Friday, April 3, 2009

Being Unlimited

We all have feelings about living in a material, limited world. Perhaps as a child you dreamed of flying. Today you may indeed fly through the meridians across the planet and/or to other worlds. Whether you limit your life to the definition of the third domain physicality or experience and know that you are an energetic being in an energetic cosmos, there still remains the human perception of being limited and of limitless at the same time. Spiritual teachers and books talk of this, teach both theory and application of unleashed ability in various ways. It is obvious to us all that we live our lives as physical human beings who may occasionally venture beyond this world, this planet but still we have little understanding of what being limited and limitless is truly. We live the intellectual understanding of it, not the reality.

In general, being limited implies constraint and being unlimited is interpreted in the brain as beyond what we can calculate or imagine. Infinity, for instance, a synonym of unlimited extends space beyond our ability to measure it, imagine it and/or visit it. These are human concepts understood based on what we have learned on this planet as humans – from others, in schools, the pages of books and our own experiences. Since the brain’s capacity itself is limited it cannot grasp the unlimited. When you think about the Godhead, the size of the cosmos, the origin of life the possibilities of truth are so vast that we often settle upon whatever human definition we feel most comfortable with, or we simply accept we do not know and let it go at that, perhaps hoping that same day we will have clarity and the truth of the matter.

One of the most amazing focus points of this planetary transition that we are going through is that we can finally know cosmic truths. We have available to us the answers to all of the age-old questions about the divine, the human species, the way the universe works, etc., etc. within us. Within we can also know about ourselves and finally understand what being limited versus unlimited really means. Not in a concept but in a usable, conscious way that we can live and enjoy.

Our Limits

We live on an odd little planet that is a dual world. This is not the way of the divine, nor is it the way of the cosmos. There are very few planets with life that are dual and the core element of a dual world is that we forget who we are. Our soul is within us but we build over time the concept that everything that exists is felt, seen, or experienced through the human. We are consequently limited by our own concepts of what reality is and so we stretch ourselves only within what is known and that is very limited indeed. We contain ourselves to the physicality of body, place, imagination, creation and living day-to-day. Our dreams and aspirations have to do with this world we experience and even though we may be very creative, we create within the confines of the physical not knowing, not recognizing and not participating in the truth of our world and all worlds beyond.

Our lives in the developed nations seem so rich to us compared to what was before and what some may experience in undeveloped areas of the globe. We are excited about the new horizons in science and technology and enjoy our new technological gadgets and consumer goods. We work to obtain and enjoy all that is created in the physical world so that we can live a lavish life on Earth. Every moment of concentration and effort on the physicality of place and outcome takes us away from the truth. Our survival feels like it is dependent upon obtaining and performing in physicality.

We are not, of course, physical. Nothing is as all is energy. The objects like our bodies, our homes, our cars and all we see around us is energy vibrating at a level where we can see it, feel it, experience it as part of this material world – but it is all energy none-the-less as is everything in the cosmos. Our concept of physicality, as being the whole, is our jail and the bars that create and maintain our limited state of being.

Dismantling the Walls

There is, of course, nothing in the cosmos that is unlimited. There is no infinity. These terms are simply an indicator of what we as humans can conceive of. Everything in the cosmos has definable parameters, is contained in and ruled by divine laws, follows certain physics, and is created and dissolved according to a plan within universal timing. Our concept of time and space are not the truth of the cosmos. We can instantly break free from human definitions of time and/or space to travel, to observe, to revisit, to experience and participate. This is not about mind over matter; it is about soul over human personality.

There are twelve domains (dimensions) within the cosmos and you live in one of these domains. All of us here are participating temporarily in physicality but we are not of this physicality. You are an evolving energetic being who, at times, has an experience in a material life. The material lasts only to the seventh domain, and there it is much less dense than here. The fifth domain that is being created on this planet now is also material, but also much less dense than our third domain. But even here in the third you can experience and live in this world of energy as an energetic being. Your limits are only those that you hold within you as the soul predicated upon your soul’s evolutionary state. As we graduate from one domain to the next we gain in knowledge, wisdom, skills, understanding and the purification of the love, compassion and joy that we are.

To remember and know that you have abilities far beyond what you experience as a human you must own that all is energy, that you are an energetic being and that your human brain cannot understand your soul and all of the wondrous capacity it has at your fingertips in every moment. You must return to your innate way of being to fully live and be without confines. You must merge with your soul and allow yourself, your soul, to live life through the form.

Defining Limits

What can I do then, one asks? What is possible here in this dense physical world? Let me begin by saying that if you can imagine it, you can do it. If you consider the children’s books, the science fiction moves, the psychic thrillers you can see what others have imagined – and this is through the limited capacity of the brain. However, that information is coming from somewhere. It is a tapping into the soul’s knowing however marginalized it may become through the personality’s perception of what was seen, heard, felt. Can you levitate and fly? Of course, but it is much more convenient to leave the form behind while you do it. Can you hear projected thoughts from others? Of course, telepathy is a natural state of being; words convey only a limited perception of true intent. Can you have an abundant life? Of course, you are a creator being and create what you choose in your life.

With all of this, and more, we must consider that humans now live in a dual world of harm. In divine order there is no harm. Human civilization was created with the promise of “more.” In divine order, all are equal, all are abundant and there is harm to none. Moving from the human perception of being limited to the soul’s truth about what is possible also brings the soul’s knowing about what is in right order in each moment with consideration of All there is.

In the creation of this new world many are now stepping forward to contribute and many more will do so over the coming months and years. New ways, new inventions, new technologies, new communities and ways of living are being grounded onto Earth now. What role will you play? The brain is a computer with all of the input you have typed into it. The soul has all of the knowing, wisdom and skills you bring here to participate in your own ways. The brain cannot know or understand the fifth domain but your soul does. We must all move fearlessly home to ourselves, fearlessly forward with all of the internal gifts we hold to create together in ways that we believed before were impossible because we viewed ourselves as limited, human and of this physical world.

Traveling to Venus or Mars is easy even for a third domain soul, and there are no beginners here on this planet during this time. Everyone here, and many of you are of higher domains, have brought incredible abilities to share and use for this upliftment of the planet and all life in, on and around her. What did you bring? Who are you truly? What abilities do you have that mankind would call miraculous?

A Challenge

The truth of who you are, why you are here and what you are to do this moment and the next is within you now.

Contemplate these questions by being still, clearing your mind, connecting to your soul energy in the area of your heart and waiting for information to come to you through thoughts, words, visuals or feelings. Repetition of this Practice can bring to you the truth of all of your capacities. Journaling when connected with your soul can also reveal to you who you are as your soul helps you to remember all you are. Place the intention to know: Who am I? What is my purpose? What knowledge, skills and abilities do I have to contribute to the evolution of this planet and all life? Be patient as the information will come to you in stages. Understand that the truth you receive is coming from your soul.

The Masters are here to assist in the upliftment of this planet and the coming home of all mankind who chooses to do so. Never before has there been this much assistance. The energy in, on and around the planet is filled with truth – as you are. Finally, we can know ourselves, come home to ourselves and live lives of glorious peace, beauty and incredible wonder through the fullness of who we are and all that we are capable of.

Never doubt that you are a divine being. Never doubt that you have within you what humans would call unlimited abilities. Stay the course and come home. Together we will create and be, share and become a new kind of world where there are no longer feelings of being limited.

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News

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