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Mankind has always wanted to know, who am I, who or what is God – is there a God, why am I here, how was this universe formed, etc. This is the ancient, ever-present search for truth through the eons. Those of us who look for the answers embark on what we often call the spiritual path. A path that is undefined, always changing and multifaceted. It is different with each of us and in essence the same wherever we live, whatever faith we may have come from (if any). There are many partial answers to these questions through the various religions and spiritual teachers of the world. At once, however, the answers all coalesce and come to the same conclusion – albeit the language, the words may be different. So, it is not only the truth but the languaging of the truth that we must take care with, be exact with. Remembering the truth starts with remembering who you are.


Everything in the cosmos is energy. The Godhead is energy and from that energy all is created. Cosmic energy is comprised of vibration, color and sound. The pong energy that is created only by the Godhead is used for all creation, and is used to create evolutionary beings – you are an evolutionary being. You were created in perfection by the Godhead. With this pong energy your state of beingness was crafted and encoded so no other being in the cosmos is you – you are unique. The core elements of all life are placed at this creation moment, for evolutionary beings the energy is encoded with your innate state of being which are love, compassion and joy, and with your innate rights which are free will and the ability to create. You are created as a male or female being. And finally, you are encoded with the trajectory of your journey which is evolutionary -- meaning you are meant to experience, grow and expand in your abilities, your qualities, your wisdom, knowledge, skills. All of this creates You and sets the stage for your journey as soul – as you – in the cosmos.

Comprised of energy there is never-the-less a beginning and an end to your energy field. You are discernable. Your energy has a unique energetic signature, a coding, that is yours alone. This identifies you to all else in the cosmos. It can be felt by others. At a point in time you chose an image, a look which you can project at any point to be identified visually by others. This also is yours alone, is human-like and reflects whether you are male or female.

After you are birthed by the Godhead you are escorted to your first inter-life school. It is here that you begin to learn about who you are and how the cosmos works, divine laws, right order and collaboration. It is here that you chose your first experience, and that is always as a human in a third domain world somewhere in the cosmos. At the perfect time your inter-life teachers introduce you to two other beings who will be your first Council members. If you are a female soul it will be a male evolutionary being and an angelic (male or female), if you are male it will be a female evolutionary being. Together, in collaboration you make decisions about your first experience, who your parents will be, what location you will be born in. Your potential parents consult and agree to bring you into form. You decide whether you will be a male or female human. You also discuss at the inter-life school the experiences and choices of the other evolutionary being on your Council – all things are decided together and experienced together in and out of form. Rarely do you live in a material world with another Council member in form but it does occur for purpose. They are always connected to you and present. When you chose to be born into a dual third domain world later you select your parents also based on their socio-economic strata, religion, race and their genetics.

You draw an outline of your life’s purpose – what you want to learn, experience and contribute for the greater good and your own expansion. The choice of parents and birth location are pivotal to launching you into the experiences you have chosen. Time spent in this material life is short compared to universal time you spend as yourself, as soul.

Always, after lives or experiences you gather with your Council at the inter-life school to reflect on the life/experience and to plan the next. There is never judgment of you or from you when reflecting upon your life, you do not accrue karma that must be paid or righted. Your discussion and reflection is for learning, to expand, grow and plan your next experience. You also spend time as an energetic being at your “home” in the Cosmos for an extended time in between chosen experiences. Earth is not home. A specific location in the cosmos is your home, with your Council and other beings of that domain. “Home” for you changes according to what domain you are from. As you move into other domains the number of beings on your Council expands until at the 12th domain individuals have six, including themselves, on their Council.


There are 12 domains in the cosmos; this does not include the focused area of the Godhead and Godhead beings. This area is in the center of the cosmos, surrounded by all of the universes. Your first life experience is in a material third domain world, the first domain with life. In the third domain world you live as soul in form, you generally do not forget who you are. As a learning experience each evolutionary being must have one lifetime in a dual third domain world like Earth as it is very different and the learning is deep. It is one of the rights of passage for each to awaken in a dual third domain world – to know who they are despite the omnipresent pressure to be asleep and separate from the truth of being.

Evolutionary beings go through multiple experiences in the cosmos and in third domain worlds until they reach a point of expansion and understanding where they are ready to graduate to the next domain, the fourth, and so on. As you move from domain to domain you have the right to have experiences anywhere in the cosmos at or below your domain level. So, there is always a mix of evolutionary beings from different domains in all experiences you have all collaborating and supporting each other. In dual worlds, where the truth of how all is, is hidden domains are not spoken of. The closest we come on Earth to this concept is when we talk about seeing ships from other worlds. But beings from many domains are part of your experience always – some in ships, some are energetic, some are in form.

As you move into remembering who you are, an important piece of this is to remember what domain you are from. The higher the domain the more wisdom and purity you hold. As you move from domain to domain you may eventually chose areas of expertise that you want to develop so your interests and skills may be very broad and deep. On Earth today there are an unusually high number of evolutionary beings from higher domains in and out of form due to the evolutionary process this solar system is moving through. They are here as you are to help, to experience and learn about a dissolving third domain dual world, and to contribute in their own unique ways to the creation of the New World. The third through the seventh domains have physical worlds but finer and finer in vibration. The seventh is almost translucent. The eighth through the 12th domains are purely energetic.

The evolutionary transition that our Earth and solar system is going through moves all from the third domain to the fifth domain. This is a process that affects a complete change in physics, electromagnetics, energy vibration, geometrics, colors and tones. Normally, individual beings would graduate from the third domain to the fourth. Since the fourth domain is being dissolved here individuals who are third or fourth domain beings have been given an extraordinary opportunity to actually graduate from third to fifth, or fourth to fifth domains. It is a huge opportunity and those here of the third or fourth domains are very special, chosen because they are particularly qualified to make this transition.


The process of waking up, moving into Self Realization or Enlightenment, and perhaps Exaltation is simply a process of remembering who you are and being that – being your soul in form -- the most natural thing for all of us. Your soul is in every cell of your body, it comes in at birth and remains. You are not up there, over there, etc. You are you in form. All that stands in the way of you fully remembering this is the training of the brain, and the fear and aversion of the ego. The dual world separates us from ourselves, convincing us to believe non-truths. When we recognize “that is not truth” we can lay it aside, this allows the divine truth to come into consciousness within you from the soul mind.

With the incursion of fifth domain energy, and all of the work that has been done by the Masters (Godhead beings) and higher domain beings on this planet all life is evolving. We are moving in right order forward creating a New World of love, harmony and joy for all life. Every human who has chosen to stay is opening, not really evolving as the planet is, but remembering who they are (the soul) and embracing what the soul says, how it operates. From this is stepping into a soul driven life from a natural and very different state of being. You, your innate way of being carries you into sculpting a different kind of life – one of trust, joy, harmony and connection with all life.

It is critical now for you, and for this world’s evolution, that you remember who you are. There are two pressures on the planet, one compresses and one expands. You chose each moment which one you will align with. The old third domain ways are dissolving. If you get lost in 3D life that is your truth, that is your world. If you focus on being soul in form and living through that knowing, you align with the 5th domain world that is being created and this moves you forward toward being all you are, and to contributing to the fulmination of the new ways.


All of the steps that have been taken to create the New World have been taken, in part, to help you remember. Remember who you are, why you came here, what is occurring on this planet and what you are to do including where and when. It is up to you though to spend the time focusing inward in order to remember who you are, remember that truth within you, to continually spend time in quiet to expand that memory, to know what is occurring day-by-day and what part you are to play. You have within you many life experiences, wisdom, knowledge and how to move with harm to none, in right order according to divine laws that support all life equitably. You know how to contribute your part and you know what your part is because you decided that before you were born into form. This part, your part, was written into the great plan of the Masters as part of the whole. It is unique and to be done by you alone in collaboration with others.

If you own who you are, the soul, you can begin your own discovery of what that means. What are you like? Are you male or female (your current form does not necessarily correspond)? Whether you are male or female tells you whether you build the structures for life (male) or sustain life (female). Opening the door to yourself allows you to experience through self and know that the beauty and wonder never ends. It is not a tree but a living, breathing geometric of alive energy and song that connects through love with all else. It is not a black void in the sky but countless orbs that cannot be seen through human eyes connected with glorious geometric forms that flash with incredible moving colors, and sing with the tones from all in this universe and beyond.

You are not a limited human being – you are a big, beautiful energetic being with imminence power, knowing, love and a willingness to contribute that is beyond conscious understanding in human terms. You have no fear or doubt. You are always joy-filled. You are the dreams you have had about what if? You are the dreams you have had about if only…You hold the magic wand, know the celestial rainbows and dance in the music of the orbs. Your experience is that you are never told no, never forced to limit yourself in any way. Indeed your experience is that all you are and all you do is celebrated in love and understanding. There is no “I” in you, only we because separation simply does not exist.


It is time for you to lay aside any thoughts or feelings that are not yours, not of the soul. It is time to know without question who you are, own that and live that in each moment without hesitation, no matter what. You are not living as soul simply because you don’t believe the truth of it. Your ego will warn you at every turn that this is not right, that this journey back to yourself brings negative consequences at every turn. This comes from the fear the ego experiences. Do not fight the fear, the ego. Hold it as a small child with loving understanding and ally its fears. It has protected you in the dual world but now its work is done. It can step back as You fully step forward. The ego can never know you – it only knows the experiences as a human in this life. Love that child and say no, “that is not me,” unfurling your love and compassion for yourself and all that are still lost in the mists of harm. Stand true in each moment to all you know, commit inwardly to laying aside all the myths of that life for it is done. Now is your time, your time to join others joyfully co-creating and living through your full beingness.


Spend time in Contemplation: Focus on the question -- Who am I? Allow your soul and Council to show you this through visuals, words or feelings – however you can receive it. Repeat this regularly in whatever manner is right for you so you can remember enough, believe enough about you to lay aside the pain of the dual world and allow your soul, yourself, to step fully into your form and live this life in true freedom as soul in form.

Dr. Cherie Skinner
Emissary of Love and Peace
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News

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