Friday, October 21, 2011


As visitors to this planet, as we all are, and participants in its evolutionary thrust, we all have a front row seat to a cosmic creation like none before. That is why we came, that is why we have stayed and committed to participate in co-creating different ways on this planet. There are transitional and evolutionary divine energies here now that confuse, uplift, foster, urge and illustrate more to come. These energies are strong and effecting all life. Those of us who are moving into our natural state of being, whatever you may call it, as divine beings of love, have the opportunity to allow this energy to help us lift up and lay aside the old conditioning and ways of harm and doubt. Each of us has chosen a path, or been on several paths back to our selves. And this energy and the coming time will assist in our own efforts to lay aside the old while embracing the love, compassion and joy that we are innately to create anew.
There are so many indicators of this sweep of undeniable energy across the planet. An energy that insists on returning all life to the ways of divine laws, abundance for all, connection and love, collaboration, unlimited expansion and states of being all without harm. If you look at the revolutions or evolutions in many countries in the Muslim dominated world you see an insistence, in this Arab Spring, on equality, fairness, opportunity, generosity and abundance for all. They did not, and do not, push for themselves but for a change for the common good. Then there is the Occupy Wall Street movement which began in New York, NY and has spread to hundreds of cities in the US and countries worldwide. The story, the feeling, the plea and command is the same – the good for all, the end of greed, harm, hierarchical omnipresence, inequality, etc. The movements echo the same human insistence for a fair and equal world that demands we treat everyone the same. This results in everyone having what they need to live in peace, dignity and personal fulfillment. All of this echoes divine laws and is the reverberation of the energy now on the planet through man to right the ways, to lay down the dissonance that has dominated for thousands of years.
This revolution/evolution of planet Earth involves all life forms, human, animal and plant and of course Gaia. The truth of becoming and moving into new ways now is not only within us all, it is in the energies throughout the planet and expanding. Man, woman and child are feeling them and those who trust their inner knowing trust themselves to act on those feelings and this knowing. This can be to demonstrate peacefully in Egypt or change the location of our personal dwelling. All facets of life must be realigned in right action in alignment with peace, love, creativity, opportunity and collaborative movement forward together. We have our roles to play and it is time to listen and act. We must take responsibility and be in integrity with what we know, and what we are to do – even if we do not fully understand why. The why will come later as we build the whole together.
Francois Hollande says: “It can’t be a system that steals, or punishes, or forbids.” This dual world that we were given that mandates all of these actions is being dismantled.  This dismantling expands with each one of us and our actions in our personal lives. Then it extends to collaborative actions with others in the community with the same truths held. No harm, no judgment of self or others, no hierarchies or power over, all life equal, cherished and included, freedom in all ways, self expression and unlimited expansion of individuals, all done to co-create a New World step-by-step.
It is noteworthy that one of the spokespersons for Occupy Wall Street said that changes in the sixties and seventies took years. This movement began a few weeks ago and is affecting national debates in alignment with their philosophy and their requests for change. In like fashion multiple governments in the Middleast fell, some in days, from peaceful demonstration of the populace. What does this tell us? The movement, the evolution and transformation of this world is undeniable, under way and moving toward full alteration of all human systems and norms very rapidly. This again is being created by the energies present, the awakening memories in all of us about what is to occur now and the knowing on all levels that it cannot remain as it is. We must change and it can be done quickly.  Look around, pay attention to the transformation in all its configurations. It is important to be aware and it is fascinating to watch and be a part of.
There are so many theories and stories about 2012 and they appear to be expanding in number as we move closer to the end of the year. They remain vague, promising a new world and somehow an enlightened populace without really explaining how this is to occur. The reliance on historical documents such as the Mayan Calendar and cross reference with native predictions are heady and confused with debate and contradictions. We cannot look up a 2012 Transition Fact Book on the Internet for assistance through this passage. Nor can we call Mom, a friend or visit our universities, church/temple, government offices or even library. While there are theories and/or statements of denial of changes occurring at all junctures there seems to be no place with clear answers. This makes it very difficult to move forward, make decisions and adjust to change unless you alter your training and human tendencies to look outside yourself for answers and solutions. They are not there. The answers are within you – we all hold the truth of this time, what is going to occur and what we are to do step-by-step.
So many have read hundreds of spiritual books, attended groups, studied, meditated, gone into retreat, India and sweat lodges and still the final shift into Self Realization,  Self, Soul, Oneness, Enlightenment eludes.  Today with this energetic press forward there is an urgency to finish, wake up and know from the purely divine self, which holds the wisdom and knowledge of The Plan for Earth and the cosmos. The answers, you see, are within you. And only by remembering them from within will you know the truth, and forge a path forward to wholeness and collaboration in the creation of different ways on Earth. You do not need to be Self Realized to know. The soul guides through urges, knowing, journaling, what may be called intuition, synchronicity, another’s words or telepathically communicated words and visuals. You know when you feel truth – we just generally question what we know because there is no external validation. What do you do when there is none – and is it possible that there is a reason for that? We all must expand and trust ourselves. Pay attention to what you know, however it comes to you. Write it down so you remember and spend time with it, focusing on it in quiet. What comes to you? You will get more information and/or confirmation. Each time you accept this knowing and allow it to lead your life, it expands the knowing.  Your trust grows with your experience with knowing however it comes to you. Daily and in each moment pay attention to what you know, act on it and pay attention to the results. The time has passed for us to be passive participants in a world gone mad. You are the creator being of your life. You are the responsible one in your life, in your form. You must decide and act consciously, purposefully and with clear intent to create a life, a world without harm, integrated and cocooned in divine love – the basic energetic element of us and all creation. 
This planet and solar system are transitioning from the third domain/dimension to the fifth domain/dimension. This process makes it possible to move this world of harm, very rare in the cosmos and falsely created, into a pure realm where our natural way of being and living can sustain. The teachings, energies and encoding in preparation for this evolution have occurred over time. On August 7, 1945, the day after the atomic bomb was dropped in Japan, the plan was accelerated and set to complete the energetic transition by 2012. In recent years the fifth domain energy has been infused into our planet and solar system gradually. This will complete on December 31, 2011 == the doorway to 2012. We will then begin 2012 with a planet that is wholly fifth domain, holding the physics, colors, tones and truths of fifth domain living, with our innate, divine way of being in a world of peace and harmony.
The stepping from January 2012 to the full creation of this New World in the fifth domain depends largely on the actions of humans. We have many energetic beings here to assist but those of us who are in forms/bodies at this time are the doers, the material creators of the new. We must hear the inner calling and knowing and step up, know, decide and act to co-create together.
The bridge between awakening and being awakened can be likened to what we experience today in our lives, a mixture of experience, and what we really know is possible. That memory of the possibility is there – perhaps benighted because you did not believe it – but there.  To step over the fence from human to soul-self, divine self you can align yourself with these new energies, fifth domain energies, by feeling the collective fifth domain energy and purposefully committing to stay in that energy and to fully coming home to yourself. At the same time, align yourself with the divine energy of soul that is present within you. You, your innate divine self, are naturally aligned with these incoming energies. Both hold for the new ways that are evolving and appearing through all of us, through the earth and through life in all forms.
The New World created from fifth domain energy and your natural self have no harm, have no judgment, has no limits of possibilities for individuals or communities, hold all life equal and collaborative, offer abundance for all without any lack, provides for us to remember what we know that we can contribute to the creation of a loving world without harm to life or the earth.
Step into your new way of being by listening to the voice within you that speaks the divine truth – however you hear that. Consider all the elements of divine truth within you and the evolving world, embrace them and build your life around them. Adapt to change – we cannot build the new with the old. Know that this transition is of love and expansion; you are not small or without contributions. Be the great being you are, step-by-step owning your love, your compassion, your joy, your ability to create, contribute and collaborate equally with others. The time of “less than” is gone. We are all equal in our being and in our contributions. There is no competition, only celebration for each of us and how we chose to participate.
For 2012 and the evolution of this planet to complete you must participate in the manner you committed to from your soul. Let us all move together in peace and harmony. Listen and know thyself.

Dr. Cherie Skinner
Emissary of Love and Peace
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc. [Love of God’s Truths] 
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Thursday, April 14, 2011


When we first stepped out into the world with our Eros teachings three years ago it was about soul and the return to knowing and being the soul. The word soul was used rarely in spiritual teachings at that time, and indeed we were warned against its use as it was dubbed as a “turn off” for some individuals. Now, as you probably are aware, there are many individuals and organizations who speak directly of soul and the return to the soul driven state. This is an echo of the rising consciousness and understanding on the planet. An opening to the divine truth held within each soul. All life is participating in the evolution of this planet including the planet herself.
In The Plan for this evolution the Masters have designated 100 communities across the globe – the core of the new civilization. We are focusing on bringing the first forward in New Mexico. This is a divine community, not an “Eros” community as are the other 99 noted in the Master’s Plan. Over these few short years we have witnessed a great up-swelling in the creation of communities worldwide. Individuals are gathering together, preparing to gather together, feeling they want to gather together across the globe. It is not in the old commune model, but in a universal concept of sharing and mutual support for the good of all.
The Human Transition
The consciousness of humankind and the animal kingdom are rapidly changing into that of fifth domain life forms. In this process you change from the ego-personality driven human life that you have lived, to a life determined by and lived through soul. They are very different experiences from very different perspectives. There comes a time in your passage home that you find you cannot maintain the old third domain/human ways. Too much water has gone under the bridge, you hold too much knowledge and truth in your consciousness about you and the way the cosmos really works to continue to participate in the false life you built before. The discomfort becomes tangible and a decision must be made by you to make changes – small and large changes that will create a life and way of being that is in right order, that supports all you know and wish to contribute to, and a life of being the love you are which holds no harm.
Because the dual world is built on “more” and “harm,” which is largely held in the use of money and power over, the decision to step away from the old human life frequently involves moving away from the old primary source of income. Because the ego has great fear of lack, and lack is primarily defined as not enough money, this critical juncture – to move beyond the fear and sense of lack – is one of the most difficult and most important in the journey home. Many who are slated to be leaders and participants in the new communities have not stepped forward because they are still embroiled in the “stories” of dualism. The fear comes up when considering stepping out of what has been known, and may be construed as safe because there is a perception that there is a stable financial source.
Fear and Safety
In the constructs of a dual world there is no “safety” because it is by definition based on more and harm – harming to all life, including yours. While it may be difficult to envision a life without harm, your soul knows this way thoroughly and is ready and very willing to create that through your physical form if you allow it. The mental constructs of fear-based living cycle forever. This is the never-ending repeat in our history, the lessons never learned because they are not allowed to be learned by the ego because you hold to the constructs they are built upon.
We must each allow ourselves to learn from the soul, to trust what we know within and to act upon it without hesitation. Through this we learn that this alternative way of being and living works. It not only works it spells true freedom, peace, joy and abundance. These are not empty promises – this is the way you innately are, innately live. To attain that freedom you must leave the old ways of living through fear and depending on the dual world to supply you. You must jump off the proverbial cliff, say no to the old lies, and embrace the unknown that you are in the process of remembering. We cannot build the new using the old ways. It is up to each one of us to step beyond these archaic structures and block-by-block create new ways in our lives, in the world. In this process you will be supported. It does not serve you to project or anticipate. Be in the moment and create only that. All will unveil itself in gentle and loving perfection and you will be cared for and protected. Stay with the knowing and clarity you hold now. Lay aside the old pattern of wanting the whole story, the whole plan. You will be given the information you need, and as you expand your awareness the information shared will expand and you will move, at the right time, into mastery of self – into soul dominion with continual expansion of understanding, knowledge, wisdom and skills.


Side-by-side with our becoming is the dissolution of the old third domain dual world. We all are witnessing it, we all feel it, we all experience various blips in our lives due to the falling away of these structures. And yet, there does not appear to be a compelling enough reason for most who are conscious to say, “It is time.” For most to take what they know and live according to that knowing. It’s a quandary really. Humans live their lives in fear and build lives around them to make them feel safe. And yet, the old ways are so engrained that even when this true threat to the old way of life presents itself, almost on a daily basis, the old is held – even though it clearly is crumbling and alternatives are present. We have included some links on the sidebars of this blog to illustrate, from additional sources, how the earth is changing, how life is changing, how humans are changing, how this planet is moving through an evolutionary process. Take it all into consideration deeply as you find the direction for your life. If you like “facts” here they are. Focusing inward on Earth changes will result in a deeper understanding about what is occurring throughout the planet. You can track these wondrous changes for yourself, free of interpretation, free of fear and know that you are witnessing a rare and divine evolution for all life.

The soul uses discretion and acts in consideration of All. There is no “I” but a collective we when considering what one does each day. While the dual world is selfish, all about self preservation, the soul knows no fear, never questions that he/she will have everything required in each moment and moves forward according to “right action no matter what,“ in this case, according to The Plan and his/her role in it. What you know, the gifts and knowledge, the contributions and skills you bring to this evolution are unique. When you withhold them due to fear, you withhold them by staying “human.” The choice then comes down to moving forward for the good of All, or staying glued obstinately in one’s own private and selfish world. Selfish because that is the nature of dualism – my way and my gain above everyone else’s. This is the core of “harm.”

While thousands, perhaps millions, now live without a home, without a job and without a way forward in the old way can you question that life on Earth is routine, the way its always been? When last winter was the worst in Europe’s history, Japan’s earthquake was the most severe ever, and coastlines across the globe continue to move inward – what holds you to the illusion of security? Isn’t this fear of change in your life, rather than assurance of a future like today? Consider this – would you rather step up now and sculpt your new life with your soul, or react later and dig out of the total collapse of the old way of life?

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The World to Come

The tricky, sticky road of projection and foretelling the future has to be managed very carefully. This type of planetary and solar system transition while retaining life has never occurred before in the cosmos. Life, during this transition, especially human life, has not behaved as anticipated. Humans are largely the drivers of the outcomes of this plan so we must be very cautious about saying what is to come in the near future, humans have free will and the power to create. These powers are never interfered with – your free will and choice along with all the rest of “us” determines what will be in moment. However, The Plan as drawn by the Masters (Godhead beings) will be in the end.

There are three phases humans will move through in this becoming of a new world.

1.     The Open Hearted: Humans are moving from a third domain world into a fifth domain world, a higher dimension for a new life -- that is exactly what is going to happen here where all human beings are not going to be birthed from the mother into this new life – this new world. They are birthed energetically into this new life and there will many at the same time. So it is not unlike coming into a physical body as a baby to be birthed into the 3rd domain to learn everything you have to learn. The advantage of moving up like this into the 5th domain is that skills in rudimentary everyday living are already accomplished so you do not need to learn to walk and talk, etc.  You do, however, need to learn an entirely different way of living.
When one’s heart opens completely, as a human, you want all good for oneself and all life. This first level of consciousness in the new world --the heart opening in this manner for those who will available and can move up with this planet -- means true heart-centered living and beingness. It does not mean the heart opens with love for a child and then closes again. It does not mean those who go to church and profess love of God and hurt another when they leave in many different ways. It is heart-centered in the fact that they truly want in their being, as connected to their soul, all good.
The open-hearted do not know what the good is though. Thus, the baby steps. Imagine this – you have a world with war, you have a world with slaughtered animals, you have a world that is killing the planet due to greed, you have a world that lives in fear and power and mendacity. There are few places one could go away from the harm caused by government or neighbor, employer or your spouse, and so this the world that you have come from. The open-hearted will be, suddenly, in a world where all is given and there is no harm. While their hearts will know this, it will take time for them to understand that there is no harm. And a few will move slowly away. This does not mean that they are going to engage in self- defense or to project at others that they might be harmed so they will strike first. We do not see with all of the assistance that is being provided and all the presences on and around the planet of beings to make this smooth transition, that there will be many who pull back, but this has happened elsewhere.
So, fear must be dropped and this is a slow healing process. The evidence that is around that all things are taken care of, there is housing, there is food, there is comradery, there is everything there to meet the needs will be seen and immediately understood by some, and will take longer for others.
2.     The Leaders: The development of societies and leaders will be based on universal law and heart-driven action that precludes any control or harm of anything on the planet. The civilizations that are already on the planet in the 5th domain (still hidden from most) will share and be visible after the shift, and will share their model with others in how individuals can live in harmony and peace with each other without harm to anything. Those of you who are preparing the roadway as leaders also serve as a model, and with time there will develop a sense of what you might call government. But this government is really a community of individuals who choose to be leaders in certain areas, much like the Native American way, where they discuss that a road must be built, or a field cleared that is not owned, because nothing is owned. And they will start to develop the expansion of power and communication and technology. So, this is the second phase of the 5th domain living. Those who have certain levels of expertise in certain areas will by this time have stepped into those, and for the most part they are heart-centered desires.
Their desires come out of the skills and wishes of the individuals where they might have worked for corporate America before and they always wanted to be a woodworker, they would be a woodworker because the corporate American job brought them many things and some sense of security from the currency that flowed to them, but the currency flowing to them is not needed anymore, and the security is given by the very existence of the planet because it is secure. So it is not necessary for individuals to seek love and money. There is no money. Love exists in all, so the satisfaction for self comes from their own inner driven talents and abilities.
Through the development innately of each individual, all things that a given community needs will be provided. Some will be interested in technology, and some will be interested in dwellings, and some will be interested in the land. Some will be interested in flight, some will be interested in the animals. It will all flow easily in the second stage. But in the first stage each individual must find themselves in the process of dropping all fear and pre-conceived notions of what life must look like. It is a little bumpy, and conflict and questions can arise. There is no formal structure to resolve this at this point, so it must be resolved by individuals around the individual, and that can be accomplished, and will be accomplished as it has certainly proven itself out before in early 5th domain civilizations with souls who have progressed to that level.
The rawness and the confusion quickly drops away when the love is truly felt and proven moment by moment by moment. One can relax. One can relish and know and feel that thing that every being has always sought. This love is more divided from the essence of the being in the 3rd D than any other dimension.
Leaders are being prepared now and will be some of the original founders of the communities as they step forth, with their own inner knowing to contribute to the organization and development of the 100 communities across the globe. Communities will begin then with some leaders in place and some with open hearts present to move forward together.
3.     Civilization in Harmony: The third stage is when the civilization reaches its full evolutionary potential, and the individuals, adults and children, who reside on the planet are in harmony with themselves and with all else, that everything that is collectively needed is solved in harmony and love without conflict. That there is no worry. That there is no need. That there is no lack. There is no harm. That there is no death other than when one leaves the body, and this is a totally different process than what is on earth. So, it is a beautiful and harmonious focused in the heart.
If individuals on this planet in the first two phases are found to be not in alignment with the purpose of this 5rd D they will leave. This is a very, very important process on many, many levels and we do not believe that anyone without a truly heart-centered life can move up with the planet; however everyone has free will.

Consider a matrix, a giant multi-colored web in a complex design of geometric figures, moving colors, music made of beautiful tones – it stretches out beyond your capacity to see the end and you know that all you are seeing goes far beyond anything imagined by man. Be within this, feel it, see the dance, hear the songs, now focus. This is the force of creation manifesting the new world. Your focus can open up your part of the becoming of this planet. Place the intention to see and know irrevocably who you are – beyond doubt. Remember in this divine state of you why you came here, where you came from, what you are to do next. Then see and feel the incredible peace and power, the unquestioning state of being where you move with knowing, without thought, smoothly and with great joy forward. Embrace this as your birth right and rejoice for you have come home from a long journey that has now ended.

Dr. Cherie Skinner
Emissary of Love and Peace
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
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Friday, February 25, 2011


When we stand and gaze at the night sky, searching for our favorite constellations, the moon or perhaps to see something new we are comfortable in our neighborhood. This short look into the cosmos is like looking down the street where we live in human form. It is known, comfortable, predictable and easily encompassed into our daily life – part of our world. The cosmos has never been measured by a scientific instrument, never mapped by human engineering, never visited by man-made vehicles and never seen by the human eye. We live in our neighborhood, the part we can see extended with our most powerful telescopes. Still, it is the immediate neighborhood to Earth and yet full of secrets, unknowns, suppositions and mystery.

This is a reflection of our human lives. We see, experience and know only what is in our neighborhood of experiences and what we have learned to know and expect. The eye, the mind, the form and all of its combined abilities, even at peak capacity, cannot go beyond this limit of perception. It is as if an impermeable curtain has been dropped around us, in us, so we can only experience what is known, seen, felt through our humanness. And yet, beyond our neighborhood, beyond the curtain is glory, beauty, majesty, brilliance, power extended in every inch of the cosmos for us to experience – the curtained existence of humanness is the only thing that stops us from it all – the All beyond words, beyond human understanding, beyond human ability.

The human brain/mind is also curtained and trained to believe what it has been told, and what is provable in this material world. As you search for spiritual truth you come upon concepts and ideas that you either embrace or pass by in the journey to opening the inner doorways to self/the soul and all you know and experience as an energetic, evolutionary being. And yet, even when you believe and perhaps know you are the soul, the old mental concepts of what is possible and what is truth can stand in the way of opening your knowing about what is beyond this little planet, who you are and what you truly are capable of. It is this then, the blending of the human mind/brain and the soul mind that brings into us that critical factor of knowing, remembering and experiencing our true capacities, knowledge, skills and that of each segment of the cosmos – in this universe and beyond in many other universes – that you in actuality interact with and know intimately as your “world” in the cosmos.

Your innate way of being in a physical world is as soul using the form as a tool. In this state of being the soul mind knows, decides, acts and holds all knowledge. There is no ego-personality. This soul mind is connected continually to the Council mind. The Council mind has the capacity to then connect to the cosmic mind up to the domain level of evolution. In addition, the soul and the Council have the right, even at times the responsibility, to call on higher level beings to gain information that is needed to proceed. So, in dual humanness it is difficult to conceive of what it means to be anything beyond what you have known – human. When you open communication and collaboration with your soul and Council it takes time to accept the concepts presented to you about who you truly are, how the cosmos works, what is occurring around you and how incredibly limited Earth’s perception of reality is. Even after being told, for instance, that this Earth is not your home, that this universe is not your home, even when knowing this as truth from self it takes time to adjust to the idea that you are from a universe that this little planet does not even recognize as existing, that you are not physical but energetic, that your Council members are your true family and that there are members of the Brotherhoods here now to help you from other universes. The brain cannot imagine it – and at times the imaging is tainted by old beliefs and thus skewed from truth. The only way you can step from your current limits to fully understand yourself and your true world is to let go of everything you know, open to your soul and Council mind and “remember” from there. The ego will never be able to understand, the human brain will never be able to imagine the depth and breadth of what you are, what you know, what you are capable of and your “neighborhood” far beyond the seeing ability of the human eye.

Everything that has ever occurred in the cosmos is held in the cosmic mind. This is held in the Godhead and Godhead beings. There are myths about akaschic records and many interpretations of what this is. At its core, this Hindu teaching holds truth as the record of all there is – but the interpretation of where or what this is varies widely. There is no library, no group of individuals who hold and maintain this history of the cosmos and all – literally all – that has occurred, other than the Godhead and Godhead beings. However, the intelligence of all souls is held in totality in every “atom” or component of pong energy of their being. This is how higher domain energetic beings can be in multiple places, performing multiple tasks simultaneously at once – all they know is present fully in the beingness that is present. Godhead beings, those who live at the Godhead, hold the totality of this cosmic memory in each component of pong energy in their being, and since they are ever-present everywhere at all times they hold this history within themselves everywhere. This information is then made available to those who seek it up to the domain they live in.

Your soul mind holds the memory of you from the moment of your creation at the Godhead to the present – everything is recorded. The Council mind holds the memory of each Council member – including you. As a member of this Council you have automatic access to the Council mind and all it contains. When you step from the limitations of dual human, make the decision to be soul in form you have instant access to your soul mind and the Council mind. This is not just access to a book or a record but to the entire experience as if in a hologram. Human language is a primitive means of communicating information. Humans often misunderstand each other and struggle with saying what they truly want to convey. This is not the case with telepathy. With telepathy, our true communication tool, there is a total conveyance of information that cannot be misunderstood or misinterpreted – it is complete and truth. When you move then from “talking” to telepathic communication with your soul and your Council your consciousness takes in the whole of it, the complete information in a multi-faceted format that is understanding, memory and recognition of truth.

We are so used to the limits of the human brain, the human senses, human conversation that it is a stretch to adapt to hearing, receiving and accepting input in any other way. It is critical that we understand that we have other means of gaining information, and that in order to come home to being ourselves we must shift from the old dual ways to our innate ways of being and interrelating to move forward and eventually be ourselves in form. In this we must not allow the old stories and the brain to interpret what we experience, hear or know. We must allow this input from soul and Council to expand in the stillness while sitting and focusing on it until there is true understanding in our consciousness. This alone will build the path to expand further.

Consider the three year-old. You hold a cup in your hand out to him. He picks it up and looks at it, maybe bounces it off something, turns it this way and that. He does not know the story of the cup, where it came from, what all it is used for and what care must be taken to keep it in tact. He does not know the rules about drinking from the cup rather than your cupped hand, or how to sit it just so beside his plate when he is eating. There are many stories about the cup that you may tell him over the coming years until one day he knows what you know. But he does not know what the cup means on another continent in another culture. He knows what his neighborhood knows – unless he ventures beyond it on Earth. This all takes time and with that learning there are many do this but do not do that, and a responsibility. There are repercussions to using a cup and he must learn how to utilize it appropriately in life – and associate it appropriately through use and instruction with a glass, a mug and a flute.

You are learning about who you are. Right now you may not know how to use all of the parts of you, or even remember what parts of you there are. You do not know your full story and how you came to be who you are, with the abilities you have and the knowledge you hold. Like the cup you must engage with the soul and your Council to remember one piece at a time. There is responsibility in this, but there are no consequences. If you remember how to curve energy then falter another opportunity and more memory will come forth through focus. This knowing though comes to you through the movies of reliving or demonstration from the soul mind – a total experience that is deep and lasting. It is beyond the limitation of human words – as you are beyond the limitations of the human form. This remembering requires a willingness to let go of the old, the ego-personality beliefs, and surrender into allowing yourself to remember from the divine mind – that of your soul and Council. To paint a new picture for your life you must have a blank slate knowing that all the information and tools you need are there waiting for you to call upon them within yourself and your family – the soul and Council mind.

I have noticed that the movies being made for the teenage/college generation now are fantastical – they tell myths, stories and have super-powered heroes and heroines that perform seemingly magical feats. We have in our history myths with characters also with incredible powers. Consider this – what is the truth in this? Many individuals have been born over the past three decades that have not fully fallen asleep. These super players have attributes that are familiar – close to the surface for the younger generations. If you are having difficulty, for instance, taking in who you truly are as you discuss this with your soul/Council and witness you acting now or through accessing your soul mind memory what in you has decided this is beyond “normal” or impossible, or most likely not me, “I could not possibly be that incredible.”

It is impossible for the soul mind to convey in any way anything other than truth. If you drop all of your ego filters and listen to the purity of this truth you are listening to the truth of the cosmic mind – the divinity of all that is. It is only your own self-limitation that puts labels on this, doubts this, and hesitates to embrace it.

You decide how quickly you move into Self Realization, it is your journey. Eventually you will know only from the soul mind, instantly access the Council mind without hesitation and call upon the cosmic mind as appropriate. Everything you ever wanted to know is there. Everything you will ever need to be all you are is there. Everything you need to contribute on this Earth as your soul chooses is there. Lay aside the doubt. Lay aside the self limiting habits and patterns. Enfold your soul mind into you, relying first and always on its wisdom, knowledge, love and fearless prowess.

Dr. Cherie Skinner
Emissary of Love and Peace
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
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Monday, January 3, 2011


Our time on this Earth has presented to us various versions of wisdom, most having to do with the mind, the books and the intellect. What is divine wisdom? This is a key attribute of the soul and with soul union you gain the wisdom you hold within you. Far beyond the human definitions of wisdom the keys to true wisdom are within you, to be unlocked by laying aside false shyness, limitations, self-judgment and all comparison to others. Wisdom lies as a great gift to be revealed in its own time, step-by-step and then fully unalterable, unshakable, embodied purely and completely through the love and compassion that you are.

As you consider wisdom, you may think of unique individuals who exemplify wisdom to you – Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, etc. What these individuals had in common was their ability to go beyond the mind to the “heart” and follow that inner guidance without fear. Stepping beyond the constraints of the ego’s shoulds and musts is then the first step to wisdom -- the fearlessness of right action regardless of whether or not it is “acceptable” to others and/or known society.

When we consider the wise one, or your wisdom we must step beyond the human mind and the conditioning we have all gone through to “know.” Divine knowing extends through the soul mind and considers all there is, as we are all connected to and therefore affect all there is. None of us at this juncture would purposely harm, however in the habits and patterns of dualism we perpetuate harm if we remain in the ego, which is built through the avoidance of harm in fear. We cannot stay free then of harm and causing harm, even if it is unintentional, if we remain in this dualistic state of mind – regardless of how educated and/or how brilliant we are.

Knowing from the wisdom we all hold comes eagerly forward instantly if allowed from soul. This incredible ability we have to consider all that is seemingly in a flash, and then to “decide” right action for all there is. There is no “I” in the soul. No separate consideration of “me” first. All done is in consideration and service to the greater whole. Not service through servitude, but service through the love and joy of contributing to the wonders and beauty of creation and life.

Wisdom is a common denominator and marking stone for the soul’s evolution. As wisdom expands, so does the soul and the soul’s abilities and contributions. A handmaiden to wisdom is integrity, taking responsibility and honing to rightness in all things. In human terms we always try to be “good, kind, thoughtful.” In soul terms the flaws of these attempts are obvious because at the core we are good, kind and thoughtful if we feel safe. There is no fear in the soul and as you learn through experiences in and out of form you build your knowledge, from this expansion of knowledge your ability to consider all expands and wisdom grows.

As we move into a new way of living here on Earth we must call upon our wisdom to guide us -- the wisdom of the soul – not the learning of the mind. Remembering consciously who we are allows us to tap into this deep, nourishing well for our lives and the good of all life. Stepping beyond then, or stepping inward to tap that which we truly know results in wise choices and these wise choices are not predetermined by anything or anyone in the old lives we have lived.

When I sold everything, furnishings, house, car, etc. to leave the United States and move to France to open the seminary here bringing my few boxes of clothes and personal items with me I shocked many people – including my own family. This is not rational action, it is not “smart” and I have always been viewed as smart. It’s true; I was gifted with a great brain and have used it well. With that brain I have read thousands of books, received multiple degrees, been the head of large corporations, taught at universities – but what no one knew, and I did not fully understand back then, was that it was never my intellect that was “smart.” It was always a blending of education, experience and something else -- a knowing that I could not describe. This knowing, I realize now, was coming from my soul and when I listened life worked. When I did not, well I experienced the consequences.

Our souls are front and center all of our lives. The soul never went to sleep – we just momentarily forgot who we were replacing ego beliefs for soul knowing. We have all had experiences throughout our lives where we had “hunches, intuition, a voice who spoke to us, or when we simply knew.” This is the soul wisdom coming through. When it is followed magic can happen. When we allow the soul to step forward, lay aside the fears and yearning to run from it, we allow ourselves to envelope true wisdom. Wisdom that guides our lives seamlessly, wisdom that supports all that is.

When you aspire to come home to yourself, your soul, this must be done “no matter what.” We say this repeatedly yet many do not understand the meaning. Our lives have been constructed on the rules of duality, the ways of the dual world and harm. In this construct we create a life that portrays to us safety above all else, for it is safety that the ego yearns for in all things. Whatever your definition of safe, that is what you conspire to create in your life, and if anything changes to threaten that construct you move into fear. So, when you are faced with “not matter what” your internal conscious or unconscious thoughts center around safety, and the rules of living continue. Was your life constructed then from your wisdom, or from shoulds placed upon you since early childhood by a world that is afraid? Consider this, if you allow the wisdom of your soul to step forward and create change that brings forth a life that is not only truly safe but fearless what have you lost? We are buried in material goods – does this bring you true happiness, peace or safety? Is it written that if you follow this wisdom within, you will lose the material comforts of life? I have found that ownership does not exist, and that there is always enough to shelter, feed and even pamper me, including when I acted on my inner knowing “no matter what.” It is an abundant universe and it is our right to receive our share and enjoy this beautiful planet while we are here.

Wisdom then is never transient. It is within you in each moment. The ability to call upon all you know to decide what is best for all, right for all there is. You must be willing to allow it to come forward, and you must be willing to enfold it as your truth and act upon it. With this your ability to call upon this wisdom expands, and the figuring out of old drops away – the decisions made out of fear no longer plague you or color your life. With each step taken through your soul’s wisdom you reap the true benefits of not only serving but being served by all there is. You are the giver and receiver of all that is in right order for you in this physical journey, and that is wondrous beyond understanding by the little ego that cries wolf.

Dr. Cherie Skinner
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
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