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original about us written 2008.

Reverend Lea Greer and Dr. Cherie Skinner are the co-founders of Eros Dei Dictum, Inc. They have been on the quest to find the truth within themselves since their earliest memories. Corporate leaders, community builders, writers and spiritual mentors; both spent two years in full retreat in preparation for this time. This is the time for divine truths to come forth, truths that will be carried forth in integrity by all of those who choose to follow the truth within their divine knowing and who are committed to the creation of a world without harm.

Seriam Deb Evans joined Cherie and Lea at the Eros Seminary in December, 2008. Deb has been a student of Eros after a life-long focus on knowing the truths  within and has fulfilled her own soul emersion. She contributes greatly to all we do, offering expertise in many areas from her past career in international marketing and finance and from her pure and loving state of being.

Update on Deb's Bio:

Deb Evans became the steward of Eros Dei Dictum, Inc. June 30, 2012 after both Eros Co-Founders made their conscious transition. (See Tribute to Eros Co-Founders). Through courses, published writings, mentorings, Wyrushes and retreats she now focuses, with others, all her efforts globally on the divine upliftment of all life by assisting others to remember who they truly are and what they know of our evolving 5th Domain world,  co-creating a world of love with harm to none. 

Poite Dawn Woodring joined the Eros seminary in 2013. Since childhood she has been a seeker of the truths underlying the human experience and with a deepening commitment to know the truths of her soul she began study with Eros Co-Founders in 2008. Dawn finalized her Soul union in form (Self Realization) in 2013 and now lives a Soul driven life from cosmic divine truths.  Bringing her life experience as an educator, entrepreneur and counselor she joyfully contributes from her pure love and wisdom her purpose of collaborating with others in the upliftment of all beings aligning with the full mission of Eros. Dawn's day to day involvement with Eros adds much laughter, ease and grace to all we do.  

Sheri Bailey joined the Eros Seminary in France November 2010 and has been a student of Eros since 2009 focusing on completing her journey home to her Self.  It is with great joy that we announce that in July 2015 Sheri came home to herself, finalizing her soul immersion. She is celebrated with great love and joy by all of us within Eros and many cosmic beings.   Her past career of caring for others as a holistic Esthetician reflects her kind, caring, loving presence whose focus on balance, beauty and harmony radiates in all she does.  While she is currently living in Ridgway, Colorado her second home is the Eros Seminary in Corrales, NM.  She contributes to all we do from her purity of the love, joy and radiance that she is.

Janessa Smith began studying with Eros in 2009 finalizing Soul in form in February 2015. After a lengthy career in social work focusing on working with people with disabilities Janessa brings her skills from her human life adding to her Soul abilities assisting us in Eros and all life in this co-creation of a new world that is only love with harm to none. Janessa became part of the Eros Seminary team September 2015. Her gentleness and wisdom, along with loving humor assist us in all we do.  She co-creates in great compassion with the plant world communicating well with both plant and animal life and brings a nurturing touch to all that speaks of love, joy, compassion and truth. 

Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.  - 2 Seminary Locations

345 Pueblo Solano NW Apt 1
Los Ranchos, NM 87107

317 Tower Road S
Ridgway, CO 81432


505-980-4323 fax
skype:  debfevans
Facebook:  Eros Global Community
Linkedin: Deb Evans, Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.

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