Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Soul in the Cosmos

All in the cosmos with the exception of inhabitants of dual worlds are always of their natural state of being of love, responding in pure compassion(wisdom) and co-creating energetically through joy.  From this state of beingness it is not possible to co-create through thought, word,  action, or deed anything other than what is in right order for all…which includes the entire cosmos.  Trust is not a concept that is required nor exists, for all are of their unique beingness of pure love and truth.  Harm is non existent.

In the beginning there existed a mother-father energy called by many names on Earth (God, Creator, Source to name a few), that pulsed of pure love sending out waves and waves of this love with each pulse.  After a time this pure love through casting seeds of itself birthed what is known by many as the Masters, Godhead beings that over the eons have planned the creation of the cosmos including all universes and co-created them with many energetic beings. 

Eventually, this mother - father energy began birthing life in many forms, evolutionary souls, which humans are being one of them. Each evolutionary soul birthed from this feminine and male energy is birthed of pure love, is an energetic being, is a powerful creator being, is given free will choice, is either masculine or feminine and radiates its own unique signature of love which is made up of light, color, tone and geometrics.  Prior to leaving the Godhead this new Soul is encoded in the pong energy of the Godhead, imprinting it to know its unique signature of love, swaddled if you will in protective layers of love that assist it on its evolutionary journey of its own choosing.   A new soul shortly after its birth is escorted by a Godhead being to its first interlife teachers where it begins to learn about itself and the cosmos. Evolutionary soul is a soul that evolves  through the 12 domains/dimensions. Not all Souls birthed are evolutionary.  Orbs, for example are always 10th domain Souls and while they continue to expand and grow they always remain in the 10th domain. Evolutionary Souls start their sojourns in the third domain where they are brought together with their first Soul Council/family, which includes three members—themselves, another evolutionary soul, and an Angelic.  Third domain souls experience their first physical lives on non dual 3rd domain planets.  As part of their evolutionary experience they will incarnate on 3rd domain dual planets -- for learning and expansion of Soul wisdom and to master their omnipresence within the veils of separation and illusion.

It is with great love, care and understanding from inter life school teachers/mentors and input from other beings that your initial Council (Soul Family) is selected and you are of course included in that selection.  Each Council is a member of what we at Eros call a Brotherhood, a cosmic group of Souls that creates energetically with a specific focus. Examples would be a brotherhood that focuses on co-creating through tone and/or color (there are multiple brotherhoods that do this from varying domains each developing a deeper level of Mastery).  There are many many brotherhoods throughout the cosmos specializing in many areas of energetic creations.

As you progress through the domains as a Soul you have many experiences in a variety of cosmic settings including, physical worlds in multiple universes (3rd through 7th domain), inter life schools, energetic settings-- co-creating and collaborating with many other evolutionary beings, Angelics, Nature Spirits, animals beings, plants,  Masters, orbs, solar systems, galaxies, and much more.  With each domain graduation you as Soul become part of a new Council -- soul family, one you have chosen that will support all of your continued evolution. Your Council will have between 3-6 members including an Angelic depending on your domain that you reside in.

Our Council knows everything about us as we do about each of them. There truly are no secrets in the cosmos. Our Councils assist us in continued evolution by knowing all of our soul history, desires, areas of Mastery, and current focuses of purpose, learning and Mastery. They hold us in a cumulative love that enfolds, uplifts each member to greater and greater beingness of love.... pulsating in a unique bubble of love that nourishes, nurtures in ways unspeakable.  Our Councils hold great wisdom of this divine plan, have been a part of the planning for eons and can share with you their area of expertise.   As we have said before there is one Council member that has agreed to be with each of us in each moment throughout our time in human form on Gaia.  Our council communicates with us through telepathy, pictures, words, inspirations, etc. 

As part of your evolutionary journey you chose to participate in this first ever divine plan of co-creating a fifth domain world with life remaining during the transition.  You had a deep divine desire and excitement to bring the love that you are here, to contribute through your Soul purpose to co-create with Gaia and many others this new world.  The love that you are matters. Living fully consciously from the truth of your love uplifts all on this planet, solar system and beyond.

Here are some suggestions to assist you in remembering who you and your Council are:

Meditate twice a day, morning and night, for 30 minutes.  (See specifics for meditation on the right column of this blog).

In Contemplation (see specifics on the right side of the blog) connect to the energy of your soul in the area of your Heart. Clear your mind of all thoughts.  Your Council member that is with you at all times will be present.  Ask to be introduced and to know more about this Soul family member that is with you always. What is his/her name?  Notice the details and distinctions of the signature of love.  Allow and embrace, this is your family.  If human ego resistances arise note them, lay them aside and explore them after the gathering with your Council member and you as Soul. Ask them a question.  We have found that journaling will facilitate this.

Soul in a human form in a dual world

This beautiful orb that we live on was once a third domain non dual world where all life knew the pure love that they were.  There existed no veils of separation -- humans knew their true essence and lived a life co-creating and collaborating always from the purity of itself as Soul—as it is in the cosmos.  This changed when what we call “the others” inhabited this orb changing it from a world of love to a dual world of harm and more.  Dropping of vibration over time created an environment, where Souls inhabiting human bodies on Earth forgot their true essence and adhered to dual principles of fear, harm and oppression.  Divine laws of the cosmos were not the guiding force of human choices on Gaia any longer.  There was always an intelligence of the human that assisted it in knowing how to take care of the form for example, when it was cold put a jacket on, eat when hungry, answering the call to care for the form in ways it was originally designed to do so.  Prior to the fall this was in collaboration with Soul. When this orb went dual, separation between Soul and this intelligence occurred and over time human ego/personality took over believing that only it knew how to guide and take care of the human. Only in 3rd domain dual physical worlds does separation from our true knowing occur.   

Our ego/personality habits and patterns inhibits our Souls conscious flow of knowing to us.  It believes that it is in charge. It knows not of the Soul and has forgotten its original role.  It alters the flow of the Soul’s knowing from being fully received through the human heart and mind in multiple ways including -- blocking the message completely, offering a fear/doubt response to say why this is not possible, and/or inducing reactions through emotions and thoughts to name a few.  All of these include beliefs and judgments constructed by the human ego that have not been examined for the untruths that they are.  As an infant you start to make choices that created the human ego.  Upon birth you are fully present in your human form as Soul and because this is a world of duality events occur – family, cultural, religious, political indoctrinations, etc. that are based in fear come into your life and you too form beliefs to protect yourself from fears and misperceptions to survive and to feel safe. 

Through exercising your conscious free will choice you can choose to know both your Soul’s guidance and your constructed ego beliefs.  By choosing to understand the untruths of your human habits and patterns, you can from the wisdom of the Soul and your Council Member that is with you all the time come into full understanding of the untruths of the human ego.  As these are revealed through soul wisdom they can be laid aside giving inner spaciousness for more of your Soul's truths to be revealed.

Only in a dual world is it required to build trust of the Soul.  Who is building this trust? Your human personality/ego is. Building Trust of the Soul by the human ego is a moment by moment experience.  Each time we use our free will choice to consciously engage Soul guidance and be with/act on the wisdom coming from that guidance we strengthen the connection of Soul in Form.  While ongoing trust with Soul is our natural expression in the cosmos, within the form we are building our remembering of this most sacred loving relationship.  The human ego may and does at times resist because it perceives itself the sole protector of the human.  Each time the resistance of the ego is not allowed and the choice is made to listen, go deeper, and take Soul proposed action trust develops by the ego of the soul.

Think of the ego like a small child that wants to eat bags and bags of candy and if allowed the child will become sick.  It doesn’t know better, it only knows that that candy is what he or she wants.  A loving adult will stop the child, with love, firmness and peace so that it won’t be in harm's way.  Over time the child learns through the adult’s teaching that candy in right amounts, as sweet and good tasting as it is, will taste good and not bring a stomach ache.  The same is true for the human ego as more of Soul's guidance is chosen and allowed.  The symptoms of doubt, fear, anguish, round and round thought patterns  diminish because the ego does not need to exercise it’s defenses.  In it’s place is peace, allowing, inner quiet until one day that is all there is because the ego has stepped back and Soul is where the life is lived from. The ego slowly and gradually steps back into what was originally intended so long ago for its role -- taking care of the body and letting us know in its quiet way that we need to put a jacket on because it is cold or not to eat too much candy.  The human ego is an energetic being that we all have purposely chosen to create in our time in these human forms on Gaia.  It is part of our great learning on Gaia.  As each of us learn so does the entire cosmos.

A growing  divine excitement in knowing that we are making choices that are of our true love, wisdom and integrity will ensue.  Soul sureness, the result of pure knowing that we are living in integrity with ourSelves thus  all life everywhere provide inner stillness, joy, rightness, peace, compassion,  all  reflecting our true strength of the unique, unlimited creator being that we are. Absent are the qualities of judgment, of self or others, and fear.    

You are living in your choice of Trusting Soul when you chose your Soul’s guidance in your life and collaborate by taking action to enhance your understanding of and living in what you have received. 

Here are some suggested steps to help you expand consciously living in Soul Guidance:

  •   Sit quietly and connect with your Soul from your heart. Ask for Soul’s guidance on an important decision in your life --   Allow the fullness of its guidance.    Stop, acknowledge, take action to remember the guidance given by writing it down so the details are clear and not forgotten.  In the writing more of the communication can be revealed. When you are ready come back to this exercise going deeper until this particular guidance is understood and very clear to you.

  •     Fully honor, acknowledge and be with what is occurring within your form and state of being as this is occurring – note what you are experiencing as this will offer you a remembering of what it feels like when you are in collaboration with your Soul. Upliftment, peace, love, absolute clarity, joy, compassion, total oneness  are the feelings of the wisdom of you. Absent are the  ego tendencies of doubt, fear, and hesitation.  A sense of unity prevails.

  • Ego resistances of negative thoughts and feelings may arise.  Chose to lay them aside for this moment—wipe them away as Cherie would say with the cosmic windshield wiper of your love.   At a later time connect through contemplation to your Soul and Council member that is with you all the time and asked to be shown more understanding of this particular ego pattern. Lay aside all expectations and thoughts of what you think you know of this pattern and allow to be shown from the wisdom of your soul. Again write it down.  You will be shown from your Soul’s wisdom in great compassion your human ego pattern.  There is never any judgment – only learning and understanding.  You as Soul incarnated knowing it was to build an ego – no where else in the cosmos can one learn about duality except on a dual world.  As a soul you knew you would expand and evolve from this experience of being on Gaia.

  • When you are clear follow the knowing, honor yourSelf. Buy and eat that food, embrace that knowing, select that driving route, whatever it may be. Notice  changes that have occurred both in your human ego and you as a being.  Each time you do you are supporting your expansion as Soul in form.

  •  We suggest that you make this on ongoing practice in your life.

 You are here in form because you chose and were chosen to be here. Who you are as an expression of love, a powerful energetic creator being serves great purpose to this divine plan of co-creating with all life a fifth domain world of love, compassion and joy with harm to none. You bring your unique Soul purpose to contribute to building a fifth domain world. You are both contributing and learning and all that you are engaging in is known by you, your Council and all in the cosmos. Through the majesty of the love and wisdom that you are you know how to step to follow your promptings, inspirations, knowings for these are the communications from your Soul and your Council.  These are the whisperings that tell you to take a step that defies human logic.  You can trust these—these are from you as Soul and is in absolute right order for your being.  Each step you take allows you to expand more and more to live your life from the love that you are – from your Soul.  You are and will be supported in each step you take.  As you expand others witness the majesty of love through you which touches their expression of the love that they are allowing them to trust and make choices of living a life of more Soul in form.   In this way, person by person, a worldwide community of people living in open hearts and harm to none, honoring and collaborating with each other and all life come together to co-create our 5th domain world.
Impact of Soul Realization in a human form on this transitioning world

Your Soul knows in every moment that its thoughts, words and deeds are of its pure love, truth, and in absolute right order and in collaboration with all life throughout the cosmos.  All Soul’s regardless of their domain knows the song of the cosmos and knows that its participation is in alignment and perfection with all.  It knows with absolute certainty its energetic connection of oneness with all life while at the same time is a unique expression of this oneness.

Step by step, choice by choice,  as you lay aside the human ego and allow the Soul (you) to create your life you experience Soul expansion through your form.  At some point, when it is in absolute right order for you there will be a moment where your human ego will step back and your Soul will be in dominion in your human form-- what we call Self Realization. This state of beingness is of the natural state of the cosmos.  These times on Gaia are unlike any other time in history as all who chose to have as their Soul purpose to become Self Realized while in a human form. This occurs in complete collaboration with your Soul, Council members and other energetic beings that assist.  As one is progressing to this state of being there is an experience of more of the love that you and all is, a flow of compassion – Soul wisdom that is ever present and continues to expand, the unity and interconnectedness of all live and pure joy that comes from co-creating from one's truths. There is a peace and stillness within that is truly wordless to describe.  Your life changes – it is filled with a depth, love and joy of inner truth.  The way you live your life will reflect these changes.  

One that is Soul Realized, by its pure presence, energetically uplifts many.  He or she  expands deeper into its true purpose of being in form on Gaia at this time and consciously co-creates and collaborates with others what it knows of sculpting this 5th domain  world.   A Soul Realized being trusts implicitly what flows from itself because it truly knows the love and wisdom that it and all is and the interconnection of all life everywhere. 

Fifth Domain Living

The 5th domain energies are expanding and intensifying and this will continue.  There is only love, compassion and joy in the fifth domain.  The new physics include new geometric shapes – have you seen them?  There are new colors and tones – have you heard them?  It is suggested to spend time in stillness periodically throughout the day in nature (see stillness on the right side of the blog) consciously setting intention to be aligned with 5th domain energies.  You yearn to be and live the truths that you are and know. This fifth domain energy if aligned with will support and uplift you into your true state of being.  Following your knowing and co-creating from the love that you are will uplift and expand you in ways that your human ego does not know of.  This 5th D energy supports you in each moment to open your arms and go beyond any dreams that you may have to the place that your Soul knows of to co- create from its love and wisdom.  In allowing this --one by one-- together in loving community we co-create this 5th domain world of love, compassion and joy with harm to none.

I have shared from my truths and encourage all to find the truths of what is known from within.  Many on this planet are expanding into deeper and deeper knowings of who they truly are.  What are you remembering of your Soul, your purpose and what you know about co-creating a fifth domain world?  Are you someone who will collaborate with the new plants of our world, help existing plants to transition, design new structures that are in complete harmony with all life, communicate with orbs throughout our solar system, bring in the new music of the fifth domain, actively engage with new animal species that are of 5th domain, nature spirits,  cosmic brotherhoods?  What do you know from your Soul of how to live in a 5th D community?  We welcome and would love to hear from you and about your experiences of your unfoldment during these wondrous times.

My love to you all~
Seriam Deb Evans
Emissary of Love and Peace
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc. (Love of God's Truths)


  1. Thank you for bringing forth these truths to us on Gaia. My heart sings when I read them and I feel the joy and peace of this new 5D world blossoming.

  2. Anonymous04 May, 2013

    It was suggested that I share this here. While meditating with my Soul on the love that I am , I received this poem.
    " My Soul is the song I hear
    The flute that plays
    The violin strings,
    My Soul is the Hawk that flies
    The strong wind that blows through the canyons
    The Mesa I see every day,
    My Soul is the Cosmos
    and flies through space
    The waves on the Oceans
    The Butterfly wings of awakening,
    My Soul is pure Love and knows there is no separation.
    My Soul is Music and bliss
    It is Joy abounding
    It is soft and strong, surrendering and wise,
    My Soul glides on the golden meridian to all places and all times,
    My Soul is...."
    5/1/13 Navya

  3. Anonymous16 June, 2013

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