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As humans we yearn for a loving relationship, seek for our soul mate, and have throughout our life multiple romantic love relationships of varying kinds from an early age. None, it seems, meet our expectations and few are satisfying. Love in its ultimate state in the human world appears to be romantic love that carries you away with a rush of emotion, seemingly lifting you beyond your normal life to one that is sprinkled with wonder and beauty, only to quickly transition into true acquaintance with the other – and warts are quickly shown. As defined in the dual world, it is then a love of compromise if the two chose to continue where each accepts the failings of the other and each gives up some of what they would chose to allow for the other’s preferences. Human love of children is the most long-lived and sustainable, as perhaps is love of family members and some friends who maintain in the life through many years and many transitions. All of this love is the experience of human love – much touted, sought after, applauded, coveted – and in the end disappointing to some degree.

We are taught in this third domain dual world what love is. However, like much of what we are taught, we feel without words that there is more to love than what is reflected around us in our life’s relationships, stories, songs and books. We know there is an ideal love but never feel it behind the veil of humanness except in rare moments. We search for it relentlessly and when in a moment we believe we have found it in another we feel as if we are lifted above all pain and sorrow to the heights of being. It is unknown to us while asleep that we are that love and that this love is the building block of all that is. It is not about seeking it out. It is about being it naturally, innately as easily as we now breathe. But this love – the love that is All – is not like human love. It is the lasting perfection of divine love that we have always searched for. It is the only love that once found truly sustains us and satisfies that life-long search. It is you, me and in all that exists. Constantly transmitted from one life form to another in a beautiful dance of interacting energy, this is what we experience in each moment as a divine being – as a soul. This is the love that is greater than all understanding. The love that we knew inside was there to be found even though we did not know where to look. Divine love is the building block of the cosmos and in all things in creation.

Different cultures, societies and religions define what each type of relationship should look like. How we must behave in each category of relationship, and what we can expect in return – for there is always an expectation of return. In our love of God we expect a return of love and perhaps help even to salvation – which is defined differently across the world. We are supposed to love and honor our parents regardless of their behavior, and follow their guidance and instructions in regard to other relationships around us, siblings, aunts, grandparents, teachers, bosses, authority figures, etc. We are molded to believe and thus behave in constricted ways to be accepted and to prevail. It is rare, and thus spoken of in quiet voices, that anyone break out of the defined way of acceptable relating. For instance, even though homosexuality has been known throughout history it is still frowned upon by most as unnatural. At the same time, in one culture I know it is the highest state – the state of true androgyny and thus spiritual knowing and results in respect from all others. Mixing races, religions, socio-economic status in a “marriage” relationship is often not acceptable. Changing religions, socio-economic status, cultures is not accepted either for this means a contorting of the individual and a different kind of relating and relationships.

We are a species that is meant to live in community. We are not loners. Since this is our natural way, community, we have created a world of community to the extent that all facets of our lives are in relation to others – home, work, relaxation, avocation and our spirituality. During our childhood training we are even told what our relationship with God should look like, and on the path home to self the human concept of purity and divinity leaves no question that relationship in that state does not include partners/husbands or wives.


Understanding what right relationship is in divine order with all that is, allows us now to move toward that end to live it fully as we become our own selves, our souls in form. We are what we believe. We create what we believe. Since we live through relating with others, changing how that is can change the planet. The fifth domain world that is currently being created on Earth is a world of communities and they are now forming. It is in divine order for us to never be alone, to always live and work cooperatively to support each other. These communities will function very differently from what we have experienced on Earth regardless of where you live, your past culture or religion. They will be as it is throughout the cosmos with harm to none, and focused on the collective support of each individually as well as all life in, on and around the planet – including the planet herself. This beautiful way of existence can start now with your relationship with yourself and then your relationship with those who are closest to you. The tenor and way of being with others does not change from person to person in our new world as all are loved, all are valued to us equally , all are your brothers and sisters and all are honored for who they are.

Since you are your truth, your beliefs, you cannot create anything outside of yourself that is not in alignment with this. Evolutionary Beings have the power to create. Each day you create your life as a reflection of who you are. You cannot create a relationship of unconditional love without judgment or expectation until you hold that as your truth for yourself. Judgment comes from judgment of self and is then out-pictured to the world. This self-judgment that does not allow you to believe you are pure, divine love stops you from owning and being it. First, know thyself. Even before reaching the state of Self Realization you can know the truth of your soul, that you are love, compassion and joy. In knowing this and holding it as your truth you live it and create a life that is in alignment with the truth you hold. Unsatisfying human relationships are a result of imperfect egos. Even when you try your best, are as kind as you can be, there is pain and fear within you that comes out. You cannot hold this perfection of love. Once you find it and the truth of it within you however, it is like a beacon and those who are that also are pulled to you.

Similar to the life you have lived, in the fifth domain there are many different categories of relating although all are held equal and all are infused with love. You may have a life partner now or you may have one or more in the coming years.. Committed partnership between a man and a woman is part of the fabric of fifth domain living. Individuals come together to love, learn and expand together. They may have an aligned purpose or simply know that being together brings them joy and support as they each expand and become more. This type of relationship lasts as long as the two agree is appropriate. Procreation between the two is taken very seriously. New souls are brought into the community only after much discussion by the community, the soul and the potential parents. Sexual intercourse is only for procreation. When living always in love and joy there is no need for seeking it through physical activity. A special note here for those who consider themselves gay/lesbian in this life, or who have chosen a life with a same sex partner (including all of my dear gay friends). Being gay is available only as a life experience in a third domain dual world. This gives you the opportunity to live life in the body of one sex and relate closest to that sex. It is a learning, a different vantage point to see material life from a different perspective. For those of you who have known you were gay from an early age, and in my experience this is most of you, you consulted with your Council and mid-life teachers before you made this choice. In alignment your form may carry more androgynous characteristics. The DNA is not affected. Remember, we chose how we will look before inception.


In fifth domain living the structures and rules fall away. Everyone, in every way is totally free to follow their heart’s desire. To do what brings them joy, to live where and how they chose, to create beauty and peace, to contribute as they will to the full community. Everyone receives the full support of the community to expand beyond their previous levels and explore new horizons. There are no hierarchies – including in relationships. There is no government – only wise ones who contribute their counsel when needed. There is no fear because there is no harm. The preconceptions, expectations and disappointments of relating in the third domain world are left behind. You are loved. You are supported. You are cared for and provided for in all ways by all of those who participate in your community and all of those who participate in any community on Earth.

Relating to anyone and everyone is a continual exchange of unconditional love and joy. Being an equal participant in the community returns to you all you need and desire to care for the form, be housed, fed, clothed, transported, entertained, etc. Consider how much of your energy and focus on relationships in this third domain world is honed to result in one of these things – love, security, safety, physical protection and sustenance, recognition, support and respect, avoidance of consequence and pain, a sort of freedom in your free time, an opportunity to explore new horizons, time with loved ones, expansion of self. Now consider if all of that time and energy in relationship was no longer needed. If it was a given that all will be provided, that you are loved, that you can focus on joyful activity and expansion of self without consequences, without harm and without judgment or expectation from anyone about what you should do or be. This is living in right order. This is relationship in right order. This is the divine relationship you have with yourself and with your Council. This is what you can create now.


In Contemplation place the intention to know and understand the following so you can move into unconditional love for self and others, and consequently loving and nurturing relationships.

Relax your body, clear your mind of all thoughts, connect to your soul energy in your heart area and feel its expansiveness. With no expectation, editing or doubt place the following intentions one at a time. Sit with what you see, hear and know to fully understand what you are receiving from your soul.

I place the intention to:

1. Know the core reason for my self judgment

2. Understand my disappointment about love

3. See what within me is blocking the love that I am to flourish within me

4. Remember the decision I made that I would never be truly loved

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News Blog
Tome, New Mexico USA

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