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You Are A Creator Being

When Buddha worked toward what is referred to as Enlightenment or Self Realization, completed his journey and taught what he knew from a soul level to those around him, he did not focus on building a great church or temple. He did not gather thousands around him, nor did he write down for the generations to come his experience or the truths he had discovered within his soul. There were a few, and only a few, who later told his story and passed along what he purportedly said while in form. From this grew a great religion that has expanded to include individuals on all continents. This developed from small gatherings in rural areas in the sixth century AD.

Creationism is a strange and magical thing and through the laws of cause and effect, the core physics of the cosmos, and in the hands of a being who wielded those energies with purpose and clarity, we can see now the beginning of the story – and its current effect. He came to seed truths and while some of those truths have been misinterpreted, some lost and all incorporated into the society’s norms where they were birthed, never-the-less his seeding sprouted life anew until today as was in right order.

As an evolutionary being you have the right and power to create. Every thought, word and act you take has a cause and an effect. As humans in a dual world we are taught we are powerless and must struggle and suffer to live. This is the tone and enslavement of dualism. It is not truth as each day you perform the miracle of creation. Each day you put into use your adeptness with cause and effect. Living in habits and patterns, humans echo what they have learned – not what they know. The food eaten, the pace of the day, the aspirations and dreams come from the generation and generations before on this Earth that have held the limited view of themselves as taught and replicated through time. Nevertheless, all you have done is done through using your innate gifts. Gifts which are primarily used unconsciously; certainly, in most cases, without understanding them or even knowing they exist.

When you throw a ball against a wall it comes back at you according to the force and angle thrown. Physics has rules for this and can explain through velocity and speed exactly how the ball will act based on its qualities, how it is thrown, and what it is thrown against. This is energy in motion. The ball is energy, the wall is energy and the person is energy – all in “bodies” vibrating at a speed slow enough to be seen and felt in the third domain. You use your energy in all things, each moment of existence, whether you are in form or not. Your soul knows how to wield this energy just like the great basketball player knows how to wield the ball effectively and according to his/her purpose. You have simply accepted the false belief that you are human – end of story. Waking up, coming home, moving into Self Realization requires you to own that you are an energetic being having a short experience in a form you created for that purpose. You are not that form. You are not human. When you Know you are energy you begin to remember how to use energy, how to consciously be aware of each thought, word and action knowing that it all is cause and the resultant effect will come as you chose only if you hold that intent or purpose. Even if you know consciously, in your brain, about the theory of cause and effect, as humans we are told, and it appears to be proven to us repeatedly, that we are limited, powerless and destined to scrapple all of our lives for a suitable living situation. This applies to all regardless of their position or status in society. It is not truth.

The example of the thrown ball can be used to understand how we, as humans, use the cosmic laws of cause and effect. If someone were to remove the wall, the ball would not bounce back. If an object were to hit the ball, it would throw it off course and the intent of return would not occur. Imagine, if you will, a stream of energy in front of you. The stream was created by a thought you had. If you hold that thought/intent the energy will move forcefully forward, coalesce with other energies in the cosmos and create. If you interrupt that stream of energy with a conflicting thought, action or belief the stream dissipates as if it were never created. Human thoughts are erratic, conflicting and often uncertain. The soul knows without question or doubt. This is why it is important to have clarity from within to Know, then decide or place your intention and act. Consistent holding of truth creates consistent outcomes. In this, however, we must remember that what the human perceives as a desired outcome, and what the soul knows as outcome in right order may differ so you must watch for the signs. Timelines may also differ as humans live based on Earth time, your soul operates on cosmic time – one moment at a time, one action at a time in alignment with all there is. So when finding that truth and knowing within you sit with it until you have all of the pieces. Do not assume and do not project or anticipate through ego what is in right order for you or when. All can be retrieved through quiet contemplation and focus on the question at hand. When you have your clarity hold that as truth. There is no other option and no doubt. Put your thoughts, words and actions behind that truth and move forward. Because you are working within the laws of cause and effect you will be supported far beyond anything you would anticipate – this is where the mystical becomes obvious.

As the world swirls into the final stages of its own evolution, with the evolution of all life in, on and around her either evolving also or leaving, it is mandatory that humans shift their perception of Self. The old dual powers that wrote the scripts of separation and lack are falling by the wayside. You have the support now and the opportunity to strike out in new ways. Ways that are true and imaginably powerful using your knowledge and thus the conscious forces of cause and effect.

In Nature

We often think of cause and effect in nature. The wind and waters hurl against the mountain for thousands, perhaps millions of years causing it to be sculpted as if drawn by ethereal hands. The hurricane sweeps across the city cutting down trees, life and houses without differentiation. A great flood cuts through the high terrains, and sweeps across the low lands crafting new arroyos and ponds to route waters for hundreds of years to follow. The hawk rides the thermal winds far to the south for better hunting. We are not of this – we think – we are only human.
Buddha was and is a Godhead being – a partner of the Godhead. He, like all Godhead beings who created this particular universe, has been involved here since before the creation as they created The Plan for this universe and this planet, they created the DNA for each life form, they are at the helm for the evolution into the fifth domain. His visit here was not coincidental. He came for a purpose, at a specific time during the timeframe of that Plan. His effect as Buddha, that continues today, was crafted before he ever came into form. He knew his purpose and fulfilled it well.

As an evolutionary being you choose to be here during this time. You came with a purpose. You also know, as any expert knows, how to fulfill your purpose through the use of energy using the lasting forces of cause and effect.

Your mind doubts and questions
Your soul knows

Like Buddha, you must make this perceptual shift from I am only a human, only a fragile body, to I am an energetic being using my form as a tool in order to believe and use your adeptness with cause and effect. Your soul does not wonder and figure it out, it knows. With this knowing is also the assuredness of clear and immediate action. Since humans are so used to being confused and indecisive (usually out of fear), it is a major step to trust what is known and act decisively from that knowing. Do I really know this? Is this truth? It came so easily and clearly – I need to double check it, etc, etc. The doubt clouded human life shadows even the clarity of soul, of Self, at first.

The Process

It is said humans are waking up. What does this mean? Simply, it means you are seeing clearly the false truths that you have lived by, finding the cosmic truths within you and changing who you are and how you live using that divine truth within while laying aside the false truths of dualism. To make progress I suggest you:

Pay attention in each moment, for all occurs in the moment including creation and the use of cause and effect. You cannot live on automatic. Automatic limits, brings back ego patterns and echoes life lived as human in a dual world. Commit to paying attention and being present in each moment as in that all will be revealed.

Meditate regularly and feel the energy of you. Feel how your energetic field goes far beyond your physical form and has a presence beyond your personality. This is You, the Self, the soul, the only life force present and your true nature and state of being.

Watch your thoughts and actions and track the results. You are creating and you are using the power and cosmic laws of cause and effect now. Know that we create what we believe, not what we wish and hope for. See the movie of your life in reflection and contemplation understanding how it out-pictures your belief structure based on what you focus on – negatively or positively. If you “want” a certain outcome, check within. Is this in alignment for you? If this is right action and you are creating it through your intention, knowing and actions then be the constant observer of your actual, not hoped for or assumed thoughts, words, and actions. Do you believe, for instance, that this can occur?

Observe the world around you with the compassionate understanding that you are. What does the dual world look like, act like, and operate like? See this reflected back to you by your friends, family, movies, governments, etc. Be the observer and learn how these patterns of separation and limitation are set into the human condition and know that this is purposeful.

Rise above the duality and hone your whole being to the fifth domain energy that is present on the planet. Be of the creation of the new world, not the dissolution of the old.

Be all you are in each moment by making choices – are you human/ego or are you a divine evolutionary being? Choose you, your soul, which is connected to your form in the area of your heart. Connect with this energy, know the truth of the matter and act always from that truth no matter what, regardless of how odd it may appear to others around you. You can be a way=shower. First you must be that for yourself.

Communicate and collaborate with your brothers and sisters in and out of form. This is your natural way of being as all actions in the cosmos are done in balance with others. It is through the fine honing of true collaborative action that we hit our stride and will bring forth the great beauty and abundance of a new world. From this will also come an ever-evolving role for you that will bring you joy and fulfillment through your community’s use of cause and effect.


You are the cause and your life is the effect, beyond that, you as a collaborator in the creation of this new world, effect all here and beyond. Your work with many in and out of form and over the coming years will be reflected in your life in form as the natural way of being, as it is in the cosmos -- to be in community, always acting in collaboration with many to accomplish each task. You are already collaborating with your Council and others to move toward Self Realization and fulfillment of your purpose here. If you pay attention, believe this, and choose each moment to be part of this life – not the dual human life – you will find that your creation and the mastery of energy and cause and effect will come more and more easily to you.

Dr. Cherie Skinner
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community Blog
Cotre d’Azure, France & Paonia, Colorado USA

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