Monday, November 22, 2010


After extensive searching, study of all the world’s major religions and teachings beyond those, reading hundreds if not thousands of books and looking inward I found myself stuck several years ago. How, asked I of me, do I finish this journey? How do I move back into the peace, love and connection that I know is mine without knowing exactly where that is or how to reach it?

There are many of you today on this planet at this juncture. Many passages have come and gone and yet still you are not “there” wherever you think “there” is – and that is probably unclear. The major religions, the books today and back through antiquity don’t explain how to reach Self Realization. Generalities prevail then and now, stories, parables and even hints that you do not have to worry about that because very few reach that state. Today, you can all reach that state of being if you chose because this planet is not the planet of the past. We are living in a different reality – do you know this? Are you shifting with the evolution of Earth and this solar system?

The Pages of Evolution

Many energetic intercessions by many beings in and out of form have created energies on this planet that are wholly conducive to you, and all life, to step into the innate way of being – soul using the form as a tool, a world with no harm, a world of collaboration through loving sharing and support in all ways in each moment. The lands and buildings have been cleared of all old harm and heaviness – feel it. The Others, or the beings who created the dual world, separation and harm are gone from this solar system forever – be still and know the truth of this. There is no thing that stands in your way now to coming home except your own old mental constructs and beliefs that are not truth. Those that you built as a self-protective shield based on fear to protect yourself and manage your life.

Humanness is not synonymous with duality. Duality is rare in the cosmos. Do not confuse your limited state of being with being human as the natural state of being human is being fully awake, and experiencing life in material form through the soul without ego. You have been told and told, experienced repeatedly and taken in many things that you believed, and/or accepted as inevitable because that was what was experienced. And yet there was and is a voice within you that says/knows that it does not have to be this way. That there is a state of true freedom, purity of love, collaboration and community that stands and supports without judgment or harm of any kind, and a kinship with other forms of life in equality and sharing through true understanding.

So now it is time to lay aside the old constructs. You have nothing in your way and much support to help clear the way for you to come fully home to Self. Do you know who that Self is? Do you believe you are human and flawed, or that you are that beautiful, energetic being with wisdom, power, knowing and skill to contribute to a different kind of world here where so much has gone wrong over the past 20,000 years? What is your truth? Find it in Contemplation.

Common Cause

As I sit and write this to you I feel you, as I feel many beings around me both those on my Council and members of the Brotherhood, assisting me to be clear about what would help you the most now, and encoding with me these words so when they reach your eyes the energy of the truth will go deep inside of you to help you lift your memory and help you to find yourself wholly and completely. This is our purpose – this is why we have all come, you and I and everyone in and out of form. To help each other awaken and to work together to sculpt a beautiful world beyond need, want, lack or pain. This is our common cause at the soul level. Do you know this? Find it in Contemplation.

As a soul evolving in the cosmos you expand and grow in your abilities, the purity of your state of being, and in your ability to take full responsibility and stay in integrity in divine right order in each moment. There is no soul here now in or out of form that does not have this capacity. Are you taking full responsibility for all you know in right order from the soul in each moment? Are you in integrity with right order to the best of your ability in each moment? If not – why not? We are taught in duality, mostly through example. that taking responsibility and being in integrity is mutable – like white lies – it depends on the circumstances “they say.” This is not the way of the cosmos.

As in all things, lay aside all judgment of self and others, and look to see where you learned to side-step, do the shuffle, work through the mind and figure the “safe” way rather than the loving and compassionate way of self in consideration of all that is. There is a perceived safety in hiding even from you that is false. There are no secrets in the cosmos, all is known, each thought you have and each action and intention exercised is known. Open the inner doors and lovingly see, know and then lay aside what is standing in your way of beingness. For those of you who have learned so much about the divine ways, look at why you do not own it, live it, be it. This is not an intellectual exercise. Your brain collects facts like a computer without true knowing and understanding. Your soul knows instantly with clarity. Who do you listen to inside? What choices do you make through the mind versus by the soul?

Moving Forward

This planet and solar system are rapidly completing the transition into a fifth domain world. Do you know this? Consider for a moment what I said above, all influences that morphed this planet into a dual world are gone. All that remains of harm is the ingrained harm in humans, learned from the past. Will you willingly become part of the new or stay with the old ways? It is your choice. As many of you have worked so diligently over the years to come into your own unlimited self own the truth that nothing now stands in your way except beliefs, perceptions, habits and patterns learned in that old world of harm. Let them all go.

It is our responsibility, those of us who have awakened, or are awakening now to sculpt a new way. First we create in our personal lives and then collaboratively together we create across the planet. Start now, today, to take responsibility and be in integrity to participate fully in each moment holding harm to none (including yourself) and stepping beyond the old to create the new – one moment at a time where all creation occurs. Remember, there is no projection forward, looking back or long-range planning in this. We all show up and do what we know to do in the moment, in each day in every facet of life. If you Know there is clarity. Lay aside the old “what if and doubt.” Trust that knowing and take action. As you move forward you will find that the soul’s Knowing is right, trust worthy and always takes you where you need to be – even if you do not know at the time the why. Clarity will come.

The New Communities

For years now I have heard from individuals and groups the deep desire for “true community.” Many have started communities around the globe in anticipation, and projection that somehow through their wishes for a different way their community would be different. Would be pure and loving like the one they could not quite see inside but knew could exist. The communities have failed, or fell short of their anticipated state for one reason – ego. The purity of true loving community and collaboration cannot be built through ego.

This ego, created through pain and fear, is not you. As you take responsibility for laying aside the old pain and fear the ego shrinks (often yelling loudly along the way) until it no longer exists except in its true form – to move you physically out of the way of harm should it occur, a reflexive action in the moment to protect your form. Consider this, there has been continual fear invoking experiences on the planet throughout our lives. So much so that the ego was constantly stimulated to protect you. It grew and dominated to the point that you thought/think it is you. It is not. Do you know this?

Individuals who are now Self Realized and/or Exalted are stepping forward to create the new communities of the fifth domain world. There is no ego here so the creation of the communities is pure and will remain so. As individuals are drawn to join the communities it is inevitable that they will move into Self Realization quickly with the guidance and support of mentors, and the purity of the energy now present throughout the world. At one point in the new future everyone on this planet will be Exalted – soul using form as a tool. That is your innate way of being and all humans who remain will be in that state in the new world.

Stepping into Self Realization allows you to hear yourself and your Council clearly. In this you can collaboratively provide your special contribution to the community – whatever you choose before birth to do. This contribution is not work. This contribution, in divine right order, is pure joy for you and in discovering it, participating in it with others it will feel very familiar as your memories of what to do, how to do it come to your consciousness. Do not concern yourself with finding your “purpose.” It is there waiting and will be known to you when you are ready. Pay attention to what you are drawn to.

The Last Passages

These then are the last passages, over the coming years, to complete the third domain world of separation and come to the pivotal point of full creation of the fifth domain world. All is in process and making stellar progress. If you do not know this please spend time in Contemplation focusing on the evolution of the planet and the creation of the fifth domain world. For you to move with it, it must be your truth – not simply words on paper.

There are many stories out there about the “end times.” Many stories have been told about devastating earth changes, hard times and struggle. Perhaps you, like many, have had visions about this “ending” over the years. Consider that all in the cosmos is loving, gentle and kind. This transition is being done in a way to care for and preserve life. All humans who chose to stay and be part of the new can if they have an open heart and hold harm to none. The Earth and her mantle is transitioning but this has been slowed down dramatically to preserve life. The dissolution of the systems and ways of life you have known must occur in order for the new to be created. It is impossible for the dual ways to stand in the purity of the new. Listen to your soul and you will be guided in regard to where to be, what to do and when. Allow change in your life and within you. In that you will be cared for and your needs will be met.

Pay attention and let go of all shoulds, all attachments to how it must be and all attachments to people and places. Attachment is based on need through ego, allow yourself to be truly free to move with your knowing understanding that if your actions are in right order, they are right for everyone and everything. Our world does not have countries. This beautiful little blue orb is balanced and whole. and you have a perfect place in it. Relax and allow your soul to create a new way for you – and thus a new way for the planet.


I have suggested several Practices above. Here are the techniques to use for these and all other Eros Practices: You may want to make a note of it -- they are very effective.

Meditation: We recommend you meditate twice a day, morning and night, for 30 minutes. Meditation is the state of merging with the soul without thought. You do not do Practices in meditation. Close your eyes, see the point of white light in front of you, allow it to move toward you, becoming clearer and larger until you merge into it.

Contemplation: Connect with the energy of your soul in the area of your heart. Feel the energy expand, clear your thoughts and lay aside all 3D issues. Focus with soul on the topic – and that topic only. This focus is soul guided. Your soul will respond by communicating through images, thoughts and knowing, insights and understanding regarding your focus topic. Repeat this with each topic over days until you feel you have understanding. Please note that as you expand this understanding with deepen and expand. This is continuation as long as you are in form. You are remembering from soul. Each time you remember, bring into consciousness what you know in your soul, it steps you forward to remember and understand more. This is a good Practice to use to find the core issues within you to let them go. It is also very helpful in understanding the soul and the cosmic world you live in.

Stillness: Sit in a quiet place inside or outside. Connect to your soul. Clear your mind. With eyes open or closed simply be. If there is something you would like to bring away from this time. Place the intention and let go. Without expectation you simply are with heightened connection to self and a heightened connection to the inner world. You may have insights and/or experiences that reveal truth and understanding. It is recommended that you go into Stillness for short periods multiple times a day without an agenda to simply be, connect and remove yourself from all the activity in the world.

Dr. Cherie Skinner
Emissary of Love and Peace
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News

Monday, September 27, 2010


Mankind has always wanted to know, who am I, who or what is God – is there a God, why am I here, how was this universe formed, etc. This is the ancient, ever-present search for truth through the eons. Those of us who look for the answers embark on what we often call the spiritual path. A path that is undefined, always changing and multifaceted. It is different with each of us and in essence the same wherever we live, whatever faith we may have come from (if any). There are many partial answers to these questions through the various religions and spiritual teachers of the world. At once, however, the answers all coalesce and come to the same conclusion – albeit the language, the words may be different. So, it is not only the truth but the languaging of the truth that we must take care with, be exact with. Remembering the truth starts with remembering who you are.


Everything in the cosmos is energy. The Godhead is energy and from that energy all is created. Cosmic energy is comprised of vibration, color and sound. The pong energy that is created only by the Godhead is used for all creation, and is used to create evolutionary beings – you are an evolutionary being. You were created in perfection by the Godhead. With this pong energy your state of beingness was crafted and encoded so no other being in the cosmos is you – you are unique. The core elements of all life are placed at this creation moment, for evolutionary beings the energy is encoded with your innate state of being which are love, compassion and joy, and with your innate rights which are free will and the ability to create. You are created as a male or female being. And finally, you are encoded with the trajectory of your journey which is evolutionary -- meaning you are meant to experience, grow and expand in your abilities, your qualities, your wisdom, knowledge, skills. All of this creates You and sets the stage for your journey as soul – as you – in the cosmos.

Comprised of energy there is never-the-less a beginning and an end to your energy field. You are discernable. Your energy has a unique energetic signature, a coding, that is yours alone. This identifies you to all else in the cosmos. It can be felt by others. At a point in time you chose an image, a look which you can project at any point to be identified visually by others. This also is yours alone, is human-like and reflects whether you are male or female.

After you are birthed by the Godhead you are escorted to your first inter-life school. It is here that you begin to learn about who you are and how the cosmos works, divine laws, right order and collaboration. It is here that you chose your first experience, and that is always as a human in a third domain world somewhere in the cosmos. At the perfect time your inter-life teachers introduce you to two other beings who will be your first Council members. If you are a female soul it will be a male evolutionary being and an angelic (male or female), if you are male it will be a female evolutionary being. Together, in collaboration you make decisions about your first experience, who your parents will be, what location you will be born in. Your potential parents consult and agree to bring you into form. You decide whether you will be a male or female human. You also discuss at the inter-life school the experiences and choices of the other evolutionary being on your Council – all things are decided together and experienced together in and out of form. Rarely do you live in a material world with another Council member in form but it does occur for purpose. They are always connected to you and present. When you chose to be born into a dual third domain world later you select your parents also based on their socio-economic strata, religion, race and their genetics.

You draw an outline of your life’s purpose – what you want to learn, experience and contribute for the greater good and your own expansion. The choice of parents and birth location are pivotal to launching you into the experiences you have chosen. Time spent in this material life is short compared to universal time you spend as yourself, as soul.

Always, after lives or experiences you gather with your Council at the inter-life school to reflect on the life/experience and to plan the next. There is never judgment of you or from you when reflecting upon your life, you do not accrue karma that must be paid or righted. Your discussion and reflection is for learning, to expand, grow and plan your next experience. You also spend time as an energetic being at your “home” in the Cosmos for an extended time in between chosen experiences. Earth is not home. A specific location in the cosmos is your home, with your Council and other beings of that domain. “Home” for you changes according to what domain you are from. As you move into other domains the number of beings on your Council expands until at the 12th domain individuals have six, including themselves, on their Council.


There are 12 domains in the cosmos; this does not include the focused area of the Godhead and Godhead beings. This area is in the center of the cosmos, surrounded by all of the universes. Your first life experience is in a material third domain world, the first domain with life. In the third domain world you live as soul in form, you generally do not forget who you are. As a learning experience each evolutionary being must have one lifetime in a dual third domain world like Earth as it is very different and the learning is deep. It is one of the rights of passage for each to awaken in a dual third domain world – to know who they are despite the omnipresent pressure to be asleep and separate from the truth of being.

Evolutionary beings go through multiple experiences in the cosmos and in third domain worlds until they reach a point of expansion and understanding where they are ready to graduate to the next domain, the fourth, and so on. As you move from domain to domain you have the right to have experiences anywhere in the cosmos at or below your domain level. So, there is always a mix of evolutionary beings from different domains in all experiences you have all collaborating and supporting each other. In dual worlds, where the truth of how all is, is hidden domains are not spoken of. The closest we come on Earth to this concept is when we talk about seeing ships from other worlds. But beings from many domains are part of your experience always – some in ships, some are energetic, some are in form.

As you move into remembering who you are, an important piece of this is to remember what domain you are from. The higher the domain the more wisdom and purity you hold. As you move from domain to domain you may eventually chose areas of expertise that you want to develop so your interests and skills may be very broad and deep. On Earth today there are an unusually high number of evolutionary beings from higher domains in and out of form due to the evolutionary process this solar system is moving through. They are here as you are to help, to experience and learn about a dissolving third domain dual world, and to contribute in their own unique ways to the creation of the New World. The third through the seventh domains have physical worlds but finer and finer in vibration. The seventh is almost translucent. The eighth through the 12th domains are purely energetic.

The evolutionary transition that our Earth and solar system is going through moves all from the third domain to the fifth domain. This is a process that affects a complete change in physics, electromagnetics, energy vibration, geometrics, colors and tones. Normally, individual beings would graduate from the third domain to the fourth. Since the fourth domain is being dissolved here individuals who are third or fourth domain beings have been given an extraordinary opportunity to actually graduate from third to fifth, or fourth to fifth domains. It is a huge opportunity and those here of the third or fourth domains are very special, chosen because they are particularly qualified to make this transition.


The process of waking up, moving into Self Realization or Enlightenment, and perhaps Exaltation is simply a process of remembering who you are and being that – being your soul in form -- the most natural thing for all of us. Your soul is in every cell of your body, it comes in at birth and remains. You are not up there, over there, etc. You are you in form. All that stands in the way of you fully remembering this is the training of the brain, and the fear and aversion of the ego. The dual world separates us from ourselves, convincing us to believe non-truths. When we recognize “that is not truth” we can lay it aside, this allows the divine truth to come into consciousness within you from the soul mind.

With the incursion of fifth domain energy, and all of the work that has been done by the Masters (Godhead beings) and higher domain beings on this planet all life is evolving. We are moving in right order forward creating a New World of love, harmony and joy for all life. Every human who has chosen to stay is opening, not really evolving as the planet is, but remembering who they are (the soul) and embracing what the soul says, how it operates. From this is stepping into a soul driven life from a natural and very different state of being. You, your innate way of being carries you into sculpting a different kind of life – one of trust, joy, harmony and connection with all life.

It is critical now for you, and for this world’s evolution, that you remember who you are. There are two pressures on the planet, one compresses and one expands. You chose each moment which one you will align with. The old third domain ways are dissolving. If you get lost in 3D life that is your truth, that is your world. If you focus on being soul in form and living through that knowing, you align with the 5th domain world that is being created and this moves you forward toward being all you are, and to contributing to the fulmination of the new ways.


All of the steps that have been taken to create the New World have been taken, in part, to help you remember. Remember who you are, why you came here, what is occurring on this planet and what you are to do including where and when. It is up to you though to spend the time focusing inward in order to remember who you are, remember that truth within you, to continually spend time in quiet to expand that memory, to know what is occurring day-by-day and what part you are to play. You have within you many life experiences, wisdom, knowledge and how to move with harm to none, in right order according to divine laws that support all life equitably. You know how to contribute your part and you know what your part is because you decided that before you were born into form. This part, your part, was written into the great plan of the Masters as part of the whole. It is unique and to be done by you alone in collaboration with others.

If you own who you are, the soul, you can begin your own discovery of what that means. What are you like? Are you male or female (your current form does not necessarily correspond)? Whether you are male or female tells you whether you build the structures for life (male) or sustain life (female). Opening the door to yourself allows you to experience through self and know that the beauty and wonder never ends. It is not a tree but a living, breathing geometric of alive energy and song that connects through love with all else. It is not a black void in the sky but countless orbs that cannot be seen through human eyes connected with glorious geometric forms that flash with incredible moving colors, and sing with the tones from all in this universe and beyond.

You are not a limited human being – you are a big, beautiful energetic being with imminence power, knowing, love and a willingness to contribute that is beyond conscious understanding in human terms. You have no fear or doubt. You are always joy-filled. You are the dreams you have had about what if? You are the dreams you have had about if only…You hold the magic wand, know the celestial rainbows and dance in the music of the orbs. Your experience is that you are never told no, never forced to limit yourself in any way. Indeed your experience is that all you are and all you do is celebrated in love and understanding. There is no “I” in you, only we because separation simply does not exist.


It is time for you to lay aside any thoughts or feelings that are not yours, not of the soul. It is time to know without question who you are, own that and live that in each moment without hesitation, no matter what. You are not living as soul simply because you don’t believe the truth of it. Your ego will warn you at every turn that this is not right, that this journey back to yourself brings negative consequences at every turn. This comes from the fear the ego experiences. Do not fight the fear, the ego. Hold it as a small child with loving understanding and ally its fears. It has protected you in the dual world but now its work is done. It can step back as You fully step forward. The ego can never know you – it only knows the experiences as a human in this life. Love that child and say no, “that is not me,” unfurling your love and compassion for yourself and all that are still lost in the mists of harm. Stand true in each moment to all you know, commit inwardly to laying aside all the myths of that life for it is done. Now is your time, your time to join others joyfully co-creating and living through your full beingness.


Spend time in Contemplation: Focus on the question -- Who am I? Allow your soul and Council to show you this through visuals, words or feelings – however you can receive it. Repeat this regularly in whatever manner is right for you so you can remember enough, believe enough about you to lay aside the pain of the dual world and allow your soul, yourself, to step fully into your form and live this life in true freedom as soul in form.

Dr. Cherie Skinner
Emissary of Love and Peace
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News

Saturday, August 21, 2010


We have all set ourselves an interesting task, to live in form on a planet with one reality while creating another. As we live day-by-day we look around us and witness family members, friends and acquaintances going about lives as they always have – apparently without any awareness of the changes we see on the planet, nor do they seem to hear the urgent call we hear from within to live differently, to align with an evolution that is almost, it seems, a secret. We are comfortable with being a rebel to a point, but what does this mean when the masses see one reality and we see another? Does this mean “I” am crazy or misinformed? Does this mean that if I do what I feel inside I should do, I will regret it later because they were right and I was wrong? Doubt shadows every step of the way it seems – and who is this doubt, where does it come from and is its story the real story?


We are inundated with our “sins” since birth. What one considers a “sin” varies with the religion or morale constructs where you grow up and live, in the society’s norms and your religion’s edicts. Whether you are Christian or Buddhist, Jewish or Muslim there are constructs in the social rules, political rules, and the teachings of the religion that tell of our wrong doing, either through judgment for our sins, karma or our purposeful turning away from God’s ways and perhaps God. Whether we consider ourselves religious or not, even whether or not our parents were “religious,” we are trained by and impacted by religious, and thus social mores, through the way our particular country functions and rules. All of this creates in us a perspective developed over a lifetime formally and informally through home, schools, in churches and mosques, which inform our human concept of self and the world. What is right and what is wrong. Principally what is wrong is ourselves. Consequently we feel we can never be pure, can never be good enough, can never “earn” the right to trust ourselves to know what is right and to act correctly. In the end we feel we are marred in many ways, and that knowing how to free ourselves of these “sins” or morale errors and omissions is therefore an overwhelming task that is most probably impossible for the little “i.” Our egos remind us, from this bulk of exposure, experience, learning and beliefs that this is the case and will always be the case. Our human observation, for the most part, is that few if any humans escape into a morale free zone where peace and knowing are the norm.

As we move along the road to come home to ourselves our perspectives change and we see the world and ourselves differently. We don’t think, “I want to experience this differently,” it simply occurs naturally as you lay aside ego concepts and remember truths held within your soul. You may not even realize your perspective has changed until you have an experience where before you would have reacted negatively and when in that situation, or afterward, you realize that your old reaction simply was not there – you are different and have laid aside that baggage of the old ways. In the path of discovery you hear from another, or from yourself, that you are a divine being, perfect and whole. There are no ego constructs within you, no life experiences to draw on except perhaps what you have heard or read, no groups or communities of people to see that embodies this state of being. So you doubt and hold with the old beliefs, habits and patterns of being less-than and “wrong” in so many ways.

The energetic beings who influence third domain beings and consequently create dual third domain worlds, what we call the Others, magnify and perpetuate doubt, less-than, negative actions and self esteem as it serves their purposes well. They want to keep the populations controlled through the effective use of morale confusion and rigidity, causing everyone to feel limited, less-than. In this every individual lays aside, in many ways, their powers of wisdom, knowledge and recognizing divine, immutable truth in all situations.

We view the world therefore through the old glasses of third domain constriction and forced conformity. We feel, up to a certain point in our life, that it makes us safe and acceptable to others – even though we may not be acceptable to ourselves. Our perception is outward focused, reactive, anticipatory and filled with projections about what ifs and what could be. We are a mirror image of what is in the dual world. We are not who and what we truly are and can be in form.

When your awareness is heightened and you see the wrongs done by man and society you feel inside that it does not have to be this way. You may have felt this all of your life. Through shifting perceptions as the result expansion of inner knowing, and laying aside beliefs and patterns that perpetuate the harm done that we witness we begin to understand that it is not only “not right” but it is also not in “right order.” In other words, there is a knowing inside that we cannot any longer participate individually in the ways of harm, and that there is a cosmic order that is beyond everything we have experienced that holds a different way. Finally, we understand from within what is in right order, not just what is not, and we walk that road. Always adhering to that inner voice, that inner knowing that leads us innately further into our fuller understanding of who we are and how the cosmos, beyond duality, works and is. What we have seen and experienced is a forced parody – it is not real in that it does not reflect truth, the divine truth, the cosmic truth, the truth in each human soul and in all life. Our perspective has evolved in alignment with our transition back to ourselves and the remembrance of what we know and how we are to be.

The Struggle

Our struggle finally, is to emerge from the human way of doing life, to step fully and without hesitation into our soul’s way of doing life. This is perhaps the biggest challenge and where doubt rules supreme. We can quietly spend time meditating, doing Practices and moving back into soul awareness without overtly changing our lives. We are therefore “safe.” We are not threatening our concepts of what was acceptable, and we are not threatening others concepts of what is acceptable. We can live mainstream or alternative life styles while still presenting as socially and morally acceptable to others. We have our secret knowing of self – but we do not share it or walk, no matter what, the path that is presented to us because we have found a “safe” compromise where we balance everything regardless of the growing doubts and confusion, the bifurcation within that occurs.

Today, during this planetary evolution there are messages we receive from individuals, or from within, that it is not advisable to remain in status quo. We also know there is another way but we are not clear about all of the steps. We have some insight about what is in right order, but little clarity about how to proceed, and perhaps even if we are to proceed it requires ways we have never known before -- that we can remember. We are confused because what we see around us is the status quo. We are in doubt about what we see and experience in the world and what we are feeling, hearing and knowing inside. As it were – the game begins.


Doubt is an old friend. It is gristle for the worlds of third domain duality – dual worlds of what is truth and what is constructed for “more” and thus the creation of harm to life. We have known doubt all of our lives, everyone doubts, to be sure is seen as contradictory to being less-than, is looked down upon as arrogant and is undermined at every turn. Ask ten people their opinion and you will get 10 answers. The ego has a long litany of opinions, all filled with doubt, all based on fear. Certainty is rare, doubt is acceptable behavior and recognized as normal, even preferred.

We develop routines to walk through our doubt. Long lists of pros and cons, talking to friends/family, rational thinking, deductive reasoning, the scientific method all are off-shoots of multiple opinions and doubt. We have doubts about how to raise the children, how to dress for dinner out, how to talk to a friend and how to do our job. We have doubts about how to decorate our dwellings and how to proceed toward a goal. We are “normally” doubtful and deal with it in ritualized ways to offset it in order to move forward. At times we simply dwell in the doubt and so there is no movement. In the search for truth and ourselves we cherry pick truth from one teacher to another, from one book to another, finding things we believe here and there but no clear road forward appears on the view screen. Again doubt sits in even about this – how do I come home to myself; what does it feel like; why should I do it; where is the formula for this, the routine, the “right way?”

Doubt then accompanies us on the journey home and is so familiar we sometimes forget to lay it aside. The doubt has been our benchmark, telling us to be wary, stop and consider. But this doubt is not our friend. This doubt is the result of living in a world of harm. It does not exist beyond duality. Your soul does not doubt, it knows instantly and with absolute clarity because it has the capacity to pull on all the information required instantly. The soul is trained, expands and knows right action in each step absolutely. The information it receives, you receive, in divine order and according to divine law is pure and true without distortion or misinterpretation. There is no question, and no 10 answers to one question. In truth there is only the truth and that is singular so there are no lists, no processes needed to get the best answer. There is collaboration, there are resources, and there are individual beings who are experts in certain fields all which coalesce in right order for each individual being to move forward, and for collaborative action. However, there is no doubt. Doubt steps in because humans are used to doubting, and because this is a new way and this new way is not demonstrated to you when you look around this world. You are used to looking outside of yourself to determine what you should do. When the world is upside down does looking outside of you serve?

In the Moment

There are so many messages in our world that invoke us to live in the moment. Humans live in the past and future, never in the moment so this construct, this way of being is largely foreign. There may be moments in your life when you do, or have been in the moment but maintaining this eludes because as a trained human in a dual world you were indoctrinated into looking back, using history as your guide, and then projecting forward to what ifs to determine what to do. Doing small routine tasks during the day, this pattern is so ingrained that much of life is done on automatic – you don’t even think while driving, cooking dinner, dressing in the morning. You move like a recording of yourself, mirroring back what you have learned – not what you have created for your life.

Creation happens in the moment – literally. All of the pong energy (the base energy of the cosmos) related to your life, and what you are creating, coalesce to create your next moment. So when you are mindlessly on automatic you are using this energy, as is your right as a creator being, to create your next moment. Because you are on automatic you mirror the history to the future – thoughtlessly. Humans make deliberate decisions but once again these are done using history, projecting to the future. It is no wonder we have not changed this world as a species – not learned from history.

You must therefore be in the moment because that is where you create. You must be in the moment to access inner knowing to know, decide and act. You must be in the moment to take in all around you, and in you to determine your next moment. You must be in the moment to be free of all doubt as you are connected to yourself and all there is – where there is no doubt. You must be in the moment because this world is rapidly evolving, life is changing, the planet is changing, and old ways no longer serve. In the moment you can know right action for you and for all life and act accordingly.

In the moment all is connected and pure, beautiful, peaceful and loving. It is only when you stray from the focus moment-to-moment that you draw yourself back into the habits and patterns of looking back, projecting forward and doubting. In that pristine creation of the moment all the universe stands to support you in right action. Anything is possible.

The mind of humans in a dual third domain world is a computer, storing everything you have experienced without emotion, without discrimination. Your emotions step into to judge, discern, find moments of love and joy but the combination of the mind and the emotions in humanness is transitory because it is a fabrication – it is not the “truth” of beingness. When you lay aside the beliefs and fears of the dual world, when you understand truth step-by-step from within your consciousness expands. This consciousness is not of the human mind, the brain and/or even the mind + emotions that humans use. This consciousness is of the soul and the Oneness of all that is. It is this consciousness, untainted by fear or doubt that you are of in the moment.

Added to the purity, clarity and assuredness of being in the moment is the magic of synchronicity. When you are in the flow with the cosmos, in divine right action, all that is supports your forward motion, your decisions, intentions and actions. Little moments of what we call magic happen. These are in actuality part of living in the current of cosmic energy in right action. Suddenly, without any effort on your part the right person steps forward to assist you. Suddenly, without any effort on your part a door opens for you to walk through – a door that you may not have known was there but when it opens, viewing it in the moment, you recognize it and walk through. When you move like this free of doubt you move with the blessings and assistance of all there is. Your soul, your Council and all of the energetics of this transition flow to support your right action in all ways. This is the magic carpet of old.


At first you need to see, to recognize that you have doubt, and when it springs up simply lay it aside, stay in the moment and use your inner knowing to move to the next moment. With time the experience of being in the moment will become your norm because it is innately how you truly are, you simply have forgotten this way temporarily. When in the moment all is beautiful and alight with potential, there is no doubt. If the doubt arises later, once again lay it aside as an old habit and return to the moment. They say, stop and smell the roses. In those moments when the sea air has brushed your cheek, the sun has warmed your back, the child’s laughter brought joy you were in the moment because that was all that existed for you. That was the soul experiencing life in form. Be with this and know that this is your way, embrace it, pay attention in each moment, focus in the moment, embrace the moment and the perfection of all it is.

Dr. Cherie Skinner
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News
Cote d’Azur, France

Saturday, July 10, 2010


You Are A Creator Being

When Buddha worked toward what is referred to as Enlightenment or Self Realization, completed his journey and taught what he knew from a soul level to those around him, he did not focus on building a great church or temple. He did not gather thousands around him, nor did he write down for the generations to come his experience or the truths he had discovered within his soul. There were a few, and only a few, who later told his story and passed along what he purportedly said while in form. From this grew a great religion that has expanded to include individuals on all continents. This developed from small gatherings in rural areas in the sixth century AD.

Creationism is a strange and magical thing and through the laws of cause and effect, the core physics of the cosmos, and in the hands of a being who wielded those energies with purpose and clarity, we can see now the beginning of the story – and its current effect. He came to seed truths and while some of those truths have been misinterpreted, some lost and all incorporated into the society’s norms where they were birthed, never-the-less his seeding sprouted life anew until today as was in right order.

As an evolutionary being you have the right and power to create. Every thought, word and act you take has a cause and an effect. As humans in a dual world we are taught we are powerless and must struggle and suffer to live. This is the tone and enslavement of dualism. It is not truth as each day you perform the miracle of creation. Each day you put into use your adeptness with cause and effect. Living in habits and patterns, humans echo what they have learned – not what they know. The food eaten, the pace of the day, the aspirations and dreams come from the generation and generations before on this Earth that have held the limited view of themselves as taught and replicated through time. Nevertheless, all you have done is done through using your innate gifts. Gifts which are primarily used unconsciously; certainly, in most cases, without understanding them or even knowing they exist.

When you throw a ball against a wall it comes back at you according to the force and angle thrown. Physics has rules for this and can explain through velocity and speed exactly how the ball will act based on its qualities, how it is thrown, and what it is thrown against. This is energy in motion. The ball is energy, the wall is energy and the person is energy – all in “bodies” vibrating at a speed slow enough to be seen and felt in the third domain. You use your energy in all things, each moment of existence, whether you are in form or not. Your soul knows how to wield this energy just like the great basketball player knows how to wield the ball effectively and according to his/her purpose. You have simply accepted the false belief that you are human – end of story. Waking up, coming home, moving into Self Realization requires you to own that you are an energetic being having a short experience in a form you created for that purpose. You are not that form. You are not human. When you Know you are energy you begin to remember how to use energy, how to consciously be aware of each thought, word and action knowing that it all is cause and the resultant effect will come as you chose only if you hold that intent or purpose. Even if you know consciously, in your brain, about the theory of cause and effect, as humans we are told, and it appears to be proven to us repeatedly, that we are limited, powerless and destined to scrapple all of our lives for a suitable living situation. This applies to all regardless of their position or status in society. It is not truth.

The example of the thrown ball can be used to understand how we, as humans, use the cosmic laws of cause and effect. If someone were to remove the wall, the ball would not bounce back. If an object were to hit the ball, it would throw it off course and the intent of return would not occur. Imagine, if you will, a stream of energy in front of you. The stream was created by a thought you had. If you hold that thought/intent the energy will move forcefully forward, coalesce with other energies in the cosmos and create. If you interrupt that stream of energy with a conflicting thought, action or belief the stream dissipates as if it were never created. Human thoughts are erratic, conflicting and often uncertain. The soul knows without question or doubt. This is why it is important to have clarity from within to Know, then decide or place your intention and act. Consistent holding of truth creates consistent outcomes. In this, however, we must remember that what the human perceives as a desired outcome, and what the soul knows as outcome in right order may differ so you must watch for the signs. Timelines may also differ as humans live based on Earth time, your soul operates on cosmic time – one moment at a time, one action at a time in alignment with all there is. So when finding that truth and knowing within you sit with it until you have all of the pieces. Do not assume and do not project or anticipate through ego what is in right order for you or when. All can be retrieved through quiet contemplation and focus on the question at hand. When you have your clarity hold that as truth. There is no other option and no doubt. Put your thoughts, words and actions behind that truth and move forward. Because you are working within the laws of cause and effect you will be supported far beyond anything you would anticipate – this is where the mystical becomes obvious.

As the world swirls into the final stages of its own evolution, with the evolution of all life in, on and around her either evolving also or leaving, it is mandatory that humans shift their perception of Self. The old dual powers that wrote the scripts of separation and lack are falling by the wayside. You have the support now and the opportunity to strike out in new ways. Ways that are true and imaginably powerful using your knowledge and thus the conscious forces of cause and effect.

In Nature

We often think of cause and effect in nature. The wind and waters hurl against the mountain for thousands, perhaps millions of years causing it to be sculpted as if drawn by ethereal hands. The hurricane sweeps across the city cutting down trees, life and houses without differentiation. A great flood cuts through the high terrains, and sweeps across the low lands crafting new arroyos and ponds to route waters for hundreds of years to follow. The hawk rides the thermal winds far to the south for better hunting. We are not of this – we think – we are only human.
Buddha was and is a Godhead being – a partner of the Godhead. He, like all Godhead beings who created this particular universe, has been involved here since before the creation as they created The Plan for this universe and this planet, they created the DNA for each life form, they are at the helm for the evolution into the fifth domain. His visit here was not coincidental. He came for a purpose, at a specific time during the timeframe of that Plan. His effect as Buddha, that continues today, was crafted before he ever came into form. He knew his purpose and fulfilled it well.

As an evolutionary being you choose to be here during this time. You came with a purpose. You also know, as any expert knows, how to fulfill your purpose through the use of energy using the lasting forces of cause and effect.

Your mind doubts and questions
Your soul knows

Like Buddha, you must make this perceptual shift from I am only a human, only a fragile body, to I am an energetic being using my form as a tool in order to believe and use your adeptness with cause and effect. Your soul does not wonder and figure it out, it knows. With this knowing is also the assuredness of clear and immediate action. Since humans are so used to being confused and indecisive (usually out of fear), it is a major step to trust what is known and act decisively from that knowing. Do I really know this? Is this truth? It came so easily and clearly – I need to double check it, etc, etc. The doubt clouded human life shadows even the clarity of soul, of Self, at first.

The Process

It is said humans are waking up. What does this mean? Simply, it means you are seeing clearly the false truths that you have lived by, finding the cosmic truths within you and changing who you are and how you live using that divine truth within while laying aside the false truths of dualism. To make progress I suggest you:

Pay attention in each moment, for all occurs in the moment including creation and the use of cause and effect. You cannot live on automatic. Automatic limits, brings back ego patterns and echoes life lived as human in a dual world. Commit to paying attention and being present in each moment as in that all will be revealed.

Meditate regularly and feel the energy of you. Feel how your energetic field goes far beyond your physical form and has a presence beyond your personality. This is You, the Self, the soul, the only life force present and your true nature and state of being.

Watch your thoughts and actions and track the results. You are creating and you are using the power and cosmic laws of cause and effect now. Know that we create what we believe, not what we wish and hope for. See the movie of your life in reflection and contemplation understanding how it out-pictures your belief structure based on what you focus on – negatively or positively. If you “want” a certain outcome, check within. Is this in alignment for you? If this is right action and you are creating it through your intention, knowing and actions then be the constant observer of your actual, not hoped for or assumed thoughts, words, and actions. Do you believe, for instance, that this can occur?

Observe the world around you with the compassionate understanding that you are. What does the dual world look like, act like, and operate like? See this reflected back to you by your friends, family, movies, governments, etc. Be the observer and learn how these patterns of separation and limitation are set into the human condition and know that this is purposeful.

Rise above the duality and hone your whole being to the fifth domain energy that is present on the planet. Be of the creation of the new world, not the dissolution of the old.

Be all you are in each moment by making choices – are you human/ego or are you a divine evolutionary being? Choose you, your soul, which is connected to your form in the area of your heart. Connect with this energy, know the truth of the matter and act always from that truth no matter what, regardless of how odd it may appear to others around you. You can be a way=shower. First you must be that for yourself.

Communicate and collaborate with your brothers and sisters in and out of form. This is your natural way of being as all actions in the cosmos are done in balance with others. It is through the fine honing of true collaborative action that we hit our stride and will bring forth the great beauty and abundance of a new world. From this will also come an ever-evolving role for you that will bring you joy and fulfillment through your community’s use of cause and effect.


You are the cause and your life is the effect, beyond that, you as a collaborator in the creation of this new world, effect all here and beyond. Your work with many in and out of form and over the coming years will be reflected in your life in form as the natural way of being, as it is in the cosmos -- to be in community, always acting in collaboration with many to accomplish each task. You are already collaborating with your Council and others to move toward Self Realization and fulfillment of your purpose here. If you pay attention, believe this, and choose each moment to be part of this life – not the dual human life – you will find that your creation and the mastery of energy and cause and effect will come more and more easily to you.

Dr. Cherie Skinner
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community Blog
Cotre d’Azure, France & Paonia, Colorado USA

Thursday, April 8, 2010



Globally, there has never been a time when we have been more challenged to be in a state of peace, and never before have we had more help to move into a state of peace. As the dissolution of the planet continues and expands, our daily experiences in relating to the world, and being in tune with the energies of the world can jar us mentally, emotionally and even physically. During this time, and as we move through the next year and a half, it is important for all of us to reach and maintain a state of internal peace that is untouched by any externals regardless of their impact on our lives or the world.


The old third domain world of dualism is crumbling. The New World of fifth domain living is being created. The energies on the planet at this date are over 50% fifth domain enerrgy and expanding, and the third domain energy is contracting as it is not being replaced. There is nothing from the cosmos that is supporting the third domain dual structures that have defined and guided our lives. We are the witnesses of this dissolving world as we see financial structures, governments, religious orders, housing, transportation and essential goods and services waver and more and more disappear. The old must go in order for the new to step forward. Each moment you can chose whether to be of the old dualism and participate in that third domain reality, or be of the emerging fifth domain energies and the world that is being created in that energy according to the truths of the divine throughout the cosmos where there is no harm.

As humans we avoid change, and if we decide to make a change in dual ways this change is created based on our human life experiences and what is known to us. This is the way of the ego and the way we continue to constrain ourselves in the dual world. Our lives are created around projections, expectations, habits and patterns all learned in the society we are in. All constructed by using the past to create the future. Laying aside the old dual beliefs, and these habits and patterns is the process of laying aside the ego personality. As we lay them aside we move into soul union where the soul dominates and leads the life. In the fifth domain world all humans will live as soul, using the form as a tool. This is our natural way of being in formr. There is no dominating ego personality in a soul driven life, or experience of the harm that caused that ego to expand in the dual world to protect us as it experienced fear over and over. As humans move toward that soul union there is a choice each moment to live through soul or ego. With ego we are locked into the past, using what is known to project into the future always creating from the past. With the soul we are truly free and with the wisdom and knowledge gained over millennia in many worlds, the divine truths solidly within us, we can be fearless, selfless, loving and wise, considering all there is in each choice made while sculpting our lives from true creativity with infinite possibilities.


Humans are energetic, evolutionary beings each created unique to themselves by the Godhead. Sculpted from the love, compassion and joy that forms all creation, evolutionary beings are also gifted two incredibly powerful abilities – free will and the power to create. There are many categories of beings in the cosmos but not all are given these inalienable rights as they carry great power. They also require evolutionary beings to take responsibility for these gifts and be in integrity with them each moment. As humans in a dual world we have forgotten that we are an evolutionary being. We recognize on some level that we have free will and the ability to create but because we do not remember who we are, and because we are stuck in this dual world's concepts of what is possible, we have little understanding of what this truly means and even less understanding about how to use these rights, these incredible abilities.

While we are transitioning personally and globally it is necessary to step up and make the best choices possible in each moment based on our personal understanding of divine truth and what is in alignment according to divine laws. This information is found in our soul. Many may not be able to quote divine truth but most awakening to themselves today have innately known all of their lives what is “right” and what is an aberration. For instance, we know that hunger, lack of any kind, harm and cruelty, power over, hording and restriction of others in any form are not right. All of these are the kingpins of duality – they are not in divine order and therefore not experienced elsewhere in the cosmos. You can call these innate knowings your Tuning Fork. It feeds back to you information energetically from soul and from your Council about what is and is not in alignment. This divine Knowing is recognizable in thoughts and feelings throughout the human experience. When you open the door to soul and can hear and feel yourself, you expand that knowing and awareness of divine order. All is known and held by your soul -- the soul that is you, the energetic evolutionary being.

During this transitionary time you can choose to be of the fifth domain way of life, choose to be in alignment with divine order, choose to not contribute to the continuation of the dual third domain way of life, and choose to be all you can be in the moment taking responsibility and being in integrity with who you are as a soul in consideration of all that is. This is begun in this moment where all is created. Your way, the soul’s way, is to Know, decide and act. There is no figuring it out; there is no using past patterns to recreate them once again in the future. The world is changing rapidly; there is no stability at this time except what is created according to divine law. The only known and the only reliable source you have to depend on is the truth within your soul, including the truths about these transitional times and the choices you made before birth about where you would live, what you would do during this time, and how you would participate in the future of the New World. It is all within you – and you alone must remember it.

Make a choice now to be of the new, not the old. Make a choice now to listen to yourself deeply until you Know the truth, then from that truth decide and act. Align yourself with the fifth domain energetic collective consciousness that rotates the planet. Take responsibility and be in integrity at all times first with all you can retrieve from your soul or Council, and secondly in all your thoughts, words and deeds. Finally, collaborate with others, supporting each other in loving equality as we build this New World together.


As soul you are always peaceful, blissful but this state of being is rarely felt, but much sought after, in our human lives. Being peace, rather than feeling peaceful, is your innate state of being. The dual world agitates and there are many, many internal and external forces that negate or upset our peace. However, it is truth that you are peace and it is more important than ever to achieve and hold that state of being. We speak of the illusion of this world – that it is not real – and many philosophers have analyzed what that means concluding at times that it is only a figment of our imaginations. This material world actually exists, but it is not real in that we were convinced that this is the way of all things in the cosmos but it is not. That is the illusion – our perception that this is all there is. Shifting our internal truth, thus our perception from the misinformation gained throughout life to that of the divine truth and state of being of the soul is a passage and a process, however, it can be facilitated by finding the truth of: “I am my soul,” and “I am peace.”

In Contemplation place the Intention to find the truth of these two statements. Relax your body. Clear your mind. Breathe. Connect with the soul energy in your heart area and feel the warm, loving, peaceful and alive energy that is you. Be still in this. Feel the expansiveness of it. Then place the Intention to see the truth that you are your soul. Receive the information given to you from your soul. It will come in images, words and/or a knowing. Stay with this until you are complete. Then place an Intention to see the truth that you are peace. Receive the information as before – feel the peace of self, the soul.

When you know the truth that you are the soul, an energetic evolutionary being and not a human being whose life is limited to a very short time span on this one planet, it opens the door to trusting further information from soul and allowing the soul to inform your life more consciously. Knowing the peace that you are allows you to connect into this peace at any time, all of the time, regardless of what is occurring around you. Externals in this material world do not affect the peace of self – you are much more than the little irritations and even the upheavals of this dual world that is constructed on misconceptions and harm. Be this peace, access your Knowing through the soul. Be of the energy and the truths of the new in each moment and allow this to guide you each step of the way without reaction, without projection and without doubt.

You are the peace beyond all understanding. Call this forth and be it through all the days to come as we joyfully co-create a new world that is constructed in peace, harmony and glorious expansion.

Dr. Cherie Skinner
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FEBRUARY 20, 2010


We have spoken frequently in this Blog, at our Eros Gatherings and through our Wyrush Gatherings across the country about this planet and solar system’s conversion from the third to the fifth domain. Dimensions and/or domains are referred to by spiritualists and scientists alike without true understanding of their qualities, composition and/or effect. According to the cosmic plan for this solar system our planet and all orbs and related energetic structures are transitioning from the third domain into the fifth domain. This includes a by-pass of the fourth domain. Held within The Plan is the upliftment of all life on all orbs. On August 7, 1945 The Plan shifted into high gear and two subsequent incursions of fifth domain energy, as well as related layering of encoded energies, have transpired over the past sixty-four years to assist the planet and solar system’s evolution. As a special and meaningful note, this date in 1945 was the day after the nuclear bomb “Little Boy” was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, Japan August 6, followed by the detonation of “Fat Man” over Nagasaki August 9, 1945. There is significance and relation to these events.

On February 20, 2010 the final incursion of fifth domain energy will come into this planet and solar system. Higher level energies expand and with this expansion over the next year and ten months all will culminate in a solar system that is fully fifth domain energy on December 31, 2011. Currently over fifty percent of our solar system is fifth domain energy. Step-by-step in cosmic timing all life and all orbs, as well as concentric energies holding this cluster of connected orbs, has moved without major harm toward the completion of its transition. If you are sensitive to energies you will be able to feel the incoming energies on February 20 of this year. Know, however, like all else that has been done in regard to the retention of life, that this event will be gentle and loving although powerful and irrevocable.

All pong energy is created by the Godhead. This fifth domain energy will be created by the Godhead and encoded for the evolution of this solar system and the upliftment of all life. While plant and animal life from the third domain that will remain are evolving for this fifth domain world, humans are not evolving – you are simply coming home to your true self – your soul – laying aside the false beliefs and ways of living of the ego-personality that this dual world taught you. Allow this to occur.

The energy coming in will come as all energy passes through the cosmos, from the Godhead through the cosmos to this universe’s doorways, into the Central Sun of this universe and then through our sun and into all orbs and energetic confluences including those of Earth. Pay attention on February 20. The energy will come into the bottom of the Earth, into the core where geometrics have been set over time to receive and distribute it. From these central geometrics it will expand out to related geometrics and infuse all that exists in, on and around Earth. Your form is a mixture of third and fifth domain energies. This upliftment of the form’s energy will speed your union with your soul.


There are twelve domains in the cosmos. The third domain is the first or lowest to hold life and consequently open to the effect of the Others who have created this dual world we live in – far from the truths and natural ways of being that we are used to. The third, fourth and fifth domains are material worlds but each step up is more refined and holds within it different physics, geometrics, rate of energetic vibration, colors and tones. For example, the fifth domain has another blue in the rainbow – extending the possibilities of color accordingly. Energetic geometric forms which hold fifth domain structures are open while the third domain geometrics are closed. The tones are more complex and extended beyond our known scales. The light is softer as it passes through the prisms of color and energetic vibration. All truth is held in the fifth domain and all humans and animals will become their true innate selves without harm. The limiting effects of the dual third domain world will dissipate more and more as we pass through these final months This provides the opportunity for life in all forms to transition into all they are. New animal and plant life created for the fifth domain world is now on the planet. We will all witness the spread and the transition into a harmless environment for all life and enjoy peaceful, collaborative cohabitation with all plants and animals.

If you can hear tones, feel energies or see energetic geometrics you may have witnessed the presence of this energy already as all energetics set for this transition have used pure fifth domain energy. Certainly you can sit and call to you the collective consciousness of the third domain and feel its heaviness, fear and confusion. Then call to you the fifth domain collective consciousness and feel the lightness, love and expansion. They both rotate around our globe continually. Place the intent to stay in the fifth domain energy thus using this upliftment and all possibilities this energy holds to create and live your life.


Every plant and animal species down to the microscopic, and every human has at this date made a choice whether to leave the planet or stay and be a part of the New World. If you are reading this Blog you no doubt are amongst those who have come to assist in this transition and be a part of the New World. We must all honor the choices made by souls if they have decided to leave and remember that we cannot know why the soul has chosen this, but that it is in right order for that being. The timing and the means has been chosen carefully by each human soul for purpose and an expansion of their knowing.

We can know our own soul’s plan for our life and this is your first responsibility in becoming part of this transition – come home to your self. Lay aside all ego-personality and alliance with the habits and patterns of the dual third domain world that you have learned while here in form, and hold to the truths within you about who you truly are, an energetic being, why you are here and what role you will take to serve in right order. Over the coming year the expanding energies will be of great assistance to all of those who wish to lay aside all ego barriers and walk as soul in form. Take advantage of this. Make this your primary goal in life – no matter what – regardless of changes this may bring to your life. As long as you follow soul’s guidance there is no harm in you. You will live and act in alignment with The Plan and all there is. Remember - you are not your body, the body is a tool for the soul to be used in material worlds.

Many are eager to know their destiny – even restless and impatient to have this revealed to them. Only the ego insists so. The soul is peaceful until it knows, decides and acts. Set aside the crying ego habits of doership and allow your soul to gently guide you step-by-step, moment-by-moment so you can come home to yourself and remember your purpose(s) here. There is no time. Everything is in perfection. You will come home to yourself and step into your purpose as planned in the perfect moment. Allow your truth to come forward from within you about your life, the moment and the coming times.

Embrace and live in the fifth domain energy. Commit to coming fully home to yourself – your soul. Dedicate daily time and energy to this end, setting it as your highest priority. Watch, listen and have a heightened awareness for information to come to you from within, from your Council or the world around you that signals to you appropriate change and/or action. Always spend time quietly when you receive internal or external information so it can expand from your soul’s memory and register for knowing and understanding in your consciousness.

Know that you are part of the New World and have within you new ways. Do not recreate the past. Be open completely to allowing your soul, your wisdom, your abilities (perhaps unknown to you before) to reveal themselves. We cannot create the new using the old. Lessons learned and perhaps skills from your human life may serve you well in the coming times but they will be used in new and different ways. If you “expect or project” how it will be without soul knowing you will limit yourself by this ego history. Cherish each moment of becoming. Be grateful for every new insight and recognition of divine truth within you. Enfold your brothers and sisters who are passing along the same path home. Recognize that all is in collaboration. You are never alone and never act alone in or out of form.


There will be new communities created around the globe. Many individuals are now feeling the urge to relocate. Some may move once and stay in the area of their new community. Some may move more than once in the coming months for reasons they may or may not fully understand in the moment until finally settled in their permanent community. Everyone will adjust their life so it is lived not according to third domain mandates, but according to the natural slower pace of soul lived through form. Stillness, rest and play are innate in us and must be allowed. Creativity can flourish when there is time and space to exercise it. You came with gifts, abilities and knowledge – allow your soul to reveal these to you by spending time in quiet journaling. What did you bring with you to assist this world’s becoming? In what way will you work with others to sculpt your community – or all of the communities?

You may have had visions of the New World and how it works. We are all pulled (for purpose) to see/know what is specifically in alignment for us and our role based on who we are as a soul. In the fifth domain there is no ego dominance. The soul holds the memory of the human life as well as all previous experiences. When The Plan was drawn it included your role – regardless of what it is -- it with all the rest makes up the whole. You are important – your collaborative contribution is important. Know that it will be fully revealed step-by-step in perfect universal timing with all that exists. Know that you can remember now what it is if you will allow the information to come forward. The ego insists on action. The soul knows when to act and when not to and holds within it the entire plan for your life.


As I have said before, I say now, the truths I share with you on this page are my truths and are known to me as divine truth. However, your brain cannot conceive of such major changes on this planet and my truth will never truly be your truth if you only read or hear it. You must go within and find the truth of the evolution of this planet within you. Once found and known this will form the bedrock for the years to come. If you doubt, or have not found these truths within you, this will always throw you back to ego questioning. Once found however, and it is within you all, you can stand on your truth firmly and without doubt and move forward. Go inward, in Contemplation place the intention to know, say “I will have the truth of the matter in regard to the future of this planet and/or the evolution of this planet.” Your soul and Council will respond through words, visuals and/or a knowing inside of you.

Dr. Cherie Skinner and Rev. Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News

Friday, January 22, 2010


Hope has many faces and threads that reach out to touch all areas of a life. Hope within a human can be as fleeting as wishing to see a beautiful sight again, experiencing an immeasurably joyful moment just a little longer, hoping for rain or no more snow, or it may carry more profound implications such as hope for a healthy body where dis-ease reigns, finding a better job or having a more amendable relationship. For a human in this world of duality hope may carry not only anticipation of something more or something different, but also expectations that what is will change into something perceived as greater or better. It extends into the uncreated future often leaving the present moment empty.

In this world of extremes hope promises change. Life experiences have taught us that to have change there must be a plan and steps laid out that measure progress toward a defined outcome. What within us defines these parameters? What if hope in truth brings peace within, regardless of what is transpiring, peace that allows you to embrace each moment fully? Individually and collectively hopes abound often with clear ego personality concepts. Our exercising of hope is, in its own way, an attempt to heal ourselves. Hope provides inspiration that uplifts, inspires and assists us to hold the course of our life journeys. In human concepts hope is dimmed if the better, higher, fuller outcome does not meet our expectations. Each moment we create in our lives holds intent for an outcome, and the motivator often is hope aligned with what we believe is best. However, hope may also hold human self-determination without the benefit of innate divine knowing. In this chaotic world hope often means a desire for peace, beauty, calmness in our own lives, to know that what we desire can be. It is like a bird on the wing flying before us carrying a banner proclaiming what we hope for, giving creative substance to the idea, the desire, the longing.


Consciously creating our lives requires clarity, clarity to make decisions and act upon them. In this way we chart the course and lay the energy for creation. The difference between passing hopes and/or heart-felt hopes of the human and the hope of the divine self is knowing. In essence, if felt deeply hope has its routes in the soul’s knowing and we must know to create consciously. The knowing of soul holds great wisdom and knowledge and always considers what is truly right for you and all that is.

When that hope for creation of a specific thing in life does not materialize, in truth it may be because what we hoped for was not in alignment for our lives, or perhaps that creation will come later in the life. Perhaps unpredictable circumstances enter and change the course of events, or perhaps something greater, beyond imagining, takes its place. The attachments we may place on what we hope for can counter the creation, and there can be sadness and negative reactions when expectations are not met.

I have experienced and heard from many individuals who tell me that there has been a moment sometime in their life where all was turned inside out and it felt like hope was the lifeline to cling to, then divine inspiration lifted that hope into a viable and pulsating reality created anew within the life. It may have lifted the innate strength within to the surface, or brought forth the courage to step through a challenge considered immovable. In this experience we learn or remember that we are greater than the limitations we have held, and have within us the power to transcend our long held concepts of what is possible. This is hope rooted in soul knowing.


Our souls know the planned course of our life intimately as well as our life purpose(s). The dual nature of this world and the limited choices held in that duality for human life feel tight and constraining, at moments like you can hardly breathe. The soul carries the strength, the courage and the wisdom to move through anything unscathed. We are souls experiencing, not these fragile human forms. The human ego personality fearfulness is met by the soul’s complete and total fearlessness and it only takes an instant to choose to be you, the fearless soul, and trust what the soul knows and how the soul enacts. We are not newcomers to the brief experiences of life in form. The process of remembering who and what we are, and discovering all that this means comes in small fragments, in one at a time ah-ha moments of clarity. Gradually the gentle immersion with the soul expands and carries the freedom that is ours innately.

Hope based in knowing has great value in human life - it embraces the highest and greatest possibilities free of attachment, allowing all to unfold in our lives in right order. Hope sings in the midst of chaos, aligns with the joy inside us to savour each moment of experience for the blessing that it truly is, and helps us to fly unfettered into the consciously unknown, free of concern or doubt.

Hope and Joy, fully embraced, are freely creative taking us beyond what we have consciously known into the new where our eternal truth can be experienced right here, right now. The power of true unconditional Love that we know resides within each of us expands, touching all, lifting all, changing the life in wondrous ways, and the personal worlds of our experiencing. As we observe what transpires around us we no longer are angry or frustrated but feel the innate compassionate understanding we hold each moment that brings clarity and soul perspective to what we observe and experience.

Hope rooted in knowing, and faith fuel our enfolding opportunities that are presented all through our lives. They support the innate knowing of when to lie something aside from the past, with gratitude and appreciation, and take an entirely different course, even when it is not fully defined. Hope cradles at its core the vibrant knowing of what is good for all, rather than what is good only for one’s self. For we, unique though we each are, are part of a greater community of souls throughout the cosmos collectively weaving the unfolding stories of all that exists and becomes. There is no thing that does not affect all else like ripples in a pond’s smooth surface.


I have met countless individuals, all of whom speak of a particular desire – a hope for peace, to see peace in the world. That peace begins within each of us personally. The soul is always at peace. The innate way of being in the cosmos is peaceful without harm. We hope for peace in the moment, peace from that still well that flows from us outward, and greatest of all, peace known and felt and experienced every day of our lives from this moment forward that stands firm in face of all. This peace we hope for is already ours – and our search for it comes through hope whose core is soul knowing. Knowing that this is our innate way of being. Hope through knowing, Joy, Love and Compassion -- all are within you, all are available every instant to enrich your life and create the world of peace, love, and joy you desire and aspire to. There is no reaching outward for, this does not come from somewhere else. This is your divine birthright and held ever-present within your soul. Be still and know the truth that has been yours eternally. Find the knowing deep within your hopes.

The feminine-masculine unity of the Godhead is real, existing within this cosmos in energetic form in all perfection. All that exists within the cosmos has, is and will forever issue from this perfection. When your soul has been created in divine perfection and lives eternally in a state of love, compassion and joy, what within you in your living experience on this diminutive planet doubts that you are perfection? This is a world of intense duality with harm -- you have chosen to experience the extremes of duality and gain wisdom from this time. Much is learned and nothing is lost for the soul has recorded every moment of your life. Now is the time to appreciate all that you have experienced and learned and to gently lay it all aside to embody the perfection of who you are in form and to live that as your truth. In quietude find this within you. Find the truth of hope as knowing through soul. Allow your knowing to guide you.

Unconditional Love has no boundaries for all is love. The understanding you have gained morphs into compassion of such magnitude that you accept all free of judgment, doubt or fear. The Joy ever-present within you flows in all its power to reveal the glory of the gift of life in form with all senses and creative genius just waiting for expression. Each individual brings unique gifts to the whole, greater than the personality can conceive, and the co-creation of the new world now under way calls you forth to be an active participate as you intended from the beginning. Your lifetime hopes for new ways on this planet are coming to fruition. This hope held your knowing of this time, and your own soul’s wisdom of all the truths that have been whispered to you throughout your life with the voice of hope.

Dr. Cherie Skinner and Rev. Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News