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Globally, there has never been a time when we have been more challenged to be in a state of peace, and never before have we had more help to move into a state of peace. As the dissolution of the planet continues and expands, our daily experiences in relating to the world, and being in tune with the energies of the world can jar us mentally, emotionally and even physically. During this time, and as we move through the next year and a half, it is important for all of us to reach and maintain a state of internal peace that is untouched by any externals regardless of their impact on our lives or the world.


The old third domain world of dualism is crumbling. The New World of fifth domain living is being created. The energies on the planet at this date are over 50% fifth domain enerrgy and expanding, and the third domain energy is contracting as it is not being replaced. There is nothing from the cosmos that is supporting the third domain dual structures that have defined and guided our lives. We are the witnesses of this dissolving world as we see financial structures, governments, religious orders, housing, transportation and essential goods and services waver and more and more disappear. The old must go in order for the new to step forward. Each moment you can chose whether to be of the old dualism and participate in that third domain reality, or be of the emerging fifth domain energies and the world that is being created in that energy according to the truths of the divine throughout the cosmos where there is no harm.

As humans we avoid change, and if we decide to make a change in dual ways this change is created based on our human life experiences and what is known to us. This is the way of the ego and the way we continue to constrain ourselves in the dual world. Our lives are created around projections, expectations, habits and patterns all learned in the society we are in. All constructed by using the past to create the future. Laying aside the old dual beliefs, and these habits and patterns is the process of laying aside the ego personality. As we lay them aside we move into soul union where the soul dominates and leads the life. In the fifth domain world all humans will live as soul, using the form as a tool. This is our natural way of being in formr. There is no dominating ego personality in a soul driven life, or experience of the harm that caused that ego to expand in the dual world to protect us as it experienced fear over and over. As humans move toward that soul union there is a choice each moment to live through soul or ego. With ego we are locked into the past, using what is known to project into the future always creating from the past. With the soul we are truly free and with the wisdom and knowledge gained over millennia in many worlds, the divine truths solidly within us, we can be fearless, selfless, loving and wise, considering all there is in each choice made while sculpting our lives from true creativity with infinite possibilities.


Humans are energetic, evolutionary beings each created unique to themselves by the Godhead. Sculpted from the love, compassion and joy that forms all creation, evolutionary beings are also gifted two incredibly powerful abilities – free will and the power to create. There are many categories of beings in the cosmos but not all are given these inalienable rights as they carry great power. They also require evolutionary beings to take responsibility for these gifts and be in integrity with them each moment. As humans in a dual world we have forgotten that we are an evolutionary being. We recognize on some level that we have free will and the ability to create but because we do not remember who we are, and because we are stuck in this dual world's concepts of what is possible, we have little understanding of what this truly means and even less understanding about how to use these rights, these incredible abilities.

While we are transitioning personally and globally it is necessary to step up and make the best choices possible in each moment based on our personal understanding of divine truth and what is in alignment according to divine laws. This information is found in our soul. Many may not be able to quote divine truth but most awakening to themselves today have innately known all of their lives what is “right” and what is an aberration. For instance, we know that hunger, lack of any kind, harm and cruelty, power over, hording and restriction of others in any form are not right. All of these are the kingpins of duality – they are not in divine order and therefore not experienced elsewhere in the cosmos. You can call these innate knowings your Tuning Fork. It feeds back to you information energetically from soul and from your Council about what is and is not in alignment. This divine Knowing is recognizable in thoughts and feelings throughout the human experience. When you open the door to soul and can hear and feel yourself, you expand that knowing and awareness of divine order. All is known and held by your soul -- the soul that is you, the energetic evolutionary being.

During this transitionary time you can choose to be of the fifth domain way of life, choose to be in alignment with divine order, choose to not contribute to the continuation of the dual third domain way of life, and choose to be all you can be in the moment taking responsibility and being in integrity with who you are as a soul in consideration of all that is. This is begun in this moment where all is created. Your way, the soul’s way, is to Know, decide and act. There is no figuring it out; there is no using past patterns to recreate them once again in the future. The world is changing rapidly; there is no stability at this time except what is created according to divine law. The only known and the only reliable source you have to depend on is the truth within your soul, including the truths about these transitional times and the choices you made before birth about where you would live, what you would do during this time, and how you would participate in the future of the New World. It is all within you – and you alone must remember it.

Make a choice now to be of the new, not the old. Make a choice now to listen to yourself deeply until you Know the truth, then from that truth decide and act. Align yourself with the fifth domain energetic collective consciousness that rotates the planet. Take responsibility and be in integrity at all times first with all you can retrieve from your soul or Council, and secondly in all your thoughts, words and deeds. Finally, collaborate with others, supporting each other in loving equality as we build this New World together.


As soul you are always peaceful, blissful but this state of being is rarely felt, but much sought after, in our human lives. Being peace, rather than feeling peaceful, is your innate state of being. The dual world agitates and there are many, many internal and external forces that negate or upset our peace. However, it is truth that you are peace and it is more important than ever to achieve and hold that state of being. We speak of the illusion of this world – that it is not real – and many philosophers have analyzed what that means concluding at times that it is only a figment of our imaginations. This material world actually exists, but it is not real in that we were convinced that this is the way of all things in the cosmos but it is not. That is the illusion – our perception that this is all there is. Shifting our internal truth, thus our perception from the misinformation gained throughout life to that of the divine truth and state of being of the soul is a passage and a process, however, it can be facilitated by finding the truth of: “I am my soul,” and “I am peace.”

In Contemplation place the Intention to find the truth of these two statements. Relax your body. Clear your mind. Breathe. Connect with the soul energy in your heart area and feel the warm, loving, peaceful and alive energy that is you. Be still in this. Feel the expansiveness of it. Then place the Intention to see the truth that you are your soul. Receive the information given to you from your soul. It will come in images, words and/or a knowing. Stay with this until you are complete. Then place an Intention to see the truth that you are peace. Receive the information as before – feel the peace of self, the soul.

When you know the truth that you are the soul, an energetic evolutionary being and not a human being whose life is limited to a very short time span on this one planet, it opens the door to trusting further information from soul and allowing the soul to inform your life more consciously. Knowing the peace that you are allows you to connect into this peace at any time, all of the time, regardless of what is occurring around you. Externals in this material world do not affect the peace of self – you are much more than the little irritations and even the upheavals of this dual world that is constructed on misconceptions and harm. Be this peace, access your Knowing through the soul. Be of the energy and the truths of the new in each moment and allow this to guide you each step of the way without reaction, without projection and without doubt.

You are the peace beyond all understanding. Call this forth and be it through all the days to come as we joyfully co-create a new world that is constructed in peace, harmony and glorious expansion.

Dr. Cherie Skinner
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News

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