Friday, October 31, 2008

Tenet Two: Compassion

This is the second Tenet in this series where core cosmic truths are discussed. If you have not already read it we would like to refer you to Tenet One: The Soul on this Blog.

Humans feel compassion, sympathy, empathy as the suffering of one or many is witnessed. Inside, largely undefined, is the knowing that this world does not have to be hard, angry, and/or harmful and many of us take steps to alleviate that suffering in large and small ways. This world of duality is expressed and experienced through us, perpetrated by us as we recognize there is another way but creation of that other way is undefined. The knowing that it does not have to be this way comes from the soul and the feelings we experience in human form originate from the truth of our beings which is compassion. Compassion in reality is a state of being which is experienced on deeper and deeper levels as we allow the soul to experience through the form.

We know that the Godhead and all that is created is loving and compassionate. This small world where we came to have this experience in duality is one of the few places where separation from self and the truth of being is forgotten. It is not that God has created such a hard, cruel world but that under negative influences humans have, over many thousands of years, created this world of harm because the soul in a human form came here and forgot their divine self, unindated in the dual nature of this world. Our innate qualities, including that of compassion, come through us and are felt by us but until we move toward a state of conscious unity with the soul once again we are not fully aware that we are compassion and that all in the cosmos is compassion.

Opening up to the compassion we are allows us to step further into our innate state of being and thus create a life of compassion and a world of compassion without harm. Compassion holds great potential for expansion of being, living, experiencing, knowing. Compassion recognizes

The truth of the interconnected wholeness of the cosmos

The truth of being that knows, and acts with innate understanding about the interconnected nature of all in the cosmos

The truth of cause and effect; all influences all

The truth that there is no harm when all is in right order

The truth that there is no judgment when all is in right order

The truth that we all have the strength of the divine to rise above human suffering

The truth that wisdom is driven by compassion

The truth that all life is of equal value

The truth that you are always in the presence of loving beings

The truth that you are never alone

Our attempts to right the wrongs in this world do not sustain because the world itself is flawed. Turning toward compassionate knowing allows us to understand that everything on this planet is of equal value and interconnected. There is no separation, no hierarchy of importance, no good done if harm is experienced in any way as a consequence. It is our responsibility to be the compassion we are, understanding clearly the harm done throughout the various kingdoms of life and how harm done to one is harm done to all. Being in integrity with what we know as the truth of compassionate knowing results in all thoughts, words and actions being in right order, in alignment with the nature of the cosmos and a resounding step toward revising this world from one of harm to one of love and compassion in all ways. It starts with us, at home, in the moment and expands out through all that is as we join together in being the compassion consistently and wholly.

The increased pain felt by many during this time of great upheaval is in direct proportion to the resistance one has to their own innate beingness. We are not creating a corporation or new government to address lack, poverty, illness. We must revise who we are and see through the lens of Self, the soul, through the wisdom of compassion to know what to do in our personal lives and in the world.

Being compassion, knowing and thus understanding of all life and how it interrelates lets us see and understand at a deep level why some create harm from the pain within themselves. It is not a natural thing for any of us. If you consider a world totally devoid of harm married with all humans acting from their compassionate and understanding you can understand, in part, the world that we are now co-creating together. We can understand without judgment that we can take right action in alignment with divine laws while considering the interconnectedness of all on the planet. For instance, from our knowing we understand that this planet was created with all the necessary resources needed to sustain all life forms here in comfort and abundance. There is no lack on this planet. The lack and harm is caused by the actions of humans either individually, in small or large groups or collectively.

Compassion, and thus knowing, encompasses how all is dependent on all and interwoven with all. The dual world is one where people feel separate from all that is, separate from the responsibility to act in consideration of all that is, and separate from each other, self and the Godhead. Most importantly, our knowing and compassion can open the doors so we can understand and forgive ourselves and each other.

Compassion for Self

There are many burdens to carry in this dual world. The most significant is our inability to love, cherish and be compassionate with self. Self judgment is hard wired in duality and through this self judgment we lose our clarity, our appreciation of all we are, the glorious experiences of feeling part of all there is and the compassion for self. The world is flawed – not you. It is impossible in this constructed reality for the human to experience the wholeness and beauty of all that is here. We are forever thrown off, forever facing fear and harm, the consequences of living a life here inevitably ends in feeling less than. We have learned well fear induced oppression and we use it even against our own self in constant criticism and self judgment which perpetuates the feelings of fear, aloneness, separateness and powerlessness.

We begin to co-create this world then with our personal journey to wholeness with the soul, then wholeness with all that is. All during this journey one must call forth the great compassion of being within. This compassion knows the human dual experience and no judgment is placed for anything you did or anyway you are, or anything others did. We are a perfect children of the Godhead who fell asleep, experienced the cruelty of a dual world and are now gratefully waking up -- like waking up after a bad dream. In being compassion all perceived missteps are forgiven for they are inevitable here. In being compassion you recognize that the actions taken by life on planet Earth were taken because the world itself is corrupted, not the life form. Humans, animals and even plants at time have caused harm to other life forms. Human life on this planet has conspired to protect itself above all else to the point where all life is threatened.

So forgiveness of self, compassion and understanding of self and others viewed from the perspective of the wholeness of being, and the knowing that all is interconnected with love and compassion, allows for the harm to drop away in one’s personal experience, then one’s personal world and finally the whole of our world on Earth.


Lay down the burdens caused by the pain and fear you have felt. Be free of all the misconceptions of this dual world and embrace the incredible compassion within.

Sit in stillness. Clear your mind. Contemplate the following by placing each statement in your mind (one at a time) and allowing words, pictures, feelings to bubble up within you, with resulting clarity and potential release from this ego-driven tendency.

Compassion is knowing. What do I know about my human life?

Compassion understands. What do I understand about my life?

Compassion holds no judgment. What do I judge in myself? Why?

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Global Community News
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.

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