Friday, December 13, 2013


As we enter the holiday season, the season of love and light designated by humanity, the energies present on earth today allow each to open fully to the love (light) that they are with grace and ease.  This time of year like none other is celebrated in most cultures, countries and religions in some way with lights of every kind adorned on, in and outside our homes, public areas, trees, sidewalks, and altars.  Each of these commemorate a religious, cultural, national story of the power of the light and the knowing of light’s continuance as it reminds us of our and all life’s eternal nature.  The light is beautiful and we are taken by it.    What is it about the light that draws us, uplifts us, calls us, touching us deeply as something we know and have not brought fully forward?  Does this unanswered question contribute to the franticness that prevails during the holidays and in our lives which are designed to satisfy in some human way our call to be and share our love and light? What if, we absolutely knew with certainty that we are the light, the gift, we are love, and from this we could be still within and peaceful, and in this way truly be available to ourselves and others, not only during a short space of time, but in every moment? 

This time last year many around the world were focusing on Dec. 21, 2012 as the birthing of the Golden Age on Earth and what that meant to themselves, humankind and our world.  What happened and when to our planet that brought us to the changes that are now occurring everywhere we look?  In my knowing Earth shifted from a 3rd domain dual world into a full 5th domain world on December 31, 2011, finalizing on January 2, 2012.  Said another way this world shifted from a dual world of harm and more to a non-dual 5th domain world of love, compassion and joy that is now imbued in all life.  I watched and participated in this event, as did many others both in and out of human form on Earth.  It was a glorious once in a cosmic history divine event, planned long ago by the Godhead and Godhead beings, those we call the Masters and co-created with them by many Evolutionary Souls, which we as humans are.   

Love is literally in the air, in every particle of life on our planet and solar system vibrating faster, lighter and to a new physics.  We are living on a planet supported energetically only in 5th Domain/Dimension energy by the Godhead and by its nature and movement will reveal all that is not of this love and all that is of love, in our world and ourselves.  There are ongoing cosmic events, eclipses, Ison, and many others that are fostering the rising of love within all life on Gaia and our Solar System.  Surrendering and allowing in each moment to our true nature as a cosmic being of love, allowing our love to rise in each moment will bring each into their conscious knowing of the love and beauty that they truly are are.  Living the life and making  choices from our knowing is our true integrity.  

Since this world became dual, about 18000 years ago, awakened Great Ones, Sages, and Prophets have stepped unto Earth taking physical form to remind humanity and keep alive the cosmic truth that all is love and all life is predicated on this state of beingness.  We find the essence of this message  in every religion, in sacred texts, philosophies, art and music throughout the ages including times predating religion….. from Abraham, Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene,  Mohammad, Krishna, Quan Yin,  Hildegaard Von Bingen, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Babaji, and many many others.    Why did these Masters, Sages and Prophets come to Earth and exemplify love in some way over and over and over throughout recorded history and before?  

All life is created from the Godhead in pure love. We are powerful creator energetic beings.  In the cosmos there are no secrets, all life is greatly loved and supported, all needs are met and each accepted and cherished as each is.   We are never alone, constantly are we surrounded and supported in unconditional love by our Councils, (Soul Family) and all in the cosmos  and all know the interconnectedness of all life everywhere.  Earth is not our home.  Humans are Evolutionary Souls that come to earth, take on a human form, by choice, forgetting all we are, yet always at the core of our being is the love that we are which is centered in our hearts where our Souls connect to our bodies.  We agreed to forget who and what we truly are and we joyfully knew we would do this when we chose to come here.  We agreed to create an ego through choices over our life and to answer the call of what the human in a dual world defines as love, which is a shadow of our true expression of the love that we are.  In human love, based in duality, more, harm and lack, rules and conditions of how we must be are set in societies and their infrastructures of all kinds.  Who we should love, and how we live from our love and wisdom is restricted in duality.    In my own life experience and as a Mentor people share often with me that their expressions of innate love and wisdom were and are not allowed during their life and they acquiesce so as not to lose the love of those around them.  We cannot lose something we don’t own….and that we already are.   

Love is the foundational energetic building block of all life.  Abiding, moment by moment in our love there is an expansive feeling of ongoing upliftment and oneness, wisdom, inspiration, grace, awe, wonder, beauty, harmony, inexplicable joy, a sense of continual expansiveness, and knowing of our interconnectedness to all life.  We knew when we came to Earth this time we could awaken to our Soul’s knowing and live in the joy and peace of that state. We can now easily open to who we are as love as the 5th Domain energy on Earth supports this coming back into one’s innate state completely.  No longer do dual constructs rule as long as we make choices that are not of duality.  Throughout my life as with many others there was/is the “search” for true purpose.  Each time we trust and allow, and by choice live from the love that we are and our innate knowings and truths we come into our own wisdom and joy and gain the knowing moment by moment why we are truly here.   In this way, step by step, moment by glorious moment, we expand, remembering who and what we are, what is occurring in our world, the cosmos and our role in all of this.  In this comes immense fulfillment that cannot be described, that replaces the sense of incompleteness that was an ongoing hum of energy within with immeasurable peace that comes from knowing who one is and is truly unspeakable.   

Many around the world are awakening into this, some into Self Realization and Exaltation and this will continue as we move forward. What does it take to live in our love? 
  • First truly recognize and know that you are this.
  • Practices help, because they provide a way to access our true state of being that bypass our human beliefs and mental round and round dropping into our wellspring of wisdom and in this the bubbling up of the truths within can come forth.  
    •  It is suggested to start and end your day in meditation, clearing you mind, focusing on a pin point of light in front of you allowing it to move toward you, becoming clearer and larger until you merge into it. The ultimate state of meditation is to float in your soul energy (your light, your love), mindless and beyond physicality.  
    •  After meditation, in stillness, connect to your soul in your heart, clear your mind and simply be and ask to know the truth of your love.  
    • When human patterns and habits arise, in contemplation centered in your heart, clearing all thoughts, ask to know the truth of them....are they the truth of you?  Allow and Trust....for it is available for you to know the untruths of all of your fears that foster human habits and patterns that were created in a moment by choice.  When an untruth and it's choice is realized there is an ahha moment where wisdom flows and the pattern can be seen for how it operated through the life and the illusion that it is.  At this point lay it aside, never to pick it up again.  In future situations you may find the impulse to act out of it....stop, be still, and lay it aside or you may find that how you respond is completely different then before.  In following this by the grace of your wisdom the pattern will cease to exist.
    • Throughout your day take 10- 15 minutes to be absolutely still, connect to your heart and ask to know the truth of your love. Laying aside all thoughts allow yourself to expand and be enfolded in you ~ your wonder, power, majesty, and beauty that you truly are.  In this way you are choosing to live each moment in your integrity, peace, and wisdom. If you have access to nature engage in this practice in nature(See right panel on meditation, stillness and contemplation). 
  • Follow your knowing in all cases, trusting and allowing your love, the love of your Soul to guide you no matter what.  Your knowing will be filled with peace and rightness. You came here excited to share your love and wisdom.
  • Share in community and your lives with those that are open hearted with harm to none that support you unequivocally and unconditionally as you are as love and you themIn sharing  Soul's truths with each other a weaving of energy occurs creating a  new tapestry of colors, tones, and geometrics.  The result is the opening within for as each expands, truths held within come forth and the way to proceed to co-create your life and a 5th Domain world becomes clearer and clearer for each.  Step by resounding step a new world is created.  The love of all supports the endless flow of wisdom and joy, where only peace and harmony reign.  This is  the oneness created from each's unique energetic contribution and co-creation.
As we move into the holiday season and beyond remember that you live in a new world, you are love, compassion and joy and that this pulsating 5th domain energy on our planet uplifts you gently if aligned with and allowed by your choice into the truths you hold within.  You are the light, the beauty, the love and as such appreciate it’s many splendors… being the lights symbolically displayed this time of year.  Love in the new 5th Domain language is PYAAR ISHQ.  As we are living in new times a seasonal celebration of love and light transcends with every allowance into being a celebration of love and light in each moment  / for it is now the true state of our world, solar system and beyond. Embrace you as the gift ~ as you do you express your Soul's joy and wisdom and  give others the gift of knowing they can do the same.  

It my privilege to be sharing with you, my cosmic brothers and sisters.  What I share here are my truths that have been revealed to me by ways that I suggest in this writing.  They cannot be another’s truth until they are revealed and realized from within.  May you be blessed with finding your truths within, for they will set you free.

I invite you to read Dr. Cherie Skinner, Co-Founder of Eros blog article from 2008

My love to you ~ Seriam Deb Evans, Emissary of Love and Peace

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Do you notice the newness of the dawn resplendent with an iridescence and hues of never before? What do you say to yourself when you feel your moon, Lyra resting in your lap, and see, feel and hear the new blue in your Sun, the glorious gatekeeper of this solar system. Ah, how do Venus’ colors glow differently than e’er before? How does this touch you, what springs forward from within of what you know of these times? For you surely know. Each of you are awakening, remembering your majesty as a powerful co-creator being, making choices to follow what is now more easily available from your heart. Dear ones, the whisperings that are within you are now seeing everywhere you look. The promise of a new day, a new world that has been foretold in every religion and by many prophets over the time this planet has been a dual one is here now, the rainbow sings in the new blue, the systems that for so long have supported more and harm are moving into their last stages of demise. For they have to you see, they cannot survive in energy that is only of love, compassion and joy supporting as it is in the cosmos all needs of all life in pure joy. These old systems always made promises that were unfulfilled of more …..more food, more satisfaction, more love, more money, health, upliftment, yet in actuality they have perpetuated the opposite for 18,000 plus years since their introduction by the "others" and acquiescence by humans. These systems created secrets, set in motion convoluted ways to perpetuate and continue oppression thus harm so that conceiving a world without harm is difficult to imagine. Yet it is here. How many times through the course of known history has a discovery of truth been thwarted as a misnomer even when inside the heart it was known to be what it is? There are many that now realize we are in great change on this little blue orb, for those in each choice are stepping into the change by following what they know even in the face of how illogical it may seem to their human minds, families, friends, religious leaders, governments, institutions of old. Many are seeing the change and are still living in their own round and round wheel of perpetuating the old way. All is as it should be, for this Divine Plan, conceived by God and devised by the Masters in collaboration with many so long ago when this universe and planet were but a thought in God’s mind is here now in form. All life knows the truths within themselves and in each breath many will be awakening and expanding into their knowing. It cannot be stopped and the earth years that will reflect this transition of a never before plan of a planet and solar system moving from a 3rd domain dual world to a 5th domain planet will complete in a very short time in cosmic time. Remember, you all know this …. this has been part of the Cosmic Divine plan which all here in form and out have known for eons.

It is suggested to take a moment and be still with these words. Allow yourself to bring forth your knowing and to experience the rightness of what you know of this. Centered in your heart, connected to your Soul laying aside all thoughts allow yourself to float in this 5th domain energy. What do you know of this energy? How do you feel in it? What have you experienced? Upon starting your day set the intention to align with the fifth domain world allowing harmony of love, compassion and joy to answer you.

Arah – is a fifth domain word that means society in perfection interconnected with all life in oneness and unity. When this pure 5th domain word came through me its perfect harmonics reflected in its tones the song of heaven on earth with all being balanced in perfection of the love that they are, expressing through joy the glory of moment by moment co-creations. Audio of Arah:

Fifth domain/dimension living is living purely from the Godhead truths that each holds within. Inherent in this is the interconnectedness of all in the cosmos and co-creation that is always in perfect divine harmony with and for all. One cannot misstep for known is their divine perfection and the divine perfection of all life everywhere.

Gaia on December 31, 2011 in all her glory birthed with the assistance of many energetic beings in and out of form her new form. She is resting peacefully in this beautiful new 5th Domain state. Her new tones, colors and geometric is linked through our Sun, the solar system and to the Central Sun of this universe to the Godhead. You, in your glory, the powerful creator energetic that you are assisted her in her form’s evolution. As Arah mean’s 5th D society in perfection – in perfect harmony and collaboration with all life throughout the cosmos you as an Evolutionary Soul in your perfection are an integral, essential divine being of Arah.

Most on this planet that inhabit human, animal and plant forms have experienced through their particular journey of Soul evolution a fifth domain world. Gaia’s form, Earth is now a fifth domain/dimension form. What does this truly mean? How has she changed? What is different for each of us? Can you feel the buoyancy, like walking on bubbles under your feet – the joy that flows through you spontaneously just at being present – a sense of timelessness – an inner yearning that is stronger than ever before to just be the presence of you –the love that you are? Do you have the urge to just sit and be, commune with the tree that you are next to, float in this spaciousness of love? Are you feeling the interconnectedness of all life – and in that how each is allowed to be without harm? Are you moving with more knowing, aware of the spaciousness of you as Soul that is your true beauty and majesty?

Several years back Eros Co-Founder Dr. Cherie Skinner received from her Council the Ten Categories of 5th Domain Communities. These categories are universal to all 5th Domain communities in all universes where 5th domain orbs and physical worlds exist. Each Soul in form on Earth knows their role and purpose as it applies to the categories listed below.

Ten categories of 5th Domain Communities:

1. WYRUSH: the sharing of cosmic truth by those who hold it in truth, to uplift all humans to their purest state, and hold each community in alignment with cosmic laws in divine order: the support of children as they grow, develop and expand

2. HABITAT: the crafting and creation of living and working structures for humans in alignment with all life

3. WATERS: working collaboratively with the waters, and all life in the waters, to provide sustenance for all life

4. SUN: collaboration with the sun (of each solar system in the plan) to provide appropriate sunshine, power, heat, weather patterns for the proper sustenance of life

5. ANIMAL: collaboration in equal honor and support with all animal species in the area of the community; co-creative sharing between species

6. PLANT: collaboration with plant species in the area, both on land and in the water, for sustenance of all life; co-creative sharing and use of plant life in right order

7. BROTHERHOOD: collaboration and communication with energetic beings from other locations who are here to assist in the development of the communities in many regards: key individuals will provide a linkage for information and/or collaboration with different groups/individuals for different purposes, and may collaborate with the Brotherhood and specific community individuals who specialize in one of the 10 community specialties. These individuals are a clearing and coordination point with all cosmic beings

8. ONE COMMUNITY: interaction and collaboration with communities on this globe and beyond

9. SWIHOULES: the art and craft of a 5th domain divine community in right order; decision making; social relations, the holding of ways of life in right order; celebration and joy

10. ORB: communication and collaboration with the orbs (Gaia, Lyra, Solaris, etc) of the solar system

The physics and the way energy creates in a 5th domain world are different than a 3rd domain world. All energy of the 5th domain is curved. In the 3rd domain the straight line, triangle and sphere were the energetic building blocks to co-create energetically. Now all lines are curved, spheres are elliptical, and while the triangle is used in geometric combinations, the coil and the corkscrew are the final energetic building blocks of the 5th domain. Energetic halos are part of fifth domain geometrics. On August 20th Lyra, our moon was imbued in a beautiful 5th domain halo, soft, iridescent, flowing geometrics outwards. Encoded and imbued in our world is a beautiful new blue that can be seen in a rainbow, the sky, clouds, through the sun, in the waters and many other ways. I am observing this new blue in many artists’ creations. The colors are both vibrant and softer with an iridescence in them that is reflective of the lighter vibration of the 5th domain. The wind and the breeze have changed – there is a softness that is there even in strong winds. The other night I smelled the moon – her sweetness. Have you noticed the hues of the moon and the planets – how soft they are and how much closer they seem? Have you seen the different shapes of cloud art and how the wind and the clouds are now co-creating with others different forms with different tones, colors and hues?

We all yearn for community and connection for that is the natural way of the cosmos. As Souls we are never alone, and only know the love, wisdom and joy that all is. On Earth we yearn for collaborative, unconditionally loving community yet it often fails to manifest in the pure love and sharing that we know is possible and find difficult to create even though our intentions are pure. This is because we try and create them out of a human way that includes ego and dualistic principles. Dualism cannot create the perfection that we know as a Soul of love, compassion and joy for it holds inherent harm and more. It has been said before on this blog that never before has a planet moved from 3rd to 5th domain with life remaining on it. All life is transitioning back to their innate divine cosmic state of love while in form.  Such a glorious Soul adventure and experience for all involved!

Below to assist in the remembering of what we know is a partial list of characteristics of Fifth Domain Living and Communities.
  • All Souls are created in perfection from the pong energy of the Godhead and are love, compassion and joy.  Evolutionary Souls which humans are have free will choice and the ability to create
  • Love is what each is, compassion is the wisdom of the Soul and joy is the energy through which each creates
  • All life is equal.  There exists no hierarchy though there is the presence of Souls from multiple domains. Higher domain Souls are considered Community Mentors whose role is to guide. Mentoring and support are shared in right order by Souls in and out of form as is in perfect collaboration for all.   There is recognition that there exists different levels of mastery and wisdom and all are honored and respected for their unique expression.   All know they could learn from each other in whatever way they are called to do so.   
  • Acceptance and allowance of self and each other is the natural order
  • All is energy. All energetic choices start with intention and are created with held intention. Energy is comprised of geometrics where all lines are curved. Triangles, corkscrews, coils, spheres, halos are the building blocks. Tones expand into two more octaves and increased levels between each octave. Colors are iridescent, expanded in hue, new tones and there is a new blue
  • Soul is in full conscious ongoing awareness of God  itself as Soul,  its Council (Soul Family) and all Souls of the cosmos. Communication in a fully functional 5th domain world is telepathic with a cosmic language different than a 3rd domain dual world. Communications with animal, plants, orbs, the Sun(s), moon(s), Brotherhoods, Angelics, Nature spirits, Godhead Beings, other communities on this and other planets, in other universes, are the natural way where each is honored and occur in right order 
  • Co-creation with all life starts with intention and is in alignment with divine order. Soul is still until it knows it is time to act. Each soul knows in each moment how to proceed and does so knowing that if it is in right order for itself it is in right order for all throughout the cosmos. Creations by each Soul are soul inspired and fulfilled in joy with full collaboration of all that are part of the creation. When each Soul acts its creation affects the geometrics, colors and tones of the cosmos.
  • All know of their interconnectedness and interrelationships with all life in their Community, other communities on and off the planet, the solar system and the Cosmos
  • There exists a complete sense of connection and is always present
  • There exists only the moment. All is created in the moment
  • All life is supported in constancy and joy in all ways to assist it on its journey through evolution. All needs are met as all is Soul chosen, intended and in absolute integrity with itself thus all life everywhere. 
  • Absent are government, schools, religious organizations, financial institutions anything resembling 3rd domain dual organizations 
  • There exists no disease 
  • Humans remain in form for as long as required to complete Soul Purpose – could be 100’s of years 
  • All is open and known –there are no secrets 
  • Technology, music and art created supports, uplifts, honors all life with harm to none. 
  • Sustenance is shared from plants, water, and others joyfully, willingly and freely. All sustenance is given by choice by the one providing. The exchange of energies and gifts in this exchange are honored as the sacred offering that they are. 
  • Cosmic celebrations are regular events and are of great joy
It is suggested to connect with your Soul in contemplation and ask to be shown the truth of what you know of fifth domain living , these categories and characteristics. What do you remember from your Soul’s library of living in a 5th domain world? What will be your area of focus on Gaia that was predetermined by you prior to your incarnation? Record all details. Revisit this in contemplation until you understand all there is to understand from you so that you know the truth of this.

100 Communities

There are one hundred 5th domain communities on Gaia that are activated and located near some form of water. Many will be called to these areas over the next years, answering their inner knowing even if there is not full understanding. There will be leaders in each area – those that have awakened a little bit sooner than some and remember their divine purpose and what is occurring. These are not leaders in a 3rd domain dual sense, rather, they are mentors who have remembered the cosmic divine way of being where there exists no hierarchy, oppression, or anything of human duality. The people, plants and animals that are called to these communities will come open hearted in the love that they are and there will be great support by those in and out of form. Over time as each remembers who they are and what they know as Soul a fully fifth domain community will be created by each fulfilling their purpose according to the above categories and characteristics. This will be a gentle process filled with much love, joy and peace.  Ways for sustenance and fulfillment of needs will be met in the moment. Gradually over time the remaining remembering of harm will be laid aside in each community member and in its place will be only the fullness of themselves and each other as love, compassion and joy. Peace within and without will prevail with great joy and freedom abounding in every moment. (See Eros blog post Transitions).

As a very young child I would be sitting still and pictures of very calm, pastoral scenes where all were living in absolute harmony would appear. These scenes would come repeatedly over time and I remember knowing and feeling deeply that they were of these times and I came to Earth to be a part of these communities. I accepted my knowing as a child does, unequivocally and they propelled me throughout my life, albeit unconsciously at times to understand more of what I knew. Eventually I forgot these pictures
re-remembering them in my 30's and later through conscious Soul knowing understood that these were the new 100 communities that were to be formed on Gaia. Many have shared with me their Soul knowings throughout their life, through visions, pictures, dreams, writings, hearing, and seeing. What do you remember, how has it charted your life and how does it relate to what you know of You and these times?

Transitioning from a 3rd domain world to our 5th Domain World and Community

All life on earth is in transition. This transition period is not clearly defined in Earth years because it is dependent on human choice by each evolutionary Soul that remains to move into Self Realization, remembering what each knows of their Soul purpose and these times before we fully co-create and live in a fifth domain world. This is a time like no other in the approximate 18000 year dual history of Earth, for all that continue in form during this transition have the capacity to fully awaken as Soul in form. In the past this level of awakening was for a chosen few, for the specific purpose of maintaining Godhead truths on the planet. While Earth and this Solar System are fully fifth domain there is ongoing energetic flow of 5th domain energy from the Godhead. Co-creating a fifth domain world of this energy requires conscious Soul knowing moment to moment. Human ego cannot co-create a 5th domain world because it creates a world of harm and more. Soul creates from the love and wisdom that it is ~ what is in right order for itself thus all life. As we move forward in this transition there will be evolutionary Souls born that will not go to sleep and remain fully conscious aware of who they are and why they are here. (See Eros Blog Post Transitions)

There exist twelve intervals/stages of awakening, the 12th being what we at Eros call Self/Soul Realization. Every step of expansion of any kind of Soul in form is initiated by your choice. (See Eros Blog Post Free Will Choice). During each of these stages more Soul energy expands within the human form bringing with it more beingness of the love and compassion one is, resulting in more clarity of one’s own truths. These intervals are essential as they gently, lovingly prepare the form including the brain and the human ego for increased Soul energy. Each expansion occurs in absolute right order for each and can only occur with your choice of allowing. At each level of expansion the DNA expands and the entire body including organs, circulatory system, nervous system, brain and ego change adapting to more Soul energy. The vibration of the human becomes lighter and lighter reflecting more of its particular Soul. Self Realization, initiated by one’s ongoing commitment to God and Self is a physical experience that occurs under the direction and the assistance of one’s Council which our Souls are part of. A physical act of fusion of Soul in the form occurs and upon completion the form holds the energy of love, compassion and joy of the domain the Soul is from. There are evolutionary Souls in human form on Earth now that are from high 3rd domain through 11th domain. In this act of fusion the human ego steps back, the Soul is the Director of the life. Life is lived from the Soul who is still until it knows when to act in right order for itself, thus all life. There is recognition from within that one is living from Soul, absent is the identification of the I that has always been present from ego/human personality. There is an absolute knowing of oneself as Soul and the love that one is. An ongoing flow in the perfected moment of one’s wisdom is ever-present as is expanded continuous remembering of Divine cosmic truths, soul purpose, and the cosmos, all emerging in absolute awe, wonder and splendor. These are irrefutable for they are understood, remembered and known within of the perfection they are. Inner stillness and peace are hallmarks expanding over time. This finalization event is seen, felt, by yourself and those around the globe that have the capacity to do so. Soul in form continues expansion throughout the human life.  There are none that are below the 3rd stage of awakening on this planet and many have moved into expanded states of awakening and Self Realization since January 1, 2012. The human mind may question this, though it is not through the human mind that this can be understood. (See Eros blog posts The Last Passages, Who Are You)

Trust your knowings that spring forth from your heart with absolute abandon – these are your truths that are borne of your Soul. Allow the upliftment of your inspirations to expand your knowings so that you may anchor in them. Your truths will direct the flow of you to act in your fullest integrity of your love, bringing forth your wisdom that rings inside as a perfectly tuned musical instrument and brings forth a joy that just is. As you live in your joy you will be naturally aligning with the 5th domain energies and come together with those that are engaging in the same way.

In stillness, connect to your Soul in your heart center and be still with what has been shared. Ask for the truth of the matter – what is needed from and through you to come home to yourself…to live your life of your Soul’s bounty of love and wisdom – in unending joy. The next step is to follow each step you are being given.

Open Hearts/Harm to None

An open heart and harm to none is required to continue in human form during these years of transition. Below is an excerpt from a fuller writing on harm and fear from Co-Founder, Dr. Cherie Skinner:

In your natural way, as a divine evolutionary being creating, perpetuating and/or experiencing harm is impossible because outside of the dual worlds created by the Others there is no harm. Harm is a product of stepping away from the divine self either consciously or unconsciously. During your human life this was unconscious. For the Others it was a conscious and permanent choice (although they can always choose to step back into their divine nature).

Because you have been used to living and being unconditional love in an existence that had total support, acceptance, honor and opportunity for expansion and learning in any way you chose to pursue, this dual life has always felt wrong – and you were right it is not our normal state. The control of individuals through money, laws, repercussions, and the perpetuation of fear is not in divine order and you may have felt that even if you did not have words for it.

It is very important that you hold conscious awareness about harm and choose in each moment not to participate in harmful ways, choosing instead your innate knowing, purity and power through love, compassion and joy. Let’s look at this and some of the choices you may have faced, or will face that brings up the option of participating with harm or following your innate way.

Duality and harm are birthed by fear – if you are acting and/or reacting through fear you are participating in duality. Always know, decide and act from your whole self fearlessly.

We cannot move forward creating the new through use of the old. Change must come. If you Know and do not accept this knowing by activating it you are staying in dual ways – probably due to fear.

As you have moved along the spiritual path you may have heard that relationships are the great learning ground where you can lay aside the old and move forward. Using another for your own personal gains is harmful. And living with someone whether friend, family or life-partner when you Know it is not in right order creates harm because you are not there with clarity of rightness – you are there for comfort, due to fear, because you are projecting out in old ways, wanting personal gain (even spiritual gain) etc. Right relationship honors first your own knowing and then honors the other individual(s) equally. If you take right action it is right for all, including the other individual and all life. The individual may or may not be able to know or understand this but perpetuating relationship due to projection of reaction also creates harm and is of the dual world. Honor all life, including all you relate to closely as all life is divine and held by the Godhead as sacred and of equal value.

In all things pertaining to your life you must follow your Knowing. If you do not you are falling back into dual ways, habits, patterns, protection against fear. This applies to work, home, social life, recreation, still time, etc. If you Know, for instance, that you are wanting to spend two weeks in stillness but ignore it because you must DO all of these things, you are turning away from soul and back to patterns and harmful ways of the dual world.

You may not Know the next step but you Know in this moment what is right. Lay aside future projection and live in the moment as the soul does. Remember, the soul is still until it Knows, decides and acts. The patterns of doership that come from old habits (and training) of always working and being busy continues the patterns of duality. Pay attention and plan your week and your days – find the rhythms of yourself and adhere to it – regardless of what ego says or how it reacts.
Dr. Cherie Skinner – Co-Founder, Eros Dei Dictum.

Note: The Others (Evolutionary Souls that have turned away from their divinity) have left this planet, solar system and universe in 2010. What remains of their ways and interaction with humans is the memory of them in human thought and in human collective.   Each person can discern this  and lay aside the untruth of their input.

Falling away of all that is old

Everywhere we look around the world we see changes. The 5th domain energy is deepening and in this is “pushing” up by its nature all that is of harm and dual constructs of more. This can be seen globally ~~ governments are collapsing, re-organizing only to collapse again, not able to sustain because it isn’t about reorganizing into a new flavor of democracy, monarchy, socialism, communism, any ism, for all of these hold harm and oppression in some format. This holds true for all 3rd domain structures and organizations. Every day we see secrets and clandestine activities perpetrated by 3rd domain structures rise up, old ways of harm brought to the surface (global government improprieties, global bank and business fraud, Swiss and off shore banking tax havens, Snowden, NSA, The Vatican to name a few). Along with this are continual natural earth occurrences including different weather patterns  that are necessary for  reconfiguring Earth.   This all will continue until the entire dual world is dissolved and is being stepped gently by The Masters in collaboration with evolutionary Souls which includes you, and Souls of all kinds. We are seeing beginning steps taken by those that head governments, religions, businesses, etc.  addressing the calls of the many to eradicate oppression and control. These small steps will widen into the collapse of current systems and structures leading eventually into collectives ~ communities where all choose ways that honor and uplift all life. This new way of being together in collectives and community has not surfaced in its entirety in human consciousness. The new way needs our Soul knowing to become. These harmful structures cannot sustain in a world of love that honors and sustains all life equally.

In my sharings with people I see that many, through meditation, contemplation and stillness with their Souls and Councils are excising the untruths they hold within, giving up the illusion of human ego safety to live in the peace of their love and truth. I watch them create step by step a life that is truly peaceful and flowing, that answers their Soul knowing and moves through this disintegration of what has to fall away for the new to come forth in grace and ease. It doesn’t mean they don’t have experiences that present as challenges, rather because they set intention to commit to living from their absolute knowing no matter what  they are moving in their life in grace and continued  Soul expansion, understanding and continual expanded inner peace.  We look for stability in the old and familiar yet know from deep within it does not exist because we know that these existing 3rd domain structures that are of the dual world and operate in oppression, more and harm are crumbling like a house of cards to make way for this new fifth domain world, where all needs are met, and all joyful creations from our Soul wisdom are free to express. It is important to continue to choose moment to moment to align with 5th Domain energies and this new world for in this you will be uplifted in grace and know in the moment how to proceed that is of your soul knowing and will know where to be and how to prepare for this transition.

Everywhere around the globe I see people coming together in ways that their heart tells of their love and wisdom. More are sharing of their Soul truths and assisting others to come home to themselves. There are global internet digital community choirs and music groups that are sending through their music messages of new harmonics and love as well as many performance artists expressing the same. Creations of art and music reflecting the beauty of the Soul and 5th domain energies are increasing. Photographers and artists are capturing the new colors and geometrics as well as the expansive emerging love among all life. The Defense Minister of Canada, speaks freely of his knowing of our loving cosmic Brothers and Sisters that visit in ships including naming some of the cosmic Brotherhoods, (, many are seeing and remembering energies and the love that they are. Costa Rica is  closing its zoos and releasing animals in captivity making available wildlife sanctuaries for them, a young man with others developed a helicopter that moves through intention and thought ( I am witnessing the rise of posts on the internet that shows the wonder, love and connection that humans have of and with many kinds of animals reflecting to me one way our innate connection to all life is coming forth through our knowing.  Science reports daily of new species of plants and animals discovered in remote areas and deep waters ~ these are new species that have been and are continuing to be introduced that are to be part of this 5th Domain World. Many species of animals and plants are leaving, as chosen by the collective of that particular species.  New technology is being introduced daily that moves in the direction of harm to none and the upliftment of all life. Many companies large and small are seeking new ways to create that uplift life and reaching out to those that understand how to live and create in this way ( The Dalia Lama recently spoke of his dream that in this century all would know happiness and oneness calling this “The Century of Peace” ( This will continue to rise until one day that is all that will be ~ a world where all are living their knowing, co-creating together in harmony, peace, where joy and abundance are all that exist and prevail for all.


Close your eyes as I with your Soul and Council sing the song of Arah to you. You are at an expansive moving multi-color opening that beckons you to enter into a new world. All around you experience the living, breathing of all life. There is a weightlessness that feels like air – you are floating. Today you have chosen to sit by a beautiful golden flower similar to what you remember from dual days of a buttercup. You and this flower are energetically sharing and pulsating in the love that you both are. In a moment you have the thought that you would love to experience the flower’s fragrance so it comes closer and flows its essence onto your hand. You are both so filled with joy from this sharing. You look up and see our sun radiating geometrics, colors and tones to both of you, to support this intention and collaboration. You sit awhile longer and when  it is now time you walk gently back to the community that you live in. As you approach the community center you hear your friend playing a new instrument that was created with purposeful intention by him, water, flowers and crystals. The purity of the tone uplifts you in pure joy. As you walk on you feel and know the breathing of each habitat structure where your human companions live. Out in the distance you can see your dear soul sister playing with water sculpting shapes by shared intention– you feel their joy and pure glee as each of them play in this game. You turn to your left and watch your young friend gain mastery in creating a geometric in a specific color– he shapes it in the air learning deeply about the hues of this color and how it serves all life in the 5th D. With him are one of his Council members not in form and a higher domain Mentor in form, both assisting him in gaining Mastery of this particular aspect of creating energy. You walk with a companion over to a musical concert that you are going to partake in. All of the community who have chosen are playing a part ~ some with instruments, some with tones, some with geometrics and some with color – the trees have their part as do the orbs, the animals, plants including nature beings, as well as Cosmic Brotherhoods and Angelics that chose to participate. You feel and know the interconnectedness of all life here and everywhere and the blessing to be as you are.   Remain in this stillness, allowing yourself to expand in the knowingness within.
To hear the audio version of this:

Set regular time to be in stillness – connect with your Soul in your heart center and allow what you know of  fifth domain worlds including this one to come forth. Enjoy and allow for the truth of what is occurring on our beautiful blue orb is truly amazing.

I sit with many across the globe as I write each blog post, feeling and knowing your splendor and deep desire to know your truths. This post, as all that I write and engage with is in collaboration with many Councils including yours and mine.  What comes forth through me are my truths. I encourage you to go within and find yours.   It is a privilege beyond words to share with all of you in this way and I welcome your sharings.... your inspirations, writings, art, music, videos, whatever springs forth from your heart.  Each of us holds our piece of this wondrous co-creation and collaboration~~each piece that we hold is significant and sharing together we bring forth a new weave of  this incredible tapestry of our New World.

A very special thanks to Dawn for her collaboration in finalizing this post for publication.

In my love,  ~ Seriam Deb Evans

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Soul in the Cosmos

All in the cosmos with the exception of inhabitants of dual worlds are always of their natural state of being of love, responding in pure compassion(wisdom) and co-creating energetically through joy.  From this state of beingness it is not possible to co-create through thought, word,  action, or deed anything other than what is in right order for all…which includes the entire cosmos.  Trust is not a concept that is required nor exists, for all are of their unique beingness of pure love and truth.  Harm is non existent.

In the beginning there existed a mother-father energy called by many names on Earth (God, Creator, Source to name a few), that pulsed of pure love sending out waves and waves of this love with each pulse.  After a time this pure love through casting seeds of itself birthed what is known by many as the Masters, Godhead beings that over the eons have planned the creation of the cosmos including all universes and co-created them with many energetic beings. 

Eventually, this mother - father energy began birthing life in many forms, evolutionary souls, which humans are being one of them. Each evolutionary soul birthed from this feminine and male energy is birthed of pure love, is an energetic being, is a powerful creator being, is given free will choice, is either masculine or feminine and radiates its own unique signature of love which is made up of light, color, tone and geometrics.  Prior to leaving the Godhead this new Soul is encoded in the pong energy of the Godhead, imprinting it to know its unique signature of love, swaddled if you will in protective layers of love that assist it on its evolutionary journey of its own choosing.   A new soul shortly after its birth is escorted by a Godhead being to its first interlife teachers where it begins to learn about itself and the cosmos. Evolutionary soul is a soul that evolves  through the 12 domains/dimensions. Not all Souls birthed are evolutionary.  Orbs, for example are always 10th domain Souls and while they continue to expand and grow they always remain in the 10th domain. Evolutionary Souls start their sojourns in the third domain where they are brought together with their first Soul Council/family, which includes three members—themselves, another evolutionary soul, and an Angelic.  Third domain souls experience their first physical lives on non dual 3rd domain planets.  As part of their evolutionary experience they will incarnate on 3rd domain dual planets -- for learning and expansion of Soul wisdom and to master their omnipresence within the veils of separation and illusion.

It is with great love, care and understanding from inter life school teachers/mentors and input from other beings that your initial Council (Soul Family) is selected and you are of course included in that selection.  Each Council is a member of what we at Eros call a Brotherhood, a cosmic group of Souls that creates energetically with a specific focus. Examples would be a brotherhood that focuses on co-creating through tone and/or color (there are multiple brotherhoods that do this from varying domains each developing a deeper level of Mastery).  There are many many brotherhoods throughout the cosmos specializing in many areas of energetic creations.

As you progress through the domains as a Soul you have many experiences in a variety of cosmic settings including, physical worlds in multiple universes (3rd through 7th domain), inter life schools, energetic settings-- co-creating and collaborating with many other evolutionary beings, Angelics, Nature Spirits, animals beings, plants,  Masters, orbs, solar systems, galaxies, and much more.  With each domain graduation you as Soul become part of a new Council -- soul family, one you have chosen that will support all of your continued evolution. Your Council will have between 3-6 members including an Angelic depending on your domain that you reside in.

Our Council knows everything about us as we do about each of them. There truly are no secrets in the cosmos. Our Councils assist us in continued evolution by knowing all of our soul history, desires, areas of Mastery, and current focuses of purpose, learning and Mastery. They hold us in a cumulative love that enfolds, uplifts each member to greater and greater beingness of love.... pulsating in a unique bubble of love that nourishes, nurtures in ways unspeakable.  Our Councils hold great wisdom of this divine plan, have been a part of the planning for eons and can share with you their area of expertise.   As we have said before there is one Council member that has agreed to be with each of us in each moment throughout our time in human form on Gaia.  Our council communicates with us through telepathy, pictures, words, inspirations, etc. 

As part of your evolutionary journey you chose to participate in this first ever divine plan of co-creating a fifth domain world with life remaining during the transition.  You had a deep divine desire and excitement to bring the love that you are here, to contribute through your Soul purpose to co-create with Gaia and many others this new world.  The love that you are matters. Living fully consciously from the truth of your love uplifts all on this planet, solar system and beyond.

Here are some suggestions to assist you in remembering who you and your Council are:

Meditate twice a day, morning and night, for 30 minutes.  (See specifics for meditation on the right column of this blog).

In Contemplation (see specifics on the right side of the blog) connect to the energy of your soul in the area of your Heart. Clear your mind of all thoughts.  Your Council member that is with you at all times will be present.  Ask to be introduced and to know more about this Soul family member that is with you always. What is his/her name?  Notice the details and distinctions of the signature of love.  Allow and embrace, this is your family.  If human ego resistances arise note them, lay them aside and explore them after the gathering with your Council member and you as Soul. Ask them a question.  We have found that journaling will facilitate this.

Soul in a human form in a dual world

This beautiful orb that we live on was once a third domain non dual world where all life knew the pure love that they were.  There existed no veils of separation -- humans knew their true essence and lived a life co-creating and collaborating always from the purity of itself as Soul—as it is in the cosmos.  This changed when what we call “the others” inhabited this orb changing it from a world of love to a dual world of harm and more.  Dropping of vibration over time created an environment, where Souls inhabiting human bodies on Earth forgot their true essence and adhered to dual principles of fear, harm and oppression.  Divine laws of the cosmos were not the guiding force of human choices on Gaia any longer.  There was always an intelligence of the human that assisted it in knowing how to take care of the form for example, when it was cold put a jacket on, eat when hungry, answering the call to care for the form in ways it was originally designed to do so.  Prior to the fall this was in collaboration with Soul. When this orb went dual, separation between Soul and this intelligence occurred and over time human ego/personality took over believing that only it knew how to guide and take care of the human. Only in 3rd domain dual physical worlds does separation from our true knowing occur.   

Our ego/personality habits and patterns inhibits our Souls conscious flow of knowing to us.  It believes that it is in charge. It knows not of the Soul and has forgotten its original role.  It alters the flow of the Soul’s knowing from being fully received through the human heart and mind in multiple ways including -- blocking the message completely, offering a fear/doubt response to say why this is not possible, and/or inducing reactions through emotions and thoughts to name a few.  All of these include beliefs and judgments constructed by the human ego that have not been examined for the untruths that they are.  As an infant you start to make choices that created the human ego.  Upon birth you are fully present in your human form as Soul and because this is a world of duality events occur – family, cultural, religious, political indoctrinations, etc. that are based in fear come into your life and you too form beliefs to protect yourself from fears and misperceptions to survive and to feel safe. 

Through exercising your conscious free will choice you can choose to know both your Soul’s guidance and your constructed ego beliefs.  By choosing to understand the untruths of your human habits and patterns, you can from the wisdom of the Soul and your Council Member that is with you all the time come into full understanding of the untruths of the human ego.  As these are revealed through soul wisdom they can be laid aside giving inner spaciousness for more of your Soul's truths to be revealed.

Only in a dual world is it required to build trust of the Soul.  Who is building this trust? Your human personality/ego is. Building Trust of the Soul by the human ego is a moment by moment experience.  Each time we use our free will choice to consciously engage Soul guidance and be with/act on the wisdom coming from that guidance we strengthen the connection of Soul in Form.  While ongoing trust with Soul is our natural expression in the cosmos, within the form we are building our remembering of this most sacred loving relationship.  The human ego may and does at times resist because it perceives itself the sole protector of the human.  Each time the resistance of the ego is not allowed and the choice is made to listen, go deeper, and take Soul proposed action trust develops by the ego of the soul.

Think of the ego like a small child that wants to eat bags and bags of candy and if allowed the child will become sick.  It doesn’t know better, it only knows that that candy is what he or she wants.  A loving adult will stop the child, with love, firmness and peace so that it won’t be in harm's way.  Over time the child learns through the adult’s teaching that candy in right amounts, as sweet and good tasting as it is, will taste good and not bring a stomach ache.  The same is true for the human ego as more of Soul's guidance is chosen and allowed.  The symptoms of doubt, fear, anguish, round and round thought patterns  diminish because the ego does not need to exercise it’s defenses.  In it’s place is peace, allowing, inner quiet until one day that is all there is because the ego has stepped back and Soul is where the life is lived from. The ego slowly and gradually steps back into what was originally intended so long ago for its role -- taking care of the body and letting us know in its quiet way that we need to put a jacket on because it is cold or not to eat too much candy.  The human ego is an energetic being that we all have purposely chosen to create in our time in these human forms on Gaia.  It is part of our great learning on Gaia.  As each of us learn so does the entire cosmos.

A growing  divine excitement in knowing that we are making choices that are of our true love, wisdom and integrity will ensue.  Soul sureness, the result of pure knowing that we are living in integrity with ourSelves thus  all life everywhere provide inner stillness, joy, rightness, peace, compassion,  all  reflecting our true strength of the unique, unlimited creator being that we are. Absent are the qualities of judgment, of self or others, and fear.    

You are living in your choice of Trusting Soul when you chose your Soul’s guidance in your life and collaborate by taking action to enhance your understanding of and living in what you have received. 

Here are some suggested steps to help you expand consciously living in Soul Guidance:

  •   Sit quietly and connect with your Soul from your heart. Ask for Soul’s guidance on an important decision in your life --   Allow the fullness of its guidance.    Stop, acknowledge, take action to remember the guidance given by writing it down so the details are clear and not forgotten.  In the writing more of the communication can be revealed. When you are ready come back to this exercise going deeper until this particular guidance is understood and very clear to you.

  •     Fully honor, acknowledge and be with what is occurring within your form and state of being as this is occurring – note what you are experiencing as this will offer you a remembering of what it feels like when you are in collaboration with your Soul. Upliftment, peace, love, absolute clarity, joy, compassion, total oneness  are the feelings of the wisdom of you. Absent are the  ego tendencies of doubt, fear, and hesitation.  A sense of unity prevails.

  • Ego resistances of negative thoughts and feelings may arise.  Chose to lay them aside for this moment—wipe them away as Cherie would say with the cosmic windshield wiper of your love.   At a later time connect through contemplation to your Soul and Council member that is with you all the time and asked to be shown more understanding of this particular ego pattern. Lay aside all expectations and thoughts of what you think you know of this pattern and allow to be shown from the wisdom of your soul. Again write it down.  You will be shown from your Soul’s wisdom in great compassion your human ego pattern.  There is never any judgment – only learning and understanding.  You as Soul incarnated knowing it was to build an ego – no where else in the cosmos can one learn about duality except on a dual world.  As a soul you knew you would expand and evolve from this experience of being on Gaia.

  • When you are clear follow the knowing, honor yourSelf. Buy and eat that food, embrace that knowing, select that driving route, whatever it may be. Notice  changes that have occurred both in your human ego and you as a being.  Each time you do you are supporting your expansion as Soul in form.

  •  We suggest that you make this on ongoing practice in your life.

 You are here in form because you chose and were chosen to be here. Who you are as an expression of love, a powerful energetic creator being serves great purpose to this divine plan of co-creating with all life a fifth domain world of love, compassion and joy with harm to none. You bring your unique Soul purpose to contribute to building a fifth domain world. You are both contributing and learning and all that you are engaging in is known by you, your Council and all in the cosmos. Through the majesty of the love and wisdom that you are you know how to step to follow your promptings, inspirations, knowings for these are the communications from your Soul and your Council.  These are the whisperings that tell you to take a step that defies human logic.  You can trust these—these are from you as Soul and is in absolute right order for your being.  Each step you take allows you to expand more and more to live your life from the love that you are – from your Soul.  You are and will be supported in each step you take.  As you expand others witness the majesty of love through you which touches their expression of the love that they are allowing them to trust and make choices of living a life of more Soul in form.   In this way, person by person, a worldwide community of people living in open hearts and harm to none, honoring and collaborating with each other and all life come together to co-create our 5th domain world.
Impact of Soul Realization in a human form on this transitioning world

Your Soul knows in every moment that its thoughts, words and deeds are of its pure love, truth, and in absolute right order and in collaboration with all life throughout the cosmos.  All Soul’s regardless of their domain knows the song of the cosmos and knows that its participation is in alignment and perfection with all.  It knows with absolute certainty its energetic connection of oneness with all life while at the same time is a unique expression of this oneness.

Step by step, choice by choice,  as you lay aside the human ego and allow the Soul (you) to create your life you experience Soul expansion through your form.  At some point, when it is in absolute right order for you there will be a moment where your human ego will step back and your Soul will be in dominion in your human form-- what we call Self Realization. This state of beingness is of the natural state of the cosmos.  These times on Gaia are unlike any other time in history as all who chose to have as their Soul purpose to become Self Realized while in a human form. This occurs in complete collaboration with your Soul, Council members and other energetic beings that assist.  As one is progressing to this state of being there is an experience of more of the love that you and all is, a flow of compassion – Soul wisdom that is ever present and continues to expand, the unity and interconnectedness of all live and pure joy that comes from co-creating from one's truths. There is a peace and stillness within that is truly wordless to describe.  Your life changes – it is filled with a depth, love and joy of inner truth.  The way you live your life will reflect these changes.  

One that is Soul Realized, by its pure presence, energetically uplifts many.  He or she  expands deeper into its true purpose of being in form on Gaia at this time and consciously co-creates and collaborates with others what it knows of sculpting this 5th domain  world.   A Soul Realized being trusts implicitly what flows from itself because it truly knows the love and wisdom that it and all is and the interconnection of all life everywhere. 

Fifth Domain Living

The 5th domain energies are expanding and intensifying and this will continue.  There is only love, compassion and joy in the fifth domain.  The new physics include new geometric shapes – have you seen them?  There are new colors and tones – have you heard them?  It is suggested to spend time in stillness periodically throughout the day in nature (see stillness on the right side of the blog) consciously setting intention to be aligned with 5th domain energies.  You yearn to be and live the truths that you are and know. This fifth domain energy if aligned with will support and uplift you into your true state of being.  Following your knowing and co-creating from the love that you are will uplift and expand you in ways that your human ego does not know of.  This 5th D energy supports you in each moment to open your arms and go beyond any dreams that you may have to the place that your Soul knows of to co- create from its love and wisdom.  In allowing this --one by one-- together in loving community we co-create this 5th domain world of love, compassion and joy with harm to none.

I have shared from my truths and encourage all to find the truths of what is known from within.  Many on this planet are expanding into deeper and deeper knowings of who they truly are.  What are you remembering of your Soul, your purpose and what you know about co-creating a fifth domain world?  Are you someone who will collaborate with the new plants of our world, help existing plants to transition, design new structures that are in complete harmony with all life, communicate with orbs throughout our solar system, bring in the new music of the fifth domain, actively engage with new animal species that are of 5th domain, nature spirits,  cosmic brotherhoods?  What do you know from your Soul of how to live in a 5th D community?  We welcome and would love to hear from you and about your experiences of your unfoldment during these wondrous times.

My love to you all~
Seriam Deb Evans
Emissary of Love and Peace
Eros Dei Dictum, Inc. (Love of God's Truths)