Wednesday, August 9, 2017


On August 7, 1945 in between the dropping of the two bombs in Japan, Little Boy on August 6th and Fat Boy on August 9th a Master Being was borne on Earth.  This  Soul ushered in upon birth the clarion call and escalation of the Plan for Evolution for this planet, solar system and universe that had been planned by the Godhead, the Godhead Council of 12 (known as the Ascended Masters) by many since before Earth and this universe was created by the Godhead.

These bombings, events of destruction precipitated a level of fear from all life that was of its most magnified state ever in the history of Earth creating instability that would have persisted and evolved into a deep state of downward spiraling despondency. This in combination with the intention of harm and physical effects of both bombings threatened the viability of Earths physical core, physical infrastructure and both left unchecked would have been the beginning of the demise of this planet.  For those that can see energy, the energetics showed a descending spiral downward of the vibrancy of life force of all life on the planet.

The dropping of these two bombs was the signal that had been awaited for by the Godhead Council of 12,  and many other Souls that energetically supported the upliftment of all life  to announce that Earth was heading into  the final stage of a trajectory that had befelled many other 3rd domain planets in cosmic history, one of complete annihilation and destruction.  It was the event that was awaited for that the Plan of Evolution for Earth, the time for the creation of a new world of love, compassion, joy with only peace and harm to none be accelerated into it’s final stages.
Godhead beings, Master’s come into form infrequently on 3rd domain/dimension planets and when they do it is with great purpose to serve humanity, all life on that orb and everywhere throughout the cosmos. 

As Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Isis, Ishtar/Inanna, Abraham, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene to name a few of the incarnations of these pure beings,  embodied human forms to uplift divine truths that were forgotten on Earth in their time, this Godhead being, a female Soul came forth to embolden humanity to remember the truths they hold within of the never before Plan for Evolution that was designed so long ago by them in collaboration with Cosmic Beings of all kinds including Evolutionary Souls which humans are. 

In all of the human life lived inhabiting a human body this Godhead being, a pure Master engaged energetically while on Earth in seeding truths for these times and lifting up truths that have been seeded since Earth was formed for all life to remember  from within themselves cosmic truths that always are.  During her life she awakened into Self Realization and Exaltation.

Moments after this Master Soul’s incarnation into a human form August 7, 1945 she shifted the energy on Earth reversing the polarity of destabilization of the planet.  This included reversing the downward spiral of fear neutralizing the effects and in collaboration with other Godhead Beings in and out of form on Earth and many other higher domain energetic beings rebalanced, harmonized, and restored Earth’s energetics which stabilized the planet and removed from  Earth’s evolutionary timeline any future chance of it’s demise sealing the planet’s Evolutionary fate of the planet and all life who chose to experience  a transition into a new world. 

The Plan designed for Earth, this Solar System and beyond  has never occurred anywhere in the cosmos  and was designed for Earth to shift into the 5th Domain, bypassing the 4th Domain with all life remaining.  After multiple incursions of 5th Domain energy from 1945 forward  Earth, again with the assistance of Godhead Master’s and many energetic beings including many reading this that are in form now shifted into the 5th Domain on December 31, 2011.

Most humans have not recorded this event through their brains, as human ways of harm and more inherent on a dual world are incessant, nonstop and create barriers that prevent truths known to be remembered.  Many are noticing in a variety of ways the feelings of different energies and not remembering or registering what has occurred and that 5th Domain energy is present and can be aligned with.  Fifth Domain energy is energy only of love…. connected to your heart you can align, and allow this energy to assist you in remembering your truths from your Soul and the cosmic records that you have access to.

As the atomic bombs brought the destruction of life, this shift is about the upliftment of all life, with harm to none and has been spoken of by in many different ways by many throughout the ages.   As part of this Plan of Evolution for Earth and all life the awakening of humanity is embued and encoded in the energies on earth now,  within each of you and within the layers of energy upon Earth.  During the last 20,000 years awakening in Self Realization and Exaltation were for a limited few that came to remind humans of divine cosmic truths that are always present.  Now many who have incarnated and continue to do so have chosen in their Soul perfection awakening, ranging from heart openings to Exaltation as part of their Life Plan.  As one awakens into fuller Soul knowing the energy of love, compassion and joy that one is expands and when chosen aligns, syncs up with the 5th domain energy that is encoded and in all life on Earth ---   from this pure state of Soul collaboration with all life one will enliven and sculpt  a world of exquisite beauty, harmony, and joy. 

On August 7, 2017, 72 years from the pinnacle of harm, and the deciding moment of the cessation of the destruction of Earth we are all living on a world filled with 5th Domain energy that is waiting for your love, compassion and joy to sculpt a new way of living of being that considers all life, that holds no hierarchies and that uplifts all with harm to none.

This means that all structures of harm and more, less then, lack,  inequality,  non inclusivity will continue to dissolve to make way for what is in absolute harmony with divine cosmic ways, serving all life.  Human designed systems of all kinds that hold separation and lack, harm, more in any way will not stand.  This is occurring everywhere and yet what is occurring is not understood by many because it is not remembered.  This can be / as it is within each Soul’s knowing and memory.  It will not be remembered by the human mind that forgets that love is the way and instead acts in thought, word and deed from fear of any kind.  Only from the heart, only from the love and wisdom that you and all hold can this be known.

“Dear Ones, your confusion can be replaced by clarity…..only if you go within.  These are these times.  There is much talk of lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, magnetic resonances registering like never before on this beloved orb.  Look and know that the Souls of Earth, your Sun and your Moon with many energetic beings including you and those that have devised this plan are stepping all so that harm and more can be eternally dissolved on Earth.  Aren’t you tired enough of the back and forth, what would complete peace feel and look like to you? To celebrate with all life, with each other in not only a moment, but in every moment? 

There is now an intensification, amplification and purification of all that is not of divine truths of the cosmos on Earth.  Let it be, let go.  Go inside and understand from yourself.  Lay aside all fear. Reach out to others that are aligning with a way of love and peace --- and share in this.  Remember your innate way, the way of such deep wisdom you hold within and how all is love.  Remember your joy that carriers out all that inspires you.  Remember you are the chooser, a co-creator being and that free will was gifted to you as an extraordinary gift at your birth as a Soul and you sculpt your evolution as a Soul, including the one here now on Earth.

Remember that you chose to remember all that you are in your unlimitedness before you came to Earth where you chose to become small for a infinitesimal small time on Earth only to awaken to the purity that you are, to the immensity of the love you are, to the vastness of your wisdom and to the full emotion of your joy.  Many are awakening to themselves as love…..many more will be…..if you are reading this you are called to this because you chose this before embodiment.  Follow the reverberation within to this calling.  Some are awakening on their own, others with mentors that are pointing them to truths within.   Whatever is you way follow allowing yourself to remember what you know of now, you and the Plan for Evolution for Earth.

As we go forward all creations of fear will dissolve – the how is not important, the why is – a new way cannot be forged from the old.  Such beauty, abundance and harmony will prevail in all ways, from sustenance, flow to all, technology, artistry of all kinds, housing, communities,  pathways of evolution for each life to live from only their joy, to honor all life with no harm.    

This that is written can be known from within each of you by asking for the truth of matter from your Soul.  Step into your heart, know thyself, and to thyself, in divine truths allow and be true.  If you “think” you are turning left and in the moment know to turn right, allow.  The moment is all there is and in this you will be uplifted and supported in ways unimaginable.

My time on earth was so precious and blessed am I by all interactions and engagements.  While I am not in embodied on Earth in this moment I am always present and you may call on me or any of the Master’s that are the Godhead beings that are responsible for this planet.  You know us well, we all have collaborated on this plan.  Always are you held in the deepest reverence, honoring and love by myself and so many.”  Symai

As collaborated with Symai on August 7, 2017 for all life of Earth.  In love that is eternal and peace that always is ~  Azura (Seriam Deb Evans)


  1. It doesn't matter in which you have it from - newspapers, other websites and
    news sources, whatever. Anyone can compose and reveal any topic, from hobbies to political vies.
    Would work start a new perspective or would it just invoke a 'what's new' response.

    1. Thank you for you comment, very much is it appreciated. Two things matter: 1. What are truths…. divine cosmic truths that all life hold within? And 2. Each person holds within them from Soul compassion/wisdom to know if they are in the presence of truth, wherever it may come from. We are living in a 5th Domain/dimension world now where the veils that once hid truths no longer exists if one chooses to know truth. If one sets intention to know the truth of the matter and goes into contemplation deeply connected to Soul wisdom one can know the truth and untruths of themselves, what is occurring on Earth and the cosmos. To receive the truths one holds within one must be open and willing to lay aside what is thought to be know from human ego and invite your wisdom as a divine cosmic being forward. When one is in the presence of purity of love and compassion (wisdom) a new understanding/response can be received, if allowed. In love that is eternal ~ Seriam Deb Evans/ Azura


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