Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Eros Master’s Course – The Last Three Stages of Enlightenment

Offered Via Teleconference – Starting Wednesday, January 25, 2017 5:30 PM MT

We are pleased to announce that we are offering the Eros Master’s Course, The Last Three Stages of Enlightenment via teleconference beginning in January 2017. This is the 5th offering of the Eros Master’s Course since January 2008.  A number of course participants have moved into Self Realization (fusion of Soul in form) and beyond into Exaltation since the first course in 2008.  There are twelve stages that you move through to reach Self Realization. This course is for those of you who have committed to complete this journey, and are prepared to focus intensely on reaching Self Realization. The course moves you into mastery of self, mastery of many different practices and techniques that embodies Self/the Soul, and mastery through conscious understanding of The Plan for the evolution of this solar system based on cosmic laws and truths.  
Steward of Eros, Deb Evans will facilitate this course via teleconference in person. If you feel you are ready you are strongly urged and supported to participate.  If you know of someone else that is ready please feel free to forward this to them.  It is time, you chose this before incarnating and you are needed for the good of all now as a full participant in the transition of this planet.
Topics and Practices include:
  • The Godhead, creation and the nature of the cosmos
  • Divine laws
  • The nature of energy and cosmic geometrics
  • The Soul
  • Evolutionary Beings
  • Domains
  • The Plan for this Solar system
  • Self Realization/Exaltation 

Dates:  Four 3 ½  hour teleconferences on the last Wednesday of the month – for 4 months:  January 25, 2017, February 22, 2017, March 22, 2017, April 26, 2017 from 5:30 – 9:00 PM Mountain Standard Time in the USA.  All sessions will be recorded. If this time does not work with your schedule you can listen to the recording for 1 year.  I prefer you attend in person but this may not be possible for everyone.  I welcome everyone from any continent.  Below is contact information via email, Skype, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you do not speak English, we can arrange for a translatable transcript to be sent to you (all course materials are copy written and cannot be shared with others in any form without our written consent).
Enrollment: This course is an intensive, and requires each participant to be ready for the transition into Self Realization.  We screen all applicants to make sure it is in alignment for you to participate at this time. Please send a short email to erosdd@gmail.com, put the subject as “Master’s Course,” and express your interest in attending.  We will get back to you.
Donation:  Our planet is now a 5th Domain Planet and many are transitioning into living in harmony of this energy.   Living in a 5th D world choices are made by following heart/Soul knowing.   In alignment with this it is suggested that each participate get still, center in your heart and ascertain what donation amount is in right order for you to make for the Masters Course.    It can be paid in total before the course starts or in installments before each month’s session.  Donations can be made in any currency via PayPal on the website, or you can send a check in US currency to the Eros address – 317 Tower Road S, Ridgway, CO 81432.
Please do not let currency be a deterrent to your participation.  Eros never excludes anyone who is called to participate because of currency limitations. If this is the case for you please email us and we will work with you, there are many forms of exchange. Our goal is to provide this course to everyone who is ready so we can all step-up and be all we are during this transition into a new world that is only love, compassion and joy.
Additional ongoing Support: 

  •         Throughout the course and as you continue in your expansion you will have Deb's  support                      
  •     After the Master’s Course is completed, all that completed this course can join the Master’s Alliance, a monthly teleconference that offers continued Godhead teachings both by Deb (Azura) and those of the community, sharing by all, and support for each of you as you move into Self Realization, Exaltation and expand further into your Soul’s knowings about cosmic divine truths.  The Master’s Alliance started  in 2012  so you will be joining in loving soul based community with others who have completed the course,  share intention to come home to themselves and as such  are deepening in their remembering of Godhead truths held within.
  •         There will be 2-3 day retreat held in 2017 for all participants that choose to come together. 
Please do contact Deb  with any questions that you may have.  She very much welcomes and looks forward to connecting and supporting you in your coming home to yourSelf.  It is your destiny, one chosen before incarnating on Earth and it is her joy and privilege to share in this most sacred of journeys together.  

Deb Evans  (Azura)
Skype: debfevans
FB:  Erosglobalcommunity  and Deb Evans
Linkedin:  Deb Evans, Steward of Eros Dei Dictum
505-659-1107 USA


  1. Hello. I see nothing on your page about the human ego (maybe I missed it?), but your theory seems to be based in the premise that the human soul has no darkness. We are born with both darkness and light -duality- into this dual realm. The human ego exists, and we cannot eradicate it, as it gives us free will to choose. But we can learn to observe it, and to not listen to it, and to heal its dysfunction by healing past trauma and deep emotional wounds, as well as ego-needs which we are born with -but all of this takes much hard work and a willingness to let go of the self, and to recognize what is ego-based, and not a true altruistic or loving reaction/action/feeling. The human ego is very deceptive.

    1. Alethea Marina-Nova please see comment in reply...Deb Evans

  2. Thank Alethea Marina – Nova for your thoughtful feedback and comment….both are so welcomed. In my understanding and experience which cannot be believed by another the Soul is never dark, and is borne into the human form, in its full purity of itself as love, compassion and joy. It wants to come to a dual world to have the experience of other than love and living from its joy and is in joy as itself to have the experience. On a dual world, where harm and more exist, the ego begins its formation after birth from some experience of fear. From that a choice is made by the human that forms a belief and resultant habits and patterns that can be traced through the threads of the life. Human confusion results in lack of clarity always based at its root in some form of fear not of the divine, cosmic truths held by the innate wisdom of the Soul. Each response from fear expands the energetic presence of ego, who step by step becomes the director the life by our choices.

    The Soul, never harms is always present, is pure yet steps back to honor the choices made of free will to develop an ego, live from it learning vastly and from this learning it always adds to its evolution of itself. When it is time, meaning when one makes a choice to know themselves at whatever level they are ready to a way is chosen that will bring forth realizations that reveal the ego untruths, premises held…in this our Soul’s steps forward, gently step by step and one lives in expanded ways over time from their truths of the love they are, the wisdom they hold and joy that is the Soul’s emotion. As you say and I also understand awakening at any stage always involves the realizations of ego’s illusionary tenets, the willingness to lay aside all aspects of these tenets. Each laying aside allows more energetic space for Soul to fill within the divine chalice of the form and to live from Soul’s truths.

    After many years of many ways of lifting up ego choices, beliefs, habits and patterns that was hard I and others who have participated in what Eros offers have found a way that lifts and lays aside ego from the infinite love, compassion and joy from one’s Soul/Consciousness held within. Ego cannot irradiate ego, from Soul wisdom the untrue is revealed and dissolved – and at some point ego does not present, and is restored to its original design of serving the Soul presence within the form. It then becomes a glorious collaboration beyond words, and a state a being I myself have experienced, and have witnessed in others. All of Eros' coursework includes the dismantling of ego untruths while simultaneously bringing forward who one is as a Soul, a wise powerful Cosmic Being.

    The energies on Earth now are like none other in any other time in Earth’s evolutionary history. These energies foster an upliftment that is felt and supports in gentleness, if allowed, one’s complete homecoming if chosen. I have experienced this myself, and am privileged to be part of a number others not only through Eros but around the globe that are also experiencing this. I see this as the beginning of what will be larger numbers of people awakening globally more gently then ever before, without the level of suffering that has been present historically during dual times.

    You may not have seen the archives with a number of articles written by Eros Co-Founders and myself. They are on the right bottom side of the website and are arranged both in chronological order and topics. I am posting some links for your ease here.






    As stated in the beginning, these of course are my understandings. I welcome a continued sharing with you -- my email address is erosdd@gmail.com and phone is 505-659-1107.

    In love ~ Seriam Deb Evans (Azura)


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