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Embracing, Remembering and Celebrating the First Time Ever Cosmic Event of an Orb Earth Shifting from a 3rd Domain Orb directly to a 5th Domain Orb ~ December 31, 2011 – January 2, 2012


Embracing, Remembering and Celebrating the First Time Ever Cosmic Event of an Orb Earth Shifting from a 3rd Domain Orb directly to a 5th Domain Orb ~ December 31, 2011 – January 2, 2012



  (c) Eros Dei Dictum, 

We are what would be decreed as 10 years time based on human tracking of time on December 31, 2021 from the shift of Earth into the 5th Domain bypassing the 4th Domain, in other words going directly into the Fifth Domain of everlasting, ever holding unconditional love from the 3rd Domain starting on December 31, 2011, completing by January 2, 2012.  


 This sentinel first time cosmic event was planned as Earth and this Universe conceived as an idea by the Godhead and Godhead Council of 12 responsible for this universe eons ago before Earth was formed.  All on earth know of this plan within your Soul …many yet have not remembered the plan through the brain. 


Below is a message from the Godhead Council of 12 responsible for this universe, a list of who they are included with their always Soul names and excerpts of articles written by 2 of them while in form and myself about The Evolutionary Plan of Earth now.  They were with their full Council the lead on this plan and incarnated, awakened into Self Realization and beyond to prepare the planet, all life for its initiation and shift into the 5th domain before leaving form as they both consciously planned in 2012. Each writing can be found on the the Eros’ website plus many more and a link to each one has been provided.   Nuami has since returned into physical form December 31, 2020  — with her in Form there are now 5 in physical form. On Earth to support this extraordinary cosmic occurrence.


Throughout the last 20K years programming of the most densest harm, more and fear energies ever experienced on any orb… on Earth by “Others” was allowed by humans to degrade one’s belief that they were knowers and co-creators of great magnitude and knowers of Godhead divine truths.  The time for this ended 10 years ago, yet the programming in each’s brain is continuing to support being small and limited.  In this 20K years humans were trained to believe others and not to turn inward for their own knowing.  Now with new energies of unconditional love on Earth supporting the rising up of truths of all things including ones true state of being of who and what they truly are can be known by asking for the truth within, receiving what is known and allowing it to be enlivened within. The truths are within. 


The written articles about The Plan for Evolution are given below were written from by the Co-Founders of Eros and myself 2008 through now.  In reflection you can sit with what calls you and find what you know.  In talks give by all of us over the last 14 years many have remembered their truths, cried, laughed, celebrated remembering themselves and have reported feeling liberated to be coming home to themselves in each remembering. In our many talks with so many over the years most yearn for this but don’t know how.  Each can through self inquiry remember their knowing.  All souls on earth, those inhabiting physical forms and energetic beings participated in some way in the great Cosmic wonder of 2011 and all have evolved as Souls because of it. 


A note: There are different dates given for the shift in 2021.   December 27th 2011 through January 2nd Cherie, Lea and I went into retreat and participated consciously in this shift.  Others say other dates, some from believing others some with experiences.  The important piece is that it happened and anyone who goes within can in their own way register the event of earth moving gently, lovingly from a 3rd domain orb of harm and more into a 5th domain orb of unconditional love.  In this way, finding the truth within can offset the habit of the brain that says harm and fear will exist in perpetuity where now it can be dropped in a moment for any aspect of the life when chosen.


In unending love and peace to all life ~ Azura


The Godhead Council of 12 Message for Now


Upon you is an orb carefully chosen by all life to experience an evolution like none other in the cosmos ever before.  It is a Plan of Evolution to change the trajectory of all 3rd domain orbs in the cosmos which are not many relative to all orbs that exist.  The plan is to shift a planet outside of harm into a place where harm can no longer exist into the 5th domain which only holds unconditional love and cannot be fractured and interfered with by anyone to change this.  Earth was as all the stories of many religious and spiritual teachings have shared over these last 20K years interceded with by harm energies.  This is over now for Earth, which was the first of this Plan.  Every life on Earth holds the plan, yet we find that with the density that has been of Earth many are not remembering and/or believing because living a life of safety, self protection has solidly anchored.  We know that looking out greed and structures of power over have sustained and even grown, this will not be for long.  The Godhead is only supporting Earth with 5th domain energy that is deepening every moment and as it does many will walk away from harm and fear trusting the calling within their hearts and Souls of only love.  In this collaborations will occur that will foster this expansion exponentially.  It is already happening, yet one has to be willing to look and see from one’s Soul and heart.  In earth years we are not sure how long safety will be held onto yet we know as time moves on the call to live from one’s innate being of love will bring a stepping forward of life, people to serve each other, to share with each other and within this to awaken to what they already are.  Every life on earth is held in great love and vast compassion for their role in what is unfolding now, everyone. 


In the past 3rd domain planets that have reached the state that earth did would have died or be destroyed.  This will not happen here as there is much happening in the field of 5th domain energy of love on earth that is not being realized by most.  If you take the time to focus on this within your own Soul love you will see and know.  We in great love support each and all life and if you call on yourself as Soul, your loving Soul brothers and sisters, us and invite us in we can support you in knowing what you intend to know of all that you are, why you are here and what is truly occurring.  While it may seemed far fetched to the minds of many now, one day there will be a civilization on earth built by all that remember themselves and come together to serve each other.  You know for you prepared for this before you came.  How can we serve you?


Always are you held in our love.


 The 12 Godhead Council of 12 Responsible in this Universe.  Each has an energetic focus.  Here they are listed with their Soul name, a name they were known on Earth and their energetic focus :


Symai – known as Ishtar/Inanna ~ Propelling Life Forward, one intertwined

Aba – known as Jesus ~ The Love of the Godhead

Faiy– known as Isis ~ Mary Magdelene– The Beauty of life

Kaxne–known as Thoth ~ Pervasive Truth

Lilm –  known as Kuan Yin ~ The Song of joy

Lob – known as St. Germaine  ~ Abundance

Nuami – known as Mary, mother of Jesus ~ Hands of Peace

Nunti – known as Archangel Gabriel not an angelic ~ Humans in community with nature

Soti – known as Krishna, Buddha ~ Energy of transition

Ssaye – known as Kuthumi ~ Structure of energy

Tesh – known as Archangel Michael ~ Responsible for the Angelic Kingdom

Totom – known as Babaji ~ Sooth and uplift all life


 OUR FIFTH DOMAIN WORLD   -- Posted January 2013 ~ Azura


The Beginnings of our Fifth Domain World 


These times that have been of the divine plan and blueprint for Gaia and this Solar system is now upon us.  It was always known from the time this universe was conceived as a thought in God’s mind that Gaia and this Solar system would move from 3rd domain to 3rd domain dual to a 5th domain planet. Never before in cosmic history has a planet evolved from 3rd domain dual to 5th domain with life remaining on the planet.  In the divine blueprint all life that remains on Gaia during the transition will evolve into fifth domain forms. Humans awakening into Soul in form, remembering their purpose(s) for being here will sculpt this fifth domain energy into a living, breathing fifth domain world collaborating and co-creating with all life, Gaia, the Solar System to do so.  There is great purpose to this which all of you know from Soul. You are all majestic beings who chose and were chosen to be here during these times, capable of bringing forth the truths you hold within – which requires your free will conscious choice and action, for while this world is fully fifth domain what is required now is for humans to step forward from their Soul knowing and sculpt and craft this new world.  We are now completing the first year of fifth domain energy being fully encoded within this orb, Solar system and beyond.  This finalized January 2, 2012 and has been expanding throughout this year. You know within the new geometrics, colors and tones that is within every substance of molecular structure in all life and within Gaia. Being and living the love that you are allows you to open with grace to your Majesty –true wisdom.  Aligning in every moment to these 5th domain energies allows you to unfurl your ego’s tendencies with grace and ease gaining the wisdom required to lay aside what is not cosmic truth.  There is a caution here – aligning with a 3rd domain dual world that reflects as a mirror only harm, will intensify human propensities. The 5th domain energies of love, compassion and joy with harm to none support you in knowing and living in the love, joy and truths that you are.  You are all noticing more and more love within you, your world and beyond.  As this energy is sculpted by each of you from your Soul knowing this will expand.  Third domain energies are no longer being sustained on Gaia from the Godhead.  In this expansion the 3rd domain dual world structures that remain will eventually collapse.  Both cannot live side by side as they are energetically incompatible.  You must chose. Living from your Soul you will know how to move in each moment, be taken care of and live from your Soul’s knowing, bringing forth your magnificent unique expression in ways that your human mind cannot conceive of.  


  Where we are now as a fifth domain world


These times upon this orb are rich with the seeds of divine cosmic truths that have been sowed throughout the eons, both before the fall into duality, and after.  Those with open hearts and living in harm to none are accessing these seeds and through their blossoms are remembering in pieces what they know as truth.  More are stepping into expanded states of the love that they are with more becoming Self Realized throughout the globe.  The energies that are being felt by many and realized by some are the expansion of themselves and fifth domain energies in all life.  …..  Read More



Our World -- August 2008 ~ Cherie Skinner and Lea Greer


Our World -- August 2008 I wonder at times if there is anyone, anywhere on this planet at this time that is not feeling the imprint of the massive changes that are afoot. My thoughts wander far and wide to the deserts of the Middle East, the jungles and savannahs of Africa, the crisp mountain peaks of the Asian continent, the glittery streets of Europe and the United States and the spots of varied life in South America. Regardless of where I look I feel and know that all humans at this time are experiencing the impact of this planet’s transition – it displays itself in many faces, and affects my Arab brother and Asian sister differently but the core is there still as it is in my neighborhood in this quiet hamlet in the southwestern US. I look in my dog’s eyes and understand that McDougal, like all sentient life on Earth, is experiencing this uneven flow, sensing that life is no longer predictable as he has known it. Although he has no unmet needs, like humans I come across, his perception of a life lived in uncertainty is clearly seen, experienced and felt by me. All species on this planet are having similar experiences and this is shown to us through changes in hibernation, migration, behavior and eating habits, etc. Nature's encoded patterns are being revised and we all see the evidence. Many of us have felt that this world would transition drastically someday during our lifetime. The when, where and how have never been clear enough to, “plan ahead,” although some of us have tried this and then laid it aside. Our world today is then simply, as expected, radically unpredictable. Like a giant caterpillar that cocoons to be literally dissolved and recreated as a butterfly, our would is on the inevitable track, unstoppable, of moving from a world of duality, misinformation and harm to one that we have always known is possible. Emerging before us is a world in alignment with the divine love, compassion and joy that we are.

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Day Light Do you hear the new song of Earth Lifted on the light breeze  ~ Cherie Skinner and Lea Greer ~ January 2009


Day Light 


Do you hear the new song of Earth

Lifted on the light breeze

Playing along ocean floors

Singing in your heart?


Do you see the dark blue hue

Slanted across the pedal flower

Sinking with the golden sun

Brushing lightly against skin and bone?


Read More:



Evolution  ~ Cherie Skinner and Lea Greer ~ May 12, 2009



How many ways can you tell a story? How many impressions are there regarding the evolution of this planet? Each, reflecting on what is received from inside and out has thoughts, feelings, guesses and perhaps knowing about the transition this planet is going through which affects all life in, on and around Earth. Scattered traces and unclear messages do not serve us as it is time to step forward, know what is occurring and participate, each in their own way, in the creation of a fifth domain world – and all that implies – on planet Earth. Today then I share with you our truth in regard to the evolution of this planet. This truth, like all truth does not become truth to you until you consider it in stillness and find it within you. When you find it, my words will open and expand to all you know within about this story, what you are to do, how this is happening, for we all hold the truth of all – especially this incredible journey of a planet that we are supporting. Within you know.


Everything in the cosmos is energy, and it is through energetic transmission and effect that all is created and dissolved, including all that appears to us to be in material form. Domains, or dimensions, in the cosmos differ energetically and consequently each differs from the other in regard to physics, life and the state of being of each life form. This planet and this solar system are being slowly infused with fifth domain energy. At this time it is one-half fifth domain energy and one-half third domain energy; however the third domain energy is not being replaced, so due to its force and the dissolution of third domain energy the fifth domain energy is expanding. Every cell in your body, every leaf on the tree and bird in the air holds half third domain energy and half fifth domain energy at the core of its molecular make-up, in every cell.

By December 31, 2011 the energetic transformation of the planet and solar system will complete and as of January 1, 2012 ….


 Read more


 Transitioning Into The New World  ~ Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer ~ September 24, 2009


TRANSITIONING INTO THE NEW WORLD A sentinel event has occurred recently in regard to the evolution of this planet and solar system. The higher pure energy of the 5th domain is now dominate and permeates all life on Earth. This energy is ever-expanding within and around every life form throughout this planet and solar system. This is a major step in the transitioning of this planet and all life in, on and around it. Transition and change are everywhere and each day evidence of this is before us. How we internalize this is personal -- joyful or fear based. So, how do we each move forward through these changing times, taking the opportunities presented to us in order to be the co-creators we are in the formation of the new way of being and living? We collaborate with each other, with all around us and with those who assist this magnificent movement of change in and out of form. Who are these “those that assist,” is a question that comes naturally. In a dual world such as this one, life is often lived and experienced from a separatist state focusing on what is needed, how to get it, assuaging emotional feelings of lack into material gains. In this we do not allow ourselves to know that there is anything but what is experienced through the senses. However, there are many others participating on this planet - others that we can and assuredly do or will participate with. Collaboration and co-creation is the natural way of being for us and it is already known to us, all of us. In a dual world we tend to believe that all that is real and viable is what we see, hear, touch, taste and smell. This is a very limited and limiting way of living and experiencing the abundant riches that have been created for us all. It leaves most of our true experience latent behind the veil. We at the Eros Seminary have over the course of this year, 2009, been exercising our innate knowing and remembering how life is to be lived, and how we can best experience a fuller meaning in truth in all ways through the Eros Community Garden here at the Eros Seminary. Community members who have participated on site move out of their old human perspectives of what can be done, to realizing how you can go about all manner of tasks differently by opening to Self in collaboration with all else involved -- from the energies present, to the energetic beings who are present to assist. We are at the beginning of a new era right now and each of us can open more and more to what we are, how we truly relate innately.   Read More




FEBRUARY 20,2010 -- FIFTH DOMAIN ENERGY INCURSION  --- Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer, Eros Co-Founders

We have spoken frequently in this Blog, at our Eros Gatherings and through our Wyrush Gatherings across the country about this planet and solar system’s conversion from the third to the fifth domain. Dimensions and/or domains are referred to by spiritualists and scientists alike without true understanding of their qualities, composition and/or effect. According to the cosmic plan for this solar system our planet and all orbs and related energetic structures are transitioning from the third domain into the fifth domain. This includes a by-pass of the fourth domain. Held within The Plan is the upliftment of all life on all orbs. On August 7, 1945 The Plan shifted into high gear and two subsequent incursions of fifth domain energy, as well as related layering of encoded energies, have transpired over the past sixty-four years to assist the planet and solar system’s evolution. As a special and meaningful note, this date in 1945 was the day after the nuclear bomb “Little Boy” was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, Japan August 6, followed by the detonation of “Fat Man” over Nagasaki August 9, 1945. There is significance and relation to these events.

On February 20, 2010 the final incursion of fifth domain energy will come into this planet and solar system. Higher level energies expand and with this expansion over the next year and ten months all will culminate in a solar system that is fully fifth domain energy on December 31, 2011. Currently over fifty percent of our solar system is fifth domain energy. Step-by-step in cosmic timing all life and all orbs, as well as concentric energies holding this cluster of connected orbs, has moved without major harm toward the completion of its transition. If you are sensitive to energies you will be able to feel the incoming energies on February 20 of this year. Know, however, like all else that has been done in regard to the retention of life, that this event will be gentle and loving although powerful and irrevocable. Read More…




TRANSITIONS ~ April 14, 2011 Cherie Skinner and Rev Lea Greer


When we first stepped out into the world with our Eros teachings three years ago it was about soul and the return to knowing and being the soul. The word soul was used rarely in spiritual teachings at that time, and indeed we were warned against its use as it was dubbed as a “turn off” for some individuals. Now, as you probably are aware, there are many individuals and organizations who speak directly of soul and the return to the soul driven state. This is an echo of the rising consciousness and understanding on the planet. An opening to the divine truth held within each soul. All life is participating in the evolution of this planet including the planet herself.


In The Plan for this evolution the Masters have designated 100 communities across the globe – the core of the new civilization. We are focusing on bringing the first forward in New Mexico. This is a divine community, not an “Eros” community as are the other 99 noted in the Master’s Plan. Over these few short years we have witnessed a great up-swelling in the creation of communities worldwide. Individuals are gathering together, preparing to gather together, feeling they want to gather together across the globe. It is not in the old commune model, but in a universal concept of sharing and mutual support for the good of all.


The Human Transition

The consciousness of humankind and the animal kingdom are rapidly changing into that of fifth domain life forms. In this process you change from the ego-personality driven human life that you have lived, to a life determined by and lived through soul. They are very different experiences from very different perspectives. There comes a time in your passage home that you find you cannot maintain the old third domain/human ways. Too much water has gone under the bridge, you hold too much knowledge and truth in your consciousness about you and the way the cosmos really works to continue to participate in the false life you built before. The discomfort becomes tangible and a decision must be made by you to make changes – small and large changes that will create a life and way of being that is in right order, that supports all you know and wish to contribute to, and a life of being the love you are which holds no harm.

Because the dual world is built on “more” and “harm,” which is largely held in the use of money and power over, the decision to step away from the old human life frequently involves moving away from the old primary source of income. Because the ego has great fear of lack, and lack is primarily defined as not enough money, this critical juncture – to move beyond the fear and sense of lack – is one of the most difficult and most important in the journey home. Many who are slated to be leaders and participants in the new communities have not stepped forward because they are still embroiled in the “stories” of dualism. The fear comes up when considering stepping out of what has been known, and may be construed as safe because there is a perception that there is a stable financial source.  Read More



2012  Cherie Skinner Oct 2011


As visitors to this planet, as we all are, and participants in its evolutionary thrust, we all have a front row seat to a cosmic creation like none before. That is why we came, that is why we have stayed and committed to participate in co-creating different ways on this planet. There are transitional and evolutionary divine energies here now that confuse, uplift, foster, urge and illustrate more to come. These energies are strong and effecting all life. Those of us who are moving into our natural state of being, whatever you may call it, as divine beings of love, have the opportunity to allow this energy to help us lift up and lay aside the old conditioning and ways of harm and doubt. Each of us has chosen a path, or been on several paths back to our selves. And this energy and the coming time will assist in our own efforts to lay aside the old while embracing the love, compassion and joy that we are innately to create anew.

There are so many indicators of this sweep of undeniable energy across the planet.

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Do you notice the newness of the dawn resplendent with an iridescence and hues of never before? What do you say to yourself when you feel your moon, Lyra resting in your lap, and see, feel and hear the new blue in your Sun, the glorious gatekeeper of this solar system. Ah, how do Venus’ colors glow differently than e’er before? How does this touch you, what springs forward from within of what you know of these times? For you surely know. Each of you are awakening, remembering your majesty as a powerful co-creator being, making choices to follow what is now more easily available from your heart. Dear ones, the whisperings that are within you are now seeing everywhere you look. The promise of a new day, a new world that has been foretold in every religion and by many prophets over the time this planet has been a dual one is here now, the rainbow sings in the new blue, the systems that for so long have supported more and harm are moving into their last stages of demise. For they have to you see, they cannot survive in energy that is only of love, compassion and joy supporting as it is in the cosmos all needs of all life in pure joy. These old systems always made promises that were unfulfilled of more …..more food, more satisfaction, more love, more money, health, upliftment, yet in actuality they have perpetuated the opposite for 18,000 plus years since their introduction by the "others" and acquiescence by humans. These systems created secrets, set in motion convoluted ways to perpetuate and continue oppression thus harm so that conceiving a world without harm is difficult to imagine. Yet it is here. How many times through the course of known history has a discovery of truth been thwarted as a misnomer even when inside the heart it was known to be what it is? There are many that now realize we are in great change on this little blue orb, for those in each choice are stepping into the change by following what they know even in the face of how illogical it may seem to their human minds, families, friends, religious leaders, governments, institutions of old. Many are seeing the change and are still living in their own round and round wheel of perpetuating the old way. All is as it should be, for this Divine Plan, conceived by God and devised by the Masters in collaboration with many so long ago when this universe and planet were but a thought in God’s mind is here now in form. All life knows the truths within themselves and in each breath many will be awakening and expanding into their knowing. It cannot be stopped and the earth years that will reflect this transition of a never before plan of a planet and solar system moving from a 3rd domain dual world to a 5th domain planet will complete in a very short time in cosmic time. Remember, you all know this …. this has been part of the Cosmic Divine plan which all here in form and out have known for eons.

It is suggested to take a moment and be still with these words. Allow yourself to bring forth your knowing and to experience the rightness of what you know of this. Centered in your heart, connected to your Soul laying aside all thoughts allow yourself to float in this 5th domain energy. What do you know of this energy? How do you feel in it? What have you experienced? Upon starting your day set the intention to align with the fifth domain world allowing harmony of love, compassion and joy to answer you.

Arah – is a fifth domain word that means society in perfection interconnected with all life in oneness and unity. When this pure 5th domain word came through me its perfect harmonics reflected in its tones the song of heaven on earth with all being balanced in perfection of the love that they are, expressing through joy the glory of moment by moment co-creations. Audio of Arah Chant:   Read More…..



BOOK ONE - THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE  ~ 2014 ~ Cherie Skinner and Lea Greer



This sacred text of cosmic truths reveals the divine cosmic plan of now for Earth, our Solar System, Universe and all life as well as cosmic truths that have been hidden on Earth for the last 18,000 years until now.  On December 31, 2011 Gaia’s form, Earth, shifted from a 3rd Domain dual planet of harm and more to a 5th Domain world of love and cosmic truths. In this shift the 4th domain was bypassed.  Never before in cosmic history has this occurred where life has remained on an orb.  Now what is next is for humans is to awaken into their natural state of Soul while embodying a human form.  From this state, each will sculpt from their Soul Mastery their lives and what they were chosen and chose to come to earth to do and together with all life co-create 100 communities on earth that will live  in pure harmony of love, compassion and joy that is the cosmic divine perfection of the Fifth Domain.  In these each will know of the peace that is of all’s innate state of being.


Dr. Cherie Skinner and Reverend Lea Greer are soul sisters, of the same Council. They were awakened Masters in form and continue to be as the pure Souls that they are.   They came to Earth at this time to work through form with their Council to prepare all life for this great transition and evolution.  They worked hand-in-hand with their Council to prepare and distribute the divine truths of this solar system’s plan for transition and to uplift all life in all ways so that true collaboration and community can be birthed here. They were the messengers in form of their Council and the holders of the truth in physicality and continue to be these as the energetic beings that they are.


“The passages of this book tell not of great sages who have reached ultimate states in human terms, but of ordinary people who move in their own ways to remember who they are, an energetic evolutionary being, and to be that with all their unlimited potential in each moment prior to and after the final shift of fifth domain energies in this solar system. The Story of Earth is not about the sages, but about all life coming back to its natural state of being. That state that is held throughout the cosmos and is reached here and now by remembering and being that while doing the life of a human, however each defines that.


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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Blessings of Your Love , Compassion and Joy Always ~ 2021, Going Forward 2022

 Eros Seminary Costa Rica ©

Dearest Each of You ~

Sparkling in light and love from the Eros Seminary in Costa Rica ~ our love, my love to you always…. And in, from each of our love do we always know the light of the world, the cosmos, the “sparkle”….that is always. 

This truth phrase of this Beatles song has been playing within me…over and over

Well we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun
Yeah we all shine on
On and on and on on and on

During this time of year all over the world in many traditions is love celebrated and we are more aware of love…of light then ever before on this planet. Imagine if you will that you as Soul …you always know this and one day in the foreseeable future on Earth all will live from this light, love always…not in moments, in totality. One Master of the many that have come to Earth to assist human’s remembering over these last 20K years of who they truly are is Jesus “You Are The Light of the World”.

It is easy… given what is occurring in the world to not remember the gloriousness that we each are always, the core foundation of love that we are, all life is, our light… that is given to each as each’s Soul divine birthright when birthed from the Godhead at each’s Soul birth. And yet the only way to remember is to remember, to take the time and be within to remember however one does that. What I know unequivocally from remembering and being with others that do is that our light shines on, and on, and on, and on and that light is more powerful than any mechanism of fear anywhere and is what will dissolve fear and create a way anew on Earth of unconditional love of and between all life. And….we have to live from it, to find out…to choose it.

In a powerful sharing last week when someone referred to themselves as light I asked them what is their light? What does that meant to them?  They stopped… and went deeper and said I don’t know…I will go in and discover.  As is obvious secrets are arising, those of fear and those of truths of the cosmos, of ourselves, who we are that we always know and have been.  This is one of them.   Light as I have remembered is the unique essence, signature (like each of our fingerprints) of each life, each soul that is made of their unique signature of color, tone, geometrics…. Created from the energies bestowed on each when birthed as a powerful, co-creator energic being from God of the energies of Love, Compassion and Joy and evolved through each’s Soul evolutionary journey since birth as each has solely made choices to do. This is eons in the making as compared to one very short life on Earth.

A year of vast changes have we all experienced individually and collectively…. And while it feels and looks like chaos, and unknown (it is), always always is the Love of God, of each’s Soul Love…Wisdom and Joy participating in many ways.

Because of these times it can be remembered through the brain in its fullness. Around the world many are stepping forward to remember themselves, awaken and consciously step forward to assist to create new systems of sustenance, joy, harmony, peace and love for all life.  The numbers are increasing exponentially of this many hidden from mainstream view. One has to look with eyes, knowing of Heart and Soul to see, and it is happening in waves with all life everywhere.  There is an uprising of love, and uprising of restoring the natal state of love as life on Earth as she nestles deeper into the unconditional love state of 5th Domain energy of her body.

Many many are suffering and are held in my love and by many always including their Soul, Soul Families and others.  Remember they too are following their Soul Plan of Evolution. Each decides prior to incarnating their plan and once in a human body what to experience, and when to lift suffering up and lay it aside or not. All choices fosters a Soul’s Evolution no matter what human mind, eyes have to say.  The full truth of another’s journey can only be understood from one’s Soul.

As more remember and live from their truths within suffering, fear will be dropped, dissolved and will diminish for each and on Earth, as love and Soul wisdom of truth in thought, word and deed are the dispellers of fear...each will become and is becoming a living example that living from truths of love, compassion and joy is available to each that chooses themselves.  In this auspicious time this is for all who chose this not for a select few. 

The world needs living examples of those remembering their full divinity and remembers the extraordinary Plan of Evolution decreed before earth was formed to be a 3rd domain world of love, shift into a dual world of harm, more and fear and then instead of following a trajectory of Earth being destroyed like all other past  3rd domain worlds, shift into a 5th D world of unconditional  love that will reside in this state for many many eons.  This is where we are now.

The markers for this shift are everywhere, awakening reaching all corners of the globe, books, teachings, sharings on all aspects of Evolution, Love, Being Oneself, Consciousness, Soul,  Self Realization, The Cosmic Plan, Relationships, Healing of and in many ways, Planetary changes;….. Old Systems of Every kind flailing, difficulties in trying to move in old patterns of  old ways of harm where things become bogged down in many ways like the quicksand it is.  

Many in a moment are dropping ways of their human life for the unknown that is calling them forth within their heart and Soul. This is natal Soul movement, the unknown is where we live as Souls.  New kinds of art, music, creations of beauty,  ways to collaborate across all life, all species, to support each other can be seen if one pays attention.  In my understanding the old is dropping away so the new Earth, of love and systems that reflect that can be co-created with life that steps forward.  We are who we are waiting for, we are the light, no one else can co-create a new world of love except us…this is a human experiment that has been designed since the inception of Earth and the mandate now is for humans to remember….  

Everything is energy, we naturally see energies as who we are, on Earth this has been forgotten.  If one could see they would see the shrinking of harm energy everywhere and see the profound expansion of 5th domain energy flowing from the Godhead always supporting all life to remember their natal state and live from this.  In your quiet time, contemplation ask to be shown this…it is your divine birthright to have this gift to know what you know. The days of believing others are over. 

Engagement from a place of human gain both within and with old systems that perpetrate harm, more, power over and control slow this new creation but don’t  stop it, prevent its fullest upliftment and dissolving of harm, fear and more…engaging in harm energy is incapable of unconditional love….like oil and water they cannot be blended in any way, they are always 2 different energies that exist as themselves and even after shaken, pour on a salad as separate entities, because they are. 

Harm, fear and more, resulting suffering is an addiction that has occurred over 20K years and is being held onto because the “human brain believes there is no other way”…the Soul knows differentl.  While in the midst of addiction (which I was in my 20s) a new way cannot be forged while in the middle of the addiction.  It has to be stopped, realized in truth as an addiction and its effects along with a new way of the life allowed to emerge. Heart and Soul of each will guide easily in 5th domain unconditional love on Earth if allowed, listened to and followed. Soul cannot, does not co-create in harm, only in HARMONY with all life .  This plan will complete… the timing depends on human aligning and leading a conscious life of Soul direction.

Our Focus at Eros in 2021 has been and will continue to be part of a global community of open hearts with harm to none, uplifting all life to know their truths within…. to assist those that chose to awaken in wholeness, remembering their majesty, their divinity and holiness and what they know of their purpose on Earth now of this extraordinary Plan of Evolution happening.  To provide support for life to live, immersed always In Soul directed living within and of 5th Domain Earth that is Earth now, and to understand from inner wisdom the dissolving of the 3rd domain dual energies of separation of harm and more ongoing.

To that end Eros has offered and participated with others Godhead Truths including always the Godhead Council of 12 responsible for this Universe (see listing of them below),  through  writings, teachings, teleconferences, online retreats, Personal retreats, Private sessions, Soul based loving  community gatherings and Wyrushes, much more in 2021.  There were a number of participants that completed  the 4 month Masters Course: Last 3 Stages of Enlightenment offered this year for those that are close to Self Realization. Many have remembered more with 2 fusing Soul in form, Self Realization in 2021, 1 moving into Enlightenment, 1 merging fully into 5th D energies as Soul in form and others remembering themselves as Soul, and many many opening their hearts and remembering more of their truths. Some who have fused Soul in form have started their pathway of teaching and uplifting life. In this we celebrate all of it, each light filled step by step.

In the times to come, after we have taken some time off, resuming mid – end February 2022 Eros will joyfully be Offering the below, with additional published writings and added published books, videos  online presentations and more of what is occurring and pointing to assist those that chose to awaken.  The mandate for awakening is deepening on Earth and many more are coming forward. Some of what  will be offered in 2022:

-        The Eros Masters Course: Last Three Stages of Awakening for those close to Soul Fusion


-         The Masters Alliance for those that have taken the Eros Masters Course in the past – this will be monthly and offer a deepening of Soul Truths Within within small Soul based communities including how to co-create in a 5th D world


-        Q and A Wyrush – 1 ½ via Zoom monthly open to all who have participated in any Eros Offering to come, be in loving Community sharing with each other Soul truths realized


-        Private Sessions with Azura


-        2-3 Day Online Wyrushes via Zoom Sharing of The Plan of Evolution and The Importance of Awakening


-        1-3 day Online Retreats via Zoom


-        Teleconferences of Divine Truths


-        All will include practices to assist one to remember deeply their Soul truths and wisdom, and the Cosmic Plan


-        And whatever else is joyfully called for  

Eros and myself have been recipients of many  generous and kind donations including services, in kind donations and currency during 2021 that has touched us deeply and from the depths of our love do we thank you.  Donations received allow us to sustain structures needed, offer what we offer, offer scholarships and create new programs to reach many across the globe and many more are reaching back wanting assistance.  We serve all life whether they have funds or not, no one sincerely called is ever turned away.

If it is in your heart to donate services, in kind of any kind, or currency directly to Eros we are a 501 (c)(3) IRS designated Charitable Organization since 2010,  your donation is tax deductible and you can make your donation at the PayPal Eros Donation Button that accepts credit cards of most kinds  

You can also if called make a donation to Azura via Paypal  at the same link above (these are not tax deductible). Please note your preferences.  If you prefer sending a check or cash, or an in kind donation you can  send it to Eros P.O. Box 1395 Ridgway, CO 87142.   Any questions/comments our email is

While it is considered the season of “gifting” throughout the world, as divine beings our gifting is first and foremost our beingness, we share our light, our unique essence of all we are in each moment, our beingness.  From this we share of ourselves in what is in absolute right order of Soul only.  You are the gift to the world, we all are, in this is our perfect sharing…and in our remembering we bring forward for our inner peace, harmony from the love, compassion and joy that we are…and for the world, all life is uplifted to remember theirs. 

Thank you for coming to Earth, for saying Yes…you are cherished, loved beyond words first  by your own Soul and you are never alone. None of us are. During this time we suggest you take time to cherish yourself and remember. 

Earth shifted directly from the 3rd domain into the 5th on December 31, 2011 after eons of preparation.  In quiet during this time you can ask to be shown of this and how you participated energetically, for most of the planet did and continue to assist this transition. Instead of celebrating a New Year made of human’s timing you can celebrate the birth of new 5th D world that has never occurred anywhere in the cosmos by remembering your truth of it. We cannot believe anyone else, it is only be finding the truth within do we remember, and in this remembering we expand in our Majestic Self in this body as Soul in form. In many of the presentations I have given over the years, many have remembered have cried at discovering and remembering their own beauty and power and how it liberated them…you can too.

Blessings of your Love, Compassion and Joy to Each of You, in Each Moment ~

In my eternal love and peace,

From us all ~



Council of 12 ~ Godhead Beings responsible for this Universe and Plan


The members of this Council are as follows:

Symai – known as Ishtar/Inanna ~ Propelling Life Forward, one intertwined

Aba – known as Jesus– The Love of the Godhead

Faiy– known as Mary Magdelene– The beauty of life

Kaxne–known as Thoth– Pervasive Truth

Lilm –  known as Kuan Yin – The song of joy

Lob – known as St. Germaine – Abundance

Nuami – known as Mary, mother of Jesus – Hands of Peace

Nunti – known as Archangel Gabriel not an angelic – Humans in community with nature

Soti – known as Krishna, Buddha – Energy of transition

Ssaye – known as Kuthumi – Structure of energy

Tesh – known as Archangel Michael – responsible for the angelic kingdom

Totom – known as Babaji – sooth and uplift all life