Thursday, September 24, 2009


A sentinel event has occurred recently in regard to the evolution of this planet and solar system. The higher pure energy of the 5th domain is now dominate and permeates all life on Earth. This energy is ever-expanding within and around every life form throughout this planet and solar system. This is a major step in the transitioning of this planet and all life in, on and around it. Transition and change are everywhere and each day evidence of this is before us. How we internalize this is personal -- joyful or fear based. So, how do we each move forward through these changing times, taking the opportunities presented to us in order to be the co-creators we are in the formation of the new way of being and living? We collaborate with each other, with all around us and with those who assist this magnificent movement of change in and out of form.

Who are these “those that assist,” is a question that comes naturally. In a dual world such as this one, life is often lived and experienced from a separatist state focusing on what is needed, how to get it, assuaging emotional feelings of lack into material gains. In this we do not allow ourselves to know that there is anything but what is experienced through the senses. However, there are many others participating on this planet - others that we can and assuredly do or will participate with. Collaboration and co-creation is the natural way of being for us and it is already known to us, all of us. In a dual world we tend to believe that all that is real and viable is what we see, hear, touch, taste and smell. This is a very limited and limiting way of living and experiencing the abundant riches that have been created for us all. It leaves most of our true experience latent behind the veil.

We at the Eros Seminary have over the course of this year, 2009, been exercising our innate knowing and remembering how life is to be lived, and how we can best experience a fuller meaning in truth in all ways through the Eros Community Garden here at the Eros Seminary. Community members who have participated on site move out of their old human perspectives of what can be done, to realizing how you can go about all manner of tasks differently by opening to Self in collaboration with all else involved -- from the energies present, to the energetic beings who are present to assist. We are at the beginning of a new era right now and each of us can open more and more to what we are, how we truly relate innately. We are also at the end and beginning of the planning and planting, with the summer garden completing and the fall garden being created. We would like to use this as a vibrant illustration for transformation through the creation of the new. There is no instantaneous event where all suddenly becomes whole; rather a continuing opportunity to take many small steps in the moment, building each upon the previous, to be all we are and to allow this to become how we live fully in form.


Our community garden was established for the purpose of experiencing, through participation, the wonders of collective focus in active co-creation with the energies set-in here through color, tone and geometric forms with our intents placed, and to collaborate for the abundant outflow of new life within a rare field of pure 5th domain energy. From this comes many opportunities for community members to shift their perceptions and release the old human ways of creating a plan, approaching action and physically participating. In the new all preparation, staging and action occurs within joyful collaboration and co-creation. This is a living dance amongst all rather than “work,” which allows innate knowing to surface and correspond with all those who are here to assist.

Those we refer to are many, varied and include higher beings focused upon actualizing the plan for the evolution of the planet and all life. The garden is part of this plan in that it is a global seeding activity so humans can now begin to collaborate with many other beings, in and out of form, to create communities in the new ways, while meeting the sustenance needs of every life form. We worked with, for instance, one higher being of great purity. He is intrinsically involved with this unique garden project, but holds ultimate responsibility for the creation of the new 5th domain communities and the evolution of all life throughout this solar system. His wisdom and knowledge is vast. He attends to the evolutionary transition in manifold ways to ensure that all culminates in perfection. With this being’s guidance and assistance the energies laid in, on and around this Eros Seminary location hold not only the energetic configurations that best support all forms of life throughout the span of the plan, but also continually provide unique actual experiences for humans participating, of what collaborating within 5th domain energy is like moment to moment. It is no longer an idea of what might be --it is reality. There are also various cosmic groups of higher beings who specialize with particular focus on aspects of this evolutionary plan, such as evolving, existing and introduced 5th domain plant life; energetic stabilization of changes taking place and the continuous support of all life forms through their evolutionary processes – including humans.

There exist many, many other beings who assist in the evolutionary plan and also in this garden project. Some we call nature spirits or nature beings. These beings are all Angelics of the 12th domain, pure in their state of being, love embodied with harm to none. The nature beings present on Earth are of great service to us all as they use their diverse ways to serve this material world. These beings take different forms that best fulfill their purpose and are formed in awe-inspiring colors, tones and physical conformation. They live, act and correspond with humans and each other - laughing, singing and sharing in a state of great joy. One important being is actively participating in our garden project. He has evolved to the point where he knows all about sustaining environments in material worlds so he offers his wise guidance and knowledge to all other nature being groups in order to support not only their roles of service, but to also ensure their opportunity for growth and learning through their living experiences. To give you an idea of the expansive nature of their roles and diversity of tasks consider the Lumarnites.

The Lumarnites’ roles differ so they are divided into sub-groups. Responsible for the sustenance and balance in the evolving eco-systems they use water to maintain harmony in all ways. They work with large lakes and basins, joining river points, rivers of all sizes, marshy waters and swamps, small water tributaries on the Earth’s crust and below it, ponds and small pools, streams and waterfalls, springs emitting from the mantle to the surface, oceans, seas, deep waters in mantle sub layers below the crust and transitioning mantle areas of change that have moving water and deep aquifers. They consider everything including micro-organisms, shifting crust and mantle layers, life in and around the waters, and sustenance for all life supplied by those waters providing the nurturing required for the vast diversity of all life forms present.

It is our innate way to live in tandem with beings who we call energetic. In the new world this will be the case. Now, it is important to acknowledge that there are many beings present that cannot be seen readily with the physical eyes, open to them and engage with them as a part of life. The nature spirits live on Earth in a different strata so there appears to be a veil between us although they can see us easily. They will engage with anyone who wishes to open that door without harm. The higher beings come from many domains and have a multitude of roles for the evolution of the planet. You have your Council as well as other energetic beings you will/do work with. Again, open the door and engage with them as your normal way of life.


As is true in all collaborative actions in divine order there is equality amongst all involved in this garden, and consequently a richness of experience unique to each being, in physical form and energetic form. Skills are shared joyfully and all are appreciated for their contribution to the whole, according to divine laws. To give you some idea of the impact of this type of collaboration within a 5th domain field of energy, here are just a few of the awe inspiring occurrences that have been experienced here on this transitioning.

With all collaborating in and out of form, Seminary land that was fallow and wild transitioned into rich earth laid with grids of encoded energies prepared for planting.

While planting was late according to human perspective, plants grew and flourished within their natural cycles, everything growing and producing in alignment with earlier planted gardens in the area.

An abundance of animals that normally do not live in this area arrived and stayed: birds of brilliant hues from the east coast and Canada, hummingbirds from South and Central America and multitudes of butterflies in such richness and diversity of color and size that some have still not been identified by any source.

Beneficial insects appeared to assist in their own ways through nurturing and balance according to the plan. There was no need to introduce these manually because our intent and the plan enfolded all life designated to flourish and participate.

The company of the clear winged grasshoppers that move like waves through the plants sprang up. They are life and welcomed. They take what they need and leave the rest for our enjoyment and use. They have morphed into different colors in this environment -- golden, some with large jewel tone sapphire blue wings; some now have pink bodies, and pure white ones who live complete lives within the Indian Corns we have planted.

Life is easier by example as we witnessed all life in balance --feeding, active to their tasks and moving about, lounging on the corn leaves or flower petals belly up in the sun to rest. They remind us that there is opportunity for all for allowance shows that all will be done in right order, in a balanced state in the new world.

The tones of the various energies are felt, heard and experienced as the beauty of a developing melody forms, an energetic interchange between the soil and the varied plants. This touches our hearts and gives evidence to everyone who comes that this is what harmony feels like in action.

We have experienced extreme heat and dryness and yet all flourishes, all growing imparts to us, the human forms, a gift and we accept with gratitude.

Community members involved have experienced enlightening moments of instant clarity, heightened awareness and openings to their innate selves while active or just being still in this environment.

Now, the energetic plan is in place for the fall plants and it hums, co-joined with the energies of what remains from the summer still ripening. We can see, feel and join our energy and focus each time we think about it or step into a pathway. We sing to the seeds as we plant them in a new home filled with love, nurtured by all who are supporting this garden in every form. We take a period to just be with all that is here to lift our memory of living in this manner into conscious awareness, to expand further into living all that we are permanently.

In laying aside our created human concepts of how life is to be lived we open to all that is there for us in the here and now. We can know, see, hear and participate in great fun and joy with those who are ready to participate with us in all ways for the greatest good of all through love with harm to none. You can take the steps in opening yourself to wonders and the reality of YOU in this moment. What is shared here illustrates just a few great opportunities that provided a shift from the old into the new – this way you already hold within yourself. This is the way of collaboration and co-creating in the new world -- and the new world is being created right now. It starts within each of us and is expanded when we expand our awareness and allow our lives to be enriched beyond measure.

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer

Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.

Eros Global Community News

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