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It feels appropriate that I would write this Christmas season about Joy, one of the founding Tenets of divine truth. All in the cosmos is created from the Godhead with the building blocks of love, compassion and joy. We have spoken in this Blog about love and compassion. Joy is the third element of all there is – including you (see the label for Tenets for the other articles).

In human life we experience the human emotions of love, compassion and joy or happiness. Due to the waging wars of duality within us we have only the emotion, the feeling of these in moments. In truth it is core to your state of being, and each of the three can be called forward individually as appropriate so you can experience your self by remembering what each energy feels like, tells you about you, how divine laws work, how collaboration occurs, why wisdom is key to soul expansion. Calling forth the energy of joy in meditation and floating in it beyond your body and this physical world will tell you more about what true divine joy is than I can ever describe in words. I suggest you do this repeatedly until you fully remember your energy of divine joy and own it as an aspect of self.


Love is the building block of the cosmos, compassion is wisdom and knowing what action to take, joy is the power of creation. Since you as an Evolutionary Being were given by the Godhead the right, responsibility and power to create, this creation energy is one of the core energies of your soul, your beingness and how you operate in all things through your Free Will.

There are moments when we create in our human lives and feel joyful. Buying a new car and driving it home, parenting an infant newly born, embracing an elderly mother or sitting on a hill at sunset with the hush of the day settling around you. We orchestrated each of these, we were the creator of each of these moments, but in human terms this is missed. Creation is left to the gods as mortals figure it out, do what is necessary and cherish these special moments only when the joy rises up in us without our calling it forward. Actually, the creation of each of these moments began long before the moment itself so as humans we experience only the after-rush of igniting the joy within to begin and sustain the creation process.

Much has been said and written over the millennia about manifestation. We have all had moments when we wanted to have magical powers and manifest whatever we desire in the moment. The fairy tales and myths of old are filled with those who could do this. From Houdini to St. Germaine, the gods, goddesses and sages in many countries, and even the magic in movies like Cinderella. All carry our thirst for the extraordinary, the magical or supernatural. Certainly TV and movies today, not to mention electronic games, are filled with images and actions of those with “powers” beyond human. One wonders if Jesus appeared today and failed to turn water into wine or save Lazareth from the tomb if he would be seen as a great saint, god or god-like in our view.

The truth is that you have the power of creation embedded in you. You use it every day to create your life. It is a god-given power, a divine power far greater than any of the stories we have heard. Forgetting who we are while living in the human form forced you to forget you are a creator being. Perhaps most tragically, you also forgot that you hold great responsibility in wielding this power as all that is must be considered, for all is connected, before you decide and then intend/command creation. In this way we have turned the wheels of duality over and over, never learning from mistakes or having the ability to change our world – or so we thought.


Nothing is done alone; this is also true of creation. There are layers of encoded energy that are married together just so, in accordance with divine laws, to create anything and everything in our material world and beyond. Whether you can see it in material form or not the energy is flowing, combining, coalescing into its intended form – physical or energetic – in each domain. As we open to what is we see there are more stars in the sky than we saw before. The ships of the Brotherhood are seen often – close by. The colors, rhythms and songs of each creation are felt, seen and heard. We know what is occurring around the globe – across the solar system – in our neighbor’s house. We are not magic – we are beyond that human concept. We are divinely enabled to use this power of creation to assist, support, create anew not only our lives but other creations that assist and play a part in our worlds. When you look beyond the false constraints of physicality you see the geometrics of energy that holds the tree, and in this is the first step of understanding how we create.

When you know, decide and act in relation to creation you consider all that is, you decide what is in alignment with all that is and you act or place an intention to create something that meets these considerations. As a human you can never know all of the considerations about all that is because the human brain cannot hold it – but the soul mind does. Your good intention of harm to none holds all you do in alignment with this. So when the intention is laid, thought, said there are many, many actions by other beings and through energetic combustion that occur to respond to this command and deliver your creation. When you float in the bliss of your Joy you will recognize, and be humbled by your enormous power that you use for creation. But again you are not alone, so this creation you intend is the result of millions of steps energetically by many individuals including the Godhead who created the energy you are using.

By looking around planet Earth you would probably think that we can create whatever we want – there is certainly a lot that has been created beyond nature and the Earth herself. But this is only a fragment of all the possibilities. This is only the third domain where we begin to learn. Other worlds you may have been in have complexities unknown here. Consider this if you ever wonder if you can create a new kind of life, or if you can indeed help in the creation of a new world here. Using the creation energy takes diligence, focus and requires you to take full responsibility for what and when you create. This is not a burden as all you create is done through joy, and the magnitude of this joy is beyond anything you have experienced as a human emotion. To take responsibility means to create only that which is collaborative with all that is – harm to none, founded in joy and fully expressed from the creative of creation in you. Focus and you will know what is to come for you. Focus and you will know how to call it forth.


Begin to own that you are a creator being, watch what you decide and focus on for that is what will be in your life. Millionaires focus their lives on making money. Great artists focus on their art. Often other aspects of life suffer if their focus is held almost wholly on their goal. This is the power of creation and focus. Through the soul however, it is blended and considered with wisdom and due diligence in regard to what is right for all life. After you have watched your decisions and focus objects consider what you want to change. Remember this is not magic – or steps in a class on manifestation. This is calling forth the divine power of creation from within you to know it, own it and work with it within divine laws, to co-create your world and then the world beyond you. Decide after deep consideration one aspect of your life that is not in alignment with soul, that serves nothing but the ego, and with the wisdom of yourself Know what is in right order to replace it. Chose this and place the clear intention that this be so. Follow each step, each moment with the knowing that whatever the soul intends with clear focus will be. If, at any point you doubt, negate, wonder or fall back into old patterns your creation will be erased and never be. So it is with the soul’s wisdom and knowing alone that you can have this clarity of focus for conscious creation. This does not require Self Realization. It does require you to reach a state where you can be one with your soul and know, decide and then act or place your intention. In form, using the human brain you cannot know all the intricacies of how this creation will come about. Let it go and allow it to happen in universal timing – right timing.

Stepping into Mastery of self requires you to know who you are and what you are made of. The love, compassion and joy of you are beyond human understanding, but you can know it through experiencing it, then you can be it and use all of the gifts contained within to live and fulfill your purpose(s) here during this time. None of this is experimental. It is truth and you can know this truth for it is within you.

I hold you all in my love during this holiday season, everyone on all sectors of the globe, on every continent, who read these words in many languages. We are brothers and sisters who have come to be of one community in great celebration and joyful activity. I acknowledge your divinity. I honor your courage in stepping out of the mainstream to come home to yourself – knowing without words that in doing that you are coming home to true reality. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and glorious New Year. No thing will stop us from rolling back the pain and harm and living as is our right in peace, love and joy.

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News
Tome, New Mexico USA

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