Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day Light

Do you hear the new song of Earth
Lifted on the light breeze
Playing along ocean floors
Singing in your heart?

Do you see the dark blue hue
Slanted across the pedal flower
Sinking with the golden sun
Brushing lightly against skin and bone?

As of late
I have hummed anew
And seen a glorious thing
As Earth herself buds new life
The breath of rebirth abounds all ‘round

Hark, the risen life of Earth
Divine in all that is
The clusters of the risen stars
Acknowledge our new light

Sit ye all in amid the heavens
And travel light within
The song of Earth draws you in
Like sirens known before

Lightly float to mountain high
And deep beneath the sea
Embrace yourself in all new life
From sun flecked glen to snowy peaks

I’ve seen a thing – tell all your friends
That astounds both heart and mind
A birthing of a newborn land
Through tone and song and light

down within
And trust your own sweet voice
That knows this all so well

down within
The cosmic songs
Reverberating all through All

It is just so
As you know it is
Beyond the doubt and fear

Be still the old
Embrace the new
The life once lived is gone

It is Day Light

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Global Comminity News
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.

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  1. HI to every one on Eros DD

    II cannot be apart of your teflefone conference, because my English is not as good that I could understand every one when we are talking on phone with many persons. But I ask you to inform the participants and the group you are gathering about this new project that is going on.

    Yes, we can create miracles. Share this dream with me

    Hi all

    I think the right energy flow brought me to this space.

    I am a German holistic therapist, channel and spiritual teacher as well as an author of spiritual novels. As a channel I perceive energies from every where if I like to. But the most important and always present energy is from all of us, here on Earth.

    We know that we are about to ascend because we have the strong desire to make a better life for all of us and our mother planet. Many groups are in movement and under construction. Every group is a cell of a new consciousness on Earth. I feel for sure, that we have to do something physical, combining all those groups in a way the whole world will see and be part of it.

    The vision is that we will form a human chain with more or less 30.000.000 persons hand in hand passing the Americas, North to South, all united in love and respect one to the other, hand in hand manifesting our new world intentions.

    I see all gathering with us because this huge manifestation cannot be ignored.

    Maybe you can see, just like I do, that the whole world will take part in this event, although they don’t form the chain with us. Even because it is a huge campaign that we have to mobilize and we’ll gather a huge amount of persons on the road, we’ll create a new consciousness in our world with


    This is what will happen on the event:

    A hug for a friend
    A hug for a stranger
    A hug for the enemy
    A hug for animals and our environment

    With a hug we make the other understand he is a friend

    With a hug we express friendship to strangers

    With a hug we give love, affection and strength

    With a hug we extend our hands openly to receive our opposite

    With a hug we give protection and comprehension to the weak

    All together we embrace Gaia and her habitants to give to her and all of us power, peace, happiness and love. Together we co-create our future in mutual respect and acceptance.

    Can you share this dream with me?

    Who likes to/can create a logo that we can present as the symbol for the event the BIG HUG?

    We receive your creations until the end of January. Then we all decide here and in other light-weaver forums which is the best to represent the movement/event of hugs.

    Send your design to

    Please inform all your friends about this project.

    Please respond to this article to my profile or to

    Unconditional Love

    Sylvia Klaere

    PS: my novels tell about this opportunity we have and in my vision it is all made and we achieve a new state of consciousness that helps to shift the world into 5th dimension.

    I’m sure it will be more than simply a novel.


    das sind meine Bücher
    Reise zurück ins Licht - Das Erwachen ISBN 978-3-8370-2645-0 und der Zweite Teil - Der Aufstieg ISBN 978-3-8370-5363-0
    und der dritte Teil - Im Sein sein ISBN 978-3-8370-8168-8
    und außerdem Das hat man nun vom Auswandern ISBN 978-3-86858-115-7
    wahre Geschichten vom Leben auf einer naturbelassenen Hazienda in Ecuador Kurios, unterhaltsam und abenteuerlich
    im Buchladen oder in vielen onlineshops wie libri oder amazon und andere. und


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