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We have all set ourselves an interesting task, to live in form on a planet with one reality while creating another. As we live day-by-day we look around us and witness family members, friends and acquaintances going about lives as they always have – apparently without any awareness of the changes we see on the planet, nor do they seem to hear the urgent call we hear from within to live differently, to align with an evolution that is almost, it seems, a secret. We are comfortable with being a rebel to a point, but what does this mean when the masses see one reality and we see another? Does this mean “I” am crazy or misinformed? Does this mean that if I do what I feel inside I should do, I will regret it later because they were right and I was wrong? Doubt shadows every step of the way it seems – and who is this doubt, where does it come from and is its story the real story?


We are inundated with our “sins” since birth. What one considers a “sin” varies with the religion or morale constructs where you grow up and live, in the society’s norms and your religion’s edicts. Whether you are Christian or Buddhist, Jewish or Muslim there are constructs in the social rules, political rules, and the teachings of the religion that tell of our wrong doing, either through judgment for our sins, karma or our purposeful turning away from God’s ways and perhaps God. Whether we consider ourselves religious or not, even whether or not our parents were “religious,” we are trained by and impacted by religious, and thus social mores, through the way our particular country functions and rules. All of this creates in us a perspective developed over a lifetime formally and informally through home, schools, in churches and mosques, which inform our human concept of self and the world. What is right and what is wrong. Principally what is wrong is ourselves. Consequently we feel we can never be pure, can never be good enough, can never “earn” the right to trust ourselves to know what is right and to act correctly. In the end we feel we are marred in many ways, and that knowing how to free ourselves of these “sins” or morale errors and omissions is therefore an overwhelming task that is most probably impossible for the little “i.” Our egos remind us, from this bulk of exposure, experience, learning and beliefs that this is the case and will always be the case. Our human observation, for the most part, is that few if any humans escape into a morale free zone where peace and knowing are the norm.

As we move along the road to come home to ourselves our perspectives change and we see the world and ourselves differently. We don’t think, “I want to experience this differently,” it simply occurs naturally as you lay aside ego concepts and remember truths held within your soul. You may not even realize your perspective has changed until you have an experience where before you would have reacted negatively and when in that situation, or afterward, you realize that your old reaction simply was not there – you are different and have laid aside that baggage of the old ways. In the path of discovery you hear from another, or from yourself, that you are a divine being, perfect and whole. There are no ego constructs within you, no life experiences to draw on except perhaps what you have heard or read, no groups or communities of people to see that embodies this state of being. So you doubt and hold with the old beliefs, habits and patterns of being less-than and “wrong” in so many ways.

The energetic beings who influence third domain beings and consequently create dual third domain worlds, what we call the Others, magnify and perpetuate doubt, less-than, negative actions and self esteem as it serves their purposes well. They want to keep the populations controlled through the effective use of morale confusion and rigidity, causing everyone to feel limited, less-than. In this every individual lays aside, in many ways, their powers of wisdom, knowledge and recognizing divine, immutable truth in all situations.

We view the world therefore through the old glasses of third domain constriction and forced conformity. We feel, up to a certain point in our life, that it makes us safe and acceptable to others – even though we may not be acceptable to ourselves. Our perception is outward focused, reactive, anticipatory and filled with projections about what ifs and what could be. We are a mirror image of what is in the dual world. We are not who and what we truly are and can be in form.

When your awareness is heightened and you see the wrongs done by man and society you feel inside that it does not have to be this way. You may have felt this all of your life. Through shifting perceptions as the result expansion of inner knowing, and laying aside beliefs and patterns that perpetuate the harm done that we witness we begin to understand that it is not only “not right” but it is also not in “right order.” In other words, there is a knowing inside that we cannot any longer participate individually in the ways of harm, and that there is a cosmic order that is beyond everything we have experienced that holds a different way. Finally, we understand from within what is in right order, not just what is not, and we walk that road. Always adhering to that inner voice, that inner knowing that leads us innately further into our fuller understanding of who we are and how the cosmos, beyond duality, works and is. What we have seen and experienced is a forced parody – it is not real in that it does not reflect truth, the divine truth, the cosmic truth, the truth in each human soul and in all life. Our perspective has evolved in alignment with our transition back to ourselves and the remembrance of what we know and how we are to be.

The Struggle

Our struggle finally, is to emerge from the human way of doing life, to step fully and without hesitation into our soul’s way of doing life. This is perhaps the biggest challenge and where doubt rules supreme. We can quietly spend time meditating, doing Practices and moving back into soul awareness without overtly changing our lives. We are therefore “safe.” We are not threatening our concepts of what was acceptable, and we are not threatening others concepts of what is acceptable. We can live mainstream or alternative life styles while still presenting as socially and morally acceptable to others. We have our secret knowing of self – but we do not share it or walk, no matter what, the path that is presented to us because we have found a “safe” compromise where we balance everything regardless of the growing doubts and confusion, the bifurcation within that occurs.

Today, during this planetary evolution there are messages we receive from individuals, or from within, that it is not advisable to remain in status quo. We also know there is another way but we are not clear about all of the steps. We have some insight about what is in right order, but little clarity about how to proceed, and perhaps even if we are to proceed it requires ways we have never known before -- that we can remember. We are confused because what we see around us is the status quo. We are in doubt about what we see and experience in the world and what we are feeling, hearing and knowing inside. As it were – the game begins.


Doubt is an old friend. It is gristle for the worlds of third domain duality – dual worlds of what is truth and what is constructed for “more” and thus the creation of harm to life. We have known doubt all of our lives, everyone doubts, to be sure is seen as contradictory to being less-than, is looked down upon as arrogant and is undermined at every turn. Ask ten people their opinion and you will get 10 answers. The ego has a long litany of opinions, all filled with doubt, all based on fear. Certainty is rare, doubt is acceptable behavior and recognized as normal, even preferred.

We develop routines to walk through our doubt. Long lists of pros and cons, talking to friends/family, rational thinking, deductive reasoning, the scientific method all are off-shoots of multiple opinions and doubt. We have doubts about how to raise the children, how to dress for dinner out, how to talk to a friend and how to do our job. We have doubts about how to decorate our dwellings and how to proceed toward a goal. We are “normally” doubtful and deal with it in ritualized ways to offset it in order to move forward. At times we simply dwell in the doubt and so there is no movement. In the search for truth and ourselves we cherry pick truth from one teacher to another, from one book to another, finding things we believe here and there but no clear road forward appears on the view screen. Again doubt sits in even about this – how do I come home to myself; what does it feel like; why should I do it; where is the formula for this, the routine, the “right way?”

Doubt then accompanies us on the journey home and is so familiar we sometimes forget to lay it aside. The doubt has been our benchmark, telling us to be wary, stop and consider. But this doubt is not our friend. This doubt is the result of living in a world of harm. It does not exist beyond duality. Your soul does not doubt, it knows instantly and with absolute clarity because it has the capacity to pull on all the information required instantly. The soul is trained, expands and knows right action in each step absolutely. The information it receives, you receive, in divine order and according to divine law is pure and true without distortion or misinterpretation. There is no question, and no 10 answers to one question. In truth there is only the truth and that is singular so there are no lists, no processes needed to get the best answer. There is collaboration, there are resources, and there are individual beings who are experts in certain fields all which coalesce in right order for each individual being to move forward, and for collaborative action. However, there is no doubt. Doubt steps in because humans are used to doubting, and because this is a new way and this new way is not demonstrated to you when you look around this world. You are used to looking outside of yourself to determine what you should do. When the world is upside down does looking outside of you serve?

In the Moment

There are so many messages in our world that invoke us to live in the moment. Humans live in the past and future, never in the moment so this construct, this way of being is largely foreign. There may be moments in your life when you do, or have been in the moment but maintaining this eludes because as a trained human in a dual world you were indoctrinated into looking back, using history as your guide, and then projecting forward to what ifs to determine what to do. Doing small routine tasks during the day, this pattern is so ingrained that much of life is done on automatic – you don’t even think while driving, cooking dinner, dressing in the morning. You move like a recording of yourself, mirroring back what you have learned – not what you have created for your life.

Creation happens in the moment – literally. All of the pong energy (the base energy of the cosmos) related to your life, and what you are creating, coalesce to create your next moment. So when you are mindlessly on automatic you are using this energy, as is your right as a creator being, to create your next moment. Because you are on automatic you mirror the history to the future – thoughtlessly. Humans make deliberate decisions but once again these are done using history, projecting to the future. It is no wonder we have not changed this world as a species – not learned from history.

You must therefore be in the moment because that is where you create. You must be in the moment to access inner knowing to know, decide and act. You must be in the moment to take in all around you, and in you to determine your next moment. You must be in the moment to be free of all doubt as you are connected to yourself and all there is – where there is no doubt. You must be in the moment because this world is rapidly evolving, life is changing, the planet is changing, and old ways no longer serve. In the moment you can know right action for you and for all life and act accordingly.

In the moment all is connected and pure, beautiful, peaceful and loving. It is only when you stray from the focus moment-to-moment that you draw yourself back into the habits and patterns of looking back, projecting forward and doubting. In that pristine creation of the moment all the universe stands to support you in right action. Anything is possible.

The mind of humans in a dual third domain world is a computer, storing everything you have experienced without emotion, without discrimination. Your emotions step into to judge, discern, find moments of love and joy but the combination of the mind and the emotions in humanness is transitory because it is a fabrication – it is not the “truth” of beingness. When you lay aside the beliefs and fears of the dual world, when you understand truth step-by-step from within your consciousness expands. This consciousness is not of the human mind, the brain and/or even the mind + emotions that humans use. This consciousness is of the soul and the Oneness of all that is. It is this consciousness, untainted by fear or doubt that you are of in the moment.

Added to the purity, clarity and assuredness of being in the moment is the magic of synchronicity. When you are in the flow with the cosmos, in divine right action, all that is supports your forward motion, your decisions, intentions and actions. Little moments of what we call magic happen. These are in actuality part of living in the current of cosmic energy in right action. Suddenly, without any effort on your part the right person steps forward to assist you. Suddenly, without any effort on your part a door opens for you to walk through – a door that you may not have known was there but when it opens, viewing it in the moment, you recognize it and walk through. When you move like this free of doubt you move with the blessings and assistance of all there is. Your soul, your Council and all of the energetics of this transition flow to support your right action in all ways. This is the magic carpet of old.


At first you need to see, to recognize that you have doubt, and when it springs up simply lay it aside, stay in the moment and use your inner knowing to move to the next moment. With time the experience of being in the moment will become your norm because it is innately how you truly are, you simply have forgotten this way temporarily. When in the moment all is beautiful and alight with potential, there is no doubt. If the doubt arises later, once again lay it aside as an old habit and return to the moment. They say, stop and smell the roses. In those moments when the sea air has brushed your cheek, the sun has warmed your back, the child’s laughter brought joy you were in the moment because that was all that existed for you. That was the soul experiencing life in form. Be with this and know that this is your way, embrace it, pay attention in each moment, focus in the moment, embrace the moment and the perfection of all it is.

Dr. Cherie Skinner
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News
Cote d’Azur, France

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