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FEBRUARY 20, 2010


We have spoken frequently in this Blog, at our Eros Gatherings and through our Wyrush Gatherings across the country about this planet and solar system’s conversion from the third to the fifth domain. Dimensions and/or domains are referred to by spiritualists and scientists alike without true understanding of their qualities, composition and/or effect. According to the cosmic plan for this solar system our planet and all orbs and related energetic structures are transitioning from the third domain into the fifth domain. This includes a by-pass of the fourth domain. Held within The Plan is the upliftment of all life on all orbs. On August 7, 1945 The Plan shifted into high gear and two subsequent incursions of fifth domain energy, as well as related layering of encoded energies, have transpired over the past sixty-four years to assist the planet and solar system’s evolution. As a special and meaningful note, this date in 1945 was the day after the nuclear bomb “Little Boy” was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, Japan August 6, followed by the detonation of “Fat Man” over Nagasaki August 9, 1945. There is significance and relation to these events.

On February 20, 2010 the final incursion of fifth domain energy will come into this planet and solar system. Higher level energies expand and with this expansion over the next year and ten months all will culminate in a solar system that is fully fifth domain energy on December 31, 2011. Currently over fifty percent of our solar system is fifth domain energy. Step-by-step in cosmic timing all life and all orbs, as well as concentric energies holding this cluster of connected orbs, has moved without major harm toward the completion of its transition. If you are sensitive to energies you will be able to feel the incoming energies on February 20 of this year. Know, however, like all else that has been done in regard to the retention of life, that this event will be gentle and loving although powerful and irrevocable.

All pong energy is created by the Godhead. This fifth domain energy will be created by the Godhead and encoded for the evolution of this solar system and the upliftment of all life. While plant and animal life from the third domain that will remain are evolving for this fifth domain world, humans are not evolving – you are simply coming home to your true self – your soul – laying aside the false beliefs and ways of living of the ego-personality that this dual world taught you. Allow this to occur.

The energy coming in will come as all energy passes through the cosmos, from the Godhead through the cosmos to this universe’s doorways, into the Central Sun of this universe and then through our sun and into all orbs and energetic confluences including those of Earth. Pay attention on February 20. The energy will come into the bottom of the Earth, into the core where geometrics have been set over time to receive and distribute it. From these central geometrics it will expand out to related geometrics and infuse all that exists in, on and around Earth. Your form is a mixture of third and fifth domain energies. This upliftment of the form’s energy will speed your union with your soul.


There are twelve domains in the cosmos. The third domain is the first or lowest to hold life and consequently open to the effect of the Others who have created this dual world we live in – far from the truths and natural ways of being that we are used to. The third, fourth and fifth domains are material worlds but each step up is more refined and holds within it different physics, geometrics, rate of energetic vibration, colors and tones. For example, the fifth domain has another blue in the rainbow – extending the possibilities of color accordingly. Energetic geometric forms which hold fifth domain structures are open while the third domain geometrics are closed. The tones are more complex and extended beyond our known scales. The light is softer as it passes through the prisms of color and energetic vibration. All truth is held in the fifth domain and all humans and animals will become their true innate selves without harm. The limiting effects of the dual third domain world will dissipate more and more as we pass through these final months This provides the opportunity for life in all forms to transition into all they are. New animal and plant life created for the fifth domain world is now on the planet. We will all witness the spread and the transition into a harmless environment for all life and enjoy peaceful, collaborative cohabitation with all plants and animals.

If you can hear tones, feel energies or see energetic geometrics you may have witnessed the presence of this energy already as all energetics set for this transition have used pure fifth domain energy. Certainly you can sit and call to you the collective consciousness of the third domain and feel its heaviness, fear and confusion. Then call to you the fifth domain collective consciousness and feel the lightness, love and expansion. They both rotate around our globe continually. Place the intent to stay in the fifth domain energy thus using this upliftment and all possibilities this energy holds to create and live your life.


Every plant and animal species down to the microscopic, and every human has at this date made a choice whether to leave the planet or stay and be a part of the New World. If you are reading this Blog you no doubt are amongst those who have come to assist in this transition and be a part of the New World. We must all honor the choices made by souls if they have decided to leave and remember that we cannot know why the soul has chosen this, but that it is in right order for that being. The timing and the means has been chosen carefully by each human soul for purpose and an expansion of their knowing.

We can know our own soul’s plan for our life and this is your first responsibility in becoming part of this transition – come home to your self. Lay aside all ego-personality and alliance with the habits and patterns of the dual third domain world that you have learned while here in form, and hold to the truths within you about who you truly are, an energetic being, why you are here and what role you will take to serve in right order. Over the coming year the expanding energies will be of great assistance to all of those who wish to lay aside all ego barriers and walk as soul in form. Take advantage of this. Make this your primary goal in life – no matter what – regardless of changes this may bring to your life. As long as you follow soul’s guidance there is no harm in you. You will live and act in alignment with The Plan and all there is. Remember - you are not your body, the body is a tool for the soul to be used in material worlds.

Many are eager to know their destiny – even restless and impatient to have this revealed to them. Only the ego insists so. The soul is peaceful until it knows, decides and acts. Set aside the crying ego habits of doership and allow your soul to gently guide you step-by-step, moment-by-moment so you can come home to yourself and remember your purpose(s) here. There is no time. Everything is in perfection. You will come home to yourself and step into your purpose as planned in the perfect moment. Allow your truth to come forward from within you about your life, the moment and the coming times.

Embrace and live in the fifth domain energy. Commit to coming fully home to yourself – your soul. Dedicate daily time and energy to this end, setting it as your highest priority. Watch, listen and have a heightened awareness for information to come to you from within, from your Council or the world around you that signals to you appropriate change and/or action. Always spend time quietly when you receive internal or external information so it can expand from your soul’s memory and register for knowing and understanding in your consciousness.

Know that you are part of the New World and have within you new ways. Do not recreate the past. Be open completely to allowing your soul, your wisdom, your abilities (perhaps unknown to you before) to reveal themselves. We cannot create the new using the old. Lessons learned and perhaps skills from your human life may serve you well in the coming times but they will be used in new and different ways. If you “expect or project” how it will be without soul knowing you will limit yourself by this ego history. Cherish each moment of becoming. Be grateful for every new insight and recognition of divine truth within you. Enfold your brothers and sisters who are passing along the same path home. Recognize that all is in collaboration. You are never alone and never act alone in or out of form.


There will be new communities created around the globe. Many individuals are now feeling the urge to relocate. Some may move once and stay in the area of their new community. Some may move more than once in the coming months for reasons they may or may not fully understand in the moment until finally settled in their permanent community. Everyone will adjust their life so it is lived not according to third domain mandates, but according to the natural slower pace of soul lived through form. Stillness, rest and play are innate in us and must be allowed. Creativity can flourish when there is time and space to exercise it. You came with gifts, abilities and knowledge – allow your soul to reveal these to you by spending time in quiet journaling. What did you bring with you to assist this world’s becoming? In what way will you work with others to sculpt your community – or all of the communities?

You may have had visions of the New World and how it works. We are all pulled (for purpose) to see/know what is specifically in alignment for us and our role based on who we are as a soul. In the fifth domain there is no ego dominance. The soul holds the memory of the human life as well as all previous experiences. When The Plan was drawn it included your role – regardless of what it is -- it with all the rest makes up the whole. You are important – your collaborative contribution is important. Know that it will be fully revealed step-by-step in perfect universal timing with all that exists. Know that you can remember now what it is if you will allow the information to come forward. The ego insists on action. The soul knows when to act and when not to and holds within it the entire plan for your life.


As I have said before, I say now, the truths I share with you on this page are my truths and are known to me as divine truth. However, your brain cannot conceive of such major changes on this planet and my truth will never truly be your truth if you only read or hear it. You must go within and find the truth of the evolution of this planet within you. Once found and known this will form the bedrock for the years to come. If you doubt, or have not found these truths within you, this will always throw you back to ego questioning. Once found however, and it is within you all, you can stand on your truth firmly and without doubt and move forward. Go inward, in Contemplation place the intention to know, say “I will have the truth of the matter in regard to the future of this planet and/or the evolution of this planet.” Your soul and Council will respond through words, visuals and/or a knowing inside of you.

Dr. Cherie Skinner and Rev. Lea Greer
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc. erosdd@gmail.com
Eros Global Community News http://eroscommunity.blogspot.com/

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