Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Children

There has been much written about the children, the indigo and crystal children for instance, and how to “handle” them, who they are, etc. It has been noted in published materials also that the children who are categorized as such may be difficult to raise.

Join with me in shifting your perspective from what is in the third domain to what is becoming. Since 1945 large numbers of higher domain beings have taken form on this planet and they continue to do so. Everyone who lives now and in the future has the capacity to have an open heart and harm to none – the criteria for living in the new fifth domain world that is being created. Some have, through free will, chosen to step away from their soul’s desire to move up with the planet, some are continuing on and will become part of that new culture. We cannot view humans now like we have in the past, and that includes the children.

Our world and all its cultures have certain norms that one is expected to fit into in order to function and be socially acceptable. This applies to each area of the globe in particular ways, throughout are the rules of duality and a mandate that everyone conform. Those who do not, especially the children, are judged, ostracized, forced and/or coaxed to conform, We see the differences especially amongst the children because they are our children and we must deal with these differences each day. What do you do with a child that will not conform to the rules of the classroom consequently constantly making trouble? What do you do with a child that will not eat what you eat, does not participate in what you are doing, has odd ideas and ways that are peculiar and unbefitting a socially acceptable child?

Step back, consider that higher domain beings who have been coming into form here on Earth since 1945 – we are adults, children, teenagers, elders. We have exhibited differences that have affected this world and contributed to its transition. Now, half-way through in this last phase we must stop and consider a different way for ourselves and in this is an acceptance of the differences in the children. Within us is a different drummer and since adults have buried much of what we innately know over time, we can benefit from listening to the infants, children, teenagers and young adults who do not have our road weary experiences, the light still shines within them, memories of another way are still known, an insistence on a certain way of beingness may still dominate.

The problems we have had with our children are not the child’s problem but the adult’s problem, the particular society’s problem. Not all children born are of a higher domain but those who are show us a different way early on, and continue to do so until they find it is not safe to speak of it and either suppress or forget, giving up to the pressure. It is a great gift to have one in your life. They can be your teacher or you can be each other’s teachers because you may also be from another higher world. Together you can remember and sculpt a different way.

I have experienced the clarity of knowing in a four year old child when he was correcting his parent’s behavior toward others, recalling a past-life experience on another planet, discussing (like a 100 year-old sage) his insights about life here. I know that others of you have also experienced differences both in adults and children that are irritating, socially unacceptable and/or odd and also awe inspiring. We cannot sit on ourselves or our children of any age, including infants, any longer. We must open to our own knowing about what is right action even though it goes against the social norms, and our ego brain resists in fear. We must also get out of the way and allow the children to be who they are fully, without judgment, without doubt that they will bring forth a new way of being because that is why they are here. We must cherish and be grateful for our personal differences and those of all ages. If you observe you can see the shifts over the past 60 plus years in our world – the opening up. Imagine what could have happened if we had all honored our inner knowing, followed what we knew to do rather than what we thought we had to or should do. Take this and imagine what the younger generations are capable of if we get out of their way, support them, love them, lay aside all judgment and shoulds.

If you want to know how this new world is going to look all you have to do is look within at your wishes and dreams, your frustrations, the compassion you feel, the indignation you experience with different occurrences on this planet now and throughout the past. What is it about? What are those inner thoughts and feelings telling us? Listen to yourself, listen to the children. The clarity is there if you will step beyond what you were told to believe, to what you know as truth. I have worked against inequity, unfairness, lack, hunger, pain, harm, punishment, lack of freedom, lack of opportunity, confinement mentally, emotionally or physically. We have broken through some of these barriers at a certain level in the past 60 years – women’s rights, better food, housing, shelter, education for some plus a shift away from judgment based on sex, race, financial status, sexual orientation or religious affiliation. Those who pushed against barriers have created a more open and tolerant world in general but there are still two sides, still the duality. The interesting thing is that young adults, in general, do not see color, race, sexual orientation as a consideration and it is in this that I urge you to listen as we all lay aside the pain, the rules, the shoulds of the past and insist on a life lived as we know to live it as directed by the soul, and that we celebrate the fact that we have amongst us younger individuals who hold the right way closer to the surface and can reveal this to us if only we will see it.

We have a tendency to discount individuals who do not have what we feel are the right qualifications to tell us, to teach us. Universities insist on high degrees and yet do all of these professors really know about working directly in that field? We learn from our parents and then often set them aside when they are elderly as not worthy of listening to, or qualifying for our serious consideration even though they have had a lifetime of living, gaining experience and wisdom. Our corporate leaders are hired because they went to the right schools, associate with the right individuals and have a track record of making money. Is money the value in society? We honor celebrities with social status, success and the highest in society open their doors to them – is popularity a green card to wisdom? We meet someone, say hello my name is X, “what do you do,” as if this is the only important part of them that we value. Does it matter what one does to earn a living? What does that really say about them? Is that who they are?

I hold great compassion for all the peoples of the Earth that throughout time have suffered through this world of duality where we have lost our true selves and caused so much harm to so many. But if you pull back and look at the Earth from space you see no country boundaries, you see no lack, you see no pain for the imprint of this is not in divine order and cannot sustain. We know what to do. Our souls have spoken to us of this all of our lives, and for many of the youngest amongst us the soul may be still heard and known if not defined. Stepping back into the purity of our innocent and wise knowing, and having the courage to live in an unconventional way in each moment is what will create our new world. We have surface differences but we are all from the same mother and father, the Godhead, and we are innately the same love, compassion and joy. Divine laws connect us energetically as we are all co-creators of our lives and our world. Thus we are co-creators of our new world, but if we want the new, not the old, then we must start now, in this moment and in each moment, choosing our known truth not the way shown to us by man.

Many characteristics have been given to categorize the children but the truth is that we are each unique in our own particular ways. What is in right order is the foundation of what we are beyond the dress, the country, the particular vocation we choose. We are the same in our knowing because there is only truth and that stands throughout all time throughout the cosmos. Our children reflect to us what we know, have always known, and in their own ways urge us to remember who we are and what to do. Our homes can be islands of peace and harmony. Our personal worlds, despite the chaos across this planet, can be that. If each of us takes what is known and follows this from our heart-centered soul guidance then our worlds of love, peace and harmony will merge and there will be nothing else.

It is this road that we are on. With each generation alive today, and being born now, there is an awakening on Earth. This awakening will bring many changes to our lives and to the lives of all here, but what it will not change is what you know is right – the truth within you. The power and control that have been held by a few will drop away. The lack experienced by many will drop away. The containment of form and lack of freedom will drop away. The misplaced lack of honor for all ages will drop away. We are each valued equally in the cosmos and thus it shall be here. We can all have that which we most desire – true unconditional love for each other, and a community of individuals who live absolutely in peace and harmony while lending support to each as they explore with wonder and joy all that they are.

Look to the children for clues, honor them and bring this remembrance of who and what you are up within you. You are your soul – allow yourself to step forward and experience. Our souls are ageless as there is no time in the cosmos. The souls here have great wisdom and knowledge from many experiences. We have all been in many worlds, had many opportunities to understand, to love, to participate and contribute throughout the cosmos. Know this when you look at another. Know if they have chosen to step away or if they are stepping forward into their natural state of being. Respect everyone who moves forward to their innate state of being and acknowledge the courage it takes to walk a different road, and live differently from the old third domain mandates while all is still in transition and many cannot see what is occurring.

There are no leaders, only those who choose to have expertise to contribute to this world. There are no degrees, only those who have the wisdom and knowledge to share openly and without expectation of a return. There is no age, only souls who are participating in this material world during this fascinating time of transition. There is no desire to have more than your brother and sister because your brother and sister are part of you, part of the whole, and in that whole we are all abundant and cared for.

When you look into the eyes of another human, of any age, see the wise old soul there, for that is the only life force within them. Whether they can hear themselves, their soul, is their choice and consequently their signal to you that through free will they have chosen whether or not to be a part of this change. Both choices are recognized with compassionate understanding. You change, the world changes, and there are many in the process. Do not fear being who you are because you are not alone, and soon you will meet many others who have also turned to their lifelong knowing once again. Enfold the children in your love and laugh with them as they feel the restrictions being lifted and their own knowing and gifts rushing forward.

The Children Speak

There are many youth and children who are already sharing and developing what they know. In Portugal, youth are expanding their innate knowledge in ways that support balance and ecological harmony. Their power of compassion and creativity find a perspective at Tamera, an organization focusing on training in peace professions, and the opportunity to participate in a project for truth in love. The youth take part in the Monte Cerro Peace Education where they learn how to act with compassion, intelligence and responsibility for a future world of peace. At the end of their Summer University 2008, where 400 individuals came together from 26 countries, these youth made collective statements and we would like to share two quotes from this gathering:

  • The knowledge which is necessary for a global change is available in many places once we have opened our eyes to see it. Now we have the possibility to apply it concretely.The Movement for a Free Earth - being the change - arises and is creating a global movement of people in many countries who up to now didn't know of each other. Every one of us can join the Movement for a Free Earth by making a daily decision between war or peace, indifference or compassion, fight or compassion. (This) is about cooperating with the global transformation. The movement will gain power when we understand the global transformation within us and within the world and become its agents and coworkers.
  • Where does the possibility exist to engage in something that serves everyone, changing the society and making this planet worth living – all without supporting the old system? It is important for me to be together with people in a way that they take part in my life, and I in their lives, so that trust develops among each other. We will reach this point only by continuously living together in a true basis of exchange. Community is the fertile ground for relations among human beings.

    Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
    Eros Dei Dictum, Inc. erosdd@gmail.com
    Eros Global Community News http://eroscommunity.blogspot.com/

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