Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Coming Year

As we move forward in 2009 and into 2010 we have both windows of opportunity on this evolving planet and things we must consider. I come to you with great joy as I see the opening in many around me and the co-joined creation of our new world as it displays itself to me in so many ways. This is not a time of “someday” but a time that is now. This is not a projection of what if or what will be sometime in the future, but a discussion of what is now with us, and what will unfold over the coming months. This is the year and we all welcome it with open arms as we know it will bring to us many blessings, personal expansion and walkways into all of the ways we will be together, co-create together and experience the new in all facets of our lives.

The Dissolution

While you may have had portents within you of these times of transition we have never known what would truly be. Lay aside all of your previous visions and feelings about this time and know within you the truth of this coming year which is the culmination of transition and dissolution of the third domain dual world. Rejoice in its coming and align yourself with the truth from your soul, the fifth domain energies present on the planet and stepping into your new life and your purpose. Choose in each moment to be in alignment with you, your soul, to the greatest capacity you can. While it is important to have a heightened awareness about what is occurring that will affect you, as well as what is occurring that will affect the planet, the knowing of what this looks like and what actions you must take in this regard must come from you. Every one has their own role, their own choices and in this everyone must make their own decisions – they are not interchangeable one with another.

I can assure you that there will not be nuclear war, this has been stopped. While wars in different areas might spring up the means to sustain the wars are not available to any government or group so they will not sustain long term, or spread unfettered into other areas. While there will be those humans who act out aggressively, in North America for instance, this will occur in isolated areas, soon to die down. This holds for all developed countries, i.e. Western Europe and Greece, Australia, New Zealand, India, Turkey, Iran, Israel, South Africa and many of the ocean islands including Greenland and the Pacific rim islands south of Indonesia. For all countries, including those on this list you must keep a heightened awareness of what is occurring, where you are to be and what you are to do in regard to your personal safety and moving forward in alignment with your soul’s guidance and the creation of the new.

It is important during this dissolution to be unattached to materials goods and flexible so that movement and/or provisioning are done appropriately. You know – trust yourself and lay aside all of the ego fear about “what if?” Many will move around during this time, some from place to place and some directly to their final destination. This may or may not be the case for you – again listen. If you are to remain or stay you must consider sustenance and if that will be provided for you or you must gather it together for yourself. This includes all of the provisions needed to live a simple life and care for those you may be responsible for.

As you read this and consider all that this impacts do not go into fear. Fear takes you into the past and the ways of the past dual world. Staying objective, knowing that you will be safe and cared for if you listen in each moment will guide you smoothly and peacefully through this transitional period. There are so many questions, and so many assumptions, rumors and such misinformation now that you must take everything in without judgment, consider the truth of it and the applicability to you and act accordingly. Every life has its own route. Your life is unique from all others. Your soul made a plan for this time, you simply must remember it.

The Energies

As my email regarding the July eclipse stated, all decisions regarding all life forms staying or leaving was set in during the three days of that direct solar eclipse. This includes the soul decision for each human about whether or not they would stay in form through the transition and into the new world. This is, remember, a soul decision and must be honored in each human. If you have chosen to stay you now have the advantage of related energies being laid to activate the memory of your purpose(s). For some, the purpose is simply living in these times, having an open heart and harm to none and a commitment to become part of the new world. For others there are specific activities that you will participate in. You can now know what these are. The memory comes in stages with whispers of, “I would like to.” It comes in thoughts from the soul but recognized by you as a yearning or passion for involvement in certain areas. In the beginning, this probably, but now always, uses skills and knowledge you have developed during this lifetime. This you will use in a different way for the upliftment of this planet and all life. Watch for these clues from within. Spend time with them, journal, talk with your soul and Council members and act on them in whatever ways are appropriate in the moment, even if this is simply an expansion of understanding about what you will be doing.

There are many layers of uplifting energy laid upon this planet, encoded energy to raise the memory within you and all who will remain -- the memory of being love, compassion and joy and living in peace, abundance and community with harm to none. Watch for this in yourself and others, even those who have not been on the road home to themselves. It is a wondrous thing to experience the reflection of what you know is the divine in others – even others who are still asleep. This is not just about those who have stepped away to find the truth. This is about the many who that have the capacity to be that with your support – as those of you who do remember, who have laid aside the veil are the leaders. You will be, or are now, of great assistance to those who have not yet remembered.

It is a beautiful, multicolored layered geometric of energies upon energies, upon energies that have been laid on this planet and solar system to enable and create the transition to the fifth domain world. You may feel them, see them or simply experience their impact. It is not about one incident, one door opening, one episode but about a continuous honing and co-creation of a matrix of energies that create a confluence of creation in the here and now and in the future. It is ongoing, extraordinarily powerful and incredibly precise down to the instant, the location, the affect, the purpose and the cohesion with the past energies laid and the subsequent ones coming. All worlds are created in this way – as is this one. Feel the energies, see them and absorb rather than react to them as they can take you forward. The unusual sense of them can make you withdraw but stop and feel the love in them and allow them to meld with and work with you to foster your becoming as they foster the becoming of all life here.

Embrace All That Is

There are 12 Strata in this Solar System with life forms. In the dual world their existence was questioned. In the world today, as we speak, many are working with beings in the other strata, on other planets and moons in the solar system and many who have come from afar to assist. This alone is not strange. What is strange is the world where we lived for a short time and forgot how life and living truly is. Celebrate that the time is near when we can welcome openly everyone we know and work and play with them as a natural way of being – our natural way of being. Such small lives are lived in dual worlds. We are complete with that experience. Now we can enfold in our every moment all we are and expand beyond our own imaging.

This moment
Brimming with opportunity
To live exuberantly
Allowing this love filled heart
To explode in radiance
Touching all else gently
Like dew touched moss

Relating to life
With one, with many, with all
Glimmering possibilities of delighted surprise
Unexpected gifts
Ready for choosing
In this moment

The very foundation of life
Love and Joy and Compassion
Pulsing in all that I am
Expanding outward
Uplifting all
In each moment

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc. erosdd@gmail.com
Eros Global Community News http://eroscommunity.blogspot.com

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