Monday, December 15, 2008

Our World


Each and every person on this Earth yearns for the light within to shine bright with love, peace and joy. The holidays, in every nation and in every religion, fosters this feeling within as we allow ourselves to be open to the divine life within us. The celebration of Christmas, the Mass of Christ or the Christed One sings within many whether they identify with the religion of Christianity or not because, in the essence of this celebration of the birth of the Christed One, Jesus of Nazareth, is the celebration of the recognition of the Christ in us all – the essence of who we all are, a divine being that is indeed of and in the purity of the Christed One who walked this Earth as Jesus Christ.

He stayed with us, this man we call Jesus, for a short period of time in form and yet his essence remains with us all today as pure and fresh as if he were standing before us because we know that he exemplifies that which resonates within us all – love, peace and joy. There have been many Masters in form on Earth over history but certainly no one has put his imprint so strongly on the world. That is simply because he ushered in the new, and the new was the exemplification through his presence and his example of what we all are and what this world will become.

We have few words from him, and those we have we wonder if they are the truth of what he said. His illusive life looms large though across the planet, more in the idea of what he was than the recorded history of what he did and said. We gain the essence from the Christian Bible, but yet know more in our own hearts about him than was ever written – Christian, Jew, Hindu and Muslim alike. Even those who eschew religious belief, or allegiance to a God, feel the moral certainty of what was passed down through time of his teachings and the man himself. All told he never wrote a word himself that has been saved or shared. All told he allowed those around him, and those who came later to record their version of what he was, said and represented.

By knowing within the truth of yourself, that resonates with the truth of Jesus we can feel our inner resonance with the words he spoke and repeats now once again.

“Verily I say unto you that those who will hear the timeless stroke of life within, and lay aside all pain and conquests for the truth will join others who stay in the love that overcometh All. The struggle is a version of the past that is no more for verily I say unto you that all is alike, that all is spoken before and here, that you are the children of God made in divine form and Christened through the ages with a like glow of vibrant color and energy. You are the creator and through the love you are you will create a new world here on this Earth that is destined to become that place you have always sought as that vision within you is of the timeless, and irrevocable truth of the divine within and without. There is no separation with you, there is no caution or fear, for the rightness of your knowing from the pureness of your being is all you are and through the acceptance of that is the right to create the divine kingdom here and now. Your brothers and sisters are with you. Be as we, as Christed Ones, and allow the glory and power of all that is to come forth from within you. This love that is, that I speak of now and spoke of before is all there is. It is the bedrock upon which you speak out, act and hone the vision of a new world that is within you. Step out of your mired life, shed all of your fears and doubts for they are but echoes of a dead past. Step joyfully and brightly into the web of life that is yours to contribute to and yours to co-create in the abundance of all there is now, here on this magnificent orb of life. “

The celebration of Christmas is the celebration and remembrance of the perfection of you and the truth that you, like Jesus, is now and has always been the love we all are.

Idah Saidan Wa Sanah Jadidah

Gun Tso Sun Tan’Gung Haw Sun

Merry Christmas

Joyeux Noel

Mo’adim Lesimkha.Chena tova

Shub Naya Baras

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
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  1. Weave of Love

    Image by Ineke with Gratitude

    Strands of Light connect each of us:
    particle by particle, to ALL particle Lights:
    be we in the guise of Human - friend or foe;
    be we in the plant world,
    great tree or smallest plantlet;
    be we in the world of the animals,
    the birds, the reptiles, the insect weave;
    or of the Water world
    - the great Cetaceans to the smallest baby fry.

    Can we, at this moment of Celebration,
    BE ONE with all life, all living things:
    For as we Honour the one
    known as Jesus, as Jeshua, and more:
    can we not also choose to be as He:
    one to cause, to BE, to experience,
    a world shifting in consciousness?

    As we breathe, feel the purity of the air;
    as we drink the waters,
    or delight in bathing in them,
    Choose to experience them as pristine
    in our thoughts of them.
    As we feel the gift of Light of our sun star,
    Celebrate the bounty that it brings us;
    Feeling the Love of the realm of the Goddess
    in our precious Gaia/Mother Earth:
    Appreciating to the fullest,
    the abundant plants, the foods we eat,
    the presence of Life, as their gifts to us.

    Create now, a space of Peace, Love, and Joy
    in your own Celebration of Love in everything,
    and share it freely with others:
    for it is as you take a moment to Appreciate,
    to Celebrate, the Beauty:
    even in its potential now,
    of any aspect of Life, of one another,
    that we are the Creator:
    Expressing our Love
    for each and every particle
    of the vast weave of Love that we are:
    particle by particle, moment by moment
    Shifting our world:

    And so it is.



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