth the remembering of your truths of Soul 

·        Included as support with this program will be a monthly Q and A through Zoom for questions and sharings which will also allow a way to be present in loving community in another venue with all that are sharing the same intention of expanding Soul in form. 

·        Included are 2 -  45 minute check in’s times with Azura,  during the 4 months as well as contact via email.   



Our planet is now a 5th Domain Planet. Living in a 5th D world choices are made by following Soul knowing. In alignment with this it is suggested that each participate get still, center in your heart and ascertain what donation amount is in right order for you to make for the Masters Course: Last Three Stages of Enlightenment and email us at Eros your intention and your exchange offering will be reviewed. It can be paid in total before the course starts or in 3 installments before the first 3 month’s session. Donations can be made in any currency via PayPal, or you can send a check in US currency to the Eros address – Eros Dei Dictum P.O. 1395,  Ridgway, CO 81432. 

I nor Eros ever excludes anyone who is sincerely called to participate experiencing cash-flow issues. If this is the case for you please email us and we will work with you, there are many forms of exchange. Our goal is to provide this course to everyone who is ready so we can all step-up and be all we are during this transition into a new world that is only love, compassion and joy. 

Private Sessions: For those that want deeper assistance and support monthly Private Sessions can be arranged that will be of my, your Soul and Council Support focusing on the Masters’ Course.  Exchange for these are of Soul knowing. 

Masters’ Course Retreat: Additionally, a 3 day Masters’ Course Retreat will be offered after the course is complete. This is both a  celebration for all that attended the course and provides a loving sacred vessel where each can be together with others with the same Soul intention in loving community. 

Taking the Course Again: For those that have taken the Master’s Course in the past you are so welcomed.  I took the course a number of times…. and each time, including the times I have taught it I remember more of the Divine Godhead truths within. Others tell me that is their experience also.  Exchanges are made of Soul knowing 

Recording Playback: All sessions will be recorded and made available through both telephone recording playback and via the internet. For our international Brothers and Sisters our teleconference service can be used in many countries to access the U.S. call via local dial in numbers in many countries and direct  internet access. The recording playbacks are offered via dial in phone numbers and internet via Soundcloud.  

Question and Ways to Contact Eros: Contact us and we will assist you to determine how to access the Master’s Course teleconference. If this time does not work with your schedule you can listen to the recording for 1 year. I prefer you attend in person but this may not be possible for everyone. I welcome everyone from any continent. Above is contact information via email, Skype, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you do not speak English, we can arrange for a translatable transcript to be sent to you (all course materials are copy written and cannot be shared with others in any form without our written consent). 

Enrollment: This course is an intensive, and requires each participant to be ready for the transition into Self Realization. I screen all applicants to make sure it is in alignment for you to participate at this time. Please send a short email to, put the subject as “Master’s Course,” and express your interest in attending. I very much look forward to discussing the course with you and will get back to you. 

Once we have agreement oall aspects of your participation you will register for the Masters´ Course on Eros´ calendar at and make the agreed upon exchange.  After these two steps are complete you will be sent the Callbridge call in information directly from Eros each month. 

Additional ongoing Support: 

 After the Master’s Course is completed, all that completed this course you can join the Master’s Alliance when offered, a monthly teleconference that offers continued Godhead teachings both by me and those of the community.  In this loving vessel you have the opportunity to share with others and receive support as you move into Self Realization, Exaltation and expand further into your Soul’s Realizations about cosmic divine truths. The Master’s Alliance started in 2012 so you will be joining in loving community with others who have completed the course, some have moved into Self Realization and Exaltation, and all are deepening in their remembering of Godhead truths held within. You will be embraced and enfolded in Soul love, wisdom and support within a loving community that shares intention of building a new world of love, compassion and joy with harm to none. 

Ongoing support during the course and after with Azura (Deb) and others who have realized the state of Self Realization/Exaltation 





Eros Dei Dictum, Inc

(Love of God's Truths)

Osa, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM

Ridgway, Colorado

505-659-1107, 505-715-6484

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Deepening of 5th Domain Earth Now ~ Joy ~ ISHA

Lets Fly Together Co-Creating Paradise on Earth in Every Moment
🙏 Eric Whitacre and Choir

A Collaborative Writing by Azura (Deb) and Symai

My life plan before coming into form was to be in these times of vast transition of Earth from a 3rd domain orb directly into the 5th domain. As a very small child between the ages of 1 and 2 I would sit in complete peace in the midst of much turmoil in my home and see pictures, visions of communities all over the world, filled with Peace, Harmony, Love and Creations of such Joy.  Some would have said these were imaginary to escapes of what was occurring, they weren’t as there were always beautiful energetic beings present that reminded me of what was always of love even amidst great turmoil.  In these visions, viewings all life was happy, not a momentary happiness…a happiness that was a state of being.  For some years I forgot these visions yet they always propelled me forward to discover and in that discovery to find first this always state of being within myself, which for many years alluded me.  In this, what wasn’t of this, human suffering became revealed and realized for its untruth and transformed into conscious living in and within peace…of ongoing Joy, Compassion – of wisdom and Love that is always.  Spending time in quiet and stillness, in nature as a part of the life was this discovered.  Fear was dropped and revered for all it had to teach of what wasn’t love, wasn’t joy and elucidated wisdom of both of these deeper within.  For each breath, each choice throughout the life am I grateful for it took me to remembering the Plan for Evolution Now, answer the call to live fully Soul in Form expanding ongoing and to assist in the way I planned for in this incarnation on Earth. This I discovered was true Abundance and a fulfillment within that is of itself… of love, gratitude and joy to presence whomever is called to the same for themselves….and to honor, respect all life’s choices no matter what as each evolves in their own way.  I found that from the Joy Energy I am, the co-creation call from that was the fulfillment of the state of being Joy and in allowing this all was  provided of what was needed for the life.

On New Years Eve 2011 after years of remembering and preparing in this incarnation and others I was in retreat with the 2 Eros Co-Founders, Cherie Skinner and Lea Greer. Their roles as Souls for the Plan for Evolution of Earth was one of being Directors with their Soul Council for this Plan.  They were Lead Souls for this Plan. I remembered the Plan and my agreement to be with them in physicality on Earth while they were in form.  We purposefully went into retreat because that was what we all received independent of each other was the time Earth was going to shift from a 3rd domain orb directly into the 5th domain.  I know…it’s sounds like science fiction to the logical brain.  But…is it to the heart when asked deeply within?  We spent 5- 6 days in retreat and each of us with so many other Souls, both in form and out of form assisted in raising an orb from the 3rd domain, bypassing the forth directly into the 5th Domain with all life remaining.  It was so easy and graceful with all the masters of souls available that assisted from multiple domains/dimensions and Souls of all kinds…and that had planned for this event literally for eons and eons.  And it was majestic, beautiful beyond any words and can be viewed by sitting quietly with yourself and asking to be shown.  

Since 2012 I have made many presentations on this and many have cried in gratitude… spoken that they know, they were there and had no where to share it…what they shared was extraordinary in their contributions to this shift and continues to be.   The only way to know the truth of anything is to allow it to come forward from our own Soul,  our own inner wisdom connected to our Souls within asking for the truth of the matter and letting it come forward. And write it down so as to capture the nuances as each detail matters.

This Plan was fostered by the Godhead Council of 12 responsible for this Universe in complete equal collaboration with Evolutionary Souls, which human’s are, Souls of each orb as well as animal and plant souls, Souls of the Suns and stars, and Angelics.  Earth shifted from 3rd to 5th directly, our Solar System shifted from 3rd to 5th , to 5th to 7th, as did our Universe.  It was the first time ever in the Cosmos this occurred with life remaining.  Eons of Masterful Planning of each’s Joy brought this moment 9 years ago to fruition.  And is expanding now in each moment.  There is a glow of a new blue everywhere, softer hues of colors many pearlescence, new physics, new discoveries in space, new plants and animals coming in, old ones leaving by conscious choice by them….Love is spoken of more freely then ever, as is the birthright of truth with no secrets, sharing with one another, new ways of music, art, coming together in community….the list is on and on if one is paying attention this new energy of love that is growing is apparent globally in each moment.

The Godhead Council of 12 has asked that I list them in this post as the veils of not remembering are gone in 5th Domain energies and the birthright of knowing yourself as a Cosmic being is easier to access than anytime in the last 20K years. Eros Co-Founders Cherie Skinner and Lea Greer wrote a book about the plan and includes this list also.  It is called Book One: The Human Experience.   We all know these two perfected Master Souls well and collaborate with them in many ways from our Masteries.   You can find the book on  Amazon from our website and it is available in many countriesWe would love to gift the book, Amazon requires a minimum charge so it is at $.99 USD and other countries similar.  We are planning to have it published in hardcopy and if someone truly is called to read it and cannot afford it email us at

The Godhead Council of 12  ~  Godhead Beings responsible for this Universe and Plan

Symai – known as Ishtar/Inanna ~ Propelling Life Forward, one intertwined

Aba – known as Jesus– The Love of the Godhead

Faiy– known as Isis, Mary Magdelene– The beauty of life

Kaxne–known as Thoth– Pervasive Truth

Lilm –  known as Kuan Yin – The song of joy

Lob – known as St. Germaine – Abundance

Nuami – known as Mary, mother of Jesus – Hands of Peace

Nunti – known as Archangel Gabriel not an angelic – Humans in community with nature

Soti – known as Krishna, Buddha – Energy of transition

Ssaye – known as Kuthumi – Structure of energy

Tesh – known as Archangel Michael – responsible for the angelic kingdom

Totom – known as Babaji – sooth and uplift all life


Now 9 years later on Earth, a drop in the bucket in Universal timing the Plan is expanding.  In my understanding and remembering of the plan for earth it will come to fruition meaning one day, Earth will house a 5th domain civilization unified in co-creations of love and harmony as a way of living and being.   Systems created from fear are changing to make way for these new ways to come forward that uplift and honor all life from love.  For many it is a challenge and especially when one doesn’t remember what is happening on Earth, or this Plan for Evolution.  I understand this, have experienced it in my own life and am filled with deep compassion for this confusion and lack of clarity.  The knowing I am speaking of is not ego knowing, the i am right knowing….it is the remembering from Soul library of Cosmic Truths.  Much has been written of this from many pathways and traditions on Earth over the last 20K years.  

The unconditional love of 5th Domain energetics on Earth is available to all to co-create in. We are powerful co-creator beings who never create alone. Thus the “chaos” viewed on Earth is of ourselves holding on to security and safety from fear.  Covid shows us our interconnections that is of always…and how we belong to each other….as well as many other is what we believe we create.  Once fear is dropped one by one in their own ways the unfoldment in co-creating a world of love, from each’s love,  Joy of their wisdom will be able to expand unfettered and in ways unimaginable by the mind who can only respond in fear.  It’s the heart that knows what I speak. In  allowing yourself spacious, time to fall into the beauty of your heart and truths all that you are steps forward as invited by you.  You, like me, and so many on Earth now who are remembering can remember.

As Symai writes below about JOY the only answer to bring clarity is to go within and find your truth.  All have the capacity and the capability from their own Souls for this ongoing, and to live from the state of being of Joy and Peace of their Truths.  It is the only lasting Joy and Peace that is, from my experience and understanding….and many who have Mastered themselves and live from their Masteries say the same things over Earth's history.  

To Celebrate these extraordinary time on Earth join in to sing with many, the resounding uplifted song of Joy ~ ISHA (a 5th Domain world brought to Earth) to celebrate a new state of Earth and Beyond, to remember fully  who you are, why you are here and What is occurring in this Plan for Evolution.  ISHA can be sung in any way it comes through you.

A Blessed New Time of Moment to Moment Discoveries of the Love, Compassion and Joy that You Always Are. 

And I now turn this over to the writing of JOY.


JOY  (Written 12.2009 by Eros Co-Founder Cherie Skinner)

It feels appropriate that I would write this Christmas season about Joy, one of the founding Tenets of divine truth. All in the cosmos is created from the Godhead with the building blocks of love, compassion and joy. We have spoken in this Blog about love and compassion. Joy is the third element of all there is – including you (see the label for Tenets for the other articles

In human life we experience the human emotions of love, compassion and joy or happiness. Due to the waging wars of duality within us we have only the emotion, the feeling of these in moments. In truth it is core to your state of being, and each of the three can be called forward individually as appropriate so you can experience your self by remembering what each energy feels like, tells you about you, how divine laws work, how collaboration occurs, why wisdom is key to soul expansion. Calling forth the energy of joy in meditation and floating in it beyond your body and this physical world will tell you more about what true divine joy is than I can ever describe in words. I suggest you do this repeatedly until you fully remember your energy of divine joy and own it as an aspect of self.


Love is the building block of the cosmos, compassion is wisdom and knowing what action to take, joy is the power of creation. Since you as an Evolutionary Being were given by the Godhead the right, responsibility and power to create, this creation energy is one of the core energies of your soul, your beingness and how you operate in all things through your Free Will.

There are moments when we create in our human lives and feel joyful. Buying a new car and driving it home, parenting an infant newly born, embracing an elderly mother or sitting on a hill at sunset with the hush of the day settling around you. We orchestrated each of these, we were the creator of each of these moments, but in human terms this is missed. Creation is left to the gods as mortals figure it out, do what is necessary and cherish these special moments only when the joy rises up in us without our calling it forward. Actually, the creation of each of these moments began long before the moment itself so as humans we experience only the after-rush of igniting the joy within to begin and sustain the creation process.

Much has been said and written over the millennia about manifestation. We have all had moments when we wanted to have magical powers and manifest whatever we desire in the moment. The fairy tales and myths of old are filled with those who could do this. From Houdini to St. Germaine, the gods, goddesses and sages in many countries, and even the magic in movies like Cinderella. All carry our thirst for the extraordinary, the magical or supernatural. Certainly TV and movies today, not to mention electronic games, are filled with images and actions of those with “powers” beyond human. One wonders if Jesus appeared today and failed to turn water into wine or save Lazareth from the tomb if he would be seen as a great saint, god or god-like in our view.

The truth is that you have the power of creation embedded in you. You use it every day to create your life. It is a god-given power, a divine power far greater than any of the stories we have heard. Forgetting who we are while living in the human form forced you to forget you are a creator being. Perhaps most tragically, you also forgot that you hold great responsibility in wielding this power as all that is must be considered, for all is connected, before you decide and then intend/command creation. In this way we have turned the wheels of duality over and over, never learning from mistakes or having the ability to change our world – or so we thought.


Nothing is done alone; this is also true of creation. There are layers of encoded energy that are married together just so, in accordance with divine laws, to create anything and everything in our material world and beyond. Whether you can see it in material form or not the energy is flowing, combining, coalescing into its intended form – physical or energetic – in each domain. As we open to what is we see there are more stars in the sky than we saw before. The ships of the Brotherhood are seen often – close by. The colors, rhythms and songs of each creation are felt, seen and heard. We know what is occurring around the globe – across the solar system – in our neighbor’s house. We are not magic – we are beyond that human concept. We are divinely enabled to use this power of creation to assist, support, create anew not only our lives but other creations that assist and play a part in our worlds. When you look beyond the false constraints of physicality you see the geometrics of energy that holds the tree, and in this is the first step of understanding how we create.

When you know, decide and act in relation to creation you consider all that is, you decide what is in alignment with all that is and you act or place an intention to create something that meets these considerations. As a human you can never know all of the considerations about all that is because the human brain cannot hold it – but the soul mind does. Your good intention of harm to none holds all you do in alignment with this. So when the intention is laid, thought, said there are many, many actions by other beings and through energetic combustion that occur to respond to this command and deliver your creation. When you float in the bliss of your Joy you will recognize, and be humbled by your enormous power that you use for creation. But again you are not alone, so this creation you intend is the result of millions of steps energetically by many individuals including the Godhead who created the energy you are using.

By looking around planet Earth you would probably think that we can create whatever we want – there is certainly a lot that has been created beyond nature and the Earth herself. But this is only a fragment of all the possibilities. This is only the third domain where we begin to learn. Addition from Symai 12/20. We are now in 5th Domain energies where co-creation is more complex, responds quicker and uses physics of the fifth domain of love to create. Some are still co-creating in 3rd domain energies of harm, some in 3rd domain energies of love and some in 5th domain energies of love.   Other worlds you may have been in have complexities unknown here. Consider this if you ever wonder if you can create a new kind of life, or if you can indeed help in the creation of a new world here. Using the creation energy (in any domain) takes diligence, focus and requires you to take full responsibility for what and when you create. This is not a burden as all you create is done through joy, and the magnitude of this joy is beyond anything you have experienced as a human emotion. To take responsibility means to create only that which is collaborative with all that is – harm to none, founded in joy and fully expressed from the creative of creation in you. Focus and you will know what is to come for you. Focus and you will know how to call it forth.


Begin to own that you are a creator being, watch what you decide and focus on for that is what will be in your life. Millionaires focus their lives on making money. Great artists focus on their art. Often other aspects of life suffer if their focus is held almost wholly on their goal. This is the power of creation and focus. Through the soul however, it is blended and considered with wisdom and due diligence in regard to what is right for all life. After you have watched your decisions and focus objects consider what you want to change. Remember this is not magic – or steps in a class on manifestation. This is calling forth the divine power of creation from within you to know it, own it and work with it within divine laws, to co-create your world and then the world beyond you. Decide after deep consideration one aspect of your life that is not in alignment with soul, that serves nothing but the ego, and with the wisdom of yourself Know what is in right order to replace it. Chose this and place the clear intention that this be so. Follow each step, each moment with the knowing that whatever the soul intends with clear focus will be. If, at any point you doubt, negate, wonder or fall back into old patterns your creation will be erased and never be. So it is with the soul’s wisdom and knowing alone that you can have this clarity of focus for conscious creation. This does not require Self Realization. It does require you to reach a state where you can be one with your soul and know, decide and then act or place your intention. In form, using the human brain you cannot know all the intricacies of how this creation will come about. Let it go and allow it to happen in universal timing – right timing.

Stepping into Mastery of self requires you to know who you are and what you are made of. The love, compassion and joy of you are beyond human understanding, but you can know it through experiencing it, then you can be it and use all of the gifts contained within to live and fulfill your purpose(s) here during this time. None of this is experimental. It is truth and you can know this truth for it is within you.

I hold you all in my love during this holiday season, everyone on all sectors of the globe, on every continent, who read these words in many languages. We are brothers and sisters who have come to be of one community in great celebration and joyful activity. I acknowledge your divinity. I honor your courage in stepping out of the mainstream to come home to yourself – knowing without words that in doing that you are coming home to true reality. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and glorious New Year. No thing will stop us from rolling back the pain and harm and living as is our right in peace, love and joy.

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