Friday, October 21, 2011


As visitors to this planet, as we all are, and participants in its evolutionary thrust, we all have a front row seat to a cosmic creation like none before. That is why we came, that is why we have stayed and committed to participate in co-creating different ways on this planet. There are transitional and evolutionary divine energies here now that confuse, uplift, foster, urge and illustrate more to come. These energies are strong and effecting all life. Those of us who are moving into our natural state of being, whatever you may call it, as divine beings of love, have the opportunity to allow this energy to help us lift up and lay aside the old conditioning and ways of harm and doubt. Each of us has chosen a path, or been on several paths back to our selves. And this energy and the coming time will assist in our own efforts to lay aside the old while embracing the love, compassion and joy that we are innately to create anew.
There are so many indicators of this sweep of undeniable energy across the planet. An energy that insists on returning all life to the ways of divine laws, abundance for all, connection and love, collaboration, unlimited expansion and states of being all without harm. If you look at the revolutions or evolutions in many countries in the Muslim dominated world you see an insistence, in this Arab Spring, on equality, fairness, opportunity, generosity and abundance for all. They did not, and do not, push for themselves but for a change for the common good. Then there is the Occupy Wall Street movement which began in New York, NY and has spread to hundreds of cities in the US and countries worldwide. The story, the feeling, the plea and command is the same – the good for all, the end of greed, harm, hierarchical omnipresence, inequality, etc. The movements echo the same human insistence for a fair and equal world that demands we treat everyone the same. This results in everyone having what they need to live in peace, dignity and personal fulfillment. All of this echoes divine laws and is the reverberation of the energy now on the planet through man to right the ways, to lay down the dissonance that has dominated for thousands of years.
This revolution/evolution of planet Earth involves all life forms, human, animal and plant and of course Gaia. The truth of becoming and moving into new ways now is not only within us all, it is in the energies throughout the planet and expanding. Man, woman and child are feeling them and those who trust their inner knowing trust themselves to act on those feelings and this knowing. This can be to demonstrate peacefully in Egypt or change the location of our personal dwelling. All facets of life must be realigned in right action in alignment with peace, love, creativity, opportunity and collaborative movement forward together. We have our roles to play and it is time to listen and act. We must take responsibility and be in integrity with what we know, and what we are to do – even if we do not fully understand why. The why will come later as we build the whole together.
Francois Hollande says: “It can’t be a system that steals, or punishes, or forbids.” This dual world that we were given that mandates all of these actions is being dismantled.  This dismantling expands with each one of us and our actions in our personal lives. Then it extends to collaborative actions with others in the community with the same truths held. No harm, no judgment of self or others, no hierarchies or power over, all life equal, cherished and included, freedom in all ways, self expression and unlimited expansion of individuals, all done to co-create a New World step-by-step.
It is noteworthy that one of the spokespersons for Occupy Wall Street said that changes in the sixties and seventies took years. This movement began a few weeks ago and is affecting national debates in alignment with their philosophy and their requests for change. In like fashion multiple governments in the Middleast fell, some in days, from peaceful demonstration of the populace. What does this tell us? The movement, the evolution and transformation of this world is undeniable, under way and moving toward full alteration of all human systems and norms very rapidly. This again is being created by the energies present, the awakening memories in all of us about what is to occur now and the knowing on all levels that it cannot remain as it is. We must change and it can be done quickly.  Look around, pay attention to the transformation in all its configurations. It is important to be aware and it is fascinating to watch and be a part of.
There are so many theories and stories about 2012 and they appear to be expanding in number as we move closer to the end of the year. They remain vague, promising a new world and somehow an enlightened populace without really explaining how this is to occur. The reliance on historical documents such as the Mayan Calendar and cross reference with native predictions are heady and confused with debate and contradictions. We cannot look up a 2012 Transition Fact Book on the Internet for assistance through this passage. Nor can we call Mom, a friend or visit our universities, church/temple, government offices or even library. While there are theories and/or statements of denial of changes occurring at all junctures there seems to be no place with clear answers. This makes it very difficult to move forward, make decisions and adjust to change unless you alter your training and human tendencies to look outside yourself for answers and solutions. They are not there. The answers are within you – we all hold the truth of this time, what is going to occur and what we are to do step-by-step.
So many have read hundreds of spiritual books, attended groups, studied, meditated, gone into retreat, India and sweat lodges and still the final shift into Self Realization,  Self, Soul, Oneness, Enlightenment eludes.  Today with this energetic press forward there is an urgency to finish, wake up and know from the purely divine self, which holds the wisdom and knowledge of The Plan for Earth and the cosmos. The answers, you see, are within you. And only by remembering them from within will you know the truth, and forge a path forward to wholeness and collaboration in the creation of different ways on Earth. You do not need to be Self Realized to know. The soul guides through urges, knowing, journaling, what may be called intuition, synchronicity, another’s words or telepathically communicated words and visuals. You know when you feel truth – we just generally question what we know because there is no external validation. What do you do when there is none – and is it possible that there is a reason for that? We all must expand and trust ourselves. Pay attention to what you know, however it comes to you. Write it down so you remember and spend time with it, focusing on it in quiet. What comes to you? You will get more information and/or confirmation. Each time you accept this knowing and allow it to lead your life, it expands the knowing.  Your trust grows with your experience with knowing however it comes to you. Daily and in each moment pay attention to what you know, act on it and pay attention to the results. The time has passed for us to be passive participants in a world gone mad. You are the creator being of your life. You are the responsible one in your life, in your form. You must decide and act consciously, purposefully and with clear intent to create a life, a world without harm, integrated and cocooned in divine love – the basic energetic element of us and all creation. 
This planet and solar system are transitioning from the third domain/dimension to the fifth domain/dimension. This process makes it possible to move this world of harm, very rare in the cosmos and falsely created, into a pure realm where our natural way of being and living can sustain. The teachings, energies and encoding in preparation for this evolution have occurred over time. On August 7, 1945, the day after the atomic bomb was dropped in Japan, the plan was accelerated and set to complete the energetic transition by 2012. In recent years the fifth domain energy has been infused into our planet and solar system gradually. This will complete on December 31, 2011 == the doorway to 2012. We will then begin 2012 with a planet that is wholly fifth domain, holding the physics, colors, tones and truths of fifth domain living, with our innate, divine way of being in a world of peace and harmony.
The stepping from January 2012 to the full creation of this New World in the fifth domain depends largely on the actions of humans. We have many energetic beings here to assist but those of us who are in forms/bodies at this time are the doers, the material creators of the new. We must hear the inner calling and knowing and step up, know, decide and act to co-create together.
The bridge between awakening and being awakened can be likened to what we experience today in our lives, a mixture of experience, and what we really know is possible. That memory of the possibility is there – perhaps benighted because you did not believe it – but there.  To step over the fence from human to soul-self, divine self you can align yourself with these new energies, fifth domain energies, by feeling the collective fifth domain energy and purposefully committing to stay in that energy and to fully coming home to yourself. At the same time, align yourself with the divine energy of soul that is present within you. You, your innate divine self, are naturally aligned with these incoming energies. Both hold for the new ways that are evolving and appearing through all of us, through the earth and through life in all forms.
The New World created from fifth domain energy and your natural self have no harm, have no judgment, has no limits of possibilities for individuals or communities, hold all life equal and collaborative, offer abundance for all without any lack, provides for us to remember what we know that we can contribute to the creation of a loving world without harm to life or the earth.
Step into your new way of being by listening to the voice within you that speaks the divine truth – however you hear that. Consider all the elements of divine truth within you and the evolving world, embrace them and build your life around them. Adapt to change – we cannot build the new with the old. Know that this transition is of love and expansion; you are not small or without contributions. Be the great being you are, step-by-step owning your love, your compassion, your joy, your ability to create, contribute and collaborate equally with others. The time of “less than” is gone. We are all equal in our being and in our contributions. There is no competition, only celebration for each of us and how we chose to participate.
For 2012 and the evolution of this planet to complete you must participate in the manner you committed to from your soul. Let us all move together in peace and harmony. Listen and know thyself.

Dr. Cherie Skinner
Emissary of Love and Peace
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc. [Love of God’s Truths] 
Eros Global Community Blog       

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