Wednesday, December 16, 2009



It feels appropriate that I would write this Christmas season about Joy, one of the founding Tenets of divine truth. All in the cosmos is created from the Godhead with the building blocks of love, compassion and joy. We have spoken in this Blog about love and compassion. Joy is the third element of all there is – including you (see the label for Tenets for the other articles).

In human life we experience the human emotions of love, compassion and joy or happiness. Due to the waging wars of duality within us we have only the emotion, the feeling of these in moments. In truth it is core to your state of being, and each of the three can be called forward individually as appropriate so you can experience your self by remembering what each energy feels like, tells you about you, how divine laws work, how collaboration occurs, why wisdom is key to soul expansion. Calling forth the energy of joy in meditation and floating in it beyond your body and this physical world will tell you more about what true divine joy is than I can ever describe in words. I suggest you do this repeatedly until you fully remember your energy of divine joy and own it as an aspect of self.


Love is the building block of the cosmos, compassion is wisdom and knowing what action to take, joy is the power of creation. Since you as an Evolutionary Being were given by the Godhead the right, responsibility and power to create, this creation energy is one of the core energies of your soul, your beingness and how you operate in all things through your Free Will.

There are moments when we create in our human lives and feel joyful. Buying a new car and driving it home, parenting an infant newly born, embracing an elderly mother or sitting on a hill at sunset with the hush of the day settling around you. We orchestrated each of these, we were the creator of each of these moments, but in human terms this is missed. Creation is left to the gods as mortals figure it out, do what is necessary and cherish these special moments only when the joy rises up in us without our calling it forward. Actually, the creation of each of these moments began long before the moment itself so as humans we experience only the after-rush of igniting the joy within to begin and sustain the creation process.

Much has been said and written over the millennia about manifestation. We have all had moments when we wanted to have magical powers and manifest whatever we desire in the moment. The fairy tales and myths of old are filled with those who could do this. From Houdini to St. Germaine, the gods, goddesses and sages in many countries, and even the magic in movies like Cinderella. All carry our thirst for the extraordinary, the magical or supernatural. Certainly TV and movies today, not to mention electronic games, are filled with images and actions of those with “powers” beyond human. One wonders if Jesus appeared today and failed to turn water into wine or save Lazareth from the tomb if he would be seen as a great saint, god or god-like in our view.

The truth is that you have the power of creation embedded in you. You use it every day to create your life. It is a god-given power, a divine power far greater than any of the stories we have heard. Forgetting who we are while living in the human form forced you to forget you are a creator being. Perhaps most tragically, you also forgot that you hold great responsibility in wielding this power as all that is must be considered, for all is connected, before you decide and then intend/command creation. In this way we have turned the wheels of duality over and over, never learning from mistakes or having the ability to change our world – or so we thought.


Nothing is done alone; this is also true of creation. There are layers of encoded energy that are married together just so, in accordance with divine laws, to create anything and everything in our material world and beyond. Whether you can see it in material form or not the energy is flowing, combining, coalescing into its intended form – physical or energetic – in each domain. As we open to what is we see there are more stars in the sky than we saw before. The ships of the Brotherhood are seen often – close by. The colors, rhythms and songs of each creation are felt, seen and heard. We know what is occurring around the globe – across the solar system – in our neighbor’s house. We are not magic – we are beyond that human concept. We are divinely enabled to use this power of creation to assist, support, create anew not only our lives but other creations that assist and play a part in our worlds. When you look beyond the false constraints of physicality you see the geometrics of energy that holds the tree, and in this is the first step of understanding how we create.

When you know, decide and act in relation to creation you consider all that is, you decide what is in alignment with all that is and you act or place an intention to create something that meets these considerations. As a human you can never know all of the considerations about all that is because the human brain cannot hold it – but the soul mind does. Your good intention of harm to none holds all you do in alignment with this. So when the intention is laid, thought, said there are many, many actions by other beings and through energetic combustion that occur to respond to this command and deliver your creation. When you float in the bliss of your Joy you will recognize, and be humbled by your enormous power that you use for creation. But again you are not alone, so this creation you intend is the result of millions of steps energetically by many individuals including the Godhead who created the energy you are using.

By looking around planet Earth you would probably think that we can create whatever we want – there is certainly a lot that has been created beyond nature and the Earth herself. But this is only a fragment of all the possibilities. This is only the third domain where we begin to learn. Other worlds you may have been in have complexities unknown here. Consider this if you ever wonder if you can create a new kind of life, or if you can indeed help in the creation of a new world here. Using the creation energy takes diligence, focus and requires you to take full responsibility for what and when you create. This is not a burden as all you create is done through joy, and the magnitude of this joy is beyond anything you have experienced as a human emotion. To take responsibility means to create only that which is collaborative with all that is – harm to none, founded in joy and fully expressed from the creative of creation in you. Focus and you will know what is to come for you. Focus and you will know how to call it forth.


Begin to own that you are a creator being, watch what you decide and focus on for that is what will be in your life. Millionaires focus their lives on making money. Great artists focus on their art. Often other aspects of life suffer if their focus is held almost wholly on their goal. This is the power of creation and focus. Through the soul however, it is blended and considered with wisdom and due diligence in regard to what is right for all life. After you have watched your decisions and focus objects consider what you want to change. Remember this is not magic – or steps in a class on manifestation. This is calling forth the divine power of creation from within you to know it, own it and work with it within divine laws, to co-create your world and then the world beyond you. Decide after deep consideration one aspect of your life that is not in alignment with soul, that serves nothing but the ego, and with the wisdom of yourself Know what is in right order to replace it. Chose this and place the clear intention that this be so. Follow each step, each moment with the knowing that whatever the soul intends with clear focus will be. If, at any point you doubt, negate, wonder or fall back into old patterns your creation will be erased and never be. So it is with the soul’s wisdom and knowing alone that you can have this clarity of focus for conscious creation. This does not require Self Realization. It does require you to reach a state where you can be one with your soul and know, decide and then act or place your intention. In form, using the human brain you cannot know all the intricacies of how this creation will come about. Let it go and allow it to happen in universal timing – right timing.

Stepping into Mastery of self requires you to know who you are and what you are made of. The love, compassion and joy of you are beyond human understanding, but you can know it through experiencing it, then you can be it and use all of the gifts contained within to live and fulfill your purpose(s) here during this time. None of this is experimental. It is truth and you can know this truth for it is within you.

I hold you all in my love during this holiday season, everyone on all sectors of the globe, on every continent, who read these words in many languages. We are brothers and sisters who have come to be of one community in great celebration and joyful activity. I acknowledge your divinity. I honor your courage in stepping out of the mainstream to come home to yourself – knowing without words that in doing that you are coming home to true reality. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and glorious New Year. No thing will stop us from rolling back the pain and harm and living as is our right in peace, love and joy.

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News
Tome, New Mexico USA

Thursday, November 19, 2009



As humans we yearn for a loving relationship, seek for our soul mate, and have throughout our life multiple romantic love relationships of varying kinds from an early age. None, it seems, meet our expectations and few are satisfying. Love in its ultimate state in the human world appears to be romantic love that carries you away with a rush of emotion, seemingly lifting you beyond your normal life to one that is sprinkled with wonder and beauty, only to quickly transition into true acquaintance with the other – and warts are quickly shown. As defined in the dual world, it is then a love of compromise if the two chose to continue where each accepts the failings of the other and each gives up some of what they would chose to allow for the other’s preferences. Human love of children is the most long-lived and sustainable, as perhaps is love of family members and some friends who maintain in the life through many years and many transitions. All of this love is the experience of human love – much touted, sought after, applauded, coveted – and in the end disappointing to some degree.

We are taught in this third domain dual world what love is. However, like much of what we are taught, we feel without words that there is more to love than what is reflected around us in our life’s relationships, stories, songs and books. We know there is an ideal love but never feel it behind the veil of humanness except in rare moments. We search for it relentlessly and when in a moment we believe we have found it in another we feel as if we are lifted above all pain and sorrow to the heights of being. It is unknown to us while asleep that we are that love and that this love is the building block of all that is. It is not about seeking it out. It is about being it naturally, innately as easily as we now breathe. But this love – the love that is All – is not like human love. It is the lasting perfection of divine love that we have always searched for. It is the only love that once found truly sustains us and satisfies that life-long search. It is you, me and in all that exists. Constantly transmitted from one life form to another in a beautiful dance of interacting energy, this is what we experience in each moment as a divine being – as a soul. This is the love that is greater than all understanding. The love that we knew inside was there to be found even though we did not know where to look. Divine love is the building block of the cosmos and in all things in creation.

Different cultures, societies and religions define what each type of relationship should look like. How we must behave in each category of relationship, and what we can expect in return – for there is always an expectation of return. In our love of God we expect a return of love and perhaps help even to salvation – which is defined differently across the world. We are supposed to love and honor our parents regardless of their behavior, and follow their guidance and instructions in regard to other relationships around us, siblings, aunts, grandparents, teachers, bosses, authority figures, etc. We are molded to believe and thus behave in constricted ways to be accepted and to prevail. It is rare, and thus spoken of in quiet voices, that anyone break out of the defined way of acceptable relating. For instance, even though homosexuality has been known throughout history it is still frowned upon by most as unnatural. At the same time, in one culture I know it is the highest state – the state of true androgyny and thus spiritual knowing and results in respect from all others. Mixing races, religions, socio-economic status in a “marriage” relationship is often not acceptable. Changing religions, socio-economic status, cultures is not accepted either for this means a contorting of the individual and a different kind of relating and relationships.

We are a species that is meant to live in community. We are not loners. Since this is our natural way, community, we have created a world of community to the extent that all facets of our lives are in relation to others – home, work, relaxation, avocation and our spirituality. During our childhood training we are even told what our relationship with God should look like, and on the path home to self the human concept of purity and divinity leaves no question that relationship in that state does not include partners/husbands or wives.


Understanding what right relationship is in divine order with all that is, allows us now to move toward that end to live it fully as we become our own selves, our souls in form. We are what we believe. We create what we believe. Since we live through relating with others, changing how that is can change the planet. The fifth domain world that is currently being created on Earth is a world of communities and they are now forming. It is in divine order for us to never be alone, to always live and work cooperatively to support each other. These communities will function very differently from what we have experienced on Earth regardless of where you live, your past culture or religion. They will be as it is throughout the cosmos with harm to none, and focused on the collective support of each individually as well as all life in, on and around the planet – including the planet herself. This beautiful way of existence can start now with your relationship with yourself and then your relationship with those who are closest to you. The tenor and way of being with others does not change from person to person in our new world as all are loved, all are valued to us equally , all are your brothers and sisters and all are honored for who they are.

Since you are your truth, your beliefs, you cannot create anything outside of yourself that is not in alignment with this. Evolutionary Beings have the power to create. Each day you create your life as a reflection of who you are. You cannot create a relationship of unconditional love without judgment or expectation until you hold that as your truth for yourself. Judgment comes from judgment of self and is then out-pictured to the world. This self-judgment that does not allow you to believe you are pure, divine love stops you from owning and being it. First, know thyself. Even before reaching the state of Self Realization you can know the truth of your soul, that you are love, compassion and joy. In knowing this and holding it as your truth you live it and create a life that is in alignment with the truth you hold. Unsatisfying human relationships are a result of imperfect egos. Even when you try your best, are as kind as you can be, there is pain and fear within you that comes out. You cannot hold this perfection of love. Once you find it and the truth of it within you however, it is like a beacon and those who are that also are pulled to you.

Similar to the life you have lived, in the fifth domain there are many different categories of relating although all are held equal and all are infused with love. You may have a life partner now or you may have one or more in the coming years.. Committed partnership between a man and a woman is part of the fabric of fifth domain living. Individuals come together to love, learn and expand together. They may have an aligned purpose or simply know that being together brings them joy and support as they each expand and become more. This type of relationship lasts as long as the two agree is appropriate. Procreation between the two is taken very seriously. New souls are brought into the community only after much discussion by the community, the soul and the potential parents. Sexual intercourse is only for procreation. When living always in love and joy there is no need for seeking it through physical activity. A special note here for those who consider themselves gay/lesbian in this life, or who have chosen a life with a same sex partner (including all of my dear gay friends). Being gay is available only as a life experience in a third domain dual world. This gives you the opportunity to live life in the body of one sex and relate closest to that sex. It is a learning, a different vantage point to see material life from a different perspective. For those of you who have known you were gay from an early age, and in my experience this is most of you, you consulted with your Council and mid-life teachers before you made this choice. In alignment your form may carry more androgynous characteristics. The DNA is not affected. Remember, we chose how we will look before inception.


In fifth domain living the structures and rules fall away. Everyone, in every way is totally free to follow their heart’s desire. To do what brings them joy, to live where and how they chose, to create beauty and peace, to contribute as they will to the full community. Everyone receives the full support of the community to expand beyond their previous levels and explore new horizons. There are no hierarchies – including in relationships. There is no government – only wise ones who contribute their counsel when needed. There is no fear because there is no harm. The preconceptions, expectations and disappointments of relating in the third domain world are left behind. You are loved. You are supported. You are cared for and provided for in all ways by all of those who participate in your community and all of those who participate in any community on Earth.

Relating to anyone and everyone is a continual exchange of unconditional love and joy. Being an equal participant in the community returns to you all you need and desire to care for the form, be housed, fed, clothed, transported, entertained, etc. Consider how much of your energy and focus on relationships in this third domain world is honed to result in one of these things – love, security, safety, physical protection and sustenance, recognition, support and respect, avoidance of consequence and pain, a sort of freedom in your free time, an opportunity to explore new horizons, time with loved ones, expansion of self. Now consider if all of that time and energy in relationship was no longer needed. If it was a given that all will be provided, that you are loved, that you can focus on joyful activity and expansion of self without consequences, without harm and without judgment or expectation from anyone about what you should do or be. This is living in right order. This is relationship in right order. This is the divine relationship you have with yourself and with your Council. This is what you can create now.


In Contemplation place the intention to know and understand the following so you can move into unconditional love for self and others, and consequently loving and nurturing relationships.

Relax your body, clear your mind of all thoughts, connect to your soul energy in your heart area and feel its expansiveness. With no expectation, editing or doubt place the following intentions one at a time. Sit with what you see, hear and know to fully understand what you are receiving from your soul.

I place the intention to:

1. Know the core reason for my self judgment

2. Understand my disappointment about love

3. See what within me is blocking the love that I am to flourish within me

4. Remember the decision I made that I would never be truly loved

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News Blog
Tome, New Mexico USA

Thursday, September 24, 2009


A sentinel event has occurred recently in regard to the evolution of this planet and solar system. The higher pure energy of the 5th domain is now dominate and permeates all life on Earth. This energy is ever-expanding within and around every life form throughout this planet and solar system. This is a major step in the transitioning of this planet and all life in, on and around it. Transition and change are everywhere and each day evidence of this is before us. How we internalize this is personal -- joyful or fear based. So, how do we each move forward through these changing times, taking the opportunities presented to us in order to be the co-creators we are in the formation of the new way of being and living? We collaborate with each other, with all around us and with those who assist this magnificent movement of change in and out of form.

Who are these “those that assist,” is a question that comes naturally. In a dual world such as this one, life is often lived and experienced from a separatist state focusing on what is needed, how to get it, assuaging emotional feelings of lack into material gains. In this we do not allow ourselves to know that there is anything but what is experienced through the senses. However, there are many others participating on this planet - others that we can and assuredly do or will participate with. Collaboration and co-creation is the natural way of being for us and it is already known to us, all of us. In a dual world we tend to believe that all that is real and viable is what we see, hear, touch, taste and smell. This is a very limited and limiting way of living and experiencing the abundant riches that have been created for us all. It leaves most of our true experience latent behind the veil.

We at the Eros Seminary have over the course of this year, 2009, been exercising our innate knowing and remembering how life is to be lived, and how we can best experience a fuller meaning in truth in all ways through the Eros Community Garden here at the Eros Seminary. Community members who have participated on site move out of their old human perspectives of what can be done, to realizing how you can go about all manner of tasks differently by opening to Self in collaboration with all else involved -- from the energies present, to the energetic beings who are present to assist. We are at the beginning of a new era right now and each of us can open more and more to what we are, how we truly relate innately. We are also at the end and beginning of the planning and planting, with the summer garden completing and the fall garden being created. We would like to use this as a vibrant illustration for transformation through the creation of the new. There is no instantaneous event where all suddenly becomes whole; rather a continuing opportunity to take many small steps in the moment, building each upon the previous, to be all we are and to allow this to become how we live fully in form.


Our community garden was established for the purpose of experiencing, through participation, the wonders of collective focus in active co-creation with the energies set-in here through color, tone and geometric forms with our intents placed, and to collaborate for the abundant outflow of new life within a rare field of pure 5th domain energy. From this comes many opportunities for community members to shift their perceptions and release the old human ways of creating a plan, approaching action and physically participating. In the new all preparation, staging and action occurs within joyful collaboration and co-creation. This is a living dance amongst all rather than “work,” which allows innate knowing to surface and correspond with all those who are here to assist.

Those we refer to are many, varied and include higher beings focused upon actualizing the plan for the evolution of the planet and all life. The garden is part of this plan in that it is a global seeding activity so humans can now begin to collaborate with many other beings, in and out of form, to create communities in the new ways, while meeting the sustenance needs of every life form. We worked with, for instance, one higher being of great purity. He is intrinsically involved with this unique garden project, but holds ultimate responsibility for the creation of the new 5th domain communities and the evolution of all life throughout this solar system. His wisdom and knowledge is vast. He attends to the evolutionary transition in manifold ways to ensure that all culminates in perfection. With this being’s guidance and assistance the energies laid in, on and around this Eros Seminary location hold not only the energetic configurations that best support all forms of life throughout the span of the plan, but also continually provide unique actual experiences for humans participating, of what collaborating within 5th domain energy is like moment to moment. It is no longer an idea of what might be --it is reality. There are also various cosmic groups of higher beings who specialize with particular focus on aspects of this evolutionary plan, such as evolving, existing and introduced 5th domain plant life; energetic stabilization of changes taking place and the continuous support of all life forms through their evolutionary processes – including humans.

There exist many, many other beings who assist in the evolutionary plan and also in this garden project. Some we call nature spirits or nature beings. These beings are all Angelics of the 12th domain, pure in their state of being, love embodied with harm to none. The nature beings present on Earth are of great service to us all as they use their diverse ways to serve this material world. These beings take different forms that best fulfill their purpose and are formed in awe-inspiring colors, tones and physical conformation. They live, act and correspond with humans and each other - laughing, singing and sharing in a state of great joy. One important being is actively participating in our garden project. He has evolved to the point where he knows all about sustaining environments in material worlds so he offers his wise guidance and knowledge to all other nature being groups in order to support not only their roles of service, but to also ensure their opportunity for growth and learning through their living experiences. To give you an idea of the expansive nature of their roles and diversity of tasks consider the Lumarnites.

The Lumarnites’ roles differ so they are divided into sub-groups. Responsible for the sustenance and balance in the evolving eco-systems they use water to maintain harmony in all ways. They work with large lakes and basins, joining river points, rivers of all sizes, marshy waters and swamps, small water tributaries on the Earth’s crust and below it, ponds and small pools, streams and waterfalls, springs emitting from the mantle to the surface, oceans, seas, deep waters in mantle sub layers below the crust and transitioning mantle areas of change that have moving water and deep aquifers. They consider everything including micro-organisms, shifting crust and mantle layers, life in and around the waters, and sustenance for all life supplied by those waters providing the nurturing required for the vast diversity of all life forms present.

It is our innate way to live in tandem with beings who we call energetic. In the new world this will be the case. Now, it is important to acknowledge that there are many beings present that cannot be seen readily with the physical eyes, open to them and engage with them as a part of life. The nature spirits live on Earth in a different strata so there appears to be a veil between us although they can see us easily. They will engage with anyone who wishes to open that door without harm. The higher beings come from many domains and have a multitude of roles for the evolution of the planet. You have your Council as well as other energetic beings you will/do work with. Again, open the door and engage with them as your normal way of life.


As is true in all collaborative actions in divine order there is equality amongst all involved in this garden, and consequently a richness of experience unique to each being, in physical form and energetic form. Skills are shared joyfully and all are appreciated for their contribution to the whole, according to divine laws. To give you some idea of the impact of this type of collaboration within a 5th domain field of energy, here are just a few of the awe inspiring occurrences that have been experienced here on this transitioning.

With all collaborating in and out of form, Seminary land that was fallow and wild transitioned into rich earth laid with grids of encoded energies prepared for planting.

While planting was late according to human perspective, plants grew and flourished within their natural cycles, everything growing and producing in alignment with earlier planted gardens in the area.

An abundance of animals that normally do not live in this area arrived and stayed: birds of brilliant hues from the east coast and Canada, hummingbirds from South and Central America and multitudes of butterflies in such richness and diversity of color and size that some have still not been identified by any source.

Beneficial insects appeared to assist in their own ways through nurturing and balance according to the plan. There was no need to introduce these manually because our intent and the plan enfolded all life designated to flourish and participate.

The company of the clear winged grasshoppers that move like waves through the plants sprang up. They are life and welcomed. They take what they need and leave the rest for our enjoyment and use. They have morphed into different colors in this environment -- golden, some with large jewel tone sapphire blue wings; some now have pink bodies, and pure white ones who live complete lives within the Indian Corns we have planted.

Life is easier by example as we witnessed all life in balance --feeding, active to their tasks and moving about, lounging on the corn leaves or flower petals belly up in the sun to rest. They remind us that there is opportunity for all for allowance shows that all will be done in right order, in a balanced state in the new world.

The tones of the various energies are felt, heard and experienced as the beauty of a developing melody forms, an energetic interchange between the soil and the varied plants. This touches our hearts and gives evidence to everyone who comes that this is what harmony feels like in action.

We have experienced extreme heat and dryness and yet all flourishes, all growing imparts to us, the human forms, a gift and we accept with gratitude.

Community members involved have experienced enlightening moments of instant clarity, heightened awareness and openings to their innate selves while active or just being still in this environment.

Now, the energetic plan is in place for the fall plants and it hums, co-joined with the energies of what remains from the summer still ripening. We can see, feel and join our energy and focus each time we think about it or step into a pathway. We sing to the seeds as we plant them in a new home filled with love, nurtured by all who are supporting this garden in every form. We take a period to just be with all that is here to lift our memory of living in this manner into conscious awareness, to expand further into living all that we are permanently.

In laying aside our created human concepts of how life is to be lived we open to all that is there for us in the here and now. We can know, see, hear and participate in great fun and joy with those who are ready to participate with us in all ways for the greatest good of all through love with harm to none. You can take the steps in opening yourself to wonders and the reality of YOU in this moment. What is shared here illustrates just a few great opportunities that provided a shift from the old into the new – this way you already hold within yourself. This is the way of collaboration and co-creating in the new world -- and the new world is being created right now. It starts within each of us and is expanded when we expand our awareness and allow our lives to be enriched beyond measure.

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer

Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.

Eros Global Community News

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Coming Year

As we move forward in 2009 and into 2010 we have both windows of opportunity on this evolving planet and things we must consider. I come to you with great joy as I see the opening in many around me and the co-joined creation of our new world as it displays itself to me in so many ways. This is not a time of “someday” but a time that is now. This is not a projection of what if or what will be sometime in the future, but a discussion of what is now with us, and what will unfold over the coming months. This is the year and we all welcome it with open arms as we know it will bring to us many blessings, personal expansion and walkways into all of the ways we will be together, co-create together and experience the new in all facets of our lives.

The Dissolution

While you may have had portents within you of these times of transition we have never known what would truly be. Lay aside all of your previous visions and feelings about this time and know within you the truth of this coming year which is the culmination of transition and dissolution of the third domain dual world. Rejoice in its coming and align yourself with the truth from your soul, the fifth domain energies present on the planet and stepping into your new life and your purpose. Choose in each moment to be in alignment with you, your soul, to the greatest capacity you can. While it is important to have a heightened awareness about what is occurring that will affect you, as well as what is occurring that will affect the planet, the knowing of what this looks like and what actions you must take in this regard must come from you. Every one has their own role, their own choices and in this everyone must make their own decisions – they are not interchangeable one with another.

I can assure you that there will not be nuclear war, this has been stopped. While wars in different areas might spring up the means to sustain the wars are not available to any government or group so they will not sustain long term, or spread unfettered into other areas. While there will be those humans who act out aggressively, in North America for instance, this will occur in isolated areas, soon to die down. This holds for all developed countries, i.e. Western Europe and Greece, Australia, New Zealand, India, Turkey, Iran, Israel, South Africa and many of the ocean islands including Greenland and the Pacific rim islands south of Indonesia. For all countries, including those on this list you must keep a heightened awareness of what is occurring, where you are to be and what you are to do in regard to your personal safety and moving forward in alignment with your soul’s guidance and the creation of the new.

It is important during this dissolution to be unattached to materials goods and flexible so that movement and/or provisioning are done appropriately. You know – trust yourself and lay aside all of the ego fear about “what if?” Many will move around during this time, some from place to place and some directly to their final destination. This may or may not be the case for you – again listen. If you are to remain or stay you must consider sustenance and if that will be provided for you or you must gather it together for yourself. This includes all of the provisions needed to live a simple life and care for those you may be responsible for.

As you read this and consider all that this impacts do not go into fear. Fear takes you into the past and the ways of the past dual world. Staying objective, knowing that you will be safe and cared for if you listen in each moment will guide you smoothly and peacefully through this transitional period. There are so many questions, and so many assumptions, rumors and such misinformation now that you must take everything in without judgment, consider the truth of it and the applicability to you and act accordingly. Every life has its own route. Your life is unique from all others. Your soul made a plan for this time, you simply must remember it.

The Energies

As my email regarding the July eclipse stated, all decisions regarding all life forms staying or leaving was set in during the three days of that direct solar eclipse. This includes the soul decision for each human about whether or not they would stay in form through the transition and into the new world. This is, remember, a soul decision and must be honored in each human. If you have chosen to stay you now have the advantage of related energies being laid to activate the memory of your purpose(s). For some, the purpose is simply living in these times, having an open heart and harm to none and a commitment to become part of the new world. For others there are specific activities that you will participate in. You can now know what these are. The memory comes in stages with whispers of, “I would like to.” It comes in thoughts from the soul but recognized by you as a yearning or passion for involvement in certain areas. In the beginning, this probably, but now always, uses skills and knowledge you have developed during this lifetime. This you will use in a different way for the upliftment of this planet and all life. Watch for these clues from within. Spend time with them, journal, talk with your soul and Council members and act on them in whatever ways are appropriate in the moment, even if this is simply an expansion of understanding about what you will be doing.

There are many layers of uplifting energy laid upon this planet, encoded energy to raise the memory within you and all who will remain -- the memory of being love, compassion and joy and living in peace, abundance and community with harm to none. Watch for this in yourself and others, even those who have not been on the road home to themselves. It is a wondrous thing to experience the reflection of what you know is the divine in others – even others who are still asleep. This is not just about those who have stepped away to find the truth. This is about the many who that have the capacity to be that with your support – as those of you who do remember, who have laid aside the veil are the leaders. You will be, or are now, of great assistance to those who have not yet remembered.

It is a beautiful, multicolored layered geometric of energies upon energies, upon energies that have been laid on this planet and solar system to enable and create the transition to the fifth domain world. You may feel them, see them or simply experience their impact. It is not about one incident, one door opening, one episode but about a continuous honing and co-creation of a matrix of energies that create a confluence of creation in the here and now and in the future. It is ongoing, extraordinarily powerful and incredibly precise down to the instant, the location, the affect, the purpose and the cohesion with the past energies laid and the subsequent ones coming. All worlds are created in this way – as is this one. Feel the energies, see them and absorb rather than react to them as they can take you forward. The unusual sense of them can make you withdraw but stop and feel the love in them and allow them to meld with and work with you to foster your becoming as they foster the becoming of all life here.

Embrace All That Is

There are 12 Strata in this Solar System with life forms. In the dual world their existence was questioned. In the world today, as we speak, many are working with beings in the other strata, on other planets and moons in the solar system and many who have come from afar to assist. This alone is not strange. What is strange is the world where we lived for a short time and forgot how life and living truly is. Celebrate that the time is near when we can welcome openly everyone we know and work and play with them as a natural way of being – our natural way of being. Such small lives are lived in dual worlds. We are complete with that experience. Now we can enfold in our every moment all we are and expand beyond our own imaging.

This moment
Brimming with opportunity
To live exuberantly
Allowing this love filled heart
To explode in radiance
Touching all else gently
Like dew touched moss

Relating to life
With one, with many, with all
Glimmering possibilities of delighted surprise
Unexpected gifts
Ready for choosing
In this moment

The very foundation of life
Love and Joy and Compassion
Pulsing in all that I am
Expanding outward
Uplifting all
In each moment

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Your Purpose

What is a Purpose?

Those who are awakening and coming into a soul driven life have a strong internal urge to move forward and contribute to the evolution of this planet in some specific way. Perhaps you have felt this and engaged in one or more activities that you thought were your purpose, but in time laid it aside realizing it was not a life-long passion. However, whatever you have done to date contributed to your human skills and knowledge and may be used later in your true purpose. With the ever increasing energy on this planet many are feeling an urgency to move forward, to engage in their purpose(s), to make a difference by contributing in service but we must remember that all comes in universal timing perfectly with all else, and while we may feel we are stuck or taking too long, perhaps it is more about us gaining knowledge and having time to prepare ourselves internally so that we can step into our role(s) fully and appropriately.

We are all energetic beings. Part of us participates as soul in form, the rest as the whole of ourselves actively engaged as appropriate in our true way of being, energetically assisting with the radical shift on this planet. You are, therefore, already assisting with the transition although you may or may not be consciously aware of this. Perhaps you get understanding in meditation, in stillness or in your dreams but this full energetic participation is usually just below your conscious mind. What you are to do through the form comes to you in pieces, in layers and there are hints over your entire life about what this is and what you are to eventually do.

We all decided when we would fully awaken to ourselves in our human life, planning this time in form to observe a dissolving third domain dual world and gather human skills and experiences that we would utilize later in fulfilling our purpose. What we do in stillness and activity as soul in form is done with a combination of human learned skills and knowledge from this life or another Earth life, and the skills and knowledge, wisdom, love, compassion and joy of the soul and all that this means. We gather the human with the divine and implement our purpose either energetically, through form or both and there is always a preparation time before the action of our divine self occurs through form.

Some of you may already be engaged in energetic activities where you leave your form, retain your human consciousness and work with other energetic beings to certain ends. You may also be aware that there are other individuals who come before, during or after you both in and out of form as part of the collaboration of the whole of all things. For some, action energetically comes easier than action through form. The reverse is also true, some act through form more easily than working out of form energetically. It is important not to compare yourself with others as we each have our own talents and roles that together make the whole and all are equal as there is no concept of less than in the cosmos.

Identifying Your Purpose

We must all remember that we are leaving the old third domain, dual world behind to create collectively a fifth domain world without harm. Understanding fully what, “with harm to none” truly means is the beginning of understanding regarding what this new world looks and feels like. The dual world is founded on wanting more resulting in harm and fear-based living globally for all life. What if there was no reason for fear because there was never any harm? Building on this premise, you can understand that our purposes cannot be built on the old world of harm. Your purpose then is original, a vision of future not past, and is built on the bedrock of the purity of you without any need for return or benefit, gain or glory. Divine purpose, as defined by your soul before birth, comes from the creative joy of contributing and collaboration with the understanding that your actions will help to create a beautiful world of peace and harmony for all life.

We must take what we have learned about this human world as we are still a part of it, and all we know as soul to remember our roles, our purpose and how that is to be done beyond what we have seen and experienced in this limited dual world. In every category of life: eating, sleeping, child rearing, education, communication, procreation, growing food, commerce, transportation, energy, interaction with nature, the waters, the Earth, relationship with animals and plants, etc. a new way is being brought forth and you may be remembering how that looks and feels without the external support of confirmation from this dual world. Many beings from the higher domains are working with individuals now to bring forth the new ways. There are many in human form that have brought ways from experiences in other worlds to apply here – and they will be remembered, or are being remembered. If you are talking to yourself, your soul, your Council (guides), or other beings who you work with they will all help you to remember what you know in order to implement new ways. It may be very difficult for you to believe what you are hearing inside, what you are remembering, what you know innately but do not find discussed or even considered around you. Trust in what you know and delve deeper into the truth of it. You know when you know the truth, and now is the time to build on what you know and remember. Talk with other like-minded individuals in form and collaborate with others in and out of form when you have an opportunity. The building of community is part of the creation of our new ways.

Pull the strings together from your human life, internal messages and perhaps information from others in and out of form and begin drawing the linkages to define your purpose(s). Look for what brings you joy, what you are passionate about even though you may have never done it before in this lifetime. Through automatic writing or telepathic communication with your Council and yourself you can get information about your purpose and then spend time in stillness or contemplation allowing your remembrance to come up into your consciousness, drawing a vision of what you are to do. You cannot figure this out with your mind. You cannot make a life plan based on what makes financial sense. You must simply allow truth to come forward, know it and begin the process of developing your memory. Some of us tend to hit the Internet to research any idea we may have, but there is not Internet yet for the future times. Those images and that knowing is only within you, and only you can bring it up by asking and spending quiet time purposefully focusing on what you are to do, where you are to go and perhaps with whom you are to work – in form and out.

Cherish the Moment

Each moment is magical if you are connected to all that is through soul. As you move forward toward yourself you are given information, and memory comes as you blend closer to yourself. As you become more of yourself, soul acting through form, you are also more prepared to receive information as you have dropped the reactionary ways of the ego personality, can truly trust what you hear, what you are given and then act fearlessly with the purity of self. Stay then in the moment, knowing You, leaving the past behind as the old way, and focus on creating for yourself, and then for the world, a 5th domain world from the clarity and purpose of your own self. As you master self, you open the doors to action and collaboration. The first road is always the road home – all else comes from that.

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



How many ways can you tell a story? How many impressions are there regarding the evolution of this planet? Each, reflecting on what is received from inside and out has thoughts, feelings, guesses and perhaps knowing about the transition this planet is going through which affects all life in, on and around Earth. Scattered traces and unclear messages do not serve us as it is time to step forward, know what is occurring and participate, each in their own way, in the creation of a fifth domain world – and all that implies – on planet Earth. Today then I share with you our truth in regard to the evolution of this planet. This truth, like all truth does not become truth to you until you consider it in stillness and find it within you. When you find it, my words will open and expand to all you know within about this story, what you are to do, how this is happening, for we all hold the truth of all – especially this incredible journey of a planet that we are supporting. Within you know.

The Evolution of the Orb Called Earth

Everything in the cosmos is energy, and it is through energetic transmission and effect that all is created and dissolved, including all that appears to us to be in material form. Domains, or dimensions, in the cosmos differ energetically and consequently each differs from the other in regard to physics, life and the state of being of each life form. This planet and this solar system are being slowly infused with fifth domain energy. At this time it is one-half fifth domain energy and one-half third domain energy; however the third domain energy is not being replaced, so due to its force and the dissolution of third domain energy the fifth domain energy is expanding. Every cell in your body, every leaf on the tree and bird in the air holds half third domain energy and half fifth domain energy at the core of its molecular make-up, in every cell.

By December 31, 2011 the energetic transformation of the planet and solar system will complete and as of January 1, 2012 all will be wholly fifth domain energy creating a fifth domain world. This transition is being done in consideration of all life and with the goal of retention of all life. The final phase of this transition began August 7, 1945. This movement toward completion of the transition has included a steady influx of energy causing a transition of the planet herself. This is all in preparation for sustaining all life in fifth domain energy, according to fifth domain ways of being.

We have witnessed transitions of the planet during these decades, but still to be noticeably present are the new life forms, the evolved life forms (including human) and the new way of fifth domain life for all. As part of our soul knowledge we all have full understanding of this transition – indeed that is why we are here at this time. Many stories of apocalyptic events, massive Earth changes, horror and desolation have been circulated. But that is not the way of the cosmos, or the Masters who are in charge. All has been handled with utmost care to support our comfort and continued lives as we transition to a new way of being. We are held in gentle hands with loving support for each of us. Those who have left, or will leave at some point before the final shift have chosen to do so. All who stay will have open hearts and hold harm to none – human, animal and plant. While mankind has devastated life on this planet and created global warming, this alone does not explain all that is occurring as Gaia herself is changing by choice and according to the cosmic plan.

If you have wondered if all eligible souls will be lifted off the planet during the dark days, to habitate the planet once again when everything is ready; or if you were going to be lifted off to a space ship; or if there was another planet that was going to merge with Earth – whatever the latest story is – now you know. Kindly and gently, as you would expect a loving God to act, we are all being taken up to a new way of life, living in a new kind of world that holds great beauty and allows absolutely no harm.

The Evolution of Mankind

As you may of heard, there was a long line of applicant evolutionary beings (you) wanting to participate in this incredible adventure at this time. Not everyone was admitted, there were too many, and those who were allowed to come all had to have the capacity to have a truly open heart and hold harm to none in a dual, third domain world. There are no new souls on this planet at this point in time, nor will there be any born before the shift. There are a greater number of higher domain beings here than would normally be in and out of form, as they all bring their great wisdom and skills to contribute their share in creating the new world. And, there are Masters here in form to lead the way.

There are those on the planet who are now Exalted (Enlightened) and those who are Self Realized. They have moved up in consciousness early to lead the way, and to take many physical and energetic actions in co-creation of the world that is being created now. Beings that live in fifth domain worlds live as soul in form. There is no ego-personality. Those of you who have moved toward coming home to yourself, your soul, over the years are moving through the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical transitions necessary to be all that you truly are. It is correct that the form goes through many changes, in all systems down to the DNA for it must revise from a dual world form, and go back to the physiology of its original design in order to accommodate the soul and function optimally without disease, aging or death as we know them.

The Fifth Domain Communities

Those of us who are aware are in transition with the planet whether we recognize it or not. If we do no want to participate we remain stuck in the old dual world that is dissolving. If we have chosen the new way, perhaps without clearly knowing what that is, we are in transition and that means transition of your life in every aspect that is not in divine order at this time. Many are looking at a change in every aspect of their life – location, activities, relationships, etc. All have suddenly come up for review and some demand for change. Perhaps you have made decisions previously. Known where you are supposed to live. Known whom you were to have relationships with and what activities you are to participate in, including those which support your chosen lifestyle. Whatever your current state of consciousness, know that now and until fall of 2011 many will be called on to make changes in their lives in preparation for alignment with the new communities that are coming together worldwide as the new fifth domain world. Some individuals will move more than once before finally settled. Some will step out of occupations, relationships, obligations -- all to commit to an alignment with the new way of living.

The longing for a loving and supportive community has been a theme for decades and many have set-up different models of community for living. Most did not work. We must set aside all pre-concepts about living in community from a human perspective. The communities that are now being created are pure of thought and intent and hold the foundation for fifth domain living. It is not about collective living. It is about truly creating a sharing community where all contribute, all prosper, all honor one another and all play and celebrate life and living from the full essence and beingness of the soul. Nature is honored as part of the whole and animals, all harmless and never harmed, free to interact with humans as they wish.


This is my truth as I know it, see it happening and participate in it. You too can know it, see it happen and participate in it consciously with understanding of your part. I have listed some Practices in Contemplation for you in the next session. If you use these they can help you open the internal doors to your soul’s knowing about this miraculous shift. This will help you to gain clarity about stepping forward with joy and ease as we all gather together to co-create the new world.

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News



Sit quietly, breathe, clear your mind and be totally relaxed mentally and physically. Connect with the soul energy in your heart area – feel the love. Place the intention to receive clarity about each of the following separately. Wait and your soul will bring you words, images, impressions and/or thoughts. Wait until you know you are complete.

You can begin by saying, “I will have the truth of the matter.”

1. The evolution of this planet

2. Why I chose to be here during this time

3. What my next step is

You can, of course, ask yourself, your soul, anything you want. After all, you are the soul. You could also take points I made in my Evolution post and ask for more information and clarity about that. Information comes according to your willingness to receive. The soul is always ready to help and assist. If you would like, journal what you get and sit with it later. The information will expand and become clearer.

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News

Friday, April 3, 2009

Being Unlimited

We all have feelings about living in a material, limited world. Perhaps as a child you dreamed of flying. Today you may indeed fly through the meridians across the planet and/or to other worlds. Whether you limit your life to the definition of the third domain physicality or experience and know that you are an energetic being in an energetic cosmos, there still remains the human perception of being limited and of limitless at the same time. Spiritual teachers and books talk of this, teach both theory and application of unleashed ability in various ways. It is obvious to us all that we live our lives as physical human beings who may occasionally venture beyond this world, this planet but still we have little understanding of what being limited and limitless is truly. We live the intellectual understanding of it, not the reality.

In general, being limited implies constraint and being unlimited is interpreted in the brain as beyond what we can calculate or imagine. Infinity, for instance, a synonym of unlimited extends space beyond our ability to measure it, imagine it and/or visit it. These are human concepts understood based on what we have learned on this planet as humans – from others, in schools, the pages of books and our own experiences. Since the brain’s capacity itself is limited it cannot grasp the unlimited. When you think about the Godhead, the size of the cosmos, the origin of life the possibilities of truth are so vast that we often settle upon whatever human definition we feel most comfortable with, or we simply accept we do not know and let it go at that, perhaps hoping that same day we will have clarity and the truth of the matter.

One of the most amazing focus points of this planetary transition that we are going through is that we can finally know cosmic truths. We have available to us the answers to all of the age-old questions about the divine, the human species, the way the universe works, etc., etc. within us. Within we can also know about ourselves and finally understand what being limited versus unlimited really means. Not in a concept but in a usable, conscious way that we can live and enjoy.

Our Limits

We live on an odd little planet that is a dual world. This is not the way of the divine, nor is it the way of the cosmos. There are very few planets with life that are dual and the core element of a dual world is that we forget who we are. Our soul is within us but we build over time the concept that everything that exists is felt, seen, or experienced through the human. We are consequently limited by our own concepts of what reality is and so we stretch ourselves only within what is known and that is very limited indeed. We contain ourselves to the physicality of body, place, imagination, creation and living day-to-day. Our dreams and aspirations have to do with this world we experience and even though we may be very creative, we create within the confines of the physical not knowing, not recognizing and not participating in the truth of our world and all worlds beyond.

Our lives in the developed nations seem so rich to us compared to what was before and what some may experience in undeveloped areas of the globe. We are excited about the new horizons in science and technology and enjoy our new technological gadgets and consumer goods. We work to obtain and enjoy all that is created in the physical world so that we can live a lavish life on Earth. Every moment of concentration and effort on the physicality of place and outcome takes us away from the truth. Our survival feels like it is dependent upon obtaining and performing in physicality.

We are not, of course, physical. Nothing is as all is energy. The objects like our bodies, our homes, our cars and all we see around us is energy vibrating at a level where we can see it, feel it, experience it as part of this material world – but it is all energy none-the-less as is everything in the cosmos. Our concept of physicality, as being the whole, is our jail and the bars that create and maintain our limited state of being.

Dismantling the Walls

There is, of course, nothing in the cosmos that is unlimited. There is no infinity. These terms are simply an indicator of what we as humans can conceive of. Everything in the cosmos has definable parameters, is contained in and ruled by divine laws, follows certain physics, and is created and dissolved according to a plan within universal timing. Our concept of time and space are not the truth of the cosmos. We can instantly break free from human definitions of time and/or space to travel, to observe, to revisit, to experience and participate. This is not about mind over matter; it is about soul over human personality.

There are twelve domains (dimensions) within the cosmos and you live in one of these domains. All of us here are participating temporarily in physicality but we are not of this physicality. You are an evolving energetic being who, at times, has an experience in a material life. The material lasts only to the seventh domain, and there it is much less dense than here. The fifth domain that is being created on this planet now is also material, but also much less dense than our third domain. But even here in the third you can experience and live in this world of energy as an energetic being. Your limits are only those that you hold within you as the soul predicated upon your soul’s evolutionary state. As we graduate from one domain to the next we gain in knowledge, wisdom, skills, understanding and the purification of the love, compassion and joy that we are.

To remember and know that you have abilities far beyond what you experience as a human you must own that all is energy, that you are an energetic being and that your human brain cannot understand your soul and all of the wondrous capacity it has at your fingertips in every moment. You must return to your innate way of being to fully live and be without confines. You must merge with your soul and allow yourself, your soul, to live life through the form.

Defining Limits

What can I do then, one asks? What is possible here in this dense physical world? Let me begin by saying that if you can imagine it, you can do it. If you consider the children’s books, the science fiction moves, the psychic thrillers you can see what others have imagined – and this is through the limited capacity of the brain. However, that information is coming from somewhere. It is a tapping into the soul’s knowing however marginalized it may become through the personality’s perception of what was seen, heard, felt. Can you levitate and fly? Of course, but it is much more convenient to leave the form behind while you do it. Can you hear projected thoughts from others? Of course, telepathy is a natural state of being; words convey only a limited perception of true intent. Can you have an abundant life? Of course, you are a creator being and create what you choose in your life.

With all of this, and more, we must consider that humans now live in a dual world of harm. In divine order there is no harm. Human civilization was created with the promise of “more.” In divine order, all are equal, all are abundant and there is harm to none. Moving from the human perception of being limited to the soul’s truth about what is possible also brings the soul’s knowing about what is in right order in each moment with consideration of All there is.

In the creation of this new world many are now stepping forward to contribute and many more will do so over the coming months and years. New ways, new inventions, new technologies, new communities and ways of living are being grounded onto Earth now. What role will you play? The brain is a computer with all of the input you have typed into it. The soul has all of the knowing, wisdom and skills you bring here to participate in your own ways. The brain cannot know or understand the fifth domain but your soul does. We must all move fearlessly home to ourselves, fearlessly forward with all of the internal gifts we hold to create together in ways that we believed before were impossible because we viewed ourselves as limited, human and of this physical world.

Traveling to Venus or Mars is easy even for a third domain soul, and there are no beginners here on this planet during this time. Everyone here, and many of you are of higher domains, have brought incredible abilities to share and use for this upliftment of the planet and all life in, on and around her. What did you bring? Who are you truly? What abilities do you have that mankind would call miraculous?

A Challenge

The truth of who you are, why you are here and what you are to do this moment and the next is within you now.

Contemplate these questions by being still, clearing your mind, connecting to your soul energy in the area of your heart and waiting for information to come to you through thoughts, words, visuals or feelings. Repetition of this Practice can bring to you the truth of all of your capacities. Journaling when connected with your soul can also reveal to you who you are as your soul helps you to remember all you are. Place the intention to know: Who am I? What is my purpose? What knowledge, skills and abilities do I have to contribute to the evolution of this planet and all life? Be patient as the information will come to you in stages. Understand that the truth you receive is coming from your soul.

The Masters are here to assist in the upliftment of this planet and the coming home of all mankind who chooses to do so. Never before has there been this much assistance. The energy in, on and around the planet is filled with truth – as you are. Finally, we can know ourselves, come home to ourselves and live lives of glorious peace, beauty and incredible wonder through the fullness of who we are and all that we are capable of.

Never doubt that you are a divine being. Never doubt that you have within you what humans would call unlimited abilities. Stay the course and come home. Together we will create and be, share and become a new kind of world where there are no longer feelings of being limited.

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News

Thursday, March 5, 2009


With a world in rapid evolution and dissolution it is difficult to tell what is truth and what is false. Having been raised as a human in a dual world complicates it further as we have frequently been told half-truths and lies as part of the daily dose of input from family, friends, society, governments and even religious organizations. The harm done in this fear-based world is largely due to this, the absence of truth. Truth that is unalterable based on divine laws and which stands regardless of the situation, the times, the sender and/or receiver. In order to move home to Self – integration with the soul -- we must determine what the truth is. There are many who purport to have the truth, tell the truth, explain the truth, swear by the truth and live by the truth but is it divine truth?

When we are born our soul enters the body and we are awake fully to who we are and the truths of the cosmos. As we are taught to be this way or that, think, do and say this and that we conform to survive and learn through this process what is presented as the way on this planet, even though it never feels right. We do it to survive physically and to move forward in the world using this world’s rules. We learn well and eventually forget who we are and the truths we hold within us.

Truth, defined and created by the Godhead stands throughout time in every universe, every domain and every circumstance. This cosmic truth is not open to interpretation, negotiation or misuse. Divine truth defines the physics of the universes and the collective energy that created your soul and your form to use during this experience on this planet. The truth is that we are love, compassion and joy. The truth is that there is no harm created by the Godhead or the Masters. The truth is that you hold within you the truth, and it is that truth that you must access as it alone will show you the way and be your guide to come home to your self, create your life and fulfill your purpose.

Collective Mayhem

In this dual world with threatening harm and resultant fear-based living we exist day-to-day not knowing what tomorrow will bring. It appears to ease some knowing that tomorrow surely the sun will shine, although at times even that appears to be in question. The way of living, the rules and the inconsistency of information from all sources causes mental and emotional confusion that drowns out our own clear knowing. We are so busy surviving and making our way in the outside world that we have largely forgotten that we are inside, and we know how to peacefully, purposefully, clearly and freely move forward in each moment.

A cautionary flag must go up when anyone, at any time, in any form declares that they know the truth. We have all grown weary of the lies, and innately mistrust our institutions and leaders because their truth often changes according to their needs, and honesty and integrity is rare. Even then the human, clouded by their perceptions of this dual world through the ego-personality, can only speak of what they believe (at that moment), as the truth is filtered through their own perceptions of the world. Even those with the best possible intentions can relay mistruths as truths because all has gone through a processing in the human mind which was largely created by the ego-personality’s reactions, and consequently this is this person’s version of truth. We all know that if you ask 10 witnesses at the same incident to describe the incident you will get 10 different stories. It is the filters you see – the filters built since childhood based on experiences, perceptions, what was learned through example and what was decided along the way – largely unconsciously.

The truth, this divine truth I speak of, does not change and is never impacted by anything that occurs personally. Truth that is instantly changed through interpretation of one or many creates mayhem. It is no wonder that this has resulted in a global population that is suspicious, untrusting and judgmental of self and others.

Divine Truth

This Earth, universe and all the universes beyond are of such glorious beauty, complexity and wonder that glimpses into that world beyond this physical existence brings great joy and an endless fascination – urging us to know, “what else?” This dual world is limited in its imagination, creation and ability to entrance. Nature herself renews the wonder physically as seen in the sunset, the newborn babe, the rush of rain across skin and the free and true laughter of a child. It is all here but we are buried under misconceptions that must be dropped to see the truth right here on planet Earth – and beyond.

At times happenstance brings us to a new opening in our perceptions – a clarity and a knowing that is almost a physical sensation that is absolute and can not be denied, or if it is denied the negative results are witnessed. We all have these moments of knowing. Who knows? The soul knows. The soul speaks to us continually throughout our lives and it always, and only, speaks truth. Some may call this intuition but this word, and its interpretation is cautionary. Scientists report that women, for instance, are more intuitive than men. Is this truth? We all know from the soul and the soul is without a human label of sexuality. Intuition can be vague, a feeling or a sense of something. While knowing is unqualified in its exactness – an alert that penetrates all of the barriers inside to get to the conscious mind. You can feel it when you know, it is almost a physical sensation. While you may intuit and then know, the absoluteness of knowing must be recognized and honored, followed and appreciated as then it will expand.

For those who have walked the path of knowing and deepened that relationship with the soul up to having an open channel of communication, either through journaling or telepathy, you have reached the state where full knowing is possible. This is where we can all be and this is where we must all seek to go at this time on this planet. For inside is divine truth, knowing, wisdom, knowledge and the skills and abilities you brought with you, plus some you gained during this lifetime, to fulfill your purpose. Your truth is my truth for it does not change. However, if I say to you that you are your soul, the only life force in you is your soul, and that your soul holds this truth gained through many experiences, you can hear it but it is not truth to you until you get to know your soul, converse with your soul, begin to remember who you are truly. In this you find the truth within and a much broader understanding of that truth and all there is. The truth I present to you may resonate in you with an echo of familiarity, or like a sounding board of rightness. But truth is easily laid aside unless it is owned, inside, by each of us. Some may mimic divine truths in words, but if they do not live this truth they have not found it within themselves. There is no Master who can explain to you the miracles of the divine, this must be experienced to be understood. Mastery is mastery of self. Self Realization is knowing that you are self, the soul, and being that in each moment by being and living divine truth.

The journey home to self and all of the beauty, peace and exhilaration of living which this brings can start right now by finding your truth. We must all step away from the misadventures of dual living and sculpt, individually and collectively, a new world that is created from the loving truth that we all hold within us. There is no harm there. The fear we feel is due to old wounds that we can lay aside as one-by-one the truths become clear to us.

Each of us moves back into living truth in their own way. My journey is not your journey as we are all unique. But we all bring, in this uniqueness, our own contributions for creation of the new if we stand in our truth, lay aside what is not divine truth and insist, by taking responsibility and being in integrity, that our life be that truth -- no matter what. Beyond other’s expectations, beyond even our own patterns, habits and projections of what will be, we are in each moment true to the knowing and thus true to the truth we hold to our best ability – and that continues to develop with each effort of trueness and trust in our own selves.

Innate Knowing

We have within us an innate knowing of what is occurring now on this planet, and beyond words we understand the transitions that are happening worldwide, and within us. Since the creation of this planet the Masters have monitored and assisted in the evolution of this planet, and recently they have laid the solid groundwork for us all to use as we individually and collectively contribute to the whole of the burgeoning new world. Included in the Master’s strenuous attention to all facets of this metamorphous is the encoding of this planet with divine truths in many forms. Integrated in this is the encoding of a song that you can now hear. It is the calling forth of all who can hear to walk together, back home to a natural and glorious way of being. Here is the song. Can you hear the words throughout all on this planet? Can you feel the tones of this beautiful melody?

Song of Transformation

I am cosmic perfection
I am whole in being
I experience in joy and peace
I embrace the song of knowing
Change brings to me glory and Oneness

Practice: Sit in quiet. Breathe and still your mind. Contemplate one question you have that you would like clarity on. Place the intention that you will know, hear, and/or see with clarity the truth of the matter from your soul.

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News

Thursday, February 5, 2009

We Are Family
The Godhead, mother and father, created each of us who live today as humans as a divine evolutionary being, each unique and encrypted with the right of choice through free will and the ability to create. As humans we experience this through the creation of our own lives, moment-to-moment. As the divine beings we are, we participate in co-creating, on energetic levels, throughout the many universes of the cosmos -- each to their own interests, abilities and evolutionary status. We gather here now together to experience and remember being in form on a dissolving third domain dual world, while at the same time a fifth domain world in divine order is being created. We all witness this, participate in this and contribute to this becoming of a new world as the two energies seamlessly merge together, raising the vibration of all that is here.

From the initial habitation on this planet, and during the entire time that we have existed in a dual world state, largely forgetting who we are through the ages, we have been reminded of Godhead truths. All of us have been exposed to this truth in part through teachers and spiritual writings. These reminders have been purposeful and echo in the texts of all the great religions of the world as spoken by the Masters who came here in form for that purpose. Human interpretation of what was said can not blur the core truth. Nor can the added social mandates that were integrated in each according to the culture where the teacher resided at the time of their embodiment, set aside the immutable fact of divine order.


The Self is the dearest of all things, and only
through the Self is anything else dear. The
Self is the origin of all finite happiness, but
it is itself pure bliss, transcending definition.
It remains unaffected by deeds, good or bad.
It is beyond feeling and beyond knowledge…

Author’s note: the Self is the individual soul of each evolutionary being.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

(St. Mark 12.31)…You must love your neighbor as yourself.

Author’s note: reported source for this quote is Jesus Christ
To God belong the East and the West;
whithersoever you turn, there is the Face of God;
God is All-embracing, All-knowing.


Nirvana is the realm of Dharmata-Buddha; it is where the manifestation of Noble Wisdora that is Buddhahood expresses itself in Perfect Love for all; it is where the manifestation of Perfect Love that is Tathagatahood expresses itself in Noble Wisdom for the enlightenment of all -- there, indeed, is Nirvana.

Coming Days

We are now, and have always been brothers and sisters. From far beyond, originating from many universes, we came here to create this new world without harm. The seeds of truth have been laid throughout time and are emerging now more in their fullness to be retained throughout as the truth of the divine that is within us all. We know the truth of divine order that creates all in harmony and peace; the truth of love, compassion and joy that is in all; the truth of harm to none.

Many thousands, perhaps millions of us, hear the call from within to step up to ourselves and to bear witness to this time. To join with others with open hearts, and to co-create the world that is held within as a vision we know so well. We all have our part of the whole. Each knowing their own piece, and when and how to accomplish what is required. The dissolution of the third domain dual world is difficult to watch, but it is not of us, of the divine order and so we do not participate or contribute to this harsh and fearful world of harm. We interact with it, but we are not of it. Following our soul’s guidance, through perhaps the wordless knowing of our hearts, or the sweet voice of our soul we know where to go, what to do, who to join together with, what to engage in. We find the way to come fully home to ourselves so we can truly be all that we are, and contribute by fulfilling our purpose.

As the monetary, governmental, leadership, business, communication systems and all that is of the old duality deconstruct we Know what is right action to take. Where am I to live? What activities am I to engage in? Who do I gather with in community – here, across the nation, around the world? As we are all one family, born of the Godhead and willingly here now to participate, to contribute and to work joyfully together the yearning of many voices are heard. Many search to come home to self, to lie aside the old ways, and to find those who have the same intention. Lay down all that does not resonate with you and fly free in your knowing of what is right. The old harbingers of harm are leaving. The light is in and around you – the light, the vibration, the colors and tones, the song and words of the new world. Embrace it as it embraces you and step out with truth and rightness in new and wondrous ways.

Sit in quiet and Contemplate each of the following, saying I will have the truth of the matter:

Who am I?
What am I to do this moment, this day, this week?
Where am I to live?
What purpose do I have?

All is created in the moment. When you Know, Act and hold the Truth that it will be, all that is joins with you in that creation. Although many will go without, many will suffer, many will be lost during this transition it is not necessary to be of this crumbling world. Listening, honoring and abiding by what you know will open the doorways to assistance from many who are here to help. You will be shown what to do to create a beautiful life, moment-by-moment, here on Gaia as she expands into her new self with new life, peace, love and abundance for all.

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day Light

Do you hear the new song of Earth
Lifted on the light breeze
Playing along ocean floors
Singing in your heart?

Do you see the dark blue hue
Slanted across the pedal flower
Sinking with the golden sun
Brushing lightly against skin and bone?

As of late
I have hummed anew
And seen a glorious thing
As Earth herself buds new life
The breath of rebirth abounds all ‘round

Hark, the risen life of Earth
Divine in all that is
The clusters of the risen stars
Acknowledge our new light

Sit ye all in amid the heavens
And travel light within
The song of Earth draws you in
Like sirens known before

Lightly float to mountain high
And deep beneath the sea
Embrace yourself in all new life
From sun flecked glen to snowy peaks

I’ve seen a thing – tell all your friends
That astounds both heart and mind
A birthing of a newborn land
Through tone and song and light

down within
And trust your own sweet voice
That knows this all so well

down within
The cosmic songs
Reverberating all through All

It is just so
As you know it is
Beyond the doubt and fear

Be still the old
Embrace the new
The life once lived is gone

It is Day Light

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Global Comminity News
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Community Outreach

Mark your calendars!

Eros Gathering: Monthly open conference call on the second Wednesday of the month starting January 14 and ongoing.

Eros Class: Monthly for three months in Albuquerque on the third Tuesday of the month on January 20, February 17 and March 17.

Eros Gathering

We are very excited to announce that our ongoing, open monthly conference call will launch this month. Cherie will facilitate an interactive conversation for all who wish to join in. We will explore spiritual truths, the evolution of the planet and the transitions that are taking place with all life, the human perspective and our roles during this time, cosmic structures and how to proceed together. It is an exciting time here on Earth and we all came to assist. Please join us in community and share your prospective, what you are engaging with, and feel free to ask questions and/or pose opportunities for co-creative collaboration amongst us. We all bring our own gifts and have our unique roles but in that we all work together. It is time for us to unite the aware community for personal expansion, interchange, sharing and support.

To Attend

Please reserve your space by emailing us at Specify your name, email address and telephone number for our conference system. You will receive a confirmation email about a day prior to the Eros Gathering with the call-in phone number.

Mail your $20 fee to Eros Dei Dictum, Inc., PO Box 127, Tome, NM 87060 USA prior to the night of that Gathering. You can reserve to attend one or more months.

Time & Date

The Eros Gathering will be held from 5:00 – 6:30 PM USA MT each month on the second Wednesday of the month. If you are out of the country check your time against the Denver, Colorado time zone.

Eros On-Site

We will be presenting a series entitled Conversations About the Soul the third Tuesday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30 PM on January 20, February 17 and March 17, 2009 at the Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living, 2801 Louisiana Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM. Reserve your space by emailing Please include your name and email address. You can pay the $25 fee at the door with a check or credit card. We appreciate the church’s co-sponsoring this event and look forward to seeing those of you who will be in the area.