Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Monday Evening, September 28, 2015 I was driving home from Colorado to New Mexico.  The peace of the desert enveloped me and matching my own inner state.  The full moon glistened of her beauty and ways.  There were no cars on the road.  Ahead I saw a road barrier, like the concrete ones that are used to block passage.   Topping all of the barriers were red blinking lights.  I looked, and looked again, slowed down and stopped in the middle of the road where I saw them….they disappeared.  In absolute wonder and awe I pulled over and there a sharing began.  A group of indigenous elders, laughing said, “We got your attention”, which I laughed and said telepathically, yes you did.  Their benevolence and wisdom was conveyed in the purity of their love and as I got still, I asked who they were …they said they were the Council of Elders that monitored the Earth and were both  in physical form and energetic beings all around the world.  They said they had a message to share and what is written below is what they said.     In only love ~ Seriam Deb Evans


"Our people need a spokesperson to get the word out that the times have changed, the tides are upon us.  The breaking down of ways that harm life, that do not cherish all life are going forward, harm is over.  In this we rejoice as we know we are being led by Great Spirit to times of harmony on this Mother of ours that have never been.  We call it the 5th Way.  The transition that was prophesized for so long is here, yet it is not in fear that we, as all Brothers and Sisters move.  It is the way of the united family of all life.  In those hearts that can rise up in this way and move with the wind, trees, 2 leggeds, four leggeds, all life there will be great rains of truth and dances and songs of joy.  We, the Elders of Natives in all places share this now. …in endless harmony with All".

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