Thursday, April 16, 2015



Our world is in transition ….. nothing is  “business as usual”.  We are living on a planet that is 5th Domain energy and evolving/ with new energies emerging and old energies leaving resulting in everywhere we look we witness dramatic change.  Weather patterns are unpredictable, earth habitat is changing in many ways and what we thought we knew of our world we are not sure of now. Structures of all kinds are unstable, governments around the world are faltering, reorganizing to falter again as are economic/financial systems, education and religious institutions to name a few.   

Old ways of untruths in systems of duality are being revealed as are truths of who we and all life truly are.  The ground below us is not solid as it was yet, if we look deeper as part of this change we are also seeing more heart openings, calls in many for awakening, actions that honor all life as equal, technological advances that are heart based to support the fostering of all life, random acts of kindness all around the globe, and people connecting with each other speaking of new ideas, new ways of being.  So the ground below of what was thought to be solid is becoming softer -- softer with love, softer with wisdom, softer through joy and in this is an uprising that is creating a world step by step that considers all life with harm to none.

Love and Peace and how to live in inner peace is a global topic and there is a calling within many that says,  “How can I know what is happening, what is my role, who am I, how do I live the love, peace and joy that I know that I am and bring this into the world?   People globally are awakening in expanded levels of Soul in form including Self Realization and this is exponentially increasing and will continue. This new energy supports living one’s truths and in these times all that choose to can and are bringing forth  answers from within.  Living from the truths of your love, wisdom and joy is your divine birthright now on Earth and is unequivocally supported if one aligns with the love within and this new 5th D energy.

Truth is bandied around in so many ways on Earth, inferring opinions and perspectives yet Godhead Truths through human ego cannot be truly known. The human ego/personality does not recognize cosmic truths that are held within  Soul, our divine presence … only the illusions that it creates.  What is cosmic divine truth?  In my understanding it is the wisdom of the Soul, the “fire” that burns illusion and comes from within each of us.  We know when we are in the presence of it for the peace is pervasive, there exists no doubt, only the resulting wonder of compassion and awe of the majesty of remembering and knowing.  There is an aha, a deepening of the breath, a pull to go deeper to discover more, a stopping in the moment fully embraced by the moment.  Within is a release of what is not true, an inner knowing that reverberates in a way that is unlike human words/beliefs/stories. The world as we know it stops, full stop….. a roar of joy embracing the wisdom within rises up and says, YES!! I know this and so does all life.   Grace, gratitude, peace and the knowing of the love you and all life are prevails.

Some human truths of the ages include -- The world is flat, until it was discovered not to be versus the divine truth that our world is the body of a living female Soul named Gaia. Same gender love and marriages are the result of deviant behavior, until it is understood that it as an expression of love and free will choice…. Currency, assets are the only way to receive sustenance and security, is it?  Other made up human stories are: One religion’s God is more supreme than another, karma is punishment, the color of someone’s skin makes them inferior or superior --  Animals are not equal life forms to humans and separation by humans by geographic borders define who we are through many labels when we are in fact each birthed from the same loving Godhead and know only unity with each other.  Lastly, a pervasive illusion of the human, one accepted by almost every person -- Another’s love defines us and without it we are not loved, therefore not love…a very painful and limiting illusion of separation from God and Soul that creates blocks to loving, joyful connections with all life first starting with ourselves and our truths.  

Most of what is still accepted as truth on Earth is of fear and limitation.  Self-Realized and Exalted Masters including Godhead Beings that have incarnated in human bodies have uplifted and seeded divine cosmic truths on Earth during these 18K years of duality.  All of these have been diluted and layered with dual concepts of harm and more, with humanity continually acquiescing to duality by creating and living in systems of all kinds that are oppressive and seek to control all aspects of human life.   Humans perceive themselves as small and limited, when in fact they are created  from pong (Godhead) energy, are powerful, loving, wise, joyful Master creator energetic beings who can heal their forms, awaken fully while in form, and are co-creating universes, orbs, life and much more while at the same time thinking they are humans -  small, powerless, limited beings.  Now like no other time on this planet, because we are a 5th domain world living in 5th Dimension/domain energies, anyone who commits and follows through with their commitment can know the cosmic divine truths within by going into their heart, connecting with Soul and setting intention to know the truth of the matter and can awaken to Self- Realization. 

The Perfection, Fall and Resurrection of Cosmic Truth

Long ago on Earth all that lived upon her beauty lived in the cosmic truths that they knew for there was no duality.  When life inhabited this beautiful blue orb she was a pristine 3rd Dimension temperate planet, perfectly balanced so all that inhabited her lived in the pureness of their love and compassion creating in each moment a life and world of joy that included ways of the divine….telepathy, teleportation, living in form for 100’s of years with no illness in communities that lived in harmony with all life.  Music, art, divine technology was created in perfect 3rd domain harmony and existed to serve all in the cosmos.  This is the Garden of Eden that most religions referred to in their sacred texts and is remembered through our Soul’s library of memories.  At this time, in Gaia’s evolution, her body… earth, was a 3rd domain non dual form.  In a non dual world such as this all life incarnates on the planet fully conscious and awake knowing who they and all life are, their purpose for being, and living their love in the oneness of all life.  There are no veils, so truth of each evolutionary Soul in a human form is known, remembered and shared in each ongoing experience in community with its fellow Souls, animals, plants, Councils and other energetic beings not in form.  

Evolutionary Souls that are 3rd domain Souls inhabit non dual orbs,  experience physicality and through their experiences they evolve their Soul knowing of love, compassion and joy.  Collaborating with them both in and out of form are their Councils, higher domain beings, interlife teachers and Godhead beings. The human form of this non dual world was genetically very different then what has been of these last 18K years-- Souls came in awake, stayed awake and required a physical body that aligns with this. As has been written  before on this site this wondrous blue orb, Gaia’s body,  was known it was to make a journey from a 3rd domain world to a 3rd domain dual world to a 5th domain world with life remaining on planet.  This has been part of the plan designed by the Godhead and collaborated by you as an Evolutionary Soul since this universe and solar system was conceived.

As was anticipated by all throughout the cosmos, Earth approximately 18K years ago was embued with energetics of duality of harm and more by what Eros calls “the Others” who are Evolutionary Souls (same as humans) birthed from the Godhead, gifted with free will and the power to co-create by the Godhead. At some point in their Soul evolution while inhabiting a physical form on a 3rd or 4th domain dual physical world they turn away from their divinity and chose to engage in the destruction of life to answer a call within for more. They are allowed to co-create in this way because they were gifted free will at birth and this is honored; allowed to stand.  They are restricted to 3rd and 4th Domain physical worlds and  inhabit these worlds changing them from non dual to dual ultimately destroying the planets they inhabit.  These beings are held by the Godhead and all in the cosmos with great love – there is hope eternal for them to return home to the divine truths within. 

During the 5th Domain energy incursions on earth starting in 2008, the “Others”, were given a choice to leave earth.  In November 2010 through Godhead Masters intercession those that remained left for another area of the cosmos in another universe.  These are the fallen angels also described as Satan, devils that are written of in all the world’s religions – they are not Angels, they are Evolutionary Souls that turned away from the truths within.  

Over time as humans acquiesced and aligned with duality – harm and more, the human ego became the director of the life instead of the Soul, resulting in the creation by humans of global systems of control and oppression that express and reflect humankind’s diminutiveness in every area of life on Earth.  Every system today including economic, political, religion, education, governments, healthcare, etc. exemplify and hold in place this diminutiveness instead of supporting the truths that humans are Souls that are powerful co-creative beings that live in unity with all life and are here in form to create this world anew.  These years of  duality have resulted in a fear in humankind of power, because what has been the norm is that power destroys, yet true divine  power from one’s love and truths uplifts and supports all life.  Earth is the densest planet that any of us have inhabited and would have been destroyed (as were other dual worlds) without Godhead Beings intercession. Earth is the first 3rd domain dual planet in the history of the cosmos to not be destroyed, instead she shifted directly into the 5th Dimension, by passing the 4th on December 31, 2011 with the help of many energetic beings, including you.

What the Soul Knows As Truth

Soul absolutely knows when it is standing in the face of what is not truth and knows completely truths of itSelf and the cosmos.  Each Soul knows that it was created in love, holds only compassion and co-creates in pure joy; that it is a powerful co-creative energetic being always supported in all needs, never alone and always in unity with all of the cosmos. It knows that if it moves in what is in absolute right order for itSelf then it is in right order for all.  It knows no harm, no fear and moves moment to moment.  When one is in the truth of Soul there is upliftment, a sense of balance, certainty and harmony that exist.  Divine Truth is unwavering and cannot be destroyed – put aside by human ego yes, destroyed no.  We sense it, feel it, intuit it, see pictures, hear it, in every one of our choices yet have been conditioned to deny it constantly seeking instead approval from outside of ourSelves. We stop our knowings and wisdom because we don’t remember what it feels like to belong to ourSelves.  

Eros Co-Founder Dr. Cherie Skinner wrote, “From the initial habitation on this planet, and during the entire time that we have existed in a dual world state, largely forgetting who we are through the ages, we have been reminded of Godhead truths. All of us have been exposed to this truth in part through teachers and spiritual writings. These reminders have been purposeful and echo in the texts of all the great religions of the world as spoken by the Masters who came here in form for that purpose. Human interpretation of what was said cannot blur the core truth. Nor can the added social mandates that were integrated in each according to the culture where the teacher resided at the time of their embodiment, set aside the immutable fact of divine order.”

In the right column of this blog are edicts of divine truths of the Godhead, Soul and Cosmos. They are foundation for being, living and becoming. 

1. I am love, compassion and joy 
2. I was created by God in perfection
3. I will do harm to none
4. I create my life with truth in divine order
5. I am One with All creation 
6. I am evolving with Earth and all life in, on and around her
7. I have an open heart and am a co-creator of a world without harm

Spending time with these in contemplation can assist in the remembrance of who you are, what is occurring and why you are here.

The Presence of Fifth Domain Energies  - Uplifting All life

Lifting Up of Dual Illusions

We are now living on Gaia, a fifth Domain world, in a 5th Dimension Solar System and 5th to 7th Domain Universe.  What does this really mean?  As this new 5th D energy deepens many are coming into the truths within and of a new world in many ways and laying aside thousands of years of human beliefs and traditions.  The Dalai Lama announced late fall 2104 that there may not be another Dalai Lama, "The Dalai Lama institution will cease one day. These man-made institutions will cease," the Dalai Lama told the BBC.  Pope Francis is disassembling structures in the Catholic Church, focusing on the needs of the masses over feeding the power of the few. He talks of tenderness, love, uplifting all humans, including same gender relationships in the churches,  and is now starting to turn over church coffers by auctioning gifts he was given to raise money for the poor, for food, water and sustenance.  In an interview with Eugenio Scalfari, founder of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Pope Francis answered the following question: Your Holiness, you wrote that in your letter to me conscience is autonomous, you said everyone must obey his conscience. I think that's one of the most courageous steps taken by a Pope.  Pope Francis -- "And I repeat it here. Everyone has his own idea of good and evil and must choose to follow the good and fight evil as he conceives them. That would be enough to make the world a better place."   

Around the globe there is talk of changing how we relate environmentally, technologically, with animals and plants, each other, the children - because we know innately there is way to life in harmony with all life.  In an open letter to Stanford University President three hundred Professors demanded the university divest the entirety of its holdings from all fossil fuel companies. Bolivia has passed the “Law of the Mother”, which gives rights to Gaia as a living being.  A Dutch company powers street lights with energy from plants. The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature is a worldwide movement creating human communities that respect and defend the rights of Nature (  Intuit elders have notified NASA that the weather patterns now on earth are not from global warming, rather from the fact that the planet has tilted on her axis, which is being stepped gently by many energetic beings as part of evolving into a 5th Domain world (  ESA, the European Space Agency, reported through Swarm in 2014 that the magnetic field of the earth and what is occurring through her core is changing.  The love foundation engages globally in projects that “inspires people globally to love unconditionally”

These are but a few examples of how 5th Domain/Dimension energy is present and assisting many in remembering that we are living in a new world and ways to come forward that considers all life in unity with one another.   

Much of what is portrayed by many is still from fear, and that is only because the full story has not been accessed within.  All on this planet can know and can access consciously what is truly occurring, which is so magnificent, beyond any words truly.  “There's a New Mainstream out there. You're probably part of it. I call it "The Consciousness Crowd”, writes Huffingtonpost journalist Dianne Collins  The New Mainstream knows that our state of consciousness, individually as well as collectively, is the fundamental and ultimate driving force of every aspect of life -- giving rise to all of our results. We are the ones creating all of it according to our habits of thinking.  The New Mainstream has the simplest and yet the most profound of all goals -- to be happy, to know how that happens, and to become masterful at creating it, for each and every one.”  More and more each day are examples by world leaders and many people around the world choosing to live from their truths which does sustain, support, and honor all life. This will continue.

Unlike the last 18,000 years on this orb, the energy of only love, compassion and joy that is now fully present, if aligned with in every fiber of one’s being can assist one to open to Soul truths in an instant.  In each realization we come home to ourselves, becoming free and unfettered of dual illusionary concepts of fear, separation and more. Fear is and will continue to dissolve as will all disharmonious patterns and structures on Earth.  Dual concepts and structures cannot stand in 5th Domain energy.  Many are standing in the love that they are, remembering/realizing this is their true state.  From this their wisdom flows in each moment informing how to create a life that is in perfect harmonic alignment with divine truth within.  This not only uplifts the one that is co-creating in this way, it serves all life.  

This way of living does take ongoing courage, faith persistence, commitment and something unnamable that comes from within.  Living from one’s truth as Soul one allows the knowing of the illusions and refuses to live them any longer in the human life.  Instead choices are made to allow, trust and take right ordered action of the Soul when called, no matter what. Cosmic Truth known within are universal to each and will never harm or destroy life.    

Human Ego

The fall of this world from non-dual to dual changed the role of the ego. Prior to the fall the ego existed in human form to assist in the fulfillment of basic needs of the body– after the fall it became the source of wisdom and the driving force in the life always seeking protection from the fears it generates. Think of it like a piece of software that we use on the computer. It has a limited operating program that keeps guarantying safety but cannot nor can it provide an ongoing sense of knowingness and peace.  Ego’s program is set to keep on perpetuating lack and trying to fulfill this lack with more.  Like a hamster in a hamster wheel it goes round and round chasing false concepts satisfying itself with endless beliefs, thoughts, and actions to quiet the ongoing inner voice of unrest of separation.

Taking form on earth we through choice create a human ego that holds beliefs, habits and patterns that are of 3rd domain duality since that is the world that we came to.  Inherent in a dual world is separation from God, our beingness of love…our Soul and the joyful ways of the cosmos.  We knowingly and truly joyfully embrace this as a Soul.  We as Evolutionary Souls wanted this experience because only on dual worlds can we make creations that are other than the love that we are, the wisdom that we hold, and the unity that we know and in this as a Soul we evolve.  Separation takes on many faces depending on our co-creation.  Inherent in separation is fear, expressing as judgment, doubt, hiding, grief, sadness, anger and a myriad of other human thoughts and emotions.   While we experience momentary slices of peace in the life, we do not live a life of sustained peace. The Soul’s emotion is joy.

Doubt/Self Judgment

The response of doubt to truth is the need to rebut it, refute it, and have a human reaction, not one of exploring the depths of it rather one that wants to push it away by all kinds of human ways….chatter/jabber, inside or out, impulsive activity, human emotion, dissonant thoughts, …defensiveness.  If truth is allowed to be discovered then something new will be understood and that implies change many times resulting in fear whether overt or covert  rising up, unless one takes command by surrendering and allowing the new within to come forth.   Taking command is allowing the Soul its sway by acknowledging and realizing through contemplation that any and all doubts are fear and not true.  

Judgment by human ego in all areas of the life is ongoing, subtle and blatant and most times without cessation because that is the way of it living from a human ego/personality.  It is a sticky wicket that keeps limitedness alive.  This is a major way of finding or attempting to find rightness in a world of duality while deep within one always knows it is out of harmony with divine ways. Being right gives one a temporary ease, sense of being safe, being on the right track, being protected, which from the human is always illusionary, until the next right thing comes along.  Within judgment, inherent in it is doubt, for where doubt exists within the human there is always its companion of judgment to support it.  Doubt is the way to stay off balance within one’s own divine knowing, one’s own wisdom as Soul.  Dr. Cherie Skinner’s, Eros Co-Founder’s Article on Doubt which expounds on this.

In setting intention to align fully with your truths of Soul and the 5th D energy that is imbued on our planet, many times fear in all of its expressions can be uplifted and dissolved in contemplation allowing one’s love to dissolve it.  If it persists here is a practice. 

Contemplation: (see right side for description) A suggested practice to reveal a fear that is not dissolving is to sit in contemplation laying aside all human thought and emotion. Centered in your heart set intention to be connected to your Soul and Council member that is with you all the time and trust that you are.  Allow your Soul, YOU to show you this from its perspective, not from human stories that you carry.  Your wisdom, if allowed will lift you to a place that is peaceful and neutral where there is only understanding. In a moment our wisdom can dissolve human patterns -- this is grace. 

Ask to know the truth of this fear, the choice made in the life that created it and resulting beliefs, habits and patterns chosen in the life. This may come through in words, pictures, knowing, dreams, in the shower later…whenever, journal, write it down.  Depending on the depth of the fear this may be resolved in one sitting or need time to go deeper.   Continue in contemplation going deeper, gently, lovingly until the full cause from Soul is lifted up.  If it is totally lifted you will know when you have an outer experience and there is no effect.  Sometimes there is a residual effect – if there is embrace it in your love, see is dissolved and lay it aside.  Do not pick it up again.  If there remains aspects of fear continue with this practice. 

What you will be shown will be free of all human.  In order for fear to be permanently laid aside, the entire choice with all of its beliefs, habits, patterns and threads through the life need to be revealed, realized and laid aside.  All is stepped so there is no harm and this is revealed as one is ready.  You came here to learn about fear and to Master it.  Have fun with it – treat it as an adventure as you do with cosmic experiences…this is another grand one.  

Truths of our Fifth Domain World 
  •  Over these next years all those that remain will  expand in their hearts, remember their innate state of Soul and eventually live as Soul in form, as each does in the Cosmos. There is immense energetic and physical support by many beings during these transition times for each to chose this.  Awakening whether it is called Self Realization, living from Consciousness or Presence is living from our Divine Wisdom from our love.  (For more on the transitions of this Evolution of Gaia see
  •  Love, Compassion and Joy is the way of life as Soul on Fifth Domain Worlds – every need is met, humans live their lives from Soul in what is their joy – fostering their evolution.
  • The Earth does not need healing.  She is fifth domain energy, only love and is waiting to be sculpted in loving, wise collaboration by awakened humans.  The healing of these times is of the human memory of duality, of separation from God, one’s Self and all life. In lifting up and laying aside untruths by each person of limitedness  “healing” occurs  and allows Soul Presence to expand within the human form.  This is Self - Realization and in this will be revealed ways that are in absolute pure collaboration with Gaia to collaborate and uplift all life including her form.
  •  All life is a Soul -  an energetic being, equal, knows unity, holds great wisdom and creates in joy.  All life has a council, a loving group of Souls that are our true Brothers and Sisters, what many call guides.  Each Council has an angelic.  We are never alone.  Our cosmic brothers and sisters know everything about us and can assist us in every area of our human life.  They love us beyond human words, are always with us and assist us in awakening and remembering our true state of being and can assist us greatly in remembering what we came here for and how to bring forth our truly extraordinary skills that will never be understood by the human mind.  In time we will remember this and it will be natural to be with a group of people and include our councils in these groups.
  • You can awaken into knowing your truths as a Cosmic Being in an instant, this new energy and your loving Council Supports you always.
  •  Earth is not our home.  Each human is an Evolutionary Soul whose cosmic home is in a domain/dimension somewhere from 3rd to 11th and is from a Cosmic Civilization (Brotherhood) that is currently assisting Gaia and all life.  These are what we commonly call on Earth aliens – yet in truth they are us and our loving Cosmic Brothers and Sisters and are not alien to us.   In the near future this will be remembered by all who stay.  During this extraordinary transition there are many higher domain souls that have embodied to assist in this transition.  What domain/dimension are you from?  What Brotherhood, Cosmic Civilization are your from?
  • All dual systems and beliefs will dissolve over the next years.  They cannot sustain in this energy that is only love.  New technology, music, art, building, science, ways of habitat and sustenance will joyfully emerge that considers the upliftment of all life.
  • This 5th D energy can also create contraction in all life, if one does not chose to open. People are turning away from opening their hearts.  Many are leaving and it is important to remember that this is a Soul, not human choice.  All that have been on this planet now, before the shift on 12/31/11 and going forward are honored by all in the cosmos for their contributions, evolution, and understanding.  There is great learning occurring by each Soul no matter what the human mind says.
  • There are no secrets in the cosmos – as we see evidenced by both dual world and divine cosmic truths arising and this will continue.
  • Communications between all species is telepathic and exists between all whether in form or as an energetic being and will become the way of communication as more awaken and move into Soul Realization.  During the transition there is a 5th Domain language that will emerge that will be used globally.
  • Manifestation in 5th Dimension energy is quicker and set by your conscious or unconscious intent and choice, from either human or Soul.  You are a powerful creator being.
  • Everything is energy. Geometrics, color and tones are the building blocks of the cosmos and all life and every Evolutionary Soul engages in some way with one or more of these.  There are two new octaves of new tones, a new blue, and new geometric shapes that create everything.  Straight lines are curved now, the circle is now elliptical, corkscrews are an additional geometric form and expanded larger spirals now move energy as storm systems now exemplify.   The new physics show up in all areas of life, in clouds, rainbows, music, new tones, new hues artists are creating  and much more.  When I look at a rain drop in a rain puddle I see elliptical shapes. There is a different feeling of lightness in the air that is always present – do you feel it?
  • Time is a human dual concept. In the 5th Domain there is a sense of timelessness.  Soul movement in the life is in the moment and void of human habits and patterns.
  • Orbs, moon and sun are female 10th Domain souls and are encased in halos that are expanding and being viewed regularly around the world.  These souls collaborate together in many ways including  Solar and Lunar Eclipses to uplift the 5th D energy on the earth.
  •  Humans are engaging in energetic activities as Soul while in human form –   Many are remembering this… How are you creating at night while your body sleeps?
  • Species of plants and animals are leaving, because they chose as a collective to not transition into a 5th Domain world.  New species of plants and animals are here and coming forward, and being discovered daily.  Animals and plants that are remaining are awakening, remembering their innate way with each other and humans.  They want to be honored as the divine intelligence that they are and not used for any purpose and will offer collaboration with humans as is in right order for them to do so. 
  • People are changing their lives in an instant, tiring of old conflicts and ways, choosing new ways of collaboration, love, joy and fun instead.  Many are called to change lifestyles, partnerships, move to new locations, start a new creation while others will make changes while living in current partnerships, locations and lifestyles.  Stepping out of the human life, the known is called for.  The mind cannot figure this out, it doesn’t know what right order is, only the Soul does.
  • Your human body is changing to accommodate increased Soul presence and 5th Domain energy.  You chose your temporal human family, DNA and scenarios as was appropriate for your fulfillment of Soul Evolution and purpose.  Your body is increasing in strands of DNA and crystalline structures.  Energy centers are changing in form, color and tone and will continue as are every organ, nervous system, cardiac/pulmonary system, brain, bones, etc.  You may experience timelessness and transitory body symptoms of many kinds --mushy brain, fatigue, dizziness, digestive, etc.  Your Soul and Council can assist you to know the details and make suggestions to meet the form’s needs as it adapts and transforms into a fifth domain form with Soul as the director of the life.   The cellular structures of all life has changed and will continue to do so by expanding in both Soul presence and Fifth Dimension energy. Many now are experiencing healings and reversals of ailments in their bodies and are reporting feeling and looking younger.  Are you acknowledging the uniqueness of what your form may need, or still turning towards external information that does not encompass full knowing of you and of what is occurring on this planet?  When you turn outward are you aware of what is not truth for you?  Intuition, dreams, inspirations, as well as direct communications with you as Soul will guide your way.
  •  Children now are staying awake, and the 5th D energy is assisting them in staying aligned with their Soul truths as evidenced by their genius we are seeing in many ways throughout the world.  They need to be allowed to be who they are, they have come bearing great wisdom, love for humanity and this planet and know what is occurring and how to contribute.  They do not subscribe to dual ways and have come to lead all life into a new way of being. 
  • There will be 100 communities on the planet living in full cosmic truths, each life form contributing from their joy their wisdom, all needs will be met.  Prior to coming into form on Earth you as Soul chose which community you would be a part of.  It may be where you are currently living or not.  You know and specifically chose a particular area of the world to evolve and serve in your Mastery.  Are you feeling called to an area of the world?  All who chose to live from an open heart, harm to none will co-create with all life these communities in the moment, from their Soul knowing. 
What do you do when you come face to face with your truth?  Do you stop, listen, surrender, go deeper allowing it to guide your life or do you run away afraid of the change it may bring and allow human ego to reassert itself taking back control of the life?  Be gentle, yet truthful. 

For more information about our world as a 5th D world see the blog posts:

Suggestions to Remember Your Truths As Soul

In order to access and live your truths of your Soul, it is suggested to create space and time to know and remember truths within, not unlike spending time in any new relationship.  Make it fun, start at your own pacing – have dates with yourself, setting intention for new discoveries.  Let this be of your love for you. 

These suggested tools below can assist you bringing forward the truths you came to Earth to share.   (See right side of this blog for details on Meditation, Contemplation and Stillness).
  •  Meditate daily twice a day    
  • Contemplation - Get to know who you are, as the beautiful being you are and your loving Soul Brother and Sisters (Council).  Make time for contemplation with Soul and your Council – centered in your heart, connect to your Soul, laying aside all human thought, set intention and ask for the truth of the matter of any question or human fear you may have.  Allow your Soul and Council to share with you about you.
  • Stillness with yourself as Soul. Multiple times a day, even for 5 minutes. Centered in your heart, lay aside your thoughts be still and allow you as Soul to expand experiencing the unity of all life.  Just be.   Spend time in nature, in places that you love and just be in unity that is always present with all life.
  • Journaling.  When truths/wisdom come forth in contemplation, stillness,  dreams, inspirations, intuitions, etc. take action, note them and write them down and in contemplation go back to them.  Information is given to us in layers by Soul and Council.  Rereading allows these layers to be revealed. These are the whispers of love on the wings of your joy sharing your wisdom.
  •  Once you know the truth take responsibility and accountability by living it, trusting it and allowing its call to action in every thought, word and deed – whatever is the call.  This is the necessary choice to make it real and to allow the truths within to expand.  Each is given by their Soul and Council what they can handle in the moment – if one does not act upon it they are not given more by the Soul, because to do so would create harm to the human and violate free will choice.  No harm is created in the cosmos except by human ego in a dual world.  
  • In contemplation with your Soul explore your  fears/beliefs/human habits and patterns and related choices.  Set intention, your command to  ask for the truth of the matter from your wisdom, allow this wisdom, your truth to uplift all that is untrue.  When you are complete wrap in the love that you are, dissolving and laying aside forever. 
  •  Have FUN! Engage and allow what is your joy, laughter, inspiration, flow….making this an ongoing part of your life, not just a moment.  Fun, joy, play, laughter, song… are very much of a 5th Domain world.  Make wonder dates with yourself answering the deepest calls within that inspire you.

This focus on peace globally is sourced in the Godhead truths of our true way of living.  We know this and yearn for it. We keep looking to the past, Einstein, Tesla, Madam Curie, Galileo, etc. for great beings that we called genius to solve our problems of now.  They allowed their Soul knowing to come forth and in this brought forth what was then possibilities for radical advancement for their time and to lay foundation for now.  Now, in this moment you are the genius and in allowing you as Soul to become the director of your life you will bring forth ways that will stun the human mind, yet you are here for this.  The past is not our way-shower….  Soul wisdom will by sculpting this 5th Domain energy, not with old human ideologies but with your expertise as a cosmic being.   

I remember many meetings in the cosmos with many preparing to come into form during these times.  We were excited to co-create together each bringing our unique Mastery to sculpt a new world together that would be only  pure love and in harmony with all life everywhere.  I honor each and every one of you as my Cosmic brother and sister and all you bring to this world.  
In the pulsating stillness of you imagine your life in only joy, remembering you, that is only in unity-- with the Godhead, your Soul Family and all life happily co-creating this 5th D world in the moment from the blueprint that you created before coming into human life.  Your life as Soul in form reflects your inner Truths.  What is your creation story?

These are my truths and truly cannot be another’s until discovered from within.   If I can be of any assistance to you in any way it would be my  joy.  I  can be reached at the email below.
In eternal love that is ~
Deb Evans  (Azura)


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    1. Thank you for your inquiry. We are looking into starting a chat room and offer a monthly teleconference that does cover universal core truths on topics on this website as well as additional topics. Anyone in the world can participate in these teleconferences. See the left side of the page for Eros Monthly Gathering. For each teleconference a recording playback of the teleconference is sent to each participant via email and is good for one year. Next fall we will be offering a teleconference called Unveiling the Soul which will also be offered globally. All of our teleconferences include a teaching by myself, Practices and sharing for those that chose to. They truly assist each in remembering the cosmic truths within. If you have any questions please email me at I welcoming hear from you.
      In love always ~ Seriam Deb Evans

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  3. Thank you for your inquiry. We are looking into starting a chat room and offer a monthly teleconference that does cover universal core truths on topics on this website as well as additional topics. Anyone in the world can participate in these teleconferences. See the left side of the page for Eros Monthly Gathering. For each teleconference a recording playback of the teleconference is sent to each participant via email and is good for one year. Next fall we will be offering a teleconference called Unveiling the Soul which will also be offered globally. All of our teleconferences include a teaching by myself, Practices and sharing for those that chose to. They truly assist each in remembering the cosmic truths within. If you have any questions please email me at I welcoming hear from you.
    In love always ~ Seriam Deb Evans


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