Tuesday, July 26, 2016


"Book One - The Human Experience" , co-authored by Eros Co-Founders, Dr. Cherie Skinner and Reverend Lea Greer is about the plan for evolution of Earth that all life is experiencing today.   This writing written by enlightened Masters will assist you in understanding what is occurring by taking you into the divine Godhead truths that you know within of yourself and these times.   This has been published on Amazon as an Ebook, both in the U.S.A.  and worldwide.

We are setting an everyday price for the next 3 months at .99  or equivalent in all countries.  This is the lowest price we can offer this ebook via Amazon.  If we could offer it for free on Amazon we would and are looking at other venues to provide this.  We do not want currency to be a barrier.  

Eros is also going forward with publishing a print version that will be released the latter part of 2017 and has initiated the process of translation into multiple languages to meet the needs of those that speak other languages.
To access the Ebook directly in the U.S.A. click on this link http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00O3ZCP9M, for other countries scroll down for links.  We are also focusing on publishing this book in additional countries then are listed below.  We want to make this book available to all that are called to read it -- if it is not available in your country  please let us know by emailing us at erosdd@gmail.com and we will see if there is a way to deliver an ebook to you.  

Below is the Book Jacket Information and Eros Offerings through Amazon over the next 90 days, which include 5 days to purchase for free, and other Amazon lending and sharing programs.  For free ways to view the Ebook on your pc, mobile phone or tablet if you do not have an Amazon Kindle see below. 

We hold in deep love and appreciation all that have assisted in so many ways in bringing this sacred book of Godhead truths to humanity. We welcome your comments, feedback, and sharings.  May you know the true beauty and peace of your Soul. 

My love to you dear Cosmic Brothers and Sisters,

Seriam ​Deb Evans  (Azura)


This sacred text of cosmic truths reveals the divine cosmic plan of now for Earth, our Solar System, Universe and all life as well as cosmic truths that have been hidden on Earth for the last 18,000 years until now.  On December 31, 2011 Gaia’s form, Earth, shifted from a 3rd Domain dual planet of harm and more to a 5th Domain world of love and cosmic truths. In this shift the 4th domain was bypassed.  Never before in cosmic history has this occurred where life has remained on an orb.  Now what is next is for humans is to awaken into their natural state of Soul while embodying a human form.  From this state, each will sculpt from their Soul Mastery their lives and what they were chosen and chose to come to earth to do and together with all life co-create 100 communities on earth that will live  in pure harmony of love, compassion and joy that is the cosmic divine perfection of the Fifth Domain.  In these each will know of the peace that is of all’s innate state of being.

Dr. Cherie Skinner and Reverend Lea Greer are soul sisters, of the same Council. They were awakened Masters in form and continue to be as the pure Souls that they are.   They came to Earth at this time to work through form with their Council to prepare all life for this great transition and evolution.  They worked hand-in-hand with their Council to prepare and distribute the divine truths of this solar system’s plan for transition and to uplift all life in all ways so that true collaboration and community can be birthed here. They were the messengers in form of their Council and the holders of the truth in physicality and continue to be these as the energetic beings that they are.

“The passages of this book tell not of great sages who have reached ultimate states in human terms, but of ordinary people who move in their own ways to remember who they are, an energetic evolutionary being, and to be that with all their unlimited potential in each moment prior to and after the final shift of fifth domain energies in this solar system. The Story of Earth is not about the sages, but about all life coming back to its natural state of being. That state that is held throughout the cosmos and is reached here and now by remembering and being that while doing the life of a human, however each defines that.

This way, of being soul in form and using the form as a tool is the natural way while in a material world. This will be the way of all life forever on this planet after the shift. A life that can extend over two hundred years, or whatever the individual’s soul chooses. A pureness and unlimited state of  being that promises peace and joyful expansion in each moment. The next experience in this solar system is beyond dual human imaging, but is known to all here simply by allowing the memory to come forth.”  Dr. Cherie Skinner & Reverend Lea Greer Co-Authors, “Book One – The Human Experience

Free Purchase Days

“Book One – The Human Experience” will be available for free for five days between now and January.  We know that having access to this material can assist greatly one’s awakening and remembering of who they are and why they are here; Eros’ intention is to allow access to this book for all that are called.  In alignment with this Eros through Amazon will offer this book for free for five days between now and January 2015 .   
The one day dates are: 

Wednesday, July  27, 2016
Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Sunday, August 28, 2016
Wednesday,   September 14, 2016
Wednesday, October 5,  2016

Lending for Kindle 

“Book One – The Human Experience” will be available through Amazon’s Lending for Kindle Program.  Through Amazon, The Kindle Book Lending feature allows users to lend digital books they have purchased through the Kindle Store to their friends and family. Each book may be lent once for a duration of 14 days and will not be readable by the lender during the loan period. Lending is only available for Kindle books purchased on Amazon.com.  Check to see if Amazon has this program enabled in your country.  Click on this link for more detailed information http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200549320.

Kindle Owner’s Lending Library for Amazon Prime Members

“Book One – The Human Experience” will be included in the Kindle Owners' Lending Library which is a collection of books that Amazon Prime members in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, and Japan can read for free once a month, with no due dates.  These books only be read with Kindle tablets, and not through downloadable apps on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.  All eligible books will be identified with an Amazon Prime badge as customers search and browse for books on their Kindle devices.  Also, Prime badges will appear for eligible books as customers search on Amazon.com

Kindle Unlimited

“Book One – The Human Experience”  is available on Kindle Unlimited which is a subscription service currently available to customers in the U.S., U.K., and Germany. With Kindle Unlimited, customers can read as many books as they like and keep them as long as they want for a monthly subscription fee. Any customer can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. They don't need to be Amazon Prime members, they simply need to pay the subscription fee.


T​o view the book, if you do not have a Kindle, you can download Amazon ​K​indle either to your PC or Mac, tablet, or mobile phone for free.  The links below are for PC and Mac computers.  There are also download links on the “Book One – The Human Experience” Amazon page for tablet and mobile phones.  As mentioned above these free apps cannot be used for Kindle Owners lending library.


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Saturday, May 28, 2016


We are excited to announce and offer a new Eros Course -- Unveiling the Soul and joyfully invite you to  join with us and others in open hearted, loving Soul community that is gathered together to answer the call within each to awaken to inner truths.  

Unveiling the Soul will be offered in six two hour sessions via teleconference over 12 weeks and will be facilitated by Seriam Deb Evans and Poité Dawn Woodring.   You will be lovingly embraced, supported and uplifted in many ways by Deb and Dawn to remember what you know of Universal truths of the Cosmos,  who you are as a  Cosmic Being… Soul, and this extraordinary plan for Evolution that is occurring on Earth and this Solar System including where we are at this time in this transition.  You came to Earth knowing this and now it is time to remember clearly what you know.
Through teachings, practices, mentoring, Independent Study, loving community and other ways of loving guidance you will be supported to remember who you are as a being of love, wisdom and joy. Ego patterns/habits that create suffering and do not serve will be realized as untruths and laid aside, thus creating inner spaciousness that allows your Soul clarity to expand as conscious knowing. From this place of increased understanding, you will experience more and more freedom and peace allowing you to move gracefully, step by step sculpting in conscious clarity each moment a life that is inspired through wisdom, wonder and joy in alignment with 5th Domain energies that are fully present now on Earth.  In this you are co-creating a new world with all life that is only love with harm to none.

This foundational course is designed for those at different stages of awakening/Self awarenenss and  will provide each participant  with deeper understanding of Soul, the cosmos, and  evolution of Earth now.  In completion of Unveiling the Soul each participant will be prepared to go deeper in their next right order step of awakening in whatever way one chooses.  Eros will offer different courses for those at different stages of awakening to  facilitate  continued expansion.  (see additional ongoing support below).

Topics Covered with Related Practices:

  • What is the Godhead?
  • What is the Cosmos?
  • What is Cosmic Law?
  • Who are you as a divine cosmic/celestial being – Soul?
  • What does it mean to be human?
  • What is human ego and duality?
  • Human Relationships vs Soul Relationships?
  • Unity, oneness with All Life
  • What is the nature of Energy?
  • What is the plan for Earth and this Solar System?
  • Where is Earth, humanity and the Solar System in this transition?
  • What is the Fifth Domain/Dimension ~ what are dimensions?
  • What is awakening, Self Realization?

The Support You will receive as part of Unveiling the Soul Course:
  •  Teachings of Cosmic/Universal Truths  
  •  Practices/exercises in each session 
  •  Independent Study practices between each session designed to strengthen and deepen your      conscious knowing as Soul 
  •  Sharing with others in loving community on calls and a monitored private chat Room on  Social Media 
  •  Mentoring and Email Support by Deb and Dawn during the course
  •  After completion of the course there will be an additional two hour Q and A call with Deb and  Dawn 
  •  A retreat will be offered after completion of the course either in person or online so all who    choose can come together in community with each other  

Dates:  This course will be offered via teleconference in 6 two hour sessions over 12 weeks.  You may attend the conference call or if your schedule or time zone does not permit this you may listen to the recording of each class when it is convenient for you.  We prefer you attend in person but this may not be possible for everyone. 
We welcome our Brothers and Sisters from all over the globe.  If you do not speak English or do not have access to participate in the calls and/or receive the recordings via emails or online, we can arrange for a translatable transcript to be sent to you (all course materials are copy written and cannot be shared with others in any form without our written consent).  
Each class recording will be available for 6 months.  
The teleconference schedule is as follows:
Wednesday,  June 22, 2016                6:30 – 8:30 PM MT
Wednesday,  July 6, 2016                   6:30 – 8:30 PM MT
Wednesday,  July 27, 2016                 6:30 – 8:30 PM MT
Wednesday,  August 10, 2016           6:30 – 8:30 PM MT
Wednesday,  August 24, 2016           6:30 – 8:30 PM MT
Wednesday,  September 7, 2016      6:30 – 8:30 PM MT

Enrollment:  For questions and/or to register for this course email or call us at erosdd.unveilingsoul@gmail.com , 505-659-1107.  Either  Deb Evans or Dawn Woodring will get back to you.   
For those internationally that are interested in the course and are not able to email or call you can reach Deb through a comment on the Eros website (www.eroscommunity.blogspot.com) FB Private Messaging (Eros Global Community, Deb Evans), Whatsapp, WeChat, through Skype (Eros Dei Dictum), Linkedin (Deb Evans). 
This course is a six session course and participation is suggested for the entire 6 sessions.
Suggested Course Donation:   The suggested donation for Unveiling the Soul course is $210  (sliding scale available).  Donations can be prorated and made monthly or in total prior to the start date in any currency via PayPal at www.eroscommunity.blogspot.com, or you can send a check in US currency to Eros Dei Dictum at P.O. Box 2682, Corrales, NM 87048.
Please do not let currency be a deterrent to participation. If this is the case for you  email or call Deb Evans at erosdd.unveilingsoul@gmail.com and we will work with you, there are many forms of exchange.   It is time to awaken to the truths within. We truly want to provide this course to everyone who is called and ready and no one who is sincere in this intention is turned away.

 Additional ongoing Support: 
  • Practices/exercises provided will be lifelong tools that you can use to continue deepening in Soul wisdom  
  • Recordings of Course Sessions are available for 6 months from the date of the teleconference
  • The Eros Monthly Gathering will be offered after Unveiling the Soul for those that would like support to continue to expand deeper into Soul knowing of cosmic truths and the evolution of Earth and this Solar System. 
  • The Eros Master’s Course for those that are called and ready for The Last Three Stages of Enlightenment 
  • All participants of Unveiling the Soul can retake the course at a discount when it is offered

For more information and/or to sign up contact Deb at 505-659-1107 or at erosdd.unveilingsoul@gmail.com,  Skype (Eros Dei Dictum) Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook private message (Eros Global Community FB page) and LinkedIn.  For information about Eros see http://www.eroscommunity.blogspot.com.

Who We Are:

Seriam Deb Evans (Azura) is the Steward of Eros Dei Dictum Inc. (a global nonprofit non-denominational spiritual seminary without walls) and has been involved in the dissemination of cosmic truths through Eros since 2008. She was mentored by both Eros Co-Founders during the 3 ½ years of living at the Eros Seminary.   In 2009 after a successful human life, a lifelong focus on knowing the truths within and a two year retreat Deb fulfilled her Soul immersion (Self Realization) remembering from Soul wisdom divine cosmic truths including the Cosmic plan for evolution of Earth now. Through Soul based mentoring, communities, published writings, teachings, presentations and Wyrushes she joyfully focuses all her efforts assisting others globally to remember who they truly are, why they are here and what they know of our evolving planet. Her great joy is co-creating and collaborating with all life a world of love with harm to none.

 Poitė Dawn Woodring joined the Eros Seminary in 2013.  Since childhood she has been a seeker of the truths underlying the human experience and with a deepening commitment to know the truths of her soul she began study with Eros Co-Founders in 2008.  Dawn finalized her Soul union in form (Self Realization) in 2013 and now lives a Soul driven life from cosmic divine truths.  Bringing her life experience as an educator, entrepreneur and counselor she joyfully contributes from her pure love and wisdom her purpopse of collaborating with others in the upliftment of all beings aligning with the full mission of Eros.