Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Your Purpose

What is a Purpose?

Those who are awakening and coming into a soul driven life have a strong internal urge to move forward and contribute to the evolution of this planet in some specific way. Perhaps you have felt this and engaged in one or more activities that you thought were your purpose, but in time laid it aside realizing it was not a life-long passion. However, whatever you have done to date contributed to your human skills and knowledge and may be used later in your true purpose. With the ever increasing energy on this planet many are feeling an urgency to move forward, to engage in their purpose(s), to make a difference by contributing in service but we must remember that all comes in universal timing perfectly with all else, and while we may feel we are stuck or taking too long, perhaps it is more about us gaining knowledge and having time to prepare ourselves internally so that we can step into our role(s) fully and appropriately.

We are all energetic beings. Part of us participates as soul in form, the rest as the whole of ourselves actively engaged as appropriate in our true way of being, energetically assisting with the radical shift on this planet. You are, therefore, already assisting with the transition although you may or may not be consciously aware of this. Perhaps you get understanding in meditation, in stillness or in your dreams but this full energetic participation is usually just below your conscious mind. What you are to do through the form comes to you in pieces, in layers and there are hints over your entire life about what this is and what you are to eventually do.

We all decided when we would fully awaken to ourselves in our human life, planning this time in form to observe a dissolving third domain dual world and gather human skills and experiences that we would utilize later in fulfilling our purpose. What we do in stillness and activity as soul in form is done with a combination of human learned skills and knowledge from this life or another Earth life, and the skills and knowledge, wisdom, love, compassion and joy of the soul and all that this means. We gather the human with the divine and implement our purpose either energetically, through form or both and there is always a preparation time before the action of our divine self occurs through form.

Some of you may already be engaged in energetic activities where you leave your form, retain your human consciousness and work with other energetic beings to certain ends. You may also be aware that there are other individuals who come before, during or after you both in and out of form as part of the collaboration of the whole of all things. For some, action energetically comes easier than action through form. The reverse is also true, some act through form more easily than working out of form energetically. It is important not to compare yourself with others as we each have our own talents and roles that together make the whole and all are equal as there is no concept of less than in the cosmos.

Identifying Your Purpose

We must all remember that we are leaving the old third domain, dual world behind to create collectively a fifth domain world without harm. Understanding fully what, “with harm to none” truly means is the beginning of understanding regarding what this new world looks and feels like. The dual world is founded on wanting more resulting in harm and fear-based living globally for all life. What if there was no reason for fear because there was never any harm? Building on this premise, you can understand that our purposes cannot be built on the old world of harm. Your purpose then is original, a vision of future not past, and is built on the bedrock of the purity of you without any need for return or benefit, gain or glory. Divine purpose, as defined by your soul before birth, comes from the creative joy of contributing and collaboration with the understanding that your actions will help to create a beautiful world of peace and harmony for all life.

We must take what we have learned about this human world as we are still a part of it, and all we know as soul to remember our roles, our purpose and how that is to be done beyond what we have seen and experienced in this limited dual world. In every category of life: eating, sleeping, child rearing, education, communication, procreation, growing food, commerce, transportation, energy, interaction with nature, the waters, the Earth, relationship with animals and plants, etc. a new way is being brought forth and you may be remembering how that looks and feels without the external support of confirmation from this dual world. Many beings from the higher domains are working with individuals now to bring forth the new ways. There are many in human form that have brought ways from experiences in other worlds to apply here – and they will be remembered, or are being remembered. If you are talking to yourself, your soul, your Council (guides), or other beings who you work with they will all help you to remember what you know in order to implement new ways. It may be very difficult for you to believe what you are hearing inside, what you are remembering, what you know innately but do not find discussed or even considered around you. Trust in what you know and delve deeper into the truth of it. You know when you know the truth, and now is the time to build on what you know and remember. Talk with other like-minded individuals in form and collaborate with others in and out of form when you have an opportunity. The building of community is part of the creation of our new ways.

Pull the strings together from your human life, internal messages and perhaps information from others in and out of form and begin drawing the linkages to define your purpose(s). Look for what brings you joy, what you are passionate about even though you may have never done it before in this lifetime. Through automatic writing or telepathic communication with your Council and yourself you can get information about your purpose and then spend time in stillness or contemplation allowing your remembrance to come up into your consciousness, drawing a vision of what you are to do. You cannot figure this out with your mind. You cannot make a life plan based on what makes financial sense. You must simply allow truth to come forward, know it and begin the process of developing your memory. Some of us tend to hit the Internet to research any idea we may have, but there is not Internet yet for the future times. Those images and that knowing is only within you, and only you can bring it up by asking and spending quiet time purposefully focusing on what you are to do, where you are to go and perhaps with whom you are to work – in form and out.

Cherish the Moment

Each moment is magical if you are connected to all that is through soul. As you move forward toward yourself you are given information, and memory comes as you blend closer to yourself. As you become more of yourself, soul acting through form, you are also more prepared to receive information as you have dropped the reactionary ways of the ego personality, can truly trust what you hear, what you are given and then act fearlessly with the purity of self. Stay then in the moment, knowing You, leaving the past behind as the old way, and focus on creating for yourself, and then for the world, a 5th domain world from the clarity and purpose of your own self. As you master self, you open the doors to action and collaboration. The first road is always the road home – all else comes from that.

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News

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  1. Dear All,

    We are rapidly approached by our biggest festival of the country, the Dashain followed by other big festivals Deepawali and particular festival of Mithila region (Janakpur) the Chhaith.

    Dashain is celebrated for the victory of gods over the devil. The general practical feature to let you all know about Dashain is known for emphasis on family gatherings, as well as on a renewal of community ties. Every one living inside and out side the country returns to their home area to receive blessings from parents and senior members/relatives of family.

    The Chhaith is a particular festival of Maithil people in Janakpur, is dedicated to sun!!

    Happy Dashain 2009!!

    Happy Chhaith 2009!!

    On this auspicious occasion, I would like to wish you for peace, progress and prosperity!!

    Wishing you,
    Bimal Poudel
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