Tuesday, May 12, 2009



Sit quietly, breathe, clear your mind and be totally relaxed mentally and physically. Connect with the soul energy in your heart area – feel the love. Place the intention to receive clarity about each of the following separately. Wait and your soul will bring you words, images, impressions and/or thoughts. Wait until you know you are complete.

You can begin by saying, “I will have the truth of the matter.”

1. The evolution of this planet

2. Why I chose to be here during this time

3. What my next step is

You can, of course, ask yourself, your soul, anything you want. After all, you are the soul. You could also take points I made in my Evolution post and ask for more information and clarity about that. Information comes according to your willingness to receive. The soul is always ready to help and assist. If you would like, journal what you get and sit with it later. The information will expand and become clearer.

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
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