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Eros Master's Course: Last Three Stages of Enlightenment: June - Sept. 2018

The Weaver of Life ~ Mirjam Rothkamm

May 28, 2018

Dearest Each of You ~

I am very excited and pleased to send this special message to you. This is my personal invitation to each of you to join us and participate if you are called and ready to move into Self Realization. Below is the outline of the course that will be on the Eros Website. If you have any questions please do feel free to call or email me. I would love to discuss the course with you.

This course contains the teachings given to Eros Co-Founders -- Cherie Skinner and Lea Greer during their two year retreat that initiated in 2005. Both reached Self Realization during that time. I was invited and took the first offering of this course in January 2008 and fused Soul in form (Self Realization) thereafter moving into Exaltation (Enlightenment) thereafter. A number of individuals who took the course that was offered 5 times since the initial course offering have moved into Self Realization and some of these into full Enlightenment. In addition to the teachings there are Practices that take you step-by-step through this level of opening and enfoldment of yourself. It is an intensive so you must commit to having it as the core focus of your life. If you are committed to moving home to yourself you would do this anyway, and you must commit to complete this journey.

I have decided to offer this course because I see there are numerous individuals around the globe that ready to take it and it is time for those who are ready and willing to step up, complete their journey and fully begin living as soul in form and fulfill their chosen purpose. We are in a transitioning world…the world needs you. The love, wisdom and joy that we are searching for are within us. In bringing this forward within us, living from our Soul truths, we then can co-create from our truths a new world, that is harmonious where peace abide always.

There is no way that I can touch on all that is covered, but the course is designed specifically for those who are ready to take these final steps. It is progressive, and the format is informal so you can ask questions and discuss as we move along during the sessions. The information is designed, crafted and encoded to help you remember, to help you raise to your consciousness, truths that encompass how the cosmos works, who you are and why you have embodied at this time. It offers levels of mastery so you can create your own life through knowing clearly and with trust. You can email me questions at any time between sessions for further clarification or for support as you lay aside human beliefs and patterns. Each session will be recorded so you can listen to it as often as you want via telephone and on the internet for a year.

If you choose you will be one of the leaders of the New World - this is your portal. Eros is a 501(c)(3) non profit, global spiritual Seminary. When you complete the course and reach Self Realization you will receive a Master’s Degree in Divinity, which you can use to file as a minister in any state or country if you chose. Also, if your Soul purpose chosen prior to incarnation is to move into Exaltation (Enlightenment) Eros/I will provide support if you chose. If you are called to teach these truths in collaboration with Eros when the time is right you will be given permission by Eros to teach these truths.

For those that have taken the Master’s Course may take it again unlimited times. I have found for myself and others that doing so assists in bringing forth more Godhead truths one holds within.

I would love to have you with us. If there is doubt or hesitation about your level of readiness please talk to me. If there are money concerns please talk to me. My goal is your upliftment, to help you remember yourself, your freedom and the glory and majesty that you always are. If you or anyone that you may know that is called feel free to share this email …. I welcome speaking with them.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

In deep abiding love ~

Deb Evans (Azura)
Skype: debfevans
FB: Erosglobalcommunity
Linkedin: Deb Evans, Steward of Eros Dei Dictum

Below is additional detailed information:

We are pleased to announce that we are offering our Master’s course, The Last Three Stages of Enlightenment, via teleconference beginning in Wednesday, June 20, 2018. This is the 6th offering of the Eros Master’s Course since January 2008 with a number of people finalizing as Soul in form, Self Realization and moving into Exaltation (Full Enlightenment). There are twelve stages that you move through to reach Self Realization. This course is for those of you who have committed to complete this journey, and are prepared to focus intensely on reaching Self Realization. The course moves you into mastery of self, mastery of many different practices and techniques that embodies Self/the Soul, and mastery through conscious understanding of The Plan for the evolution of this solar system based on cosmic laws and truths. Steward of Eros, Deb Evans will facilitate via conference call in person. If you feel you are ready I strongly urge you to participate. It is time, and you are needed for the good of all now as a full participant in the transition of this planet.

  • Topics and Practices include: 
  • The Godhead, creation and the nature of the cosmos 
  • Divine laws 
  • The nature of energy and cosmic geometrics 
  • The Soul 
  • Evolutionary Beings 
  • Domains 
  • The Plan of Evolution for this Solar system including the establishment of new Fifth Domain Communities 
  • Self Realization/Exaltation 

Threads and Process:

Each step through the four phases of this course introduces you to deeper and deeper universal truths. The course is based on four threads that run throughout the evolutionary process at this level. These four interwoven threads are:

1. The brain and the soul mind
2. Human and divine emotions
3. The physical form’s role
4. Soul dominion

The process uses these four threads by

1. Exploring the truth within
2. Knowing Self and truth – Self Realization
3. Being the Self – Exaltation

Dates: Four 3 1/2 hour teleconferences on the 3rd Wednesday of the month – for 4 months: June 20, 2018 July 18, 2018, August 15, 2018, September 19, 2018 Mountain Standard Time in the USA. All sessions will be recorded and made available through both telephone recording playback and via the internet. For our international Brothers and Sisters our teleconference service can be used in many countries to access the U.S. call. Contact us and we will assist you to determine how to access the Master’s Course teleconference. If this time does not work with your schedule you can listen to the recording for 1 year. I prefer you attend in person but this may not be possible for everyone. I welcome everyone from any continent. Above is contact information via email, Skype, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you do not speak English, we can arrange for a translatable transcript to be sent to you (all course materials are copy written and cannot be shared with others in any form without our written consent).

Enrollment: This course is an intensive, and requires each participant to be ready for the transition into Self Realization. I screen all applicants to make sure it is in alignment for you to participate at this time. Please send a short email to, put the subject as “Master’s Course,” and express your interest in attending. I very much look forward to discussing the course with you and will get back to you.

Donation: Our planet is now a 5th Domain Planet. Living in a 5th D world choices are made by following Soul knowing. In alignment with this it is suggested that each participate get still, center in your heart and ascertain what donation amount is in right order for you to make for the Masters Course: Last Three Stages of Enlightenment and email us at Eros your intention. It can be paid in total before the course starts or in 3 installments before the first 3 month’s session. Donations can be made in any currency via PayPal, or you can send a check in US currency to the Eros address – 317 Tower Road S, Ridgway, CO 81432.

I nor Eros ever excludes anyone who is called to participate experiencing cash-flow issues. If this is the case for you please email us and we will work with you, there are many forms of exchange. Our goal is to provide this course to everyone who is ready so we can all step-up and be all we are during this transition into a new world that is only love, compassion and joy.

Additional ongoing Support:
  • There will also be 2 to 5 day retreat held in Fall of 2018 for all participants that choose to come together. 
  • After the Master’s Course is completed, all that completed this course can join the Master’s Alliance, a monthly teleconference that offers continued Godhead teachings both by me and those of the community. In this loving vessel you have the opportunity to share with others and receive support as you move into Self Realization, Exaltation and expand further into your Soul’s Realizations about cosmic divine truths. The Master’s Alliance started in 2012 so you will be joining in loving community with others who have completed the course, some have moved into Self Realization and Exaltation, and all are deepening in their remembering of Godhead truths held within. You will be embraced and enfolded in Soul love, wisdom and support within a loving community that shares intention of building a new world of love, compassion and joy with harm to none. 
  • Ongoing support during the course and after with Seriam Deb Evans (Azura) and others who have realized the state of Self Realization/Exaltation

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