Monday, December 15, 2008

Our World


Each and every person on this Earth yearns for the light within to shine bright with love, peace and joy. The holidays, in every nation and in every religion, fosters this feeling within as we allow ourselves to be open to the divine life within us. The celebration of Christmas, the Mass of Christ or the Christed One sings within many whether they identify with the religion of Christianity or not because, in the essence of this celebration of the birth of the Christed One, Jesus of Nazareth, is the celebration of the recognition of the Christ in us all – the essence of who we all are, a divine being that is indeed of and in the purity of the Christed One who walked this Earth as Jesus Christ.

He stayed with us, this man we call Jesus, for a short period of time in form and yet his essence remains with us all today as pure and fresh as if he were standing before us because we know that he exemplifies that which resonates within us all – love, peace and joy. There have been many Masters in form on Earth over history but certainly no one has put his imprint so strongly on the world. That is simply because he ushered in the new, and the new was the exemplification through his presence and his example of what we all are and what this world will become.

We have few words from him, and those we have we wonder if they are the truth of what he said. His illusive life looms large though across the planet, more in the idea of what he was than the recorded history of what he did and said. We gain the essence from the Christian Bible, but yet know more in our own hearts about him than was ever written – Christian, Jew, Hindu and Muslim alike. Even those who eschew religious belief, or allegiance to a God, feel the moral certainty of what was passed down through time of his teachings and the man himself. All told he never wrote a word himself that has been saved or shared. All told he allowed those around him, and those who came later to record their version of what he was, said and represented.

By knowing within the truth of yourself, that resonates with the truth of Jesus we can feel our inner resonance with the words he spoke and repeats now once again.

“Verily I say unto you that those who will hear the timeless stroke of life within, and lay aside all pain and conquests for the truth will join others who stay in the love that overcometh All. The struggle is a version of the past that is no more for verily I say unto you that all is alike, that all is spoken before and here, that you are the children of God made in divine form and Christened through the ages with a like glow of vibrant color and energy. You are the creator and through the love you are you will create a new world here on this Earth that is destined to become that place you have always sought as that vision within you is of the timeless, and irrevocable truth of the divine within and without. There is no separation with you, there is no caution or fear, for the rightness of your knowing from the pureness of your being is all you are and through the acceptance of that is the right to create the divine kingdom here and now. Your brothers and sisters are with you. Be as we, as Christed Ones, and allow the glory and power of all that is to come forth from within you. This love that is, that I speak of now and spoke of before is all there is. It is the bedrock upon which you speak out, act and hone the vision of a new world that is within you. Step out of your mired life, shed all of your fears and doubts for they are but echoes of a dead past. Step joyfully and brightly into the web of life that is yours to contribute to and yours to co-create in the abundance of all there is now, here on this magnificent orb of life. “

The celebration of Christmas is the celebration and remembrance of the perfection of you and the truth that you, like Jesus, is now and has always been the love we all are.

Idah Saidan Wa Sanah Jadidah

Gun Tso Sun Tan’Gung Haw Sun

Merry Christmas

Joyeux Noel

Mo’adim Lesimkha.Chena tova

Shub Naya Baras

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc
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Friday, October 31, 2008

Tenet Two: Compassion

This is the second Tenet in this series where core cosmic truths are discussed. If you have not already read it we would like to refer you to Tenet One: The Soul on this Blog.

Humans feel compassion, sympathy, empathy as the suffering of one or many is witnessed. Inside, largely undefined, is the knowing that this world does not have to be hard, angry, and/or harmful and many of us take steps to alleviate that suffering in large and small ways. This world of duality is expressed and experienced through us, perpetrated by us as we recognize there is another way but creation of that other way is undefined. The knowing that it does not have to be this way comes from the soul and the feelings we experience in human form originate from the truth of our beings which is compassion. Compassion in reality is a state of being which is experienced on deeper and deeper levels as we allow the soul to experience through the form.

We know that the Godhead and all that is created is loving and compassionate. This small world where we came to have this experience in duality is one of the few places where separation from self and the truth of being is forgotten. It is not that God has created such a hard, cruel world but that under negative influences humans have, over many thousands of years, created this world of harm because the soul in a human form came here and forgot their divine self, unindated in the dual nature of this world. Our innate qualities, including that of compassion, come through us and are felt by us but until we move toward a state of conscious unity with the soul once again we are not fully aware that we are compassion and that all in the cosmos is compassion.

Opening up to the compassion we are allows us to step further into our innate state of being and thus create a life of compassion and a world of compassion without harm. Compassion holds great potential for expansion of being, living, experiencing, knowing. Compassion recognizes

The truth of the interconnected wholeness of the cosmos

The truth of being that knows, and acts with innate understanding about the interconnected nature of all in the cosmos

The truth of cause and effect; all influences all

The truth that there is no harm when all is in right order

The truth that there is no judgment when all is in right order

The truth that we all have the strength of the divine to rise above human suffering

The truth that wisdom is driven by compassion

The truth that all life is of equal value

The truth that you are always in the presence of loving beings

The truth that you are never alone

Our attempts to right the wrongs in this world do not sustain because the world itself is flawed. Turning toward compassionate knowing allows us to understand that everything on this planet is of equal value and interconnected. There is no separation, no hierarchy of importance, no good done if harm is experienced in any way as a consequence. It is our responsibility to be the compassion we are, understanding clearly the harm done throughout the various kingdoms of life and how harm done to one is harm done to all. Being in integrity with what we know as the truth of compassionate knowing results in all thoughts, words and actions being in right order, in alignment with the nature of the cosmos and a resounding step toward revising this world from one of harm to one of love and compassion in all ways. It starts with us, at home, in the moment and expands out through all that is as we join together in being the compassion consistently and wholly.

The increased pain felt by many during this time of great upheaval is in direct proportion to the resistance one has to their own innate beingness. We are not creating a corporation or new government to address lack, poverty, illness. We must revise who we are and see through the lens of Self, the soul, through the wisdom of compassion to know what to do in our personal lives and in the world.

Being compassion, knowing and thus understanding of all life and how it interrelates lets us see and understand at a deep level why some create harm from the pain within themselves. It is not a natural thing for any of us. If you consider a world totally devoid of harm married with all humans acting from their compassionate and understanding you can understand, in part, the world that we are now co-creating together. We can understand without judgment that we can take right action in alignment with divine laws while considering the interconnectedness of all on the planet. For instance, from our knowing we understand that this planet was created with all the necessary resources needed to sustain all life forms here in comfort and abundance. There is no lack on this planet. The lack and harm is caused by the actions of humans either individually, in small or large groups or collectively.

Compassion, and thus knowing, encompasses how all is dependent on all and interwoven with all. The dual world is one where people feel separate from all that is, separate from the responsibility to act in consideration of all that is, and separate from each other, self and the Godhead. Most importantly, our knowing and compassion can open the doors so we can understand and forgive ourselves and each other.

Compassion for Self

There are many burdens to carry in this dual world. The most significant is our inability to love, cherish and be compassionate with self. Self judgment is hard wired in duality and through this self judgment we lose our clarity, our appreciation of all we are, the glorious experiences of feeling part of all there is and the compassion for self. The world is flawed – not you. It is impossible in this constructed reality for the human to experience the wholeness and beauty of all that is here. We are forever thrown off, forever facing fear and harm, the consequences of living a life here inevitably ends in feeling less than. We have learned well fear induced oppression and we use it even against our own self in constant criticism and self judgment which perpetuates the feelings of fear, aloneness, separateness and powerlessness.

We begin to co-create this world then with our personal journey to wholeness with the soul, then wholeness with all that is. All during this journey one must call forth the great compassion of being within. This compassion knows the human dual experience and no judgment is placed for anything you did or anyway you are, or anything others did. We are a perfect children of the Godhead who fell asleep, experienced the cruelty of a dual world and are now gratefully waking up -- like waking up after a bad dream. In being compassion all perceived missteps are forgiven for they are inevitable here. In being compassion you recognize that the actions taken by life on planet Earth were taken because the world itself is corrupted, not the life form. Humans, animals and even plants at time have caused harm to other life forms. Human life on this planet has conspired to protect itself above all else to the point where all life is threatened.

So forgiveness of self, compassion and understanding of self and others viewed from the perspective of the wholeness of being, and the knowing that all is interconnected with love and compassion, allows for the harm to drop away in one’s personal experience, then one’s personal world and finally the whole of our world on Earth.


Lay down the burdens caused by the pain and fear you have felt. Be free of all the misconceptions of this dual world and embrace the incredible compassion within.

Sit in stillness. Clear your mind. Contemplate the following by placing each statement in your mind (one at a time) and allowing words, pictures, feelings to bubble up within you, with resulting clarity and potential release from this ego-driven tendency.

Compassion is knowing. What do I know about my human life?

Compassion understands. What do I understand about my life?

Compassion holds no judgment. What do I judge in myself? Why?

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Global Community News
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Children

There has been much written about the children, the indigo and crystal children for instance, and how to “handle” them, who they are, etc. It has been noted in published materials also that the children who are categorized as such may be difficult to raise.

Join with me in shifting your perspective from what is in the third domain to what is becoming. Since 1945 large numbers of higher domain beings have taken form on this planet and they continue to do so. Everyone who lives now and in the future has the capacity to have an open heart and harm to none – the criteria for living in the new fifth domain world that is being created. Some have, through free will, chosen to step away from their soul’s desire to move up with the planet, some are continuing on and will become part of that new culture. We cannot view humans now like we have in the past, and that includes the children.

Our world and all its cultures have certain norms that one is expected to fit into in order to function and be socially acceptable. This applies to each area of the globe in particular ways, throughout are the rules of duality and a mandate that everyone conform. Those who do not, especially the children, are judged, ostracized, forced and/or coaxed to conform, We see the differences especially amongst the children because they are our children and we must deal with these differences each day. What do you do with a child that will not conform to the rules of the classroom consequently constantly making trouble? What do you do with a child that will not eat what you eat, does not participate in what you are doing, has odd ideas and ways that are peculiar and unbefitting a socially acceptable child?

Step back, consider that higher domain beings who have been coming into form here on Earth since 1945 – we are adults, children, teenagers, elders. We have exhibited differences that have affected this world and contributed to its transition. Now, half-way through in this last phase we must stop and consider a different way for ourselves and in this is an acceptance of the differences in the children. Within us is a different drummer and since adults have buried much of what we innately know over time, we can benefit from listening to the infants, children, teenagers and young adults who do not have our road weary experiences, the light still shines within them, memories of another way are still known, an insistence on a certain way of beingness may still dominate.

The problems we have had with our children are not the child’s problem but the adult’s problem, the particular society’s problem. Not all children born are of a higher domain but those who are show us a different way early on, and continue to do so until they find it is not safe to speak of it and either suppress or forget, giving up to the pressure. It is a great gift to have one in your life. They can be your teacher or you can be each other’s teachers because you may also be from another higher world. Together you can remember and sculpt a different way.

I have experienced the clarity of knowing in a four year old child when he was correcting his parent’s behavior toward others, recalling a past-life experience on another planet, discussing (like a 100 year-old sage) his insights about life here. I know that others of you have also experienced differences both in adults and children that are irritating, socially unacceptable and/or odd and also awe inspiring. We cannot sit on ourselves or our children of any age, including infants, any longer. We must open to our own knowing about what is right action even though it goes against the social norms, and our ego brain resists in fear. We must also get out of the way and allow the children to be who they are fully, without judgment, without doubt that they will bring forth a new way of being because that is why they are here. We must cherish and be grateful for our personal differences and those of all ages. If you observe you can see the shifts over the past 60 plus years in our world – the opening up. Imagine what could have happened if we had all honored our inner knowing, followed what we knew to do rather than what we thought we had to or should do. Take this and imagine what the younger generations are capable of if we get out of their way, support them, love them, lay aside all judgment and shoulds.

If you want to know how this new world is going to look all you have to do is look within at your wishes and dreams, your frustrations, the compassion you feel, the indignation you experience with different occurrences on this planet now and throughout the past. What is it about? What are those inner thoughts and feelings telling us? Listen to yourself, listen to the children. The clarity is there if you will step beyond what you were told to believe, to what you know as truth. I have worked against inequity, unfairness, lack, hunger, pain, harm, punishment, lack of freedom, lack of opportunity, confinement mentally, emotionally or physically. We have broken through some of these barriers at a certain level in the past 60 years – women’s rights, better food, housing, shelter, education for some plus a shift away from judgment based on sex, race, financial status, sexual orientation or religious affiliation. Those who pushed against barriers have created a more open and tolerant world in general but there are still two sides, still the duality. The interesting thing is that young adults, in general, do not see color, race, sexual orientation as a consideration and it is in this that I urge you to listen as we all lay aside the pain, the rules, the shoulds of the past and insist on a life lived as we know to live it as directed by the soul, and that we celebrate the fact that we have amongst us younger individuals who hold the right way closer to the surface and can reveal this to us if only we will see it.

We have a tendency to discount individuals who do not have what we feel are the right qualifications to tell us, to teach us. Universities insist on high degrees and yet do all of these professors really know about working directly in that field? We learn from our parents and then often set them aside when they are elderly as not worthy of listening to, or qualifying for our serious consideration even though they have had a lifetime of living, gaining experience and wisdom. Our corporate leaders are hired because they went to the right schools, associate with the right individuals and have a track record of making money. Is money the value in society? We honor celebrities with social status, success and the highest in society open their doors to them – is popularity a green card to wisdom? We meet someone, say hello my name is X, “what do you do,” as if this is the only important part of them that we value. Does it matter what one does to earn a living? What does that really say about them? Is that who they are?

I hold great compassion for all the peoples of the Earth that throughout time have suffered through this world of duality where we have lost our true selves and caused so much harm to so many. But if you pull back and look at the Earth from space you see no country boundaries, you see no lack, you see no pain for the imprint of this is not in divine order and cannot sustain. We know what to do. Our souls have spoken to us of this all of our lives, and for many of the youngest amongst us the soul may be still heard and known if not defined. Stepping back into the purity of our innocent and wise knowing, and having the courage to live in an unconventional way in each moment is what will create our new world. We have surface differences but we are all from the same mother and father, the Godhead, and we are innately the same love, compassion and joy. Divine laws connect us energetically as we are all co-creators of our lives and our world. Thus we are co-creators of our new world, but if we want the new, not the old, then we must start now, in this moment and in each moment, choosing our known truth not the way shown to us by man.

Many characteristics have been given to categorize the children but the truth is that we are each unique in our own particular ways. What is in right order is the foundation of what we are beyond the dress, the country, the particular vocation we choose. We are the same in our knowing because there is only truth and that stands throughout all time throughout the cosmos. Our children reflect to us what we know, have always known, and in their own ways urge us to remember who we are and what to do. Our homes can be islands of peace and harmony. Our personal worlds, despite the chaos across this planet, can be that. If each of us takes what is known and follows this from our heart-centered soul guidance then our worlds of love, peace and harmony will merge and there will be nothing else.

It is this road that we are on. With each generation alive today, and being born now, there is an awakening on Earth. This awakening will bring many changes to our lives and to the lives of all here, but what it will not change is what you know is right – the truth within you. The power and control that have been held by a few will drop away. The lack experienced by many will drop away. The containment of form and lack of freedom will drop away. The misplaced lack of honor for all ages will drop away. We are each valued equally in the cosmos and thus it shall be here. We can all have that which we most desire – true unconditional love for each other, and a community of individuals who live absolutely in peace and harmony while lending support to each as they explore with wonder and joy all that they are.

Look to the children for clues, honor them and bring this remembrance of who and what you are up within you. You are your soul – allow yourself to step forward and experience. Our souls are ageless as there is no time in the cosmos. The souls here have great wisdom and knowledge from many experiences. We have all been in many worlds, had many opportunities to understand, to love, to participate and contribute throughout the cosmos. Know this when you look at another. Know if they have chosen to step away or if they are stepping forward into their natural state of being. Respect everyone who moves forward to their innate state of being and acknowledge the courage it takes to walk a different road, and live differently from the old third domain mandates while all is still in transition and many cannot see what is occurring.

There are no leaders, only those who choose to have expertise to contribute to this world. There are no degrees, only those who have the wisdom and knowledge to share openly and without expectation of a return. There is no age, only souls who are participating in this material world during this fascinating time of transition. There is no desire to have more than your brother and sister because your brother and sister are part of you, part of the whole, and in that whole we are all abundant and cared for.

When you look into the eyes of another human, of any age, see the wise old soul there, for that is the only life force within them. Whether they can hear themselves, their soul, is their choice and consequently their signal to you that through free will they have chosen whether or not to be a part of this change. Both choices are recognized with compassionate understanding. You change, the world changes, and there are many in the process. Do not fear being who you are because you are not alone, and soon you will meet many others who have also turned to their lifelong knowing once again. Enfold the children in your love and laugh with them as they feel the restrictions being lifted and their own knowing and gifts rushing forward.

The Children Speak

There are many youth and children who are already sharing and developing what they know. In Portugal, youth are expanding their innate knowledge in ways that support balance and ecological harmony. Their power of compassion and creativity find a perspective at Tamera, an organization focusing on training in peace professions, and the opportunity to participate in a project for truth in love. The youth take part in the Monte Cerro Peace Education where they learn how to act with compassion, intelligence and responsibility for a future world of peace. At the end of their Summer University 2008, where 400 individuals came together from 26 countries, these youth made collective statements and we would like to share two quotes from this gathering:

  • The knowledge which is necessary for a global change is available in many places once we have opened our eyes to see it. Now we have the possibility to apply it concretely.The Movement for a Free Earth - being the change - arises and is creating a global movement of people in many countries who up to now didn't know of each other. Every one of us can join the Movement for a Free Earth by making a daily decision between war or peace, indifference or compassion, fight or compassion. (This) is about cooperating with the global transformation. The movement will gain power when we understand the global transformation within us and within the world and become its agents and coworkers.
  • Where does the possibility exist to engage in something that serves everyone, changing the society and making this planet worth living – all without supporting the old system? It is important for me to be together with people in a way that they take part in my life, and I in their lives, so that trust develops among each other. We will reach this point only by continuously living together in a true basis of exchange. Community is the fertile ground for relations among human beings.

    Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
    Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
    Eros Global Community News

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our World -- August 2008

I wonder at times if there is anyone, anywhere on this planet at this time that is not feeling the imprint of the massive changes that are afoot. My thoughts wander far and wide to the deserts of the Middle East, the jungles and savannahs of Africa, the crisp mountain peaks of the Asian continent, the glittery streets of Europe and the United States and the spots of varied life in South America. Regardless of where I look I feel and know that all humans at this time are experiencing the impact of this planet’s transition – it displays itself in many faces, and affects my Arab brother and Asian sister differently but the core is there still as it is in my neighborhood in this quiet hamlet in the southwestern US.

I look in my dog’s eyes and understand that McDougal, like all sentient life on Earth, is experiencing this uneven flow, sensing that life is no longer predictable as he has known it. Although he has no unmet needs, like humans I come across, his perception of a life lived in uncertainty is clearly seen, experienced and felt by me. All species on this planet are having similar experiences and this is shown to us through changes in hibernation, migration, behavior and eating habits, etc. Nature's encoded patterns are being revised and we all see the evidence.

Many of us have felt that this world would transition drastically someday during our lifetime. The when, where and how have never been clear enough to, “plan ahead,” although some of us have tried this and then laid it aside. Our world today is then simply, as expected, radically unpredictable. Like a giant caterpillar that cocoons to be literally dissolved and recreated as a butterfly, our would is on the inevitable track, unstoppable, of moving from a world of duality, misinformation and harm to one that we have always known is possible. Emerging before us is a world in alignment with the divine love, compassion and joy that we are. Stepped up beyond harm from any source – animal or man – created and supported so we can each expand, experience, create and co-habitate with all life in true peace and harmony. Imagine days with no fear. Imagine every human receiving all they need to live a satisfying and abundant life. Imagine having absolutely no restrictions placed on you, no judgment, true freedom, and the ability, love and support you desire to explore all you are, all you are capable of.

The conundrum right now of course is how do we live here today in this growing chaos, live comfortably and peacefully through the remaining transitionary phases and be open to fully participating in the creation of this new way of being and living. Here are three keys that I have found work for me and my students. These are not all inclusive of course, but if you will engage fully with these the doors within will open to more possibilities for you. Be prepared and accepting of radical change both inner and outer. A new world with new ways requires us to lay aside all of the old as the outer realities fall away. Be strong, true to yourself and accepting of the guidance you receive from yourself. Trust yourself above all else and step away from anything and anyone that stands in your way, know that we each have our destiny and if you take right action then it is without harm. Others who may be touched by your actions and decisions are cared for by their own souls who know what is right for them.

1. The soul is energetically grounded in your heart. Your soul knows how to move effortlessly forward – your personality does not because it is trained to react with fear to the unknown. We have all “listened to our hearts,” so we have all listened to our souls consciously or unconsciously for the soul has guided us since we were born. Sit and be still. Lay aside all thoughts. Breathe. Focus on your heart and soul energy that is there; ask a question – any question to start. Be still with a clear mind, thoughtless, and allow the answer to emerge from within in thoughts, a knowing, visual images and/or words. It is best to be in a state of conscious awareness, not meditation, knowing you are who you are, where you are but removed mentally from what is around you with total focus on your question, maintaining an openness without judgment to receive the response. Using this technique of Contemplation you can develop and build upon your connection to your soul and the mutual communication. The soul knows, does not think about it and decide as humans do, so the clarity of the response may surprise you if you have not done this before. More communication will result in more trust of the soul and in return more information and communication between you. The soul will guide you flawlessly through this dissolving, and at the same time, creation of worlds.

2. Our old third domain world of duality is dissolving then, and the new world of fifth domain energy is being created in a beautiful dance, choreographed by the Masters of the universes. This is happening today, now, here where you are and where I am. This new fifth domain energy has been filtered around this planet over time and all here – plant, animal, human, air, water, earth – holds one-half third domain energy and one-half fifth domain energy. You can, at this point, choose what energy you will live in, support and contribute to. As you go through your days stay with the fifth domain energy. It is light, bright, co-creative and holds all possibilities. You can actually feel the two layers of collective consciousness now – the old one of third domain duality and the new one created by the fifth domain energy and all humans who live in and support the co-creation of the new. The third domain energy is filled with fear, pain, tears, hopelessness, erratic energy, perhaps thoughts of suicide or death depending on what is going on around the planet at the time. The fifth domain energy is bright and clear, uplifting and peaceful. You will know the difference immediately – call each to you and feel them. The fifth domain energy supports truth, positive action, the creation of a peaceful life and your transition apart from the dissolving world if you maintain an open heart and embody harm to none. Stay in this new energy each moment. Make decisions and act from here to create your life.

3. Our lives are the direct result of our choices. Our choices are based on our thoughts and beliefs. Own that you are the creator being of your life and can consequently co-create any life you want. You and you alone created what you have. To create a life of security, harmlessness, ease and flow with the new world choose this in each moment and take full responsibility for your creation. Be in integrity with the power you hold to make change. Our world of harm echoes what we have known in many forms. Inequality, misinformation and pain was created by all of us because that was what we were taught to do. That is not what we believed when we were born in purity, and that is not what the soul holds as truth. Now, we can choose to do everything differently and join with others who are doing the same – all co-creating this glorious emerging world.

I have created peace and harmony in my life during these tumultuous times so I know you can do this also. And, like I have, you can see all of the marvelous signs of the new world popping up around you. There has been a clarion call to come home to ourselves, and home to the natural way divine beings live. We were created with that right. This call can be heard through many voices and seen through many actions around the globe, an insistence on a new world of spiritual awareness and unconditional love, the absence of hunger, disease, war, want, pain. The voices grow and sustain, the energy moves across the surface of the planet. Through our personal choices, in the moment when all creation occurs, we can contribute to this. What I am is the world I create for myself and my neighbor. Believe, through just this one choice, that you can transform yourself, your life and consequently the world because it is truth. Together we will co-create the world we have always known was possible, that we saw inside of us. We were right and now is the time to step-up and be all we are in each moment.

Truth Is Eternal

Throughout human existence on this beautiful planet great Masters have come to us in form to remind us of the irrevocable truths of God. These truths are beyond all religions and cultures and yet are held in each religion and spiritual path in some manner. Jesus Christ is one of the great beings who came to teach us – remind us – and certainly one of his gifts was what Christians now call the Lord’s Prayer. Over time, reinterpreted and repeatedly translated words become distorted and fail to carry the truth of the original message. The version of his prayer below, or words for Contemplation, was translated from an ancient text in Aramaic by a Sufi directly into English. Some revisions may be required to quote the exact words of Jesus himself but I believe this version carries the essence of what he wanted to pass on to his followers and to all of us. All God truths are timeless and these words can certainly help to carry us forward as they did those around Jesus over 2000 years ago.

O Birther of the Cosmos, focus your light within me, make it useful
Create your reign of unity now
Your one desire then sets as ours.
As in all light,
So in all forms,
Grant us what we need each day in bread and insight:
Loose the cords of mistakes binding us
As we release the strands we hold of others guilt
Do not allow surface things to delude us,
But free us from what holds us back.
From you is born all ruling will,
The power and the life to do,
The song that beautifies all,
From age to age it renews.
I affirm this with my whole being.

Translation by Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz of the Sufi Order of the West

PS: If you would like for me to address specific areas of this Earth’s transition please email me with your question and/or suggestion. I plan to post regular articles about Our World as we go forward.

Cherie & Lea
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc. –
Eros Global Community –

Monday, July 28, 2008

September '08 E-Course: The Last Three Stages of Enligtenment

Course Purpose

The Last Three Stages of Enlightenment is a mentored, interactive and individual journey where students connect wholly with and, if they choose, become one with their soul and All there is, reaching a state of Self Realization and/or Exaltation (Enlightenment). The truth is within you and those who have been seriously on the quest have sensed that, in the end, it is only by finding truth within that one can know the divine self and the truths of the cosmos. If you reach the last three stages of this twelve stage quest for enlightenment you have the ability to fully and permanently lay aside ego misconceptions, and embrace the wholeness of your being, joyfully living the life that you are destined for by being wholly who you are – your soul. Finally, you can reap the rewards of your dedication and purposeful movement back home. This is a decision you make – to finish your journey. The choice brings many wonderful changes both internally and externally into your life and must be honored as a sacred contract between you and the divine. We will support and accompany you, lead you and provide tools to help you become, but it is your journey with soul.

Co-founders Reverend Lea Greer and Dr. Cherie Skinner together provide the bedrock to work from by laying out a structured process and explaining cosmic truths that help you fully understand what you have experienced, where you are in the process and how you can complete the quest. We share the cosmic building blocks of divine truths, create a supportive and safe environment with others who have same the goals, give you personal practices to explore which open doors within, as well as exploratory experiences so you can expand your memory of who you are and embrace the power, love and wisdom in your soul. Each of us walks step-by-step back to ourselves. We are committed to being with you energetically and through personal interaction to share our knowledge, understanding and personal experiences. If you know where you are, where you are going and how to get there the process is easier as each step builds upon the last.

Embracing this process brings the rewards for all of your years of searching. Here, within, is found all of the jewels -- answers to your lifelong questions, and the clarity of purpose you have sought. This marriage of laying aside third domain misinformation from ego completely, and revealing the divine truth of who you are, and how our world truly is created fosters a shift in your life to joyful, loving and compassionate living without limitation, hesitation, doubt or fear. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself, others and this world. As a Self Realized or Exalted being you can provide for others hope, unconditional love, and assistance in co-creating the evolving vibrant, truly free new world and way of being.

As mentors, we take you through this process so you can open the doors, lay down the barriers, get to know and become your own divine self. The doorways are many but if you are ready to finally go home there is great celebration and support from many in the cosmos to assist you. This final journey requires focus and diligence, is a commitment to yourself and God and results in total peace, joy and a full understanding within of all that you are and all that there is in truth.
Deb, a graduate of this course shared these thoughts:

"Participating in the experience of the Last Three Stages of Enlightenment was and continues to be a pure gift to my beingness. Lea Greer and Cherie Skinner radiate and uplift in pure love, joy and compassion. Interacting with them through this course was and continues to be like drinking from the purest, most sparkling well of water quenching my being, filling it with Soul. They both embody deep, clear, true understanding of the truths they are imparting and understand clearly and deeply the individuals they are assisting. The teachings, guidance, direction, exercises, practices, are truly helping me to move deeper into the inner truth of my Soul.

Radiating pure compassion they have both assisted me in unraveling human precepts that no longer serve the Soul's purpose. Always, always is this assistance given in pure love and gentleness. It has been a balm for my heart and full being to be showered in pureness in this way. I am humbled, and grateful beyond words to come home to the truths that are within me, that are of Soul. In the moment there is more deep inner peace, a fuller, constant presence of the love that I am, and an ongoing expansion of the knowing of who and what I truly am. Inner awareness and understanding is deepening in each moment as to my Soul's purpose in this time, on this planet, and with this is great joy, gratitude, love, wonder, awe, beyond words. Thank you both, Lea and Cherie, for your pure integrity, love, joy, and compassion and for your profound deep commitment to uplifting and serving all life in its truths."

A full version of this six month course begins September 9, 2008 via teleconference. If you are interested in this or other course options please email us.

Cherie Skinner and Lea Greer

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Thursday, July 17, 2008


◊ I am never alone

◊ All I seek to know is within me

◊ I hold within me divine truth

◊ My truths will set me free

Cherie Skinner and Lea Greer
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Tenet One: The Soul

Establishing a linkage to the Cosmos, finding the truth about the long sought after questions of human life is, it seems, impossible. Those who espouse this knowledge are questioned, or their responses are accepted blindly without due consideration. In human history there is no physical proof – it seems – of God or a “spiritual” self.

Although little understood, there is a commonly referred to Soul that is alive within each of us and holds all of the truths of the Cosmos including why we are here, who we are, how the Cosmos works, is there a God, why is there harm, what is my purpose, etc. Accessing and connecting consciously in each moment to this Soul and living life through the perspective and beingness of the divine Soul is Self Realization. This brings forth the wisdom and knowledge of the Cosmos.

The Soul, created by the Godhead, is purely holy and alive. It can make no “wrong” choice, is linked throughout the Cosmos with all else, sees and knows truth, holds wisdom and is a creative, powerful energetic force of uniqueness accessing instantly the truth of this world, the “right” action to take, and a state of being that is love itself with compassion and understanding for all, plus a causative, joyful force that creates in the moment all that is needed and or desired.

What most call God, and we call the Godhead, lives at the Central Sun of all of the universes. It is the Central Sun of all creation. Our term Godhead allows that the Godhead is a blending of male and female energies. From the pong energy of the Godhead all is created, including evolving humans. The Godhead creates each Soul individually, unique amongst all the universes but part of the collective and collaborative motion and brotherhood of all. Each individual Soul is then assigned to a Council (soul family) of three and an inter-life teacher to begin their journey of learning and evolution. This time spent with the original Council, who are all new Souls, and the teacher or teachers allows the individual Soul to grow in understanding about who they are, what they do, what options they have and eventually what life they choose to experience first.

Innate in the encoded pong energy created by the Godhead are the qualities of love, compassion and joy. These energetic vibrations and way of being are the building blocks of the Cosmos and in all things. The Soul is created then as a loving, compassionate being who operates and creates from joy through free will. Advice can be given and knowledge broadened through others but from the moment of creation the evolutionary being chooses. We chose the life, the experience, and through those choices moment-to-moment, our experiences, surroundings, work, relationships, etc. The original choice at the inter-life school allows the Soul to choose a third domain (dimension) planet they want to live on in form, the country or region, their physical parents, perhaps key experiences and life goals. These choices determine on Earth, for instance, what country, race, religion and socio-economic status the life will hold at birth. These choices are based on optimum learning, Soul growth and perhaps contributions made through the opportunities and challenges provided during that life path.

Imagine sitting in the circle of your brothers and sisters with your teacher and having available to you a vast array of experiences in many, very different worlds projected in a hologram before you. You can choose to have a life of physical ease and wealth, a life of great accomplishment, a life learning about human love and how is it a distortion of divine love, a life supported by and intrinsic to nature, a life fostering community or bringing forth joyful new music. The options are seemingly endless and open to your joyful exploration, learning and contribution to the whole. Separation from all you know is difficult to conceive and yet you happily and willingly step into a form in this world of duality where you know you will forget who you are. You know that at birth you will be fully who you are, Soul in form, but with each moment and day that passes you will have experiences that negate what you know, so to survive you will choose to adopt what is presented to you, mostly on an unconscious level. The Soul does not choose this stepping away, the ego-personality chooses it in order to protect you, gain what is deemed desirable and even survive. The consequences of not doing so raise fears about not surviving even in infancy. And it is these decisions, made often very young, that rule your physical dual life although the Soul’s voice always remains pure and true, loving and encouraging inside. You may have a thought, a feeling, almost a remembrance that it does not have to be this way. There is throughout the dual life a feeling of separation, of not being loved, an aloneness and foreignness that is inexplicable but pervasive. The Soul is, and continually coaches and guides even though we may not know that is what we feel, hear or sense.

Souls are created for all sentient life in the Cosmos. As evolving beings, humans have the opportunity to learn and grow in knowledge, wisdom, love, compassion and joy and when their hearts are truly open, wishing harm to none they are ready for the fourth domain. And so the journey continues from the third domain to the final twelfth domain. Other beings are created by the Godhead to serve other purposes and their Souls and perhaps domain location are created at the time of the “birthing.” All of the orbs, for instance, including Solaris or the Suns are created as tenth domain beings. Within that domain they also evolve in their knowledge, wisdom and abilities. Animals are sentient beings who evolve through the domains to the tenth domain, and can voice their preferences for experiences for different animal lives but they do not have free will and are, in the end, assigned experiences that best afford growth and perhaps service to other life forms. All animal and plant life are created by the Godhead to create harm to none. It is a rare attribute in their domain worlds where the animals, like Earth’s evolving humans, fall away from their innate state of being, perhaps change physically, and create harm to other life. The Godhead did not originate this. It is the result of being in an environment of duality.

The young Soul decides then on a life on Earth, chooses parents and goals for the life. When the mother is impregnated the Soul comes forth and hovers around the growing fetus and the mother. Outcome of this impregnation is known by the Soul. Perhaps the fetus will not live to experience physical life, but through the experience in the womb the Soul and mother gain what they have chosen to learn. The moment of departure from the physical form is known by the Soul before the pregnancy begins because the Soul has chosen to come into form and has pre-determined certain outcomes for the life including the length of life. If the babe is to be born the Soul stands by and at the moment of birth, for the first time, the Soul anchors itself in the babe’s heart. There this energy will remain throughout the life. The Soul experiences life through its chosen form – male, female, tall, short, rich, poor, Chinese or American, in a loving home or one that rejects and is not supportive. All is preordained and determined to be the right choice according to divine law for the next step for this Soul. In human life, one chooses and it is these choices that are either in alignment with the Soul’s choices or are picked because the personality overcomes the inner knowing of what path to take, what action to choose, what way to be in this world.

All creation works according to divine laws. The physics of domains and thus their universes are different. The experiences of evolving beings in different domains are also different. The ability of individuals to know their true self – the Soul – on this Earth varies according to the individual's willingness and commitment. When learned, the truths that are found within always stand according to divine law, which cannot be set aside. On Earth, humans made the choice for “more” rather than flowing with that which had been created purely from Soul awareness so a world of duality was created. The dual nature of existance unknowingly separated humans from their own divine nature. This pulled this third domain world we live in out of alignment with divine laws. And yet, the Earth remains in orbit, the Solar System part of this universe and stabilized for life during this phase of evolution. All in accordance with divine laws. There are only a few other places in the Cosmos where duality occurs and each third domain Soul must experience one of these in their journey. Stepping past the world of harm to the essence of who you are – love, compassion and joy – in a world of duality is an essential component of the journey of each Soul.

Souls who have evolved past the third domain have the option of experiencing lifetimes in that domain or any domain below. This choice is given, again, for the Soul to learn, expand and contribute although at times lives are chosen just for the experience or fun of it. But, each experience always adds to the wisdom and understanding of the Soul. Souls with expanded understanding, from higher domains can experience multiple lives in physical or in energetic environments at the same time. Or, they can participate as a Soul energetically with a particular planet or location of their choice. There are no new Souls here on Earth today. Each of us has had many lifetimes before. The planet is undergoing an evolutionary shift to the fifth domain and many have come into form, or are here energetically from higher domains to participate in this incredible event, to serve, to learn, to observe. Everyone who came into form during this time has the opportunity to move up to the new energetic world which holds no harm. It is an individual choice and achieved if you have an open heart and wish harm to none.

Salvation, as mentioned often by Christians, is in truth remembering who you are. When you remember and start to consciously listen to that inner voice you move, in the moment, into the divine flow of all you are in God’s world. This brings you closer together with your Council, your love of all there is, the compassionate understanding about why you stepped away but were never lost, the realization that you are never alone, and the ability and power to create, in alignment with divine law, a life and world of beauty, peace, knowing and creation in right order all you need and desire including that which is for others. Selfishness is impossible for the Soul to experience. Generosity and giving is all you have known and all that is joyful and complete.

Those that are called extraterrestrials are evolutionary beings from higher domains. We call them the Brotherhoods; each is from a different location in the Cosmos. They are present on and around Earth in large numbers to assist with this planetary evolution and work with some individuals in co-joined purpose. Members of the Brotherhoods will be a visible and collaborative part of the new world. Now, they work with those who can see and/or hear them. Or they work through thought forms for those who are less aware. They bring innovative ideas for sculpting a new world that will not harm any living thing including the planet herself.

The truth is, that the truth of all is within each of us, held within our Souls. The knowledge and recognition that we are the Soul in physical form is forgotten due to the half-truths fed to us throughout our lives in this dual world. But despite this apparent, but not real, separation we have inner urgings, insights and thoughts from our Souls throughout our lives that guide us. We recognize injustice, the pain of others, the unfairness of greed, the hoarding and unequal sharing of the Earth’s abundance. Perhaps the thought, “It does not have to be this way,” has occurred to you. Where does this come from, this knowing without ever being taught? It comes from the Soul. We were created as love, compassion and joy and nothing can take that fully away. Even those who we call “evil” have simply stepped far away from their innate divine self but it remains there within each of them also, waiting to be heard.

The compassion we all feel within us can be extended to ourselves and others as we recognize that everyone here in this duality has been led to make choices that were not in alignment with the divine within, but we did the best we could. We are still the Soul which resides in each cell of our bodies – the only life force we have. Divine, and learning much from this journey on Earth, each of us can use all of our wisdom, abilities and powers for the benefit of others now or perhaps later in other worlds.

Being the Soul and using the form as a tool allows knowing without deciding, calling forth the wisdom and perspective of that which was created in divine form. This state of being is beyond pain, doubt, fear, greed, guilt or anger. Soul is, as divinely created, a unique and identifiable energy that flows with Cosmic laws, is consciously aware of all beings present in form and not, and collaborates moment-to-moment with the brothers and sisters of their Council easily and effortlessly. The flow, the joy, the love, the compassion and the peace of being are beyond human dual experience and yet are available to us all by simply turning inward, laying down all doubt and fear and accepting that this is our truth of being.

Physicality is a beautiful experience. The sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings in the physical body are unlike those experienced outside of the form. Earth was created to be a loving and abundant planet for life in many forms to co-exist in love and harmony. The propensity for humans to collect in community is a Soul trait as nothing is ever done alone. We are never alone. You have, from your first experience, been with a Council of brothers and sisters. They have been with you each moment of this life – and all of the others you have lived. Your Council is very well known to you. Each action you take is and has always been with them as your loving supporters and co-creators. It is a natural state then to reach out to other humans, plants and animals to be part of your community as you move forward, each taking their own unique role in the whole, the cosmic whole.

In all creation none stands above
The divine gifts given to the evolving soul
With a lightness of touch and a generosity of spirit
The divine gifted their abilities unfettered
So all could choose to create unlimited possibilities
Of beauty, love and glorious wonder
Cherie Skinner and Lea Greer
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