Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Fear – What it is?


Before birth on Earth we as a Soul, with our Soul family surround the human form we will take on. The love that we are pulsates out enveloping the human body we are to step into and the human family.  At birth we as Soul fill the heart with ourSelves, our cosmic divine natal state as a being of love. Compassion and joy flows from us.  Most are drawn to newborn energies ….within them is the song of perfected beingness of love, what we remember deep within of ourselves and all.  Love is what we are.  Love is what we float in, are immersed in…for it is what all is.  As a newborn we know this, see this energy as well as many others.  We know only love…we may cry, be fussy because we are adjusting to a new body and world, but within love is what we know.  

Then something happens that is not of the state of love, it could be anything that is not of this state, it is foreign and penetrating and we feel for the first time in this new body another experience….harm, dissonance, not familiar and there comes a choice within of not being safe and with this through thought the emotion of fear is born.  The fear in others had been observed while being in this small body and now for the first time we feel it.   Out of this a belief is formed, it may take on any variety of words…. and of this patterns and habits are created through choice to protect oneself, to shield …and in this is the beginning of the ego stepping forward and taking control of the life with threads of this choice, belief, patterns and habits weaving itself sometimes consciously and others unconsciously through the life. 

As we step forward in the life more choices are made out of fear (doubt, sadness, grief, loneliness anger, hate, etc. are sourced from fear),  creating more beliefs all married with its unique versions of patterns and habits that become the way to live.  In each step the ego takes on through the illusion of fear the Mastery of directing the life blocking if you will our abilities to bring forth our innate wisdom where there is no fear, only clarity.  Ego, doesn't know of this other way.  It is all innocent…and is destined to happen this way in a dual world, it truly can be no other way in a world of harm.  It is not to be judged, it happened the way it did.  We as Evolutionary Souls come here to experience and evolve from dual ways.  While each person’s story of fear is unique the outcome is the same – separation from -- Soul, one’s true knowing of the love one is, the compassion held within and the pure state of joy that is ongoing in ourselves as Soul even as we live a human life.  Now, with the fifth domain energies of love imbued on Gaia  all can align with these new energies and gently, lovingly through Soul’s love and wisdom  lift up any fears bringing forth understanding.  Once understanding is complete the fear can be embrace totally in the energy of our love and dissolved  for it is not needed anymore. 

How fear and resistance curtails movement forward, how this feels, how it can stand in the way. 

Living in fear in a human form is the feeling of always living in quicksand. If there is movement then the quicksand will swallow whatever is in the space completely.  So instead there becomes non-movement.  Non-movement is not stillness, it is non-movement, non-engagement and is devoid not only of joy, but of love, truth, and generally compassion for anything, first starting with self.  There is a glaze to all things, a dull, thick glaze, where either inaction or impulsive action not based on balance and harmony spring from.  There is a permanent sense of drowning and a belief that if one stays there just like that they will survive; staying in a state to not drown. There is not a plan of how to get out; the safest thing is to stay immobile.  There is a difference between this state and the state of knowing when to move, take action of any kind in thought, word, or deed.  The latter is filled with peace while this fear state is filled with frozenness of energy that acts out based on what thought in the human mind activates it at what point.  The picture of a deer frozen in car lights portrays this so well as does one charging the car lights because it is disoriented. 

The underlying emotion/feeling is powerlessness/hopelessness and through this are all kinds of human actions to counter this emotion/feeling to feel powerful but yet all that is truly accomplishing is keeping  the hopelessness/powerless at bay.  It never really does though.  There becomes over time a settling in of a mixture of numbness, hopelessness and belief that one is destined to live out an existence in this way and one way or another it will come to an end and freedom of the truth that still rings deep within will be lived.  One hopes deep within to achieve this freedom from fear while in the form and with this to know thyself and if not then in leaving the form something better has to exist.


Free will choice by the human to allow the Soul’s way of love where fear does not exist is required for this state of expression to change. Sometimes it is not remembered that there is even a choice to change.  The more exhausting and sometimes deepening of fear comes when there is conscious awareness to change, to let fear go, to participate in practices, experiences that provides opportunities to choose other than fear and that choice is not made.  Why, when it is so apparent that fear is deeply harmful would one hang on to the experience?  I can answer from what I know as my experience years ago.  The quicksand became so familiar that anything else seemed impossible to the human part of myself.  That out of building a pattern of resistance filled with ego arrogance and complicity lodged the tendency toward acting from fear deeper. Choice after choice of supporting fear hardened it where it became an energetic concrete casing around me, gifting me mentally, physical and emotionally human behaviors that were inclusive of fear.    I say gifting because  all of this discovery was embraced with  true compassion for human ego in myself and all;  there was extensive grace and wisdom that was birthed from deep honesty of realizing what was true and what wasn’t….and I found fear wasn’t true.   Laying down fear, not picking it up again Soul presence expanded in my body bringing with it more true understanding and the ability to presence love to all life here on earth no matter what the circumstances.  I was not alone in allowing choice from fear to limit the life– it is a universal occurrence for most people – fear is the inner ruler from human ego in a dual world.  

The first choice of fear and that emotion started early on in the crib with true circumstances in my life to initiate the pattern.  The choice to continue ongoing in my life was my choice.  Through human ego we became lodged in the addiction to the security, the smallness within, the perceived yet not true safety… yet aware inside always of the untruths of that way of living. This inner conflict keeps the spin going within, because we keep choosing it.  Fear always says one is wrong, will do wrong, asks what is wrong….it has to survive. Engaging and perpetuating it ensures its survival.    In choosing fear, we choose to not allow our love and the flow of joy to create what is from the truth within.  I chose fear and the safety of isolation and separation, first from God (love), mySelf and my council.  I have to say you wouldn’t have known this if you had known me…I like most people was very social, loved people, had loving relationships….it wasn’t the outward expression of my personality….it was the inward knowing.  

Fear permeates every area of our human life, to what we eat, how we walk, talk, how we are in every relationship, concerns about other’s choices,  money, honoring  our Selves and much more.  Resistance is its helpmate.  Resistance is the behaviors that are adopted to support and allow the fear to continue. Some examples of resistance include:

1.     Have a truly divine Soul inspiration and either start to fulfill it and stop or not engage it at all.  A third variation on this is to participate and to block the flow of the joy, truth and love while engaging in the inspiration thereby limiting the life force, dulling it. 

2.     To participate in anything that there is a knowing not to, and I mean a knowing not to.  A knowing is pure, peaceful and clear.  It is truly simple and gets set aside. Most “fear” beliefs included words such as: if I don’t, then I’ll be…..alone, broke, empty, homeless, it can be a long list, etc.  What are yours?

3.     To not speak from what is known as truth within…and to not speak at all.  This started very young for me, to cast aside the truth of words, to minimize mine and others and I see it often in others I engage with.  What better way to stay safe and have the perception of control.  Fear tells us we are wrong…this way no one could, and this way I/we could have control over staying safe.  If I/we don’t speak no one could disagree, disapprove and/or leave  and I/we would be safe…only the truth is I/we never felt safe and  this way of living robs us of amazing connections and understandings from within and with others as well  creative expressions of joy.   This is living a life of fear and expands both the fear and the separation from the truly deep inner connection of the love that we are and the wisdom that we know.

4.     Being confused and scattered serves fear by heightening its effect. There are true times of confusion, lack of clarity, and then when one refuses to be clear.  These are the times I am referring to.  Being  the state of confusion I am referring to  is about abdicating a willingness to be present no matter what, to not allowing the authentic powerful wisdom we are to flow.  Again, Soul knowing and Soul timing takes us through the lack of clarity and timing to get clear when something isn’t.  This is different, this is shoving it aside and “not dealing” with it because the choice to deal with it would reveal the untruth of the of fear.

5.     Rushing and filling time up with distractions/activities that are known within to not support the knowing and fulfillment of ourselves.  These are usually out of impulses to act and are void of the flow of peace within them.  Some examples would be going to the store because something pops up to get something that can truly wait, making a phone call that would truly be in right order another time,  visiting with people/family when it is known within to stay quiet, answering an email that does not need to be answered in a particular moment…..and the list goes on unique to each.  Not allowing time for what is known to pursue,  choosing to not stop and to get still to allow clarity to come forward.  What are your distractions?

6.     Not trusting what is known – a choice of supporting the constant ongoing message of wrongness, that is fear.

7.     Aversion, non allowance to change that deep within a rightness is known to do so.

      What are your resistances, coping mechanisms when fear arise?  Are they of the 7 above or    different?  How do you push through fear and how can you respond differently? I welcome your sharings.

In contemplation centered in your heart connected to Soul lay aside the mind and set intention for the truth of the matter.  What is a fear you hold within, it’s related choice, belief, resulting patterns, habits and threads through the life?  Explore until you are complete.  Now also centered in you heart call forth your energy of love wrapping this fear and all of it’s story in this.  Watch it dissolve.  If it comes back do it again ensuring not to engage in all old reactions.  

In fear is the absolute pure absence of joy.  Joy is the energy that allows creation energy to come forth and is how creation, creativity as it is called on Earth occurs.  Joy is that flow of energy that is truth enlivened that allows one to make an inspired meal, build a stunning building, hug a child with abandon and create in perfect harmony with one’s purpose of being.  On Gaia inspiration is the call for joy to move through like a wave does creating a newly sculpted beachfront.  What is joy like in the cosmos?  It is a never ending dance of flow of creation and dissolution.  All Evolutionary Souls, as humans are, know through their music of joy what their call to participate is in creation/dissolution that perfectly fits their purpose.  Joy is always singing within in the perfect note that is known by each.  It is not a momentary experience, it is the expression of the perfection of a particular Soul to express it’s perfection ongoing.  The energy of joy is buoyant and flows through each particular Soul in the way suited for that Soul.  Joy expresses in perfect harmony of color, sound and form. It is exquisite and always brings upliftment to life.

When fear and resistance are laid down what is the experience? Is what is feared, what the resistance about, real? 

Pure peace, a quietness within that all movement arises from. Choices, actions, are made from absolute knowing of the right order of that choice in the moment.  There is the complete absence of inner conflict of any kind and a pulsating bliss fills everything within. There is absolute assuredness of Soul, the Council and the true way of being. A situation arises in life and through inner stillness comes clearly how to proceed in the moment, with each step being shown as it is unfolding. The mind is still, allowing connections of love, beauty, and appreciation to fill up the being.  There exists a deep sense of unity and gratitude for all and a deep compassion for all that is not of this knowing. Each situation is contemplated absolutely knowing that the choice made will support all life because it is made in absolute pure integrity.

The love of the Godhead, Self, creation, all is fully present. Harm is seen and understood for its origins in the human ego.  There is no judgment whatsoever -- it is not possible to judge/condemn anything or anyone for the fullest knowing of the innocence of how a dual world operates is ever-present.

The form belongs to the Soul and it continues its expansion in it -- using it as the perfect beautiful vehicle it was originally intended to be. The surrender lays aside the false claim of power that has its voice in harm and more through force.  A softness occurs, a softness that is like the softness of a perfect scent from a perfect rose.  It is you, permeates the form and all that come in contact with you. The expression of love is experienced by those around, uplifting all life. Unity with all life is of ongoing for separation ceases. 

The unique gifts of you come forth and joyfully through wonder is there a sense of sharing them through this form in this world. Expansion of soul presence within the body is ongoing, exploration is open, learning continual and there is an ongoing expansion of the magic of the collaboration that occurs both within and out of form. Over time the seamlessness of the “unseen world” merges with this physical world living fully in both as the Soul is in the cosmos. There is much laughter and true sense of openness that is present and the only true desire is to allow and be of the fullest expression of Soul through form, the truest expression of love, truth, joy, collaboration and beauty, in service always to Soul thus Godhead and in this to all life just by beingness.

In other words, is there anything there to fear, causing resistance, but fear itself?

Years ago when I wrote some of this post as my first teaching in the Eros Seminary…my answer to this question then was as follows:  In preparing this writing once again the fear arose…so I shifted up, continuing to remain in communion of love with Soul, wrapping the fear in my love and the fear dissolved.   Fear, is not real…for in a moment, choosing ongoing it is not here now.  All I am experiencing is the love, the love of that that created me, the cosmos – all of it. I am that love and embrace it fully in all things and joyfully look to the continuing expansion of these truths realized through me.   


It has been said by many to create peace in the world is to become this peace.  When you do you can only create in a way that is your unique way of wonder that will uplift all life, with love, wisdom, joy and beauty.  Nothing else is possible and there is never a question of anything but this.   To sculpt the 5th Domain energy that is of earth now into a new world where there is no harm and  only love exists can only be created from peace... lasting, ever present, all abiding peace that is the result of allowing all that you are as love, compassion and joy to come forward.  This freedom is your divine inheritance, is only filled with awe and what you came here to be and co-create from…..all that is needed is your choice.

These are the truths I found within and cannot be another's unless they know within themselves.  Your sharings of the heart are so welcomed and very appreciated. 

In my love and great peace Dear Brothers and Sisters ~ 
Deb Evans (Azura)
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