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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


All on this planet are experiencing either consciously or unconsciously 5th domain energies in every aspect of beingness and some are experiencing in varying degrees expansion of Soul in form.  The lunar eclipse through collaboration between souls Lyra our moon, Lastiew our Sun, and Gaia our earth served to deepen further the anchoring of 5th D energies in all life  thus facilitating the dissolving of 3rd domain structures of all kinds. Untruths of any kind cannot stand in this new energy as is evidenced by the continued uprising of all that have been of dual harm and more.  Simultaneously divine cosmic truths are being brought forth by many through their allowance of Soul’s love and wisdom.  New creations and collaborations of all kinds are beginning to reflect the deep wisdom and joy of many Souls. While this divine cosmic plan is not yet remembered consciously by most, it can be...... for all Souls in form know of this truly wondrous divine cosmic plan that is occurring. 

Last week around the world many celebrated Easter and Passover.  Both celebrations in their ways illuminate through teachings over thousands of years salvation, liberation and freedom.   Both of these religion’s sacred texts as well other sacred writings from religions around the world include phrases that say one way or another ...“Ye are Gods”, “You are created in the likeness of God”, “Know thyself”.    Who Am I?  Why Am I Here? are questions that are resounding in many now.   In stillness connected to your Soul in your heart you can bring forth, re-remembering what you know about these and any question that you may have. 

Below is the article written in 2008 by Masters and Co-Founders of Eros Dei Dictum, Dr. Cherie Skinner and Rev. Lea Greer.   Both were Self Realized and beyond and wrote from the purity of their Souls.  May this assist you in these times to turn inward and trust yourSelves, for you have the answers -- you know what is occurring,  who you are, and how to go forth.    You are what is written below.  Step into your heart in stillness and connect with your Soul while reading below ~~ allowing yourself the gift of your beingness unfettered and truly free.


Establishing a linkage to the Cosmos, finding the truth about the long sought after questions of human life is, it seems, impossible. Those who espouse this knowledge are questioned, or their responses are accepted blindly without due consideration. In human history there is no physical proof – it seems – of God or a “spiritual” self.

Although little understood, there is a commonly referred to Soul that is alive within each of us and holds all of the truths of the Cosmos including why we are here, who we are, how the Cosmos works, is there a God, why is there harm, what is my purpose, etc. Accessing and connecting consciously in each moment to this Soul and living life through the perspective and beingness of the divine Soul is Self Realization. This brings forth the wisdom and knowledge of the Cosmos.

The Soul, created by the Godhead, is purely holy and alive. It can make no “wrong” choice, is linked throughout the Cosmos with all else, sees and knows truth, holds wisdom and is a creative, powerful energetic force of uniqueness accessing instantly the truth of this world, the “right” action to take, and a state of being that is love itself with compassion and understanding for all, plus a causative, joyful force that creates in the moment all that is needed and or desired.

What most call God, and we call the Godhead, lives at the Central Sun of all of the universes. It is the Central Sun of all creation. Our term Godhead allows that the Godhead is a blending of male and female energies. From the pong energy of the Godhead all is created, including evolving humans. The Godhead creates each Soul individually, unique amongst all the universes but part of the collective and collaborative motion and brotherhood of all. Each individual Soul is then assigned to a Council (soul family) of three and an inter-life teacher to begin their journey of learning and evolution. This time spent with the original Council, who are all new Souls, and the teacher or teachers allows the individual Soul to grow in understanding about who they are, what they do, what options they have and eventually what life they choose to experience first.

Innate in the encoded pong energy created by the Godhead are the qualities of love, compassion and joy. These energetic vibrations and way of being are the building blocks of the Cosmos and in all things. The Soul is created then as a loving, compassionate being who operates and creates from joy through free will. Advice can be given and knowledge broadened through others but from the moment of creation the evolutionary being chooses. We chose the life, the experience, and through those choices moment-to-moment, our experiences, surroundings, work, relationships, etc. The original choice at the inter-life school allows the Soul to choose a third domain (dimension) planet they want to live on in form, the country or region, their physical parents, perhaps key experiences and life goals. These choices determine on Earth, for instance, what country, race, religion and socio-economic status the life will hold at birth. These choices are based on optimum learning, Soul growth and perhaps contributions made through the opportunities and challenges provided during that life path.

Imagine sitting in the circle of your brothers and sisters with your teacher and having available to you a vast array of experiences in many, very different worlds projected in a hologram before you. You can choose to have a life of physical ease and wealth, a life of great accomplishment, a life learning about human love and how is it a distortion of divine love, a life supported by and intrinsic to nature, a life fostering community or bringing forth joyful new music. The options are seemingly endless and open to your joyful exploration, learning and contribution to the whole. Separation from all you know is difficult to conceive and yet you happily and willingly step into a form in this world of duality where you know you will forget who you are. You know that at birth you will be fully who you are, Soul in form, but with each moment and day that passes you will have experiences that negate what you know, so to survive you will choose to adopt what is presented to you, mostly on an unconscious level. The Soul does not choose this stepping away, the ego-personality chooses it in order to protect you, gain what is deemed desirable and even survive. The consequences of not doing so raise fears about not surviving even in infancy. And it is these decisions, made often very young, that rule your physical dual life although the Soul’s voice always remains pure and true, loving and encouraging inside. You may have a thought, a feeling, almost a remembrance that it does not have to be this way. There is throughout the dual life a feeling of separation, of not being loved, an aloneness and foreignness that is inexplicable but pervasive. The Soul is, and continually coaches and guides even though we may not know that is what we feel, hear or sense.

Souls are created for all sentient life in the Cosmos. As evolving beings, humans have the opportunity to learn and grow in knowledge, wisdom, love, compassion and joy and when their hearts are truly open, wishing harm to none they are ready for the fourth domain. And so the journey continues from the third domain to the final twelfth domain. Other beings are created by the Godhead to serve other purposes and their Souls and perhaps domain location are created at the time of the “birthing.” All of the orbs, for instance, including Solaris or the Suns are created as tenth domain beings. Within that domain they also evolve in their knowledge, wisdom and abilities. Animals are sentient beings who evolve through the domains to the tenth domain, and can voice their preferences for experiences for different animal lives but they do not have free will and are, in the end, assigned experiences that best afford growth and perhaps service to other life forms. All animal and plant life are created by the Godhead to create harm to none. It is a rare attribute in their domain worlds where the animals, like Earth’s evolving humans, fall away from their innate state of being, perhaps change physically, and create harm to other life. The Godhead did not originate this. It is the result of being in an environment of duality.

The young Soul decides then on a life on Earth, chooses parents and goals for the life. When the mother is impregnated the Soul comes forth and hovers around the growing fetus and the mother. Outcome of this impregnation is known by the Soul. Perhaps the fetus will not live to experience physical life, but through the experience in the womb the Soul and mother gain what they have chosen to learn. The moment of departure from the physical form is known by the Soul before the pregnancy begins because the Soul has chosen to come into form and has pre-determined certain outcomes for the life including the length of life. If the babe is to be born the Soul stands by and at the moment of birth, for the first time, the Soul anchors itself in the babe’s heart. There this energy will remain throughout the life. The Soul experiences life through its chosen form – male, female, tall, short, rich, poor, Chinese or American, in a loving home or one that rejects and is not supportive. All is preordained and determined to be the right choice according to divine law for the next step for this Soul. In human life, one chooses and it is these choices that are either in alignment with the Soul’s choices or are picked because the personality overcomes the inner knowing of what path to take, what action to choose, what way to be in this world.

All creation works according to divine laws. The physics of domains and thus their universes are different. The experiences of evolving beings in different domains are also different. The ability of individuals to know their true self – the Soul – on this Earth varies according to the individual's willingness and commitment. When learned, the truths that are found within always stand according to divine law, which cannot be set aside. On Earth, humans made the choice for “more” rather than flowing with that which had been created purely from Soul awareness so a world of duality was created. The dual nature of existance unknowingly separated humans from their own divine nature. This pulled this third domain world we live in out of alignment with divine laws. And yet, the Earth remains in orbit, the Solar System part of this universe and stabilized for life during this phase of evolution. All in accordance with divine laws. There are only a few other places in the Cosmos where duality occurs and each third domain Soul must experience one of these in their journey. Stepping past the world of harm to the essence of who you are – love, compassion and joy – in a world of duality is an essential component of the journey of each Soul.

Souls who have evolved past the third domain have the option of experiencing lifetimes in that domain or any domain below. This choice is given, again, for the Soul to learn, expand and contribute although at times lives are chosen just for the experience or fun of it. But, each experience always adds to the wisdom and understanding of the Soul. Souls with expanded understanding, from higher domains can experience multiple lives in physical or in energetic environments at the same time. Or, they can participate as a Soul energetically with a particular planet or location of their choice. There are no new Souls here on Earth today. Each of us has had many lifetimes before. The planet is undergoing an evolutionary shift to the fifth domain and many have come into form, or are here energetically from higher domains to participate in this incredible event, to serve, to learn, to observe. Everyone who came into form during this time has the opportunity to move up to the new energetic world which holds no harm. It is an individual choice and achieved if you have an open heart and wish harm to none.

Salvation, as mentioned often by Christians, is in truth remembering who you are. When you remember and start to consciously listen to that inner voice you move, in the moment, into the divine flow of all you are in God’s world. This brings you closer together with your Council, your love of all there is, the compassionate understanding about why you stepped away but were never lost, the realization that you are never alone, and the ability and power to create, in alignment with divine law, a life and world of beauty, peace, knowing and creation in right order all you need and desire including that which is for others. Selfishness is impossible for the Soul to experience. Generosity and giving is all you have known and all that is joyful and complete.

Those that are called extraterrestrials are evolutionary beings from higher domains. We call them the Brotherhoods; each is from a different location in the Cosmos. They are present on and around Earth in large numbers to assist with this planetary evolution and work with some individuals in co-joined purpose. Members of the Brotherhoods will be a visible and collaborative part of the new world. Now, they work with those who can see and/or hear them. Or they work through thought forms for those who are less aware. They bring innovative ideas for sculpting a new world that will not harm any living thing including the planet herself.

The truth is, that the truth of all is within each of us, held within our Souls. The knowledge and recognition that we are the Soul in physical form is forgotten due to the half-truths fed to us throughout our lives in this dual world. But despite this apparent, but not real, separation we have inner urgings, insights and thoughts from our Souls throughout our lives that guide us. We recognize injustice, the pain of others, the unfairness of greed, the hoarding and unequal sharing of the Earth’s abundance. Perhaps the thought, “It does not have to be this way,” has occurred to you. Where does this come from, this knowing without ever being taught? It comes from the Soul. We were created as love, compassion and joy and nothing can take that fully away. Even those who we call “evil” have simply stepped far away from their innate divine self but it remains there within each of them also, waiting to be heard.

The compassion we all feel within us can be extended to ourselves and others as we recognize that everyone here in this duality has been led to make choices that were not in alignment with the divine within, but we did the best we could. We are still the Soul which resides in each cell of our bodies – the only life force we have. Divine, and learning much from this journey on Earth, each of us can use all of our wisdom, abilities and powers for the benefit of others now or perhaps later in other worlds.

Being the Soul and using the form as a tool allows knowing without deciding, calling forth the wisdom and perspective of that which was created in divine form. This state of being is beyond pain, doubt, fear, greed, guilt or anger. Soul is, as divinely created, a unique and identifiable energy that flows with Cosmic laws, is consciously aware of all beings present in form and not, and collaborates moment-to-moment with the brothers and sisters of their Council easily and effortlessly. The flow, the joy, the love, the compassion and the peace of being are beyond human dual experience and yet are available to us all by simply turning inward, laying down all doubt and fear and accepting that this is our truth of being.

Physicality is a beautiful experience. The sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings in the physical body are unlike those experienced outside of the form. Earth was created to be a loving and abundant planet for life in many forms to co-exist in love and harmony. The propensity for humans to collect in community is a Soul trait as nothing is ever done alone. We are never alone. You have, from your first experience, been with a Council of brothers and sisters. They have been with you each moment of this life – and all of the others you have lived. Your Council is very well known to you. Each action you take is and has always been with them as your loving supporters and co-creators. It is a natural state then to reach out to other humans, plants and animals to be part of your community as you move forward, each taking their own unique role in the whole, the cosmic whole.

In all creation none stands above
The divine gifts given to the evolving soul
With a lightness of touch and a generosity of spirit
The divine gifted their abilities unfettered
So all could choose to create unlimited possibilities
Of beauty, love and glorious wonder 

Dr. Cherie Skinner and  Rev. Lea Greer  - 2008

You can know cosmic truths and what is transpiring during these times by aligning with 5th D energies and connecting with your Soul through your heart, in meditation, contemplation and stillness (see on right panel  Eros recommended practices).  Ask specific questions, setting intention to know the truths you hold within.   You may experience this in pictures, dreams,  knowings, inspirations, thoughts and sounds....however is right for you.  I suggest to journal what is revealed from Soul for this captures the details and the layers and when you revisit your writings more is revealed.  A hallmark to your knowing is deep peace and joyful wonder, for you as a Soul in form are that.    If there is anyway I can be of  assistance to you please feel free to contact me at the information below.  In my eternal love ~ Deb Evans


Eros Dei Dictum, Inc. --
Eros Global Community News --

Friday, December 13, 2013


As we enter the holiday season, the season of love and light designated by humanity, the energies present on earth today allow each to open fully to the love (light) that they are with grace and ease.  This time of year like none other is celebrated in most cultures, countries and religions in some way with lights of every kind adorned on, in and outside our homes, public areas, trees, sidewalks, and altars.  Each of these commemorate a religious, cultural, national story of the power of the light and the knowing of light’s continuance as it reminds us of our and all life’s eternal nature.  The light is beautiful and we are taken by it.    What is it about the light that draws us, uplifts us, calls us, touching us deeply as something we know and have not brought fully forward?  Does this unanswered question contribute to the franticness that prevails during the holidays and in our lives which are designed to satisfy in some human way our call to be and share our love and light? What if, we absolutely knew with certainty that we are the light, the gift, we are love, and from this we could be still within and peaceful, and in this way truly be available to ourselves and others, not only during a short space of time, but in every moment? 

This time last year many around the world were focusing on Dec. 21, 2012 as the birthing of the Golden Age on Earth and what that meant to themselves, humankind and our world.  What happened and when to our planet that brought us to the changes that are now occurring everywhere we look?  In my knowing Earth shifted from a 3rd domain dual world into a full 5th domain world on December 31, 2011, finalizing on January 2, 2012.  Said another way this world shifted from a dual world of harm and more to a non-dual 5th domain world of love, compassion and joy that is now imbued in all life.  I watched and participated in this event, as did many others both in and out of human form on Earth.  It was a glorious once in a cosmic history divine event, planned long ago by the Godhead and Godhead beings, those we call the Masters and co-created with them by many Evolutionary Souls, which we as humans are.   

Love is literally in the air, in every particle of life on our planet and solar system vibrating faster, lighter and to a new physics.  We are living on a planet supported energetically only in 5th Domain/Dimension energy by the Godhead and by its nature and movement will reveal all that is not of this love and all that is of love, in our world and ourselves.  There are ongoing cosmic events, eclipses, Ison, and many others that are fostering the rising of love within all life on Gaia and our Solar System.  Surrendering and allowing in each moment to our true nature as a cosmic being of love, allowing our love to rise in each moment will bring each into their conscious knowing of the love and beauty that they truly are are.  Living the life and making  choices from our knowing is our true integrity.  

Since this world became dual, about 18000 years ago, awakened Great Ones, Sages, and Prophets have stepped unto Earth taking physical form to remind humanity and keep alive the cosmic truth that all is love and all life is predicated on this state of beingness.  We find the essence of this message  in every religion, in sacred texts, philosophies, art and music throughout the ages including times predating religion….. from Abraham, Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene,  Mohammad, Krishna, Quan Yin,  Hildegaard Von Bingen, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Babaji, and many many others.    Why did these Masters, Sages and Prophets come to Earth and exemplify love in some way over and over and over throughout recorded history and before?  

All life is created from the Godhead in pure love. We are powerful creator energetic beings.  In the cosmos there are no secrets, all life is greatly loved and supported, all needs are met and each accepted and cherished as each is.   We are never alone, constantly are we surrounded and supported in unconditional love by our Councils, (Soul Family) and all in the cosmos  and all know the interconnectedness of all life everywhere.  Earth is not our home.  Humans are Evolutionary Souls that come to earth, take on a human form, by choice, forgetting all we are, yet always at the core of our being is the love that we are which is centered in our hearts where our Souls connect to our bodies.  We agreed to forget who and what we truly are and we joyfully knew we would do this when we chose to come here.  We agreed to create an ego through choices over our life and to answer the call of what the human in a dual world defines as love, which is a shadow of our true expression of the love that we are.  In human love, based in duality, more, harm and lack, rules and conditions of how we must be are set in societies and their infrastructures of all kinds.  Who we should love, and how we live from our love and wisdom is restricted in duality.    In my own life experience and as a Mentor people share often with me that their expressions of innate love and wisdom were and are not allowed during their life and they acquiesce so as not to lose the love of those around them.  We cannot lose something we don’t own….and that we already are.   

Love is the foundational energetic building block of all life.  Abiding, moment by moment in our love there is an expansive feeling of ongoing upliftment and oneness, wisdom, inspiration, grace, awe, wonder, beauty, harmony, inexplicable joy, a sense of continual expansiveness, and knowing of our interconnectedness to all life.  We knew when we came to Earth this time we could awaken to our Soul’s knowing and live in the joy and peace of that state. We can now easily open to who we are as love as the 5th Domain energy on Earth supports this coming back into one’s innate state completely.  No longer do dual constructs rule as long as we make choices that are not of duality.  Throughout my life as with many others there was/is the “search” for true purpose.  Each time we trust and allow, and by choice live from the love that we are and our innate knowings and truths we come into our own wisdom and joy and gain the knowing moment by moment why we are truly here.   In this way, step by step, moment by glorious moment, we expand, remembering who and what we are, what is occurring in our world, the cosmos and our role in all of this.  In this comes immense fulfillment that cannot be described, that replaces the sense of incompleteness that was an ongoing hum of energy within with immeasurable peace that comes from knowing who one is and is truly unspeakable.   

Many around the world are awakening into this, some into Self Realization and Exaltation and this will continue as we move forward. What does it take to live in our love? 
  • First truly recognize and know that you are this.
  • Practices help, because they provide a way to access our true state of being that bypass our human beliefs and mental round and round dropping into our wellspring of wisdom and in this the bubbling up of the truths within can come forth.  
    •  It is suggested to start and end your day in meditation, clearing you mind, focusing on a pin point of light in front of you allowing it to move toward you, becoming clearer and larger until you merge into it. The ultimate state of meditation is to float in your soul energy (your light, your love), mindless and beyond physicality.  
    •  After meditation, in stillness, connect to your soul in your heart, clear your mind and simply be and ask to know the truth of your love.  
    • When human patterns and habits arise, in contemplation centered in your heart, clearing all thoughts, ask to know the truth of them....are they the truth of you?  Allow and Trust....for it is available for you to know the untruths of all of your fears that foster human habits and patterns that were created in a moment by choice.  When an untruth and it's choice is realized there is an ahha moment where wisdom flows and the pattern can be seen for how it operated through the life and the illusion that it is.  At this point lay it aside, never to pick it up again.  In future situations you may find the impulse to act out of it....stop, be still, and lay it aside or you may find that how you respond is completely different then before.  In following this by the grace of your wisdom the pattern will cease to exist.
    • Throughout your day take 10- 15 minutes to be absolutely still, connect to your heart and ask to know the truth of your love. Laying aside all thoughts allow yourself to expand and be enfolded in you ~ your wonder, power, majesty, and beauty that you truly are.  In this way you are choosing to live each moment in your integrity, peace, and wisdom. If you have access to nature engage in this practice in nature(See right panel on meditation, stillness and contemplation). 
  • Follow your knowing in all cases, trusting and allowing your love, the love of your Soul to guide you no matter what.  Your knowing will be filled with peace and rightness. You came here excited to share your love and wisdom.
  • Share in community and your lives with those that are open hearted with harm to none that support you unequivocally and unconditionally as you are as love and you themIn sharing  Soul's truths with each other a weaving of energy occurs creating a  new tapestry of colors, tones, and geometrics.  The result is the opening within for as each expands, truths held within come forth and the way to proceed to co-create your life and a 5th Domain world becomes clearer and clearer for each.  Step by resounding step a new world is created.  The love of all supports the endless flow of wisdom and joy, where only peace and harmony reign.  This is  the oneness created from each's unique energetic contribution and co-creation.
As we move into the holiday season and beyond remember that you live in a new world, you are love, compassion and joy and that this pulsating 5th domain energy on our planet uplifts you gently if aligned with and allowed by your choice into the truths you hold within.  You are the light, the beauty, the love and as such appreciate it’s many splendors… being the lights symbolically displayed this time of year.  Love in the new 5th Domain language is PYAAR ISHQ.  As we are living in new times a seasonal celebration of love and light transcends with every allowance into being a celebration of love and light in each moment  / for it is now the true state of our world, solar system and beyond. Embrace you as the gift ~ as you do you express your Soul's joy and wisdom and  give others the gift of knowing they can do the same.  

It my privilege to be sharing with you, my cosmic brothers and sisters.  What I share here are my truths that have been revealed to me by ways that I suggest in this writing.  They cannot be another’s truth until they are revealed and realized from within.  May you be blessed with finding your truths within, for they will set you free.

I invite you to read Dr. Cherie Skinner, Co-Founder of Eros blog article from 2008

My love to you ~ Seriam Deb Evans, Emissary of Love and Peace