Monday, January 3, 2011


Our time on this Earth has presented to us various versions of wisdom, most having to do with the mind, the books and the intellect. What is divine wisdom? This is a key attribute of the soul and with soul union you gain the wisdom you hold within you. Far beyond the human definitions of wisdom the keys to true wisdom are within you, to be unlocked by laying aside false shyness, limitations, self-judgment and all comparison to others. Wisdom lies as a great gift to be revealed in its own time, step-by-step and then fully unalterable, unshakable, embodied purely and completely through the love and compassion that you are.

As you consider wisdom, you may think of unique individuals who exemplify wisdom to you – Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, etc. What these individuals had in common was their ability to go beyond the mind to the “heart” and follow that inner guidance without fear. Stepping beyond the constraints of the ego’s shoulds and musts is then the first step to wisdom -- the fearlessness of right action regardless of whether or not it is “acceptable” to others and/or known society.

When we consider the wise one, or your wisdom we must step beyond the human mind and the conditioning we have all gone through to “know.” Divine knowing extends through the soul mind and considers all there is, as we are all connected to and therefore affect all there is. None of us at this juncture would purposely harm, however in the habits and patterns of dualism we perpetuate harm if we remain in the ego, which is built through the avoidance of harm in fear. We cannot stay free then of harm and causing harm, even if it is unintentional, if we remain in this dualistic state of mind – regardless of how educated and/or how brilliant we are.

Knowing from the wisdom we all hold comes eagerly forward instantly if allowed from soul. This incredible ability we have to consider all that is seemingly in a flash, and then to “decide” right action for all there is. There is no “I” in the soul. No separate consideration of “me” first. All done is in consideration and service to the greater whole. Not service through servitude, but service through the love and joy of contributing to the wonders and beauty of creation and life.

Wisdom is a common denominator and marking stone for the soul’s evolution. As wisdom expands, so does the soul and the soul’s abilities and contributions. A handmaiden to wisdom is integrity, taking responsibility and honing to rightness in all things. In human terms we always try to be “good, kind, thoughtful.” In soul terms the flaws of these attempts are obvious because at the core we are good, kind and thoughtful if we feel safe. There is no fear in the soul and as you learn through experiences in and out of form you build your knowledge, from this expansion of knowledge your ability to consider all expands and wisdom grows.

As we move into a new way of living here on Earth we must call upon our wisdom to guide us -- the wisdom of the soul – not the learning of the mind. Remembering consciously who we are allows us to tap into this deep, nourishing well for our lives and the good of all life. Stepping beyond then, or stepping inward to tap that which we truly know results in wise choices and these wise choices are not predetermined by anything or anyone in the old lives we have lived.

When I sold everything, furnishings, house, car, etc. to leave the United States and move to France to open the seminary here bringing my few boxes of clothes and personal items with me I shocked many people – including my own family. This is not rational action, it is not “smart” and I have always been viewed as smart. It’s true; I was gifted with a great brain and have used it well. With that brain I have read thousands of books, received multiple degrees, been the head of large corporations, taught at universities – but what no one knew, and I did not fully understand back then, was that it was never my intellect that was “smart.” It was always a blending of education, experience and something else -- a knowing that I could not describe. This knowing, I realize now, was coming from my soul and when I listened life worked. When I did not, well I experienced the consequences.

Our souls are front and center all of our lives. The soul never went to sleep – we just momentarily forgot who we were replacing ego beliefs for soul knowing. We have all had experiences throughout our lives where we had “hunches, intuition, a voice who spoke to us, or when we simply knew.” This is the soul wisdom coming through. When it is followed magic can happen. When we allow the soul to step forward, lay aside the fears and yearning to run from it, we allow ourselves to envelope true wisdom. Wisdom that guides our lives seamlessly, wisdom that supports all that is.

When you aspire to come home to yourself, your soul, this must be done “no matter what.” We say this repeatedly yet many do not understand the meaning. Our lives have been constructed on the rules of duality, the ways of the dual world and harm. In this construct we create a life that portrays to us safety above all else, for it is safety that the ego yearns for in all things. Whatever your definition of safe, that is what you conspire to create in your life, and if anything changes to threaten that construct you move into fear. So, when you are faced with “not matter what” your internal conscious or unconscious thoughts center around safety, and the rules of living continue. Was your life constructed then from your wisdom, or from shoulds placed upon you since early childhood by a world that is afraid? Consider this, if you allow the wisdom of your soul to step forward and create change that brings forth a life that is not only truly safe but fearless what have you lost? We are buried in material goods – does this bring you true happiness, peace or safety? Is it written that if you follow this wisdom within, you will lose the material comforts of life? I have found that ownership does not exist, and that there is always enough to shelter, feed and even pamper me, including when I acted on my inner knowing “no matter what.” It is an abundant universe and it is our right to receive our share and enjoy this beautiful planet while we are here.

Wisdom then is never transient. It is within you in each moment. The ability to call upon all you know to decide what is best for all, right for all there is. You must be willing to allow it to come forward, and you must be willing to enfold it as your truth and act upon it. With this your ability to call upon this wisdom expands, and the figuring out of old drops away – the decisions made out of fear no longer plague you or color your life. With each step taken through your soul’s wisdom you reap the true benefits of not only serving but being served by all there is. You are the giver and receiver of all that is in right order for you in this physical journey, and that is wondrous beyond understanding by the little ego that cries wolf.

Dr. Cherie Skinner
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc.
Eros Global Community News

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